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An author and tutor. Always seeking new ways and time saving ways to do stuff, as well as new ways to earn passive income. Extrovert and bold, not afraid to express my opinion and experience to let management know and protect you from the same bad experiences.

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I provide tutoring, go to trade shows and am an author of multiple books. I have others by teaching both academic material, business skills and education skills for new educators. I love to write and teach so others can be aware of things that may pertain and/or help them.


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Total Waste of Time! Stay AWAY! I left as much details as I could in the character limit on Wednesday, and got a call on Thursday. I told them the details of how I have been abused and the providers at a major chain of clinics (state wide chain) broke HIPPA emailing me asking questions about my conditions, the lead nurse was abusive on my recorded line, and immediately each time called my Step Mother to tell her how she knew what she was doing to me was abusive. I told Morgan and Morgan how I contacted corporate and corporate shows records that no action has been taken against any employees, and every other detail that would assure them it is a real case. I offered to send the recorded calls, and forward all other evidence I have for them when deciding rather to take my case, they said no. I am on hold for less than a minute and told they cannot help but they have no explaination as why. This was after losing signal one time and calling to try to reconnect with the case manager when the person who answered the phone said they had to verify my information. They did and I asked to talk to the case manager, and the person said he had to verify my information again "in case the spelling of your name has changed." and then a third time. I told the rep "I promise the spelling of my name does not change every 5 minutes." He hung up. I tried calling again and the female defended that is policy to verify information. I asked "Oh really? Three times in 5 minutes." "Ma'am. It is policy. I am just doing my job." It was two hours later that a different case manager called and the entire load of stress ended up being a waste of time. The case manager's only explaination is that "We do not handle those kinds of cases." I asked her what kind of case she considers it since they market to help with malpractice cases against major corporations. She said "yes we do. But we do not deal with your kind of case." Still not able to say what kind of case I have. I have called them before about other issues with other doctors and always got this same trouble. THE FIVE STAR REVIEWS ARE FAKE! NO WAY THEY EVERY DONE A CASE! How do they get cases treating callers this way? I gave them three attempts and all were not cases they take. WHAT DO YOU TAKE?! I AM WARNING YOU STAY AWAY! It is already upseting to have to talk about the problems you are facing that is the reason for the case and even more upseting when being treated this way at the same time.

Tyler D. – Morgan & Morgan Rep

Hi Laney! This is Tyler with the Client Experience team and we are sorry to hear about your experience as this is not what we strive for. There are many reasons to consider when taking on a case and we strive to assist every client that reaches out to us. While we understand it's been a while, if you have any questions or concerns about your consultation or the decision that was made, feel free to reach out to my team directly so we can locate the file to further assist.


I ordered a shirt on December 7th that said it was successful, and I should be receiving my shirt within 5 to 7 business days. It said I would receive a notification immediately after it was shipped notifying me that it was shipped. The notification never came. Payment posted to my bank account on December 9th, the following Monday. On December 24th, I emailed Spartan Shop which had an auto-response saying "Due to unusually high number of inquiries, we will get back with you within up to 3 business days." Today, December 31st, I finally got an email. I emailed them a second time that was after 4 business days before they today responded to my first one. They cannot even count! The rep "Kristen" put in the response "apparently your order was placed on 'back order.' I will see how long before we get more in stock. If I resolved your concern please give me a GOOD rating on the survey you will receive in the next 24 hours by email."

Either this is a robot or she is too stupid to know rather my issue is resolved. I would say "obviously not" but clearly it is not obvious to her. I looked online to find there is not a phone number. Other people have been unsatisfied and tried to find a phone number. The site "Get Human" reports they have not been about to find a phone number or other alternative to email that will be a real person.



I published my books through them a couple years ago. Some things are not clear such as if the "global distribution" includes ibooks, google books and other big places besides Amazon. I have emailed constantly over the years asking the same questions and getting the most disrespectful people. When I asked "where else in addition to Amazon do you send them?" She replied "Amazon and so forth" no kidding! I asked other questions and never was able to get my books published. They do not answer questions and treat you like you are stupid. You would think since I asked where in addition to Amazon I obviously know Amazon!? I can list a lot of other questions that were not answered over 3 years and only got replies repeating what I said I know. They even price books over $60 dollars that are not text books. The same thing on Amazon is less than $10! No wonder you do not make money! This is just to have $1 a book in royalty. RIP OFF EVEN TO BUYERS!


