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Their hairspray has very good hold and you don't need too much of it. I do feel my hair gets a but of a hard feel from the spray, but that can be helped by a quick comb (which does mean the hold is a bit less, but I prefer the natural look).


I have a ton of their makeup: star drops, eyeshadows, mascara, eye pencils, brushes, and of course their lip scrub. First of, their makeup gives great coverage in an assortment of original colors (the line-up switches all the time). Their mascara works well, no clumps to report, and it a good few months (I use mascara daily). Their makeup brushes are great, nice soft bristles, and they have funky shapes which still lie easily in your hand (very important as I put makeup on in moving vehicles lol). But I luv luv luv their lip scrub. Their coffee scrub is easy to apply and remove and leaves my lips looking wonderfully soft without much effort. And did I mention everything I have is vegan and cruelty-free?!


The Eve Lom product I use most are the different lip balm (ranging from neutral to having a slight shade). They are soft and nourishing, with a healing effect on my (very very dry) lips.

• Updated review

Updaring my review to include this: "THE COUPONS ARE APPLIED FIRST, THEN THEY CALCULATE YOUR PAYOUT! So if you list an item at $51.99 and someone uses a 20% coupon, Thredup calculates your payout over $41, bringing your payout percentage down from 40% to 25%! SUPER SHADY PRACTICE: BEWARE! IN ORDER TO AVOID THIS, YOU NEED TO PRICE YOUR ITEMS AT AT LEAST $62.99 (they claim the max coupon is 20%, so $12.60 discount would keep you over $50 and at a 40% payout). DO THEY COMMUNICATE THIS?! OF COURSE NOT! They make it seem as though the 20% will be deducted off your payout amount, but nothing is less true! Be VERY careful in your pricing and listing! Sorry to say I had to hank up prices on items I would have listed much cheaper.

Thredup recently made several changes, the most significant of which is that all items are now placed on consignment (if accepted). If you want an upfront payment, they make one on each item but BEWARE, it is much lower than any price you would have gotten in the past (their website says 'slightly lower' - what a hoot!). Whatever payout they offer is between 50 and 95% lower than their previous payout (as listed as the payout if sold on consignment). ALSO added is that now any discounts they give the customer are given are also deducted from your payment (they claim it's up to 20% of their already extremely lowered payouts). This used to go in after 45 days, but is now immediate! No communication was sent on this (believe me, I checked)! They now also discount your items prices when it has been listed for 45 days, without permission or consult, to 'help you sell faster' (because that's the type of 'help' you want, someone slashing your asking price without permission...).

The one change you could call a benefit is that you can adjust your asking price for any item now. But as said, after 45 days of listing your prices will be randomly adjusted, so you basically got autonomy for 45 days against severely reduced payouts.

ANOTHER notable change, this one on the purchasing side, is that they now charge a $1.99 per item restocking fee for returns (briefly is was for items listed under $50, but it's now for ANY item). So huge reduction in service there as well.

thredUP -. – thredUP Rep

Thanks for your feedback Laura. All consignment information is made available on our clean out website as well as under the FAQs.
We do not hide any updates from our customers and always encourage you reach out to Customer Service with any inquiries. You can reach us at one of our many channels which includes support@thredup.com, chat via the website (M-F, 7am-4pm) or any of our social media channels. Thank you.

Which brands to avoid sending
• Previous review

As an update to my review below I would like to include a list of brands I would recommend avoiding when you send in as The pricing is either suppressed (I literally sent in items with the tag price on it and they list LOWER retail prices than it says on the tag. They then go ahead and give a payout over that lower price! (Unfortunately for them I keep records of everything and photos of the tags. But THAT is reaching SCAM territory right there.

Okay, so brands to avoid sending: Tori Richard, Nic + Zoe, Dana Buchman, Rebecca Taylor, Factory by Eric Hart, Express, BCBGeneration, Poetic License, Whiting & Davis, Nine West, Ella Moss, Banana Republic, GAP, New York & Company, Worthington, Cynthia Steffe, Axcess, Simply Couture, Ya Los Angeles.

