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I wanted to love, I really did. I ordered from them a couple of times and the products were on the level of Target who carries decent stuff but Target's price point is more in line with the product being sold. Also I ordered panties twice and they were HUGE! I could have fit 2 people in 1 pair. I bought them on sale and they were not returnable so I just left them in the package and am donating them to Goodwill. So that was a waste of $10 x 6 pairs. Their website IS easy to navigate and if you are a "Member" they do make it easy to skip months. I do like that feature a lot.

Sandra N. – Adore Me Rep

Hi Laura,

Thank you for taking the time to review us!

This information helps us to hear about our products directly from the source that matters the most, you! We apologize for the inconvenience the sizing of this product may have caused. Don't worry, I'll make sure to forward your feedback to the proper departments, so they can further look into this matter to improve this product, by both fit and sizing.

We also are more than happy to provide you with any information you might need regarding our products, fit & sizing.

Issue aside, we're genuinely happy letting us know how much you like our website such shopping and skipping option.

Please reach out to us on call or by email. We'd like to discuss the matter further with you and see how we can make things good.

Kind regards,
Adore Me


I have been with Verizon since before it was Verizon, 24 years ago. Have the same number. I've been reading recent reviews and I am so surprised that their customer service has gotten so bad. The last time I contacted them was in December of 2018 when my new iPhone was stolen by UPS and redirected to an address in another city. They were very helpful then. I called and spoke to a very helpful person who followed up our conversation with an email. Everything was great. I will admit, I am paying way too much and have been for years. I just know people with other carriers and they don't seem to have great service on their phones. I am locked into a contract for another few months and then I will probably switch for the first time ever. It is just to expensive and if customer service has gotten so bad, there is no reason to stay. Customer service was one of the few reasons I was willing to pay a bit more. No longer will I be doing this. Sorry Verizon!


I have not had too many issues with or in person at the store. I did order $56 worth of retriever rawhide chews and 1/2 of them were rotten so I had to throw them out. Other than that they are fine. They have curbside pickup for products you order on line which is nice. Just call from your phone and they bring it out. Everyone I have had contact with in store has been very friendly and super helpful. They are even nice to my obnoxious as heck dog. (Training is next). The only other complaint I had was I did try to cancel an order one time within 4 minutes of placing it and the recording on the number you call said to email them, I emailed them and they didn't cancel the order. 3 days later they said they couldn't do that. That was a little irritating but still it is a 4 star place. Lily (the obnoxious dog) gets groomed there and I have been very happy with that too. Last con, the dog food prices aren't special. Better prices on and they ship to your door. But all in all I would recommend PetSmart to anyone looking for pet supplies.


We love Chewy. Our orders have been correct, prescriptions were handled well (coordinated with vet), shipping is always just a couple of days. Price on Iams was better than local store so it is on auto delivery. They always email me before the delivery is going to process or I go on line and if we don't need the dog food yet, I just pick a new date... simple! They have been really friendly. I just don't have a complaint which from reading my other reviews, you will know I am a complainer. I do recommend Chewy for food and prescriptions. Still like Amazon for dog toys.


Had Vonage for many years, terrible experience. I didn't think there was really anyone else because nobody advertises this stuff. Went on line to research and Voiply popped up and had great reviews on different sites. Customer service was great and very patient with me. I even brought my number over from Vonage with no difficulty. It was pretty easy to set up and we noticed a huge difference in call quality immediately. Plus they were 1/2 the price of Vonage's lowest priced plan which I was paying double for taxes. I don't understand that but ok. I wish I had found them sooner. My only issue I would say is finding the "Residential" services on their website is a little harder than it should be. I guess mainly they do businesses but once I found it and it was an easy switch. Sent me emails letting me know if I needed customer service during set up, just call but have no sent me advertisements so that's a plus with me! Highly Recommend!


I had a couple of years of bad luck, ok I am a bad driver. Anyway State Farm cancelled me and Elephant took me on. It wasn't cheap but they covered me. Fast forward and I have been a much better driver. I received a quote from another insurance company and it was really lower so I went with them. When I went to cancel Elephant, they were very nice about it and asked me if they could ask what I was going to pay. I went ahead although usually these tactics don't work with me. They not only gave me a lower price, they called the other company, cancelled for me and got me a refund on the premium I had paid. Very nice! The website is great and super easy to use. They have been pretty easy all around. I did have one accident with them and everything was taken care of smoothly with no issues for either party. I can't ask for more than that. So despite their cheesy talking elephant commercials, it is a reputable company and an ease to use. I highly recommend.


