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Larry C.

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2 Reviews by Larry

Victoria Taylor's Buy a Bride
Asia Charm, Loving Feel and Victoria Hearts

With an extremely technically wildly malfunctioning, mapped horribly and with not one professional bone in its virtual body, this will be an expose of my three months on Loving Feel and the sister's site Asia Charm and Victoria Hearts.

No woman on any of these three sites knows anything about the charges for men; it's free for them. Some women make money as INTRODUCERS so they know something. The sites charge men to breathe, charge men for posting a photo in a chat and don't say in the chat window; the site is technically horrible. The women are STUNNING!

Below, I will go casually through a list of extreme difficulties Loving Feel has with mixed in ethical extrapolations of what the bible calls usury, a sin unto the Lord. I make a joke but it is usury or extortion for love. I was Jewish. The constant caveat riding all of the negatives is that I think it works and the efficacy is riddled with HUGE problems.

1) It freezes frequently and there is a possibility you get charged if you are chatting while you wait for a un-freeze. If it is NOT frozen on the delivery end, I think the clock is ticking. The CHARGE, and I will call your attention to the CHARGES on these sites are 2 credits per minute for chatting. Come to find out, 10 credits for posting a photo. To post a video, I don't know the cost but to look at one, 50 credits. That's about $20 for a video.
It freezes so badly that chats will repeat for a whole page when it unfreezes, which makes scrolling a painful processes and taking minutes to get an imbedded photo while the site is freezing. It's like flying a kite into a hurricane.
One way to deal with the freezing problem in chat is to open a MS Word type program and type your messages rather than just type into the chat field in the site. You have 300 characters and spaces. This way a freeze will not cost you and you get a chance to think about what you're writing.
2) While you're chatting, other chat requests come and you cannot scroll to get them all. The chat requests just disappear.
3) They learn your preferences and rejections and give you free read based on that. For instance, you haven't talked to 19 year olds but you can read these mails because they're not in your sweet spot age. Sometimes there is a sweet spot age free read and by what criterion they come is unknown. This is a bone thrown to you.
4) Unusual shifts to other pages while you're reading one and loss of back-page in your browser (could be the fault of the browser) and loss of work like a long letter.
5) Rates increase in the letter section from 10 credits after your first response to 30 the second and thereafter, free photo posting in that section thoughthrow me another bone!
6) There is more and this next item is one of the cruxes and a crux is a singular thing so and in order to get to the CRUX, which is to find an Asian mate, a labyrinth must be navigated and it's not easy.
7) If you sign up at Asia Charm, you are automatically signed up at Loving Feel (another site for an Asian women buffet) and Victoria Hearts (Ukrainian buffet). They are connected to a created person, Victoria Taylor. Who really knows? Maybe she is a professional wrestler from Wisconsin.
8) You can store your favorites and likes but without ranking or anything that might make things more comprehensible and less time consuming. With TEXTME profiles, which I was told they don't exist until I did the process I outline below with yet another robot support person who just didn't understand me, it is a true process to find the women you want to further look into.
9) It's just plain frustrating, dazzling women but with INTRODUCERS extracting money from you which will be explained below.
10) Most important amongst many most important things is that you cannot search by user ID. If it's a function of the site, it's not to be seen or alluded to.
11) When the woman is offline, you cannot see the chats unless you can somehow find her in the message window and certainly she is scrolled below the end point, cannot look at the pictures she sent to you, can't refer to what you and she said therefore, you are relegated to use the mail service which is 10 credits for the first and 30 for the next and onward. This is used to extract more money and it plays on a growing affection thus a need to communicate.
12) Photos are used for multiple personalities sometimes 20 years in age differences. This is astonishing! I've often wondered if older Asian women were vampires because a sixty-six year-old woman looks like twenty-four year-old! Be careful and watch the bite!
13) A woman will say, in a message, she has another job other than the one she lists like a clerk is fabulously wealthy in a chat message. I've see this so many times that it makes you wonder if Chinese women are all polymaths. This really leads to the question: who is real and who is not? This, of course, is not the fault of the site but beware and there is one caveat, language. A clerk and sales person could actually be a fabulously wealthy!
14) Technical support always says, "We're working on it" and nothing has been done in over the three months I've been on the two Asian sites and peripherally, Victoria Hearts, all containing astonishingly beautiful women! The epitome of lack of respect is lip service. Just charge men a high fee and "we are working on it" at all times.
15) If you have found a woman you need to talk to and if you are not Online when she answers you, you can't really find her especially if you are popular and I am. I will bookmark her and there is no other mean.
16) There is a rash of TEXT ME profiles that are from scammers. I've reported five. Now there is a new and bigger rash of them. I've gotten a hundred of them in my "who liked me" and "who made me a favorite". No way to remove them. I talked to SUPPORT and nothing but misunderstanding, continuing . . .
17) Obfuscate, give a written statement: "All the data that our female customers provide for their profiles have to be verified with their government-issued ID's and personal interviews from day one, so we can safely say we have zero fake profiles on our site. We're not going to say, however, that we have zero scammers, as these people will always find a way to slip through, whatever we do to root them out. So if any lady ever asks to borrow money from you, or demands presents, refusing to communicate without them, or generally behaves weird (like, say, denying what she said earlier) please report her to us ASAP." This cannot be because Victoria Taylor can't be in all the countries in Asia but it is possible to vet some. Sounds to me like Donald Trump saying things.