NOTE: the payout calculator is highly deceptive; take it from someone who knows!

As an example, for a New with Tags Nic+Zoe dress with tag price $184 you will receive $9.25. The highest I have seen is about 10% of the tag price ($24 for a tag price of $238). So my advice; take a look at your tag price and think to yourself 'Can I sell this for more than 4-5% of this price?' (if you like to gamble or don't care then go ahead I would say). You might get more, but if you do you're lucky. AND MIND, the payout above is for pristine, new with tags items. Unless you have something they are really looking for (and God knows what that might be), you are out of luck. Also, there are better places to send your designer stuff as they don't really buy anything expensive. Instead they put it on consignment and sure, that gives you more control, but it also opens you up to people adding your stuff to their cart and just renewing it every 24 hours. Basically your stuff's in limbo, no one buys it (they claim it's different people, but how likely is it that my items don't even come available for a single minute between being added to a cart, yet no one buys it?). I am trying The Real Real and Material World myself - when I have info on those I will write a review for them as well to let you know if they are any better.

LOWEST payout I have seen? $0.45 for a $74.99 new with tags top! So that estimate above is just that, an estimate and only work if your tag price is at least $120 or so. You could end up with less than 0.5% on your brand new with tags item!

Oh and if they loose your designer stuff they pay you out what they think it is worth; yes, that happened to me. So at that point you loose the control and get about 10% of the value of a $700 designer skirt (thankfully I don't pay full

Customer service not responsive + WAY undervalue some items
• Previous review

I took a good long time studying their pricing before sending anything in and thus my pay-out came out okay. Basically I don't send them ANY brands or items that seem to garner a minimal pay-out. The problem occurs when they estimate value, which they apparently don't actually research. I keep a record of everything over the last 10 years, so I contacted them with the pricing of two items they valued way below their actual retail price as well as a pair of boots that were new in their box which they valued as 'like new' and therefore paid way low on ($238 retail, paid $28). I got one response with a solution for 1 of the 3 items I took issue with (a $128 bag they valued at $50), but NO response on the several emails I sent in follow-up for the boots and another bag (valued at 1/3 of it's actual value with proof given + link to the retailer website showing comparable bags), They promised to look into this, but never bothered to respond to my subsequent emails (not even a courtesy 'we're working on it'). Unless you are willing to do a lot of research beforehand and are willing to invest a lot of time trying to get a response to issues that shouldn't occur (afterall, they do claim their appraisers know what they're doing!) then I wouldn't recommend this service. In addition to these issues, they take a lot of items on consignment at a seemingly random pace, which is a hassle and a risk since they deduct any and all discounts given to customers if you're items aren't sold within 45 days (carefully monitoring the time line on that one. No way am I letting them gauge me further on my those items which range from Armani to Cynthia Steffe). Being careful is key here.


I have used their products for several years and have tried a range of their soaps and one of their face bars. The soaps I love; a lot of scents to choose from, lather well, and rinse of easy (I hate it if a soap still feels sticky after thoroughly washing my hands). Their face bar I mostly use when traveling or when I'm in too much of a hurry to grab a cleanser. It works well, not my go-to, but would recommend it as an easy extra.


Their beauty oil is great; softly scented, not too thick or sticky, and gentle on the skin (my skin is prone to breakouts when products are too fatty, but this works great).


Fake Bake has other products, but the ones I use are all in the lipgloss line. I love their packaging and shape (clear box with interestingly shaped gloss tube with the cap as a focal point). If you keep them in the boxes you can stand them on your makeup table with the names visible at the top. I possess a range of their subtly shimmering shades, which all give me exactly the little pop of color with subtle shimmer I look for.


This brand has some lovely products for low prices. I do find their pigmentation to be lower, but this can be adjusted by wetting my brush or layering the shades. Love their eyeshadow (lots of shades to choose from and blend with), great palettes with lots of options as well. They have nice balms and lipsticks as well (again the pigmentation is a bit lower, but great for the price you're paying).


