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Extremely rude people at this location. Brought in my shattered oven door for glass replacement on its frame and asked if they replace it. Was told it wouldn't match exactly like that was a huge deal to me. I never said it was as we just needed our oven door so we can cook. I kept asking how much for the tempered glass this size. Eventually they called in the manager to help us. We literally showed them the entire door and just asked for the replacement glass. He said the black paint part they don't do but they could get the tempered glass for it and we could take it elsewhere to get painted. We paid the money after he took his measurements and drew it out for us on paper. He said it would be in in 2 days. That was last Friday. They didn't call until Thursday to say the glass was ready. I had noticed on his drawing for the paint to be done from the other company he never marked the holes for the oven door handle to go through. Not sure if that mattered or not for the drawing, but knew for sure it needed the holes. When the girl called to say it was ready I just inquired to make sure they did put the holes in the glass. Her tone immediately got hateful as she insisted 4 times there were no holes in the glass I brought in. I told her there certainly was holes as I can't hide them and then make them suddenly reappear and they had the actual glass door in front of them to see it. She kept arguing with me VERY rudely insinuating I was lying about the holes. I have no idea how I could even hide them! The glass cracked all over, but the holes were definitely visible. At any rate I asked if they could just cut them in now and she very rudely again said YOU CAN'T CUT TEMPERED GLASS, IT WILL SHATTER! Like I'm a glass expert and should have known that. After a few more times of her calling me a liar and her manager in the background also insisting there were no holes in the glass I said I could bring it back down and show them. So she very rudely says, YEAH BRING IT BACK DOWN! Never in my life have I been treated this way by a business for asking a simple question. And being called a liar multiple times and yelled at because they didn't have the holes cut in to a piece of glass that they saw in person was extremely upsetting to me! I won't go here again. I ordered my glass from a professional company that isn't busy trying to pass the blame on to the customer for them missing there were holes in the glass! And I will warn everyone of their rude behavior! Reading other posts it seems like they got some serious attitude issues at this location on I-410! Pictures included of the holes they said weren't there.

Tip for consumers:
Don't expect them to know what they are doing when they couldn't even see two holes that were in the glass they were replacing!

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We always buy our tires from Tire Rack, but we just moved to a new area. So we didn't have someone to install them and I ended up using the suggested retailer PepBoys. The tires shipped on time and arrived without incident. No issue with Tire Rack at all, our issue was with the installer who tried to jack the price up on the install and also tell us we needed an alignment (which we just our car in for service shortly before the tires and knew we didn't). I think Tire Rack should be careful getting into business with a company like PepBoys who doesn't honor contracts and attempts to increase sales by lying about work needing done.

Reason I chose this business:

Because we always get great tires at a great price shipped anywhere in the world we happen to live!

Reason I chose this product:

They were what came on the car new to begin with and have lasted us 6 years with NO issues! Why change now?


Made the mistake of ordering a polo shirt from these people from my beloved NY Yankees team. I was super stoked to receive it and wear it! When it arrived I could not believe how crappy the quality was! You could pretty much read through this "polo". Never seen anything like it! I went to attempt to return it because this should have never been sold for $30 plus shipping! And wouldn't you know it, they weren't even going to give me a full refund, but instead charge ME to send it back to them an additional $10! I have bought from them before and while I noticed things weren't always super high quality, it was a good enough price that I overlooked it. But this is insane! I will never purchase from them again!

Chastity S. – Fanatics Rep

Hello Kimberly, we've located your order and have sent an email with more information. We truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and hope to assist you soon. Sincerely, Chastity


Tried to purchase a part from these people on a Saturday. AFTER my payment is taken from my account same day with no mention they don't have the item, they email me Monday saying they don't really have the part in stock that was listed for sale. I will have to wait another 2 to 3 days to have it come in from another warehouse so it can then be sent to me. I start emailing asking questions, and I am rightfully ticked off that they are selling an item they don't actually have and don't bother to put that in the listing! So my questions involved why didn't they have it posted when I made the sale that it wasn't in stock? And why does it take 2 to 3 extra days to come in from another warehouse instead of theirs. The idiot responding to the messages then starts freaking out over the fact that I called them a warehouse and that my order wasn't being sent to another warehouse. Even though they specifically told me it was in their message to me. Then they tell me they didn't take my money yet, but guess what! It's not been in my account since I ordered it on Saturday! So where did it go? I asked why couldn't the other warehouse just send it to me directly? It was at this point that they cancelled my order. I didn't ask them to, I was merely asking questions of this person who is not capable of effective communication to figure out when on earth will my item arrive and can it be sooner than later. They decided my order needed cancelled because I guess they just couldn't handle legitimate questions about why they were listing an item for sale they didn't even have and couldn't come up with anymore excuses about their warehouse, or the other warehouse that didn't really exist that it was coming from. These people are morons and have no idea how to communicate with a customer. BE PREPARED TO JUST LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT, WHEN THEY WANT WITH YOUR MONEY AND YOUR ORDER, AND MAYBE SEND YOU YOUR ITEM OR CANCEL YOUR ORDER IF THEY CHOOSE! I couldn't recommend any stronger to avoid these people at all costs! I don't know how they are even still in business!


I ordered a book for class through Abe Books. The order actually came from Indoo (whoever they are in NJ). When my book arrived it was just a card with a code on it (I knew this when I ordered it) and I scratched off the stuff to get signed up into my class online. It told me the code was for another book. I turned the card over and sure enough IT WAS! Didn't even send me the right one! So I message them like it says to do. Indoo never replied to me for 3 days... HELLOOOO class is starting! So I went through the process through Abe Books to get a refund initiated. They got the order return process going and it said to ship the book back to their address and to enter the tracking number when I did. That means I'm paying for return shipping on a book Indoo messed up the order on right? So I package it up and get the postage to include a tracking number on it because that's what I was instructed to do! When I then emailed Indoo again and told them how much the shipping was, they said, "We only refund for the amount of Media Mail through the USPS!" Like WHAT?! Then why did Abe Books require me to pay for tracking too? So I message Abe Books and go back and forth with them about this only to find out, they aren't paying me for it and I'm out the cost to mail back the order that I didn't mess up on, and I paid them in good faith for, but they screwed up and sent the wrong order on! If they'd have just done it right the first time, I wouldn't have had to return the dang thing! Indoo is some crap company that I'm not worried about, but Abe Books I expected better from! I have been a customer of theirs for a long time and this was my first problem I had with them, and they keep emailing me these smug emails saying they aren't required to pay me back for my shipping costs! Thanks Abe! You just lost me as a customer and anyone else I can convince not to purchase from them!

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