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I am keenly aware of discrimination against those who need CC, Subtitles or UT (Untertitels). I try out products and see the pluses and the minuses. I contact customer service and advocate where necessary, but only if I have to. If a resolution was found, but then taken away, I will speak out. Otherwise, I will change my review and note where they were useful and resolved the issue.

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Having Auditory Processing issues, I notice accommodation issues where others may not. I am uniquely aware of needs of certain pro-abled people (often called disabled in times past) or those with food allergies. I have found that 100% of the restaurants around me, can not give a Vegan Celiac a balanced meal or serve Gluten free Fish.


Attempting to learn to polyglot through text

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2021 review after having their service for over 2 years. I write this to warn those who need UT - especially for Teenage and children's shows. This review does not apply to those with perfect brains and perfect ears. If I hated UT, then I would give them more stars, because I would be unaware of the problem. The IT often lie between their teeth about "UT" not existing for those who need it. I have complained several times. First time, they said that Schloss Einstein - Erfurt was not UT. I had to capture evidence that they were lying. They turned on UT and then said that UT might be every other one and there was nothing they could do about it, hinting that Kika was to blame. I found out that Kika does too UT and send the UT to for every single episode. Currently, they have refused to turn on UT again. The CEO might not be aware that his team - including his customer service rep who sticks up for the lying IT department should all be fired for blatant discrimination against the Hard of hearing and those with auditory processing issues - especially those who watch childrens or Teens shows! They do have some shows UT, but for kids, even though UT does exist, the IT often won't put it in! Geronimo Stilton season 2 and beyond, is the exception. But, they are the only way for a foreigner outside of Germany to get German TV. The shows that are UT are sometimes lined up wrong. Sometimes they cut off the beginning of the show. Geronimo Stilton they often did this too, because they insisted that Geronimo Stilton never started before the credits. They would also insist that they always record a little bit in front and in back to be sure they got it all, as if I was the liar. I quit trying to get Geronimo Stilton, as I was tired of their incompetence. I'd rather buy the DVD and hope for UT. However, non-adult DVDS are rarely UT, even though the show was shown with UT.

So then, why do I keep youtv? I can't find another place to get German TV with any UT - outside of news and boxing - while in America. The one competitor, never had UT for anything, and the other site, I wasn't sure about. So, I look at the pictures and try to make sense of what I hear. I have the auditory processing issues. I also do more travel shows because the words do not matter. If I was profoundly deaf, I would have canceled them after the trial. Why? Not enough of the shows I want have UT. And, its not worth it for just travel shows. And, like I said, the CEO-Owner might not be aware of what the IT and customer service department is pulling.

No photo because I do not wish to violate Kika's and Schloss Einstein - Erfurt's rights. Plus, some people would see it as a spoiler, which would also be bad. Thank you for your understanding!

Tip for consumers:
Must not be a person who prefers teenage or children's programs while needing Untertitels. Anyone who hates UT, will love this company because you will never be discriminated against. And, if you only want Schloss-Einstein - Erfurt without UT, then you should be fine. Please note that the owner of the company, CEO, non-Customer service and non-IT people, may not be aware of the situation going down between the IT and Customer Service department and I. Thank you!

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