It's really the only product of theirs I use, but it is absolutely lovely. It's soft on the skin and leaves it looking dewy without having to slather on a ton of the product. It absorbs easily as well. A bit more on the expensive side ($45 for 50ml or so if I recall correctly), so I use it sparingly, which works great for me.


This brand has some great shades of polish for a low price. They go on smooth (I use mostly shimmer, the creams take a bit more work), and with a top coat can last a week or more (which is long for me lol).


I use Doucce blush, eyeshadow, and a couple of their lipgloss shades. I love the eyeshadow; great pigmentation and staying power, and I find the shades to be very complimentary and easily blendable. The blush provides a great accent and is soft on the skin. I love the lipgloss as well; it spreads easily, isn't sticky, and seems to have a bit more staying power than your average gloss. Some of the sheer shimmer shades I have go great over lipstick to give it a bit of extra sparkle as well.


As a user of Living Proof's dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner, I can honestly say I love their products. The dry shampoo also gives your hair a bit of volume (you can choose a more or less setting to choose smaller or larger volume) and leaves my hair looking great. I love the leave-in conditioner because my hair tends towards the dry side and this conditioner easily smooths out the dryness and smooths my hair as well when combed through towel dry hair.


I have quite a few shades of their nail polish, which work great. If they had shades that were a little less basic they would get five stars. Great classic colors though, stay well on the nail with a top coat, and are very flattering. Not adventurous, but good to have in your collection to wear to the office. You can't go wrong with that :)


From their nail polish to their shadow sticks, Butter London is one great brand. I have every color nail polish they make (awesome staying power and pigmentation on those), a ton of their lipstick and gloss (I love that lipstick that is also a balm... very subtle color), lipgloss, lip liner, shadow clutches, and shadow sticks. Honestly, I've never picked up a BL makeup product that I didn't love.


Their eye sticks are truly great; good staying power, easy to apply, and in shades that I know compliment a lot of people (I use them on friends with coloring wildly different from mine and they look great). I like the nifty black boxes they come in too. Once they're empty I store all sort of knickknacks inside.


Luv, luv, luv their shower gels! The scent are heavenly subtle, foamy, and gentle on the skin. I love the ones that have a scrub component to them and the ones that have these little balls that burst into fragrance on your skin. I have face masks and soap by them as well, but honestly, it's the shower gel that keeps calling me back for more!


I have Manna Kadar lipstick, blush, powder, highlighter, and bronzer. Their lipstick is great; good pigmentation and easy on the lips. Their blush spreads well and has good staying power. The highlighter I have is a tube (called Glo I think) and gives a very softly complimenting sheen when applied. The bronzer was from a beauty box; not really my color, but I tested it and it seems to spread evenly and easily.


I have a lot of their skincare products; Irish Mud Cleansing Gel, Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser, Ultra Rich Body Lotion, Cucumber Gel Mask, and Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream. I like to adapt my cleansers to the way my skin feels before cleaning, so I use a lot of different ones. All the PTR cleansers are great, though the Irish Mud one is my fave. It leaves my skin looking super clean and if I use it with the Hyaluronic Cloud Cream when I feel a breakout coming, it reduces the reaction. Their Ultra Rich Body Lotion is true to its name; rich and creamy, leaving my skin feeling luxuriously pampered after use.


Honestly love their makeup. Their nail polish has great coverage and is long lasting, their lipgloss is very pretty and has great staying power. Nothing to complain about and their stuff lasts a long time (so though a bit more expensive, it's good value for money).


I have a bunch of their makeup; lipgloss, blush, eyeshadow, and everything that came in the Birchbox Karl Lagerfeld + Modelco collaboration box. Their regular line gives good value for money; the blush is soft with good coverage, the eyeshadow same. Lipgloss works right for a lipgloss, staying power isn't the greatest, but at least it doesn't dry out my lips. The Lagerfeld + ModelCo stuff are my faves though; the colors blend well and I lovely their subtle shimmer and great staying power.

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