Calls drop, poor quality when calling 11 miles away, expensive, pushy customer service. I had their service for my parents who are older and can't hear us on our cell phones for some reason. I had Vonage for several years because I didn't honestly know of anyone else. I was paying something stupid like $45/month and I called to cancel and they said they could give me the same service for $9.95 (which was the original price but apparently was a 1 year special). I told them the problem was with all the taxes, etc. Oh with the $9.95 plan with taxes it will be no more than $17/month I promise. Well, yeah I got the $9.95 rate but with taxes it ran more like $22. That makes no sense to me as they are an internet phone company not a landline. So I was paying more than 100% of the base price in taxes alone. Isn't that great. Phone quality was not good at all my parents constantly complained so I finally went on line and found another company that actually had great reviews. I paid a year in full for $10.50/month. That included taxes! So what is Vonage charging for? Makes no sense. As soon as I got it installed, I called my parents who noticed a difference immediately. We have all been happier and much less frustrated. Look around, do your research and find anyone else. A tin can and some string would be better...


I bought this thing in December and just pulled it out in August. I know didn't need it that bad. I got an 11" which is to small, I hate it but that's my fault. The keyboard is awkward and hard to type on. (Could be that it is because it's 11"). It CONTSTANTLY does pop ups. I can't get them to stop. It wants me to upgrade this or that. It is brand new, I don't need to upgrade anything! These pop ups will block what I am working on and sit there until they feel like going away or feel I have gotten a really good look at the ad. I have to pay for every little thing. Microsoft Office, Virus Protection, it came with none of that the first year. I am getting ready to start a bookkeeping job from home and I will have to buy a new one (that is bigger, again on me) faster and more user friendly. I have not had contact with customer service so I can not speak as to their service. My sister saw it and said they use them at her office and they hate them. She didn't specify why I just agreed. When you give up, you give up. There are better rated laptops on Amazon for the same price or less that come with more features.


Ok, Acer. Let me start with the pros. Lasted a good 5 to 6 years. Pretty color. Worked well enough. Cons: I HATED that you will be in the middle of something and it will just start updating for a good 15 - 30 minutes. No warning, no way to stop it, just goes and it does it once a week at the very least. My sister bought one recently and her's is even worse. It will do the no announced update for HOURS. She hates it and is considering calling it a loss and purchasing a whole new laptop from another manufacturer. I can't not tell you how annoying those updates are. You are typing away on your report and BAM it just closes on down, freezes you up and takes it's sweet time. I put up with it as along as I did because I didn't use it that much. Finally Windows 7 went out and I bought another brand that is also not any good. So that's a two person review for the price of one. Do not purchase unless you have patience galore and plenty of time on your hands!


Ordered from them several times for many occasions. The clothes are below average quality. A lot of times something looks good and I get it and it looks like pure polyester. They will let you return for a fee or if you put the money on a gift card kind of deal they will do it for free otherwise it is between $7.95 - $8.95. The sizes are all over the place I'll order the same size and it will either be HUGE or to small there is no in between. Models look stunning but I certainly do not. I did get a really pretty dress for a rehearsal dinner that I am pleased with everything else has gone back or just isn't worn. I probably have spent enough with them and learned my lesson and will not buy from them again.

VENUS S. – VENUS Swimwear Rep

Hi Laura! We apologize that your experience has not met your expectations. We would love the opportunity to review your account and make this right. Please e-mail us at for assistance.


Lowe's in Katy, TX is the worst! Bought a washer/dryer with platforms and was told they would install and haul away the old washer/dryer. Great. Day came, they were late and refused to install or haul away old appliances. I did pay extra for the haul away service. Getting someone on the phone was an absolute nightmare. They literally would pick up the store phone and hang it up. You could hear people talking in the background and they would just hang up. Or they'd transfer you and it rang literally for 30 minutes and nobody from that "department" answered. Called again after many hang ups and run around finally asked to speak to the store manager. Transferred, phone rang and rang for about 40 rings then someone picked up and put the line on hold. Held for an hour nobody picked up. This went on for a day and about 4 hours. Spoke to one man during the 4 hours and was told "oh that's delivery" where I was once again transferred and hung up on. Finally went to the store where they were not much help all the sudden without an additional sale. Finally got issue resolved but it should not have been this hard. Not by a longshot. They need to hire people to man the phones and take messages or invest in a voicemail system that is actually used. To just pick up and hang up is inexcusable and horrible customer service not to mention the delivery problems. Wouldn't let Lowes pet my dog much less use their services for anything else.


I fell for the "membership" with the promise of beautiful pieces for less and for plus size girls. Well, I have received some of the items. The shipping time is HORRIBLE. The product was pretty good not bad, I did receive some pretty pieces. Sizing was on point. The problem is they can send me an email with a new item in my size, I go directly to the site and they are sold out, - EVERY TIME! Did they ever have it? Why as a member who is wasting no time getting over there am I just out of luck? These are the master questions of the universe. So I do NOT recommend it for plus size ladies at all. I believe I can cancel this membership deal, I just have to call. I "skip" each month and the website if very easy to access this feature but I really don't want to have to remember to skip every month. So I will be cancelling but maybe check them out once or twice in the future. Also, if you are looking for your item in less than a month, GOOD LUCK!