I had reported TEXTME to support and received 10 credits for reporting. This time though, I got the above statement in quotations and misunderstanding always abounds and always, "is there anything else I can help you with?"
I told Robert to just look at my "who liked me" page and there has to be a hundred TEXTME women from the Unites States. It is a mess! I then copied the IDs of a dozen TEXTME and I was asked if there was anything else I needed. It's always cordial, sometimes effective, sometimes snarky, aggrieved and ineffective this time, the suggestion of blocking over one hundred TEXTME profiles but I think they still sit there. I haven't tried to check this.
18) Coupling to Loving Feeling and Victoria Hearts, without my permission, led to THREE DOUBLE-CHARGES of hundreds of dollars that was painful to collect with the wildly misunderstanding SUPPORT PEOPLE! I contacted my bank and when you make a claim, it causes your card to be cancelled and a new one reissued and charges for expedited shipping for three at $45. I've had two bank cards cancelled and of course, three new ones because Victoria Taylor has three billing companies, one with Asia Charm and one with Loving Feel which I was exclusively on after a while and a third billing company with Victoria Hearts.

Support person Vanessa closed down the connection when I asked for credits to compensate me for three bank charges of $15 for three issued cards with expedited shipping by UPS. This is incompetency repeated by her, Christine, also closed the connection, and a guy named Dylan. If you have some problem, Megan, James, Aaron, Robert or Ben will be kind. The three afore mentioned are mean. The connection is closed for hours so it will leave you frustrated. When you ask for another person, you are ignored.

Amazingly, after my connection to Loving Feel support was closed down, I checked Asia Charm and there was Vanessa on Charm's support. Two billing companies, two separate support with the same unsatisfying Vanessa!

After the three double-charges, Megan, a support person, located some credits on the Asia Charm site, which I hadn't used for a month or so, answered the puzzle of the double charges, which the billing companies took their time to clear up. My bank account went into the negative in the meantime.
Victoria Taylor has little interest in making things right through policy. You are at the mercy of support people for fairness and the frustration of this and other support concerns can or cannot be the concern of support people. Some are curt; some are warm and friendly as they should be because it is extortion for love so please, make it sweet.
19) They announce this as a "RISK NOTICE: We may share revenues with FEMALE INTRODUCERS (MODELS). By using our website, you agree to the resulting INCREASED RISK OF INCENTIVISED COMMUNICATION AND IMPERSONATION."

It's evidenced by CHINA IS A NATION OF GODDESSES, women that post the same chat prompts like, HOW BIG IS YOUR BATHROOM, I AM SEXY, PLESE [sic] OPEN MY VIDEO (50 CREDITS), WOULD YOU LIKE TO SQZE [sic] MY TWINS and too many prompts used by INTRODUCERS and unfortunately by non-English speaking nice real prospects. The RISK NOTICE came by means I can't remember but somewhere buried on the site. It just appeared out of nowhere and sunk back down into the tar pit of the reptilian overlords of dating.

The INTRODUCERS and legitimate women push you to send photos (10 credits) and keep in mind that legitimate women know nothing of the charges that make men's credits disappear. THEY HAVE NO NOTICE THAT A PHOTO WILL COST YOU IN CHAT! In this, I lost 200 credits, $70 bucks! (Disclaimer-all dollar values are approximations by THE INTRODUCER AND SPOKES MODEL SCHWAY).

From the Letter Page:
*Sending an initial letter to other member costs 10 credits.
Sending each subsequent letter to other member costs 30 credits.
It's free to attach photos to your letters.
Viewing each photo sent by your correspondent costs 10 credits. (the first is free and the odd wording "viewing the first in a series" means the number one photo or any of them?)
Viewing each video sent by your correspondent costs 50 credits.
If you or your correspondent have not opened your conversation for over one month, it may be deleted from our servers.
This type of notice for the chat page would have negated my ire at hidden charges. When I complained, a support person sent me the terms of the chat page, which doesn't exist on the chat page.