I am author. I found their website listed as one of the top distributors to work with. Their website says a bunch of great stuff like how them market for you, fill the orders, send them out to other places to put on shelves andor websites to promote. It sounded great so I called. They guy tells me I am not an author, I do not need a publisher, and they are distributor. I told him I know they are a distributor but it is on their website that they take submissions and market for the author. He belittles me getting technical about the difference and tells me I do not need them. I asked for a manager, and he said "I will tell you one more time. You do not need us. You need to call small business press." Then he hung up. I never got a question in or answered. I searched and the website he thinks I need does not exist. He would not give me a manager and said he ownes too. STAY AWAY! FROM BOTH! You will not get anywhere. There were not any reviews other than a few on facebook when I contacted them. The few seem like they are customers and not authors. STAY AWAY!


I looked for a form to create with list of my products. I could not find such after searching booklet, menu and similar. I contacted support that never answered and kept asking what I needed. I told him read what I already told him that was my question. He kept asking, so I asked for his manager. He told me "do not use inappropriate language or I will have to end this chat." I asked him what did I say that was inappropriate. He responds with he does not have a manager. Since when is asking for a manager inappropriate? I told him I do not appreciate false accusations and he tells me he did not accuse me of anything.


I tried the contentstudio that is supposed to post on all social medias at once, and schedule for it to repost. It did not do certain things so I asked him. He did not respond. He said he did not get the email. When I asked about prices, he responded immediately. I kept sending my questions that have to do with setting up and using. Somehow, "he never got them." I told him I wanted longer trial because the parts that require a web designer were not done and I do not know how to do it so I have not had a trial of its full functionality. He said everyone gets 14 day trial and no exceptions. I told him I would put him on here and other places making it known how he focuses only on money, and he said he extended it. Next to ask me to setup for a demo for him to"show" me those functions. I asked if he would help me set them up or do it for me. Then again, it is not about money so he "never got it." Two days after supposedly extending my trial, he sends another email telling me it is almost over and I need to pay. It is a great system but you will never really know what all it can do unless you are a web designer or other web/digital pro. It is targeting, marketing towards, people who do not know web design. STAY AWAY!


I made a profile on what is supposed to be a freelancer website where professionals make a profile to then be found in searches those looking to hire use. They charge for every job to which you apply and the buyer gets to pick among many without interveiw or anything. They read your message, similar to a cover letter, and quote to do job. They are very short such as 2 day projects. I quoted many clients never getting work. They said I did not apply to enough. I tried again, still no work. After so long of not landing projects, they shut down my account. I contacting asking why, and the person said "You broke our terms and conditions." I asked her how. She said "I do not know but I know you did." I tried making new account with another email which every time would come back deactivated. I contacted them many times to ask why, and how to get an account. All they said is "create a new account with a different email." It never made an actual new account. After so many tries, I told them I kept making new ones and they constantly were shut down. Finally, she responded with "we do not show an account with that email. Contact us witih the email on your account." Well if I do not have an account how am I supposed to have one in the account? After one year of paying for job I applied, I asked for a refund. They would not. It is basically paying to be a candidate for a job.


A week ago, I contacted asking questions and eventually scheduling an online meeting today. The guy did not attend the online meeting. He instead, emailed me asking "what do you mean an online meeting? Explain to me what you mean by that?" Their people are too stupid to know what the internet and a meeting are! If they do not know this, as elementary kids do, then their software is a piece of crap or scam. It takes lots more intelligence to develop an app with coding than to know what is an online meeting! I asked for a manager to call me. They are dumbasses! Never seen people so stupid! They were at least intelligent enough to know what that meant to do, and did it.