Love, Love, Love The Ordinary products. For the price point, even if you don't end up using it, you aren't out more than a drugstore brand (probably less). The range of items is incredible. I am a skin care junkie at 52. I read an article that tells me I need let's say Latic Acid. I'm on the website, - The Ordinary Latic Acid and I am on my way! I buy their products over and over again. As soon as I am out, I restock sometimes I buy 2 just because the price is so good, this way I don't have to wait for shipping when I need to restock next time. I have a large lazy susan full of The Ordinary! I can't recommend them enough. My skin also looks darn good to boot!


I am sorry people have had a bad time with Sephora. I buy EVERYTHING on line and often return to the store. No hassles, no questions asked. One time a shipment did not show up and they replaced the whole thing at no cost to me. Their production selection is out of this world and if you pay the $15 a year "free shipping" subscription it pays for itself in 3 purchases or be a Rouge Member, free shipping there. Awesome perks with points and again the products are outstanding. Website offers plenty of answers and helpful advice. I hope my luck continues with them as there are so many bad reviews on customer service. I highly recommend.


This had to be hands down the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I ordered the deluxe flower arrangement for my mom on Mother's Day. I spent over $120.00 what was received I would not have paid $20 for at the grocery store. Pictures provided. I tried calling for days after that but they were getting so many complaints the wait times were over an hour. I finally got a 30 minute wait time and went through my whole complaint and was told they would refund 40% of my purchase price or I could let them re deliver something else. WHAT?! I even offered the pictures. I told them not to use that local florist again because they are obviously blind to what is ordered and what is delivered. Ok, redeliver in one week. Again, WHAT?! A Week?! The week comes and goes, no flower arrangement resent to my mom. Call customer service back which is all India all the time. They went Huh, it looks like we could not get in touch with the florist who delivered to get them to redo it. Okay, I already told them I did not want anything from THAT florist, they did not even give me a courtesy call to let me know they would not be delivering. As I am having a coronary, I am disconnected. What?! I call back, there are no notes available to this CS lady. I explained the whole story again, offered pictures and she went into her computer and said she could deliver red roses to my mother from the farm or warehouse or something not from a local florist. "It is very beautiful" she says. "It is a valentine arrangement" I say. I agree because by this time I am about to completely lose my S. They said they would be there on June 15th. What?! June 15th comes and goes, no flowers. CALL THE F'ERS again. New Delhi reports they do not know what happened and would send one out immediately. So now they can send it immediately not in 3 weeks? Finally my mother received a very average valentine bouquet of red roses. They come in a box, not arranged you have to do all that yourself. We are engaged to be married in December. STAY AWAY FROM 1-800 FLOWERS! They are terrible at what they do, they count on you not seeing what you sent, you grossly overpay and customer service is awful. It won't let me upload the picture of what I ordered unfortunately because I want you to see the STARK contrast. But look at the picture that did load. Does that look like a $120 arrangement? It's daisies and carnations. BUYER BEWARE!


I owned two Dells, one was custom built. They both failed right at the 18 month mark. Just died. No explanation, no reason, no malware just died. I thought it was odd that they both died at 18 months, right on time. I love the look and feel of their products but having had this experience I can't justify spending the money on another one. They aren't cheap. Just do your research and purchase carefully would be my advice regarding Dell laptops.


The concept of the Fitbit is great but that is all it is, a concept. I bought a Versa Lite after my HR died (2 years to almost the day I bought it). I purchased it March 2020, September 2020 and the damn thing stopped synching to the phone. Had been doing great. Did everything possible to make it work, all suggestions were tried. You call customer service and they are a bunch of mindless people from India. Normally I think people from India are very intelligent however Fitbit hired from the Stupid School. I need to add that I also bought a brand new Fitbit I don't remember the model but it was over $300 in December for my husband. Let me go there. He told me as soon as I ordered it he didn't want Fitbit, he wanted Garmin. I received permission India customer service to return it. I used the sticker provided by THEM for Fed Ex. In transit, Fed Ex lost it. It had never even been opened. Called New Delhi and they were so exceptionally unhelpful and just plain dumb. Kept asking me the same question which resulted in the same answer x 3. Finally told me to bad, it's lost. I needed to fight with Fed Ex. Of course Fed Ex said I wasn't the shipper, they needed to handle it. Wasted so much time it was unreal. Finally got a refund but it was pretty horrible. Back to the Versa Lite. It is out of warranty? Because I bought it from Amazon? Couldn't understand the f'er's explanation. Offered to sell me a new one with $50 off. Really?! On a unit that was 5 months old?! Poorly made products, horrible (and stupid) customer service. Doesn't support US jobs. Hell they don't support their own product! STAY AWAY! PLEASE STAY AWAY!


I called customer service because I returned a brand new fit bit VERSA and they answer from an India call center. OK that sucks in itself, they don't support American jobs. The stupid girl asked me the same questions 3 times or more then basically told me she couldn't do anything too bad so sad. She was very unhelpful and really pretty stupid. I would not recommend them or their products since they can't back them up with any support.

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