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The answer to the title in the question is, Mr. Pavan. He was the latest of the spammers and "would be" telemarketers to call, asking for several other people that he was looking for who applied for a job, and then he turns around after being told not one of those individuals by those names have the number he called; he then precedes to ask, if I want a job. Well, "yeah, sure how much does it pay", I inquire. He states "$14.40", an hour for an IT job. I then say, "I have to at least get $15.00 an hour without any experience". "I am not a teenager, "I need a livable wage". He then says, "I will get with my manager, to see if we can make that happen". He asks me to send him a resume, and then asks for my full legal name. At this point, he states that he would call me back after he receives the resume. Obviously, he didn't call back, and my assumption form the beginning, is that he is a trained liar. If you want to "try your luck" at obtaining an invisible job, give him a call at *******829.


The prices at Food Depot are relatively cheap, however, their store managers professionalism is pretty cheap as well, at the store on 3205 S. Cobb drive in Smyrna, Ga., and it all falls back on a low emphasis on customer service.


Netflix has to expand their movie selection, because the majority of people like as many options as possible. And they need more of the latest movie selections, along with more classic films if they are going to be "dated". They should also add video games to their paid content.


They are the pimp and the prostitute, all at the same time. With Playstation network, this company is "racking up the dough". They charge for everything; example, imagine if someone charged you for coming into their home. They also charged you for a glass of water, and to use the restroom. Oh yeah, and while you were there, you were being charged for breathing in their air. This is Playstation and their network in a "nutshell"


Game stop will sell you a game for $50, then turn around and try and buy it from you for $2. This is sickening, and it makes for bad business reviews like this one. At the end of the day, even a pawn shop will give you a loan for the value of the merchandise. It's obvious, if I am trying to sell you a game that I either need the money, or I want to get back in value close to what I paid for the game.


They would get a four star review, however after a recent article on them selling poisonous frozen tilapia fish, is just plain sick and disgusting. Consumers should not have to read the ingredients to figure out if those long names are detrimental to their health; just don't bring it into the stores, and sell it people of Walmart. It's their job to read and figure out what's in the food they are making a hefty profit off of.


Although this cleaning company is NEW, it does great work, with integrity, along with customer based prices!


I had a very unique experience at this dealership, because they generally care about the people, not only selling cars. My sales consultant was Victor, telephone number *******013. He provided professional service, salesmanship, and concern for the individual purchasing the vehicle. Obviously they want to sell cars, but genuine interaction, and service is a rarity. Lastly, Chad the finance guy, provided rebates, maximized trade-in value, and financing that was superb. Thanks to the staff at Landmark Dodge for being class personified.


Don't let the phone delay, stop you from getting set up and receiving services, you won't regret it. I have been there since around 2010, and I always receive the care and appointments when needed. Specialist referrals no problem as well. Even if you have to set up services in person, go do it! They open at 8:30AM EST, their telephone number is *******100, and they are located in Douglasville, GA, about 40 minutes west of metro Atlanta.


Always friendly, and helpful, they go the extra mile, day in and out. Awesome management and professionalism. Thumbs up!


Called the number *******510 for basic job information, and spoke with Vanessa. She was very short tempered, rude, and unprofessional, with basic questions. What's confusing is that she answered the phone professionally? Confusing?


They don't answer their phones, called between 9:00AM and 10:00 AM EST, no answer.


The person over the phone was very rude and unprofessional. Call for yourself, maybe they had a bad day, however they could have and did lose business because their rudeness. Number is *******401.


Another individual with a bad attitude and phone disposition. Call for yourself, maybe they were having a bad day. The telephone number is *******747.


They apparently are very expensive to advertise on because they charge 100 to 75 dollars each lead their agents receive. When calling to speak to someone about this information a lady name Kathy or Cathy had no clue. So another number was called, then they transferred me to guess who of advertising and marketing on, yes you guessed right Kathy or Cathy. Don't believe me, well call her for yourself, and ask her how much it costs to advertise on the site. Her number is *******200.

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