I had an account that collected those whom subscribe on my website. In Christmas of 2018, after 3 years as a customer, my account was hacked. They required I send an email asking the people to confirm subscription. We all know how busy people are at the holiday, so majority did not open their email or confirm. I am sure it worried them to get such kind of email. Those that did not confirm were deleted from my subscriber list. After that, I did not login until February when I find I am locked out. They got back with me in late July to tell me because my account was hacked, they locked it and I had to do a virus scan, among other things, for them to consider giving me back my account. Remember, I am paying a monthly fee the whole time. Today, he said I can get it back if I make a two step verification process, and agree to the terms that no one else will access the account. Well, I am not a web designer or digital marketer so I am not going to be doing that, so obviously my web designer will be using it. Make me use it and make me waste my money since I do not have those skills. In total, after 4 years of using mailchimp, I lost over 700 subscribers as a result of being hacked! Not like I could help it or something I did wrong?! Being hacked is enough to deal with in itself! I do not need more trouble from being hacked! Stay away! They will ruin all your hardwork and not value your business. They are halfway a scam charging me while locking me out for 5 months!


I tried some social media management systems that did not do what was said to do on the website. That said, I would not try this one until I talked to someone to know, from them, if it does what is claimed. I sent an email to "Tamara" asking "Does it schedule and post reposts at set times?" She replied with "Give me more information." I asked her, "What do you not understand? You should know what is a post, what is means to repost and what it means to schedule?" She replied again with a list of features that does not mention what I asked about. After 6 replies to her emails, I finally said if she kept refusing to answer my question I would report her for being spam. She finally answered with "No it does not repost." If you look at the website, you will see it names such as a feature, just like Buffer, which I wrote a review about, did that the sales reps at the company said was inaccurate. That is two social media management systems that claim the same thing and do not actually do it. Stay Away from Leadsbridge, Buffer and any others I find through my search putting on here. If you find, and want to checkout ones I have not, do the same thing. Ask a sales person if it does that stuff, and possibly try a free trial, that does not require your credit card, and see for yourself. With my experience, I advice you not to trust the claims on the website. For sure, do not get one that does not offer a free trial. If they do not offer it, that is a red flag that it does not do what is claimed. They know they would lose your business with a free trial.


I contacted Social Pilot to ask questions to verify the app does what is claimed plus other things I wanted which are not listed benefits. I tried Buffer but after the trial and I see for myself it does not do anything that is listed, the rep said it does not do it. This made me question other social media apps. However, when I scheduled the online meeting, "Jay" got on the video with his end on mute and blocking video. He accused me of mine being off but here I am watching myself in video, which I am sure you know means you are on video. He is the only one who has emailed me in ones I sent to ******* It appears there is no other person or way to contact them. Since he cannot even work a system like skype, I can only imagine how little his app can do, or is supposed to but does not. It just tells me the app is a piece of crap. How could he have a good app when he cannot even work a computer?! Can you explain or make since out of it? I cannot. It takes more skill to make apps than talk on skype!


Valery calls me to schedule a CT scan after my doctor send a request. She required I provide all my personal information in order to schedule. She said it is the same information I will have to provide on new patient forms when I get in the office on the date of visit "to save me time." When does doing it twice save time?! She told me I had to fast 4 hours before, which I have never heard of or had to do in over 20 years of getting CTs regularly. I finally scheduled and went to the location for my CT scan. I asked the person at the front why I had to fast, explaining I never had to in my 20 years of getting them regularly. She said "We have always required it." I said, "No. I have been coming to this location for 10 years and never been told that, so don't sit here and tell me it has always been that way. I would know if I was told that before and not be here asking why!" She goes on to say "I am manager so I know everything," which is far from the truth. Next I am called to go to a triage and give them insurance information. They had me sign that I received privacy policy forms without giving me the forms. I told them I am not signing that you gave me what you did not give me. The lady rolled her eyes at me and said it was too much work to get it. I told her I would report her to the federal government and get lawyers involved if she wanted to play that game. Finally, she gets up and gets it rolling her eyes at me again. Next she puts a wrist band on me like I am at a hospital. Now remember this is a regular outpatient clinic so it is not normal to have to put on a wrist band with personal information on it. I am called by the tech to go in back and she tells me turn left, turn right etc when there is only one way. Have common sence, if the only way is right, I know to turn right. You think I am going to run into the wall expecting it not to be there?! I am not stupid and most patient probably feel the same as it is like an insult to your intelligence. Worst patient care, except UT Physicians! Stay Away unless you want to be disrespected and insulted! You will get plenty of that! I forgot to mention, the Katy location on Kingsland has two buildings. I asked Valery which of the buildings and she said she is at that location so when she said "Kingsland building" (I asked if it was the one closer to Provential or closer to Kingsland) I asked her if she ment the one closest to Kingsland and she argues they both are on kingsland. Yeah no Duh! They do have the same address but are between two roads. It turns out she was wrong and it is the one closer to provential as well as she does not work at the location. Idiot to not even know what building you work in!


