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The company blocks anyone with a VPN, they won't give you the money you earned, either. They are actually a data broker operating under the guise of a survey research company. Good luck trying to deal with their "customer service" team based offshore. You will regret ever putting your private information on there just to sign up. BEWARE!

• Updated review

Hi Monica! Thanks for replying in third person and again pretending you can save your worthless reputation. I like this little back and forth you're doing with me, it's getting fun. You're embarrassing yourself and trying to fight any negative criticism with even less finesse than Trump. Again sweetheart, unlisted numbers are not public record. Your arrest record is public record though; the irony. Your site's "opt-out" purposefully malfunctions. You have an extensive criminal history and while you hide behind the R. After your first name, people have come long before me and put YOUR COMPANY'S memos and employee rolls online. You have a good strategy, defiantly fighting people publicly- that'll get more subscribers! Also, spend more time learning to read, quoting the FTC about an unrelated issue is just lazy, try a little harder. Let's keep this going. Every time I respond and with more info about you and how your company operates, you fight me on here and deny everything. You're pathetic, honey.

Another Update to their "new rep" in response to the company's "response"
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Monica R. Has quite an extensive criminal history, funny how their site doesn't show her information but everywhere else I have found it. It seems that privacy and unlisted phone numbers are for nuwber workers and not the people they exploit. What a surprise! NO Monica, you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to post personal information that is not public record but info that is from the Equifax hack among others. Your website does not remove the information either while you claim that it does so. I have records of the disrespectful responses from your fellow employees, as well, it seems that going to their supervisors is the only way to get a response. I guess they were there and able to respond the entire time! You have a lovely attitude defiantly claiming your website doesn't NEED to do anything. It takes a lot of hard work too, Monica, to copy and paste the same cheap response that is on your website. Don't worry, Monica, your company won't be around much longer. You can copy and paste more responses at another data broker operating overseas soon!

Hey "Veronica P." thanks for changing your name on all the comments as if your linkedin account won't make it incredibly easy to still identify you. Keep posting those replies, defend the company and make sure to keep ignoring grammar and punctuation. I will gladly wait for your next name change on all the review replies. You better be careful what you say just to keep your job as a mouthpiece for that company.

Kelly N. – Nuwber Rep

Good afternoon!
As a company operating in people search industry, we find it complicated and in fact impossible to find the person only by his (her) name and to draw certain conclusions. It's unlikely you managed to find any correct info relating to Monica having only her first name and the first letter of her last name.
As it was previously mentioned, according to the USA legislation in Data Brokers industry public information is in public domain and affordable to everyone. We collect these listings from publicly available sources such as government and public records, self reported information, and commercial data sources (according to FTC report “Data brokers: a call for transparency and accountability”).
Taking into account your concern we provide a simple opt-out form (https://nuwber.com/removal/link) which is available on Nuwber.com.

Sleazy scam to ruin your privacy
• Previous review

Nuwber.com is a people-search site. They are worse than most though. They not only brag about their "right" to publish your personal information but are defiant in saying

"In a free country, a person can freely communicate true facts lawfully obtained from a public record."

And the very professional gem of a statement

"We did not need your permission to build a website."

The problem is that phone numbers are not public record, neither are email addresses or attributing false information to a person in order for their site to get more clicks. This is a stalkers dream. They claim you can "control" your information but in reality you cannot. They force you to make an account in order to get your email address and other information so that they can add it to the "profile" about you and they refuse to remove accounts. They list no phone number or physical address for their company. They only show an email that is not attended. Send them an email on any subject and they will ignore it. The email address sends automated replies to every inquiry and it is not manned by human beings. They are the lowest of the low and the sleaziest of the people search sites. They likely do not even operate in America, like many similar sites and are so confident that they operate legally that there is no way to contact them. SHUT THEM DOWN by filing a complaint with the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1 and with your state's attorney general or governor's consumer protection division. This site is a scam to mine for more personal data, none of which is public.

Kelly N. – Nuwber Rep

We're sorry for haven't replied to your e-mails. We didn't have a support team to do that. Now it's formed and you're welcome to email us and get a gurantee reply within 72 hours.

Nuwber as well as any other records provider is under no obligation to remove your information from our publicly available sources such as nuwber.com. We aim to provide the most accurate and actual information for reunion and privacy purposes.