SUPPORT-MOST IMPORTANT: It's down to the individual support person to either do the right thing by basically understanding your issue or say "we're working on it. Is there anything else I can help you with?" With three support folks, when I tried to clarify my issue, they closed the connection. Being a "footstool" psychologist, I began to know what was going to happen, and truncated my snarky language but learned quickly to avoid two support people (one said I was rude but he had no sense of humor). I see their names, I close down the connection and this doesn't even work because another window opens in another part of the screen, I have to close that one and it will, on its own, pop right back up and make an annoying noise.

Make no mistake; there are legitimate and fantastic Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Filipinos women on both Victoria Taylor's Asian sites. I've spoken to quite a few and have one I want to marry. It will cost me 3000 credits, which is around $600 to get her information. I will not protest this but I protest this flimsy site, questionable support people, malfunctions aplenty, not being clear on charges, freezes, fake profiles (and technically a "spokes model", according to them, is a legitimate incentivized INTRODUCER that may or may not be looking to marry), profiles using the same pictures for two or more women, spokes models, incentivized conversations, and basically the exorbitant charges for a wildly malfunctioning website that contains a WARNING that was probably placed on the Victoria Triumvirate by the Federal Government of the United States or another legal system of western countries.

Through all of the charges (women have none), the weirdly malfunctioning and primitive website, the mean support people (I have to mention the good ones and neutral ones), charges for "stickers" in which Chinese women seem to like, the duplicated chat prompts, which only indicate a non-English speaker or a INTRODUCER, I have found a woman that I vetted the best I can. And the MONUMENTAL CHARGES IT TOOK TO VET! I love her and will marry her. This is the basic caveat; IT DOES WORK!

I'm down to 1 credit now. Not even one chat. I can't give an accurate figure of how many credits (dollars) that I've lost to their mistakes and I can say, LIES BY OMISSION, and sneaky stuff to extract money. I'm on fixed income so the double-charges were devastating and caused me a lot of trouble. I will suggest that if you want a Chinese wife, you should use the site with the above caveats. I enjoy these women but it is a costly extortion for love.

All in all, it is cruel to extract money this way. Regardless that it is legitimate to charge a fee for some of it, the fees escalate in some cases, in other cases they start too high and remain thus. A premium site should have a premium charge; this is a primitive and malfunctioning site with a premium charge. It freezes constantly and sometimes just won't load and the clock is ticking 2 credits per minute!

Liken it to selling water to a dying-of-thirst person at 100 times the cost. The Victoria sites make you feel burned not by the flames of romance but the flames of extortion. I will remain to talk to my lover in absentia and get her contact, which remains a mystery as to what kind of information I will get. Many things are not clear but I've been on for a while and it becomes known at a huge cost.

Make no mistake, I love her and for this, I will thank this site forever but I had a learning curve as to how to NOT get sucked in by a model, INTRODUCER as Ms. Taylor calls them. Be very careful; it will cost you to talk to these delightful women.

On this particular day, December 21st in the US, the message function is malfunctioning and presently frozen. As I click on a message, the new text comes in with the last thumbnail picture of a woman. The mail section is unavailable. This new malfunction with the wrong picture makes it fairly complete in that every imaginable malfunction has occurred and all they say is "we're working on it" and this is for as long as I've been on this wildly malfunctioning site with the most beautiful women in the world.

In conclusion, is it disrespecting to bilk men of money, extort them over love and give them an amateurish and wildly malfunction site with the most beautiful women in the world? Yes, it is disrespectful! Will they ACTUALLY fix the site; give thousands of men refund to make amends? NO! Will I continue on Loving Feel? Yes, I'm moving to China for a wife and business.

In conclusion-conclusion it is hinged on the support people. I question the intelligence and humanity of some. Vanessa, Christina, Brian and Dylan are mean robots, dry, witless and unhelpful. Megan, Robert, Ben, Aaron and James are friendly and helpful. It depends on these support people if you have any problems and there are WILD problems aplenty! Close your connection to the afore mentioned people and wait for the latter folks.

Three double-charges and my ontology crashed. My nature of being is paying my bills. I will not charge them for my billing over-charges for their three double-charges but I want compensation for the shipping of the issued bankcards in credits. As of now, 12/21/2018, a day after my birthday, I have nothing but Vanessa closing my connection and nothing in the way of compensation. It's only in the abstraction of credits and not actual concrete cash. Love is no abstraction so why not bilk people in love. It's the American way and it seems it is Ukrainians in a more primitive method. My parents were Ukrainian. My own people bilk you and I.
I cannot delete my account. As another reviewer wrote, he doesn't use it, tried to delete his account and they won't let him either.

This, I believe, is legally actionable. If you can't choose when to delete your file, change the default to not receive emails, this is a gross violation of your rights to privacy. I'm going to look into a class action lawsuit. If you are interested, post here. I'll be looking.

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