I have been to different locations around 5 times in total in just 5 months. They say they share the same system, but every time I go to see a doctor, even at the same location, they say they never received my insurance. They tell me to give it to them each time and the same with my first time new patient forms. I complained to corporate and nothing was done. Corporate, the second time, said it is policy whereas the admin assistants at the Cinco Ranch location said they keep losing it and it is corporate's fault because they do not give the supplies to organized and keep up with stuff. Corporate is full of excuses where as the Cinco Ranch admins admit to losing it. Each time I go to any location they "guarantee" they will put it in file so I will not have to supply it again. Yeah not much of a guarantee! For all I know, they could be letting people get my information who are not a part of UT Physicians and be breaking HIPPA laws. Dangerous hands! Unprofessional and full of excuses "professionals." Stay away unless you want to pick up after them and risk your information being public!


Someone recommended Shopify to me because it supposedly could disperse your products to other websites where it would be sold, ultimately more exposure and more sales. I did not see it on the website so I called. I waited for 28 minutes to finally talk to someone. I asked her about it dispersing to other websites where products can be sold, and told her how I heard it could send them to amazon. I asked her if this is right and what other places does it go. She tells me "Amazon is a shopping platform... " I cut her off and said "No Kidding! I am not stupid! Who does not know what is amazon? Why don't you listen?" She said she thought I said that, and told her she needs to listen. I asked her again and she goes to tell me what I product is. No Kidding! They are bad listeners and think everyone who calls is stupid! STAY AWAY! I have no clue why this guy, who supposedly uses it, recommended it or where he came up with it doing this stuff. Maybe it does and the reps are the idiots. I don't know but with this kind of treatment, I would not do business with them. You could if you want to risk when you need help to be treated as an idiot. UPDATE: After putting this review, I searched for other reviews and places to leave them, such as how most have a place on google to leave them, and shopify is not on google my business, or other places where you can leave reviews. That said, I consider it a red flag when a business will not have a way to leave reviews. I found what are "reviews" and if you read it, they are blog articles that are selling you the product. They are not actual reviews.


I attached a screen shot where the plans state the purpose and abilities is to schedule post and repost. However, I selected multiple times on multiple days of the week and they posted immediately instead. I contacted customer service and the guy said you cannot schedule automatic repost. What?! I would not trust anything else it says it can do! I tried the trial and found out that way. Don't believe me? Try the free trial and see for yourself. I advise to avoid them all together and not risk automatic charges if you forget to cancel at the end of trial. Look at the photos and see where it shows on plans that it automatically reposts and that is why you schedule. Then look at the image with the reps response saying it does not do that. So why do I need buffer?! There are other things I tried and it did not do which I did not get a response from customer service to ask why or how, in the event I did it wrong. It is a scam!


I downloaded the TubeBuddy app because it is supposed to help me manage my channel for better ranking, make videos, edit videos and everything else. I downloaded it and went on my laptop to find the website. Neither app nor online version can create or edit videos. If you go through the "create video" process, it points what should be done to that step in the designing/editing a video as a tutorial. You CANNOT ACTUALLY make any changes or create anything. I contacted the support who confirmed you cannot do anything with it but it is a tutorial. Totally different from being used to get stuff done!

