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I have a lot of their perfumes, soaps, shower gel, and body lotion. The shower gel and body lotion are great, leaving your skin subtly scented. The shower gel makes good foam, the body lotion is rich and non-sticky, so a definate yes. Their soap is lovely as well. The only item I'm a bit more careful with is their perfume, which can be quite heavy (they have made some lovely, light, summery scents too though!). For the heavier ones just be careful how much you spray; the scents are still gorgeous if you don't overdo it.


I'm honestly a huge perfume horde and Vince Camuto has some great ones. I love their subtlety (who wants to stand next to a person trailing a cloud of overpowering scent?!) and their staying power (you can still faintly smell it at the end of an 8 hour work day)!


Mostly use their hand care line; their dead Dead Sea hand cream is a must carry in my handbag in winter. It dries easily and makes my hands feel soft in an instant without leaving any greasy residue.


I actually started using their products when I lived in Europe in my teens (they hail from Germany, I believe). In the past I have used their tinted face cream (it just gives your face a hint of the sunkissed look - careful to spread it out like you would a foundation though, else you get splotches), lipstick (great for dry lips; it feels like a balm and doesn't dry out your lips), and perfume oils (I love their rose, but haven't seen it here, so they might not carry it in the US).


Babor's skincare line I truly luxurious. It's very gentle (I easily get allergic reactions), spreads evenly and easily, and makes my skin feel great and look well moistured. I also have a bunch of their nail polish; very nice colors with great pigmentation and good staying power.


The products is okay, though it's hard to truly create waves with this spray. It might work better for people with thin hair (mine is extremely fine per strand but extremly thick when taken as a total). It does work, but in my case I need to hit my hair at every angle to get the effect, using huge amounts of product, which is a bit of a waste in my book.


I've got a couple of their items, most notably their dry shampoo and hair spray. Both work well for me. I have a very dry scalp, but their dry shampoo works; it is very soft and doesn't make my head itch. Their hair spray has good hold and even distribution on my ton of very fine hair.


Falsely claim that you will get free shipping on their website, then when you check out the free shipping miraculously changes to pickup in their warehouse in a completely different state. Don't waste your time and the hastle it take to get your credit card company to cancel the transaction.


Ordered a bouquet of roses and prosecco for mother's day. They arrived as planned on Saturday, looking great (my mum sent me a pic). International ordering was simple, just pick your country and they show you what is available to order. All you have to do is pick and follow the prompts.


Waited 4 weeks to get an offer (on only 6 out of 20 items sent btw). Most of the items are are just listed as 'unable to make a competitive offer'. Really, you wasted my time for that BS?! If u want to be offered $9 for barely used $600+ retail items this is the place for you, especially since they don't bother to make offers on most of your items anyway.


Watch out for these people. They only send part of your order and claim they send the whole thing! When you inquire they give you the run around 'can't find your emails', 'weight shows it was shipped'. And since they did ship a small part of your order they use the tracking number to fight you when you complain with your credit card company. In fact, that is the only thing they will work on: keeping your money without giving you your stuff!


Orders cancelled without explanation, customer service takes over 2 weeks to respond and when they do they offer no solution and lie through their teeth. In the meantime the lot cancelled is claimed as not being able to ship while the seller merrily resists the exact same lot. Don't waste your time; you search for the right buy, bid, and monitor, then get nothing in return. Ended my account with them after more than 3 years as a customer!

Liquidation S. – Liquidation.com Rep

Laura, I am so sorry for your experience with Liquidation.com. While we partner with large retailers out of our 5 warehouses across North America, we also partner with marketplace retailers who are responsible for listing and shipping the merchandise per our seller terms and conditions. Because of these marketplace sellers, auctions can get cancelled at no fault on the buyer, but on the seller for not shipping in the items in time. This is to protect our buyers and hold our sellers to a higher standard. In addition, when sellers lapse on shipping or cancel the auction for any other reason, they are penalized with a monetary fee. If we find the seller has cancelled auctions on a regular basis, they are then investigated and ultimately banned from selling on Liquidation.com in the future. I'd be happy to look into the seller of your transaction personally; please message us on here with their name. Thanks.


I haven't been to their stores, but their website and phone service is excellent. I never have any trouble searching for or arranging search results just the way I like them and am always informed of new sales or promos on time to use them. If an item arrived and isn't as expected they have an easy return service.


Depending on what I use Ebay for my experiences vary wildly.

First, the good: the site is fairly easy to use, you can set up an ad and sell your unwanted stuff or take it a step further. It used to be a bit easier before they set their ridiculous standard of 500 pix minimum for pictures (yes, I like clear photos, but zooming in a tad further on some would get you more info). If an ad has a bad photo you can always ask to clarify. With a standard, unpaid account you get 50 listings free (auction or buy it now) which is nice.

The bad: Yes, there are some scammer out there on both sides of the spectrum (I buy and sell there myself, so I have seen both). I strongly suspect the site has an algorithm working for it as well; if it suspects it can sell you something say goodbye to ever getting any 'extra' free ad space. I keep my buying separate from my selling (allowed) and I get free listing offers on my buying account all the time which are never mirrored on my selling account (which I don't use). And I do mean NEVER.