All personally identifiable data is free to be published on people-search sites such as nuwber. We pull these records from publicly available sources such as government and public records, self reported information, and commercial data sources (according to FTC report “Data brokers: a call for transparency and accountability”).

Although, we completely understand your concern, so we provide the opt-out option on nuwber.com: https://nuwber.com/removal/link.


Floridaresidentdirectory.com posts personal information and defiantly claims that their info is always correct, that the State of Florida is the one that has incorrect info about you and are the one's to blame. At least the State doesn't post your info everywhere. Their website lists absolutely no contact information whatsoever, go figure! I found two sites, though, that show where those creeps are located.


The site claims is does not NEED to take down information about you and does not offer any way to opt out. It operates as a rogue site and uses hacked information from the recent Equifax leak, claiming it is simply voter info from the Elections Board.

SHUT THEM DOWN! Go to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1 and the FL Attorney General's Office at http://myfloridalegal.com/Contact.nsf/Contact?OpenForm&Section=Consumer_Protection_Division.


They will charge you for electricity that you have not even used. They do this to charge more money. You could be gone for a month and they will still claim that you used more than your previous month's bill. They also have this nasty little habit of taking funds from your bank account without your authorization. In legal terms, this is fraud and a scam. They think their political connections can protect them from any consequences. THERE IS A WAY TO STOP THEM. Submit a complaint to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-3 and the North Carolina Department of Justice at http://www.ncdoj.gov/getdoc/59be4357-41f3-4377-b10f-3e8bd532da5f/Complaint-Form.aspx since their headquarters is in Charlotte, NC. Tell these agencies how duke energy has ripped you off and they will work to sue them and stop this once and for all!


Their rewards program is a total scam. In the past you were allowed to earn 120 points a week from putting in the codes on caps. Then it was 100, now it is 75. In addition, you now have to earn "status" to actually win anything, no matter how many points you have. They want to make it difficult to earn their rewards so they can earn more of your money. In order to earn status you must post advertisements for their partner businesses like dominos to facebook and twitter and after you do that you still will not be awarded status. Contacting them is useless. They send pre fabricated responses and will not address your issue directly. They don't care. Call them and try that too. Ask to speak to one of their lazy scabs named Mariah, she loves hearing complaints, make sure to record the phone call with her too. You will need it as evidence of how they operate. SO, they pretend you can win their rewards, when in reality you cannot. They do this to make more money and make it seem like buying their $#*!ty products will actually get you rewards. They have no shame. HERE'S WHAT TO DO: file a complaint to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1 and your home state's attorney general/governor office which has a consumer protection division. IT WORKS! With several complaints and there are more than enough on this site, a lawsuit will be filed and my coke rewards/coca cola will be finito. Make your voice heard and report them.


Avvo aggressively sensors reviews about lawyers. If a lawyer simply does not like a negative review about them, their "subscription" to avvo covers them being able to "dispute" it. The truth is that lawyers take care of their own. Avvo is run by lawyers, for lawyers. Lawyers have the option to pay for an account with them called avvo pro, which lets them remove anything they don't like no matter how badly they treat their clients. If you even want to post a review, good luck. It has to pass their review team where anything negative is rejected. BEWARE of avvo and post your reviews on any other site. Since their site is a bait and switch scam where real consumer opinions are blocked in order to protect lawyers and their promise of putting up disputed reviews is a lie, report them to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1 and to your state's attorney general/governor's consumer protection division.


Many other reviewers hit the nail on the head. Whitepages takes personal information that is not public such as phone numbers, birth dates and family members and displays it on their site for everyone to see. Their opt-out doesn't work because once your "profile" is removed, they will put it back up within a month and hope you forgot about it. The most disturbing is that they publish personal/home/cell phone numbers and claim that they are public record. They arrogantly say they will not remove phone numbers from their site because "the phone numbers aren't attributed to a person" and they are "public record". But they forgot that if you click the phone number it goes to a page where they ask for your credit card info to purchase a report of the phone number, listing the owner name, address and other personal info. THEY PROFIT OFF OF YOUR PRIVACY AND PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER. So, they do have your personal info attached to the phone number which they claim is so mysterious. Also, everyone should know, in order to remove a name and address type of profile about yourself, you need to provide them a phone number to confirm that it is you. They have all your info and its for sale. Shut down those sub human filth once and for all. Submit a complaint to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1 and through your home state's attorney general/governor's consumer protection division.

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