This is the free version. I can only imagine what a rip off the paid versions must be. STAY AWAY! It is not by google and there is something out there by Google that is much better. Google's tool probably does a better job too since made by the same people. RUN! STAY AWAY FROM TUBE BUDDY unless you are in for a scam/ripoff

Tip for consumers:
An app that is supposed to be used to manage ranking, keywords, make/edit videos, descriptions etc in the running of a YouTube channel for career reasons. They promise you all this, and you actually get a tutorial. The app is not a software. It is a tutorial. The business is a bunch of dishonest people out to rip off those who are less intelligent and will not catch what they are doing.


I contacted them about a system to manage all my social medias in one place that can also post to all social medias at once. I thought I found the perfect solution, then I asked what are the other channels since the price/feature list the most popular 4 social medias.
He comes back with facebook + Instagram + twitter + linkedin = 10! This is exactly what he wrote. I tried to copy my question and his response, but it failed on here. However hard it is to believe, the math formula is his exact response! How in the world does this company still exist!? I cannot imagine what kind of designer/developers they must have to be a totally awful software to not do half the things it says. STAY AWAY! They will rip you off!


I contacted them to find a software solution for managing multiple social media and social marketing at once. Melanie sends me a link to a list of 300. Those I could see did not meet my requirement. They would manage between 1 and 4 social medias so I asked her where was the filter that I know they used to have. She says give me (list of type personal information) and I will send it to all of the companies that have solutions that fit your requirement. I forgot to mention that I had to give her my requirement twice. I refused to give her my personal info and told her I want links to those exact softwares. She throws sales pitches about starts sending me the same link to the list of 300 over and over while I am asking for her manager. I asked for the manager 3-5 times. (I lost count) She never gave me the manager or links to a solution. Instead, after the last request for manager, she blocked me. I tried contacted a different rep, but am blocked from those person too. STAY AWAY! CSRs are not managed at all and require personal information sent to long list of strangers! I have tried and got endless sales/marketing emails/telemarketing calls etc before when I permitted them to give out my info to solutions that they say fit my requirement! AWFUL! Have to be harassed by sales in order to get help!

Tip for consumers:
They are a website/service to find different type softwares/apps. They have all kinds from basics like wordpress, and microsoft word, to the unthinkable that do all the marketing for you. Any kind of software, they have a list that do that. Name it they have it. However, I got blocked for not wanting to give out my personal information! I would advise staying away and not giving your personal info out!

Saumya B. – G2 Rep

Hi Laney,

Thanks for your review and for sharing this information. I looked back through our history and was unable to find an employee named Melanie, nor this interaction but I would like to apologize for the negative experience you had with us in 2019. I. I would also like to invite you to come back and try out our new "My List" tool that helps you sort through all the software listed on our site all on your own. You can find it here:

It is designed to take in your requirements, and then make suggestions based on the reviews of your peers and people like you. Hope this helps! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!


I have tried doing business with them 6 times and every time I hear good information a few days later being told was "accidental" misinformation. It is not so much of an accident when they do it every time. Each sales rep says different answers to your same questions. My last that cut the string, I asked about the fundraising they do and the lady said they have a high traffic site they put all of their fundraisers on so I can but do not have to market to get results. Today, 3 business day later, I go on there seeing no activity, no click, views, absolutely nothing. I went to the chat and it was the same lady that said it is a 100% result of your own marketing and they have no part. She also said no they do not have traffic but I have to bring my own. With that, there is no reason to have them involved. Go to Micheals and get shirts printed that I sell myself


They have a long list of what are "leaders" in affiliate marketing. I called 10 and there were 2 that are out of business and have been for at least 3 years, 1 that has an inaccurate phone number, 1 that says they do affiliate but actually is a finders' service to find you affiliates. The misleading one contradicted themselves too many times to count. One guy was saying stuff like "You spoke to Brian yesterday, right?" I commented, "I thought you said you were Brian." He would come back with, "Yes I am Brian, but you spoke with him right?" I asked for his last name and he is the same guy but not quite right in the head. This guy told me there were no upfront fees and sent me a proposal with what the upfront fees are. This is the only company that almost had me fooled. The others were upfront that the information was inaccurate. I contacted the TopSEOs company and all they could do is make a sales pitch that the "leaders" list are the top companies. HINT The ones I called.

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