The ugly: customer service. Good God, the customer service. As a seller, no matter what the issue, just save yourself the aggravation and don't call them unless you have a couple of hours to spare and are prepared to take it to the top. The 'seller protection' means nothing, that's just a marketing trick. Don't fall for the 'we'll call you back' either; believe me, they won't and you will have to start all over again. Honestly... there is no service there. Over the years i have used Ebay I have gotten so aggravated with this part of it that if a viable competitor were to arrive (and no, it's not you Shopify) I would jump without question.


Tried to return a watch to the Swatch store in July 2017 and was told I couldn't even though the receipt stated it could be returned for merchandise credit (would have preferred a refund, but ok). Contacted the Swatch 'customer service' (yes, that deserves to be in quotes) and was told that I could return the watch by mail. I did so, per their instructions, FOR WHICH I HAD TO PAY BTW. I only just got my first response, February 13th 2018. At this time they claim they attempted to contact me before (HOW? Did you yell into a shoe? I have no voicemails or emails from Swatch since July 2017) and that they can't give a refund because they received the watch too late. Apparently it either didn't arrive or wasn't processed until August. Well, wtf! Why would you tell a customer to send an item back at their cost, then just, oh I don't know, wait 7 months before changing your mind about it. And all this comes on top of an already horrid store experience (Swatch store in Grand Central station NY: stay away!) where I was first ignored for 20 minutes while one employee helped a customer and two were doing what I can only assume is 'inventory'. You could call it 'futzing with boxes while customers pile up behind you'. Then when I tried to return the watch they wouldn't let me. Rude about it too. But I guess I can thank Swatch for one thing. I'm turned off watches for life. No longer wear one. What a money saver!

• Updated review

The comment by Mercari is an outright lie. I have weeks of emails showing that Mercari doesn't allow you to return an item no matter what (now they're claiming they do which is as bogus as it is laughable) and I have copies of emails where I show proof that a seller sold me a knock-off Kyllie Cosmetics lip kit (which they claim is authentic) and Mercari only stating that i can return it. Nothing is done against the seller who racked up a whopping 500+ reviews of people complaining of knockoffs sales (I sent over a dozen emails on this topic and Mercari just responds with form replies). Not a single ad was deleted. I ended up reporting Mercari, with copies of all the communications, to the FBI cyber crimes unit. They don't care if someone sells a knockoff as long as they get their profit!

Mercari R. – Mercari Rep

Sorry to hear you've had an issue with one of your transactions. If you'd like us to take a closer look at your issue, please write to us at contact@mercari.com so we can take a closer look. Please also note, Mercari does not support the sale of counterfeit items and we attempt to moderate all listings. However, we cannot do it without the help of our Mercari community. If you notice a prohibited item listed, please report it through the item page. The more reports received, the more we will be able to build a case against a potential counterfeit seller. Thank you for your understanding. -DE

Scam of the century
• Previous review

Blatantly allows the sale of fakes (If you report any wrongdoing you get a virtual shrug and a 'just return it). WORSE if something breaks. I ordered a nail polish lot through them which was shipped without protection (by the seller). Not much of a surprise that it arrives so mangled that my mail lady had to use a special tray to keep it from damaging the other mail. Mercari's idea of a solution. Return it. Except that the mail doesn't take broken glass without wrapping in a cardboard box. No photographic evidence or confirmation from the post changes anything about their ridiculous position and leaves you with a dripping box of broken crap.

Mercari R. – Mercari Rep

Hi Laura,

We're sorry to hear you have been having trouble getting these issues resolved! As far as your question with item authenticity, we do not offer authentication. We do our best to remove any listings that are clearly counterfeit, but we are unable to remove every listing that is posted. We would require an item that a Buyer claims to be unauthentic to be returned, for the same reason. We do not authenticate items. However, the issue you've mentioned with the nail polish is different. If any item is unsafe to return, we offer other solutions to help you receive your refund. If you could, please reach out to us at contact@mercari.com with the item ID for this transaction and we will be happy to take a closer look! Thank you!^WM


Their customer service is great and if anything breaks replacements (and regular packages too) arrive fast. The only point of contention I have is that their password setting is so ridiculously high that I have to come up with a password I can never remember. Their 'request reset' button doesn't work, so I end up making a new account almost every time I shop and I am running out of email addresses!


As a long time customer of banana republic I can honestly say that their service is unfailingly great. If I run into any issues, which is rare, there is always a solution and it is always satisfactory. Plus with their credit card I can use my points for free items (point system based) :)


So far so good, I have a recurring order through Chewy which always arrives when I need it; of course it is set up that way, but no delays have been noticed. Only wish that they would take a little more care when packing.


If you use the click through cash back this works well. What I would not recommend is their auto tracker (or whatever it is called) as it slows down your computer and doesn't track half the things you buy.

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