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Wow, with such high accolades, I expected a really great site. The links don't work. Listed phone numbers are not helpful, like Ebay's, in particular. Voicemail and automation are NOT customer service. 70 minute wait to contact them to tell them their website is useless? I don't think so. Not for me.



Mostly smaller beads with findings and other jewelry-making necessities. Prices are not bad and the clearance section is wonderful. Shipping is fast and customer service is great. They have another online store in England. I'm certainly glad about the U.S.-based site.



Caution attending the once-a-year "garage" sale. You never know that half the items you order are sold out until you get your invoice. Then when something is sold out, they don't inform you beforehand, they just give you a store credit, which in my opinion is underhanded and very irritating. Target does the same thing, no refund, just gift cards. I think it is better and more honest business to give you a choice.

This is why many people do not "shop small." Crappy service and the ASSumption that everyone is willing to be on Facebook, where they "notify" people of service delays.

If you run a business, do not expect people to put up with you. You are there supposedly serving us. When you can't handle high volume, don't cheap out, hire temps to help. I think many people are tire of small business greed, too.

I tried to make an order through PayPal to use the credit. It wouldn't take the credit, so I emailed that their website is very stressful and I would like my credit refunded like a normal business. June states that all I had to do is ask for the credit "politely". This is not stated anywhere. I don't think anyone likes to jump through so many hoops just to order something. There is not a brick and mortar store. I don't trust them and do not want to keep being led down a rabbit hole where something isn't in stock, so I get credit again, and have to keep ordering from there.

When someone else tells someone that they are impolite, I figure they know a lot about rudeness in their own character.




It used to be seamless to get recertified. Now they give you the runaround and have all these hoops to jump through, which I am unable to do. Customer reps are not understandable and each gives you a different story. You can tell they work from home in their own country. I was in tears yesterday. I am a senior citizen and this is my only phone. I have recertified on the website, sent the documentation, and the phone states that I have 6 days left. This customer service crew is new and I think Safelink might be going out of business because t hey don't seem to want people to actually use the service. They just want people to Think they are benevolent and helpful.




The rest are money-making gimmicks. Dandyline thread, for instance, has mixed reviews on Michael's jewelry site because Nothing! will cut it and it can't be threaded through the largest beading needle. I can't even sell some of their products on Ebay. Unfortunately, no one was as stupid as I to actually buy some of these products.




I feel that this is a scam of the worst type. You put all your tax info in on the assumption that this will be free as it states before you begin. When you finish, after inserting you most private info, you are presented with a $48 bill. Luckily, you can delete you return, which I did.

E-filing free is A lie and shame on the IRS for promoting the "free" file sites.




They solicit reviews, but don't run their website right. You can't use any of the functions in your account. They also do not either receive or do not read customer service emails. Don't bother.



Products are ok, not the highest quality for their prices, ok for a hobbyist. A few days before a sale ended, I recently asked what the size of a bead was. Normally reputable stores give a description of the product.

This was the reply the day the sale ended Took them 4 days to answer. Email I sent: No description: What size? RED YELLOW TONE Czech Glass Mix Wholesale (600 pcs) SKU: CZ-GL-MIX-S(b)

Reply:it is a close-out , priced below market and we only have 9
available. Beads are pretty and basically what you see in the picture.For this kind of limited quantity merchandise we don't write descriptions.




Site is not up to date or the vendors aren't updating on their end. You buy books, then get a message stating not in stock. Pick out another of the same book, you get the same message. Can't really tell if some of the vendors are overseas until after you order, then, there is no tracking number available. I did get one refund for a book that never showed up. We'll see what happens with the rest of the 2nd order. All of my items are not listed in my account either. I called and the woman was nice, but didn't seemed concerned when I said I didn't think I would order from them anymore.

The site administration is very haphazard with poor record keeping. I think Ebay might be a better choice, if you don't use "Amaze-on."

Shipwreck Beads

Shipwreck Beads


packers or webmaster needs to learn the actual names of the beads, so people know what they're getting. It is not worth sending one bag of beads back when you thought you were getting something else. I see this as quality control gone awry. Caring about customers means actually doing the work to learn about what you're selling. I won't buy Czech beads here anymore.



Lots of different chainmaille supplies, some a little expensive, but fast shipping and great quality.




They have been "trialling" their new software as the message says continually. Awful long trial, over a year now. This seems to happen after you hit the $20 mark. It just may be a server in someone's garage or basement. It has always been slow. The same surveys are given over and over.


Confusing descriptions of multiple product sets, don't know how much to get. Reviews are posted in the wrong order; old reviews show up first, some because they were better ratings. I don't understand why they can't set up more warehouses; products come from all over the country. Some third party sellers are now hidden. Description doesn't state this always and you can't return a third party item to Walmart. Uh, oh, could Walmart possibly be headed down the Kmart highway? First exit in the left lane: Sears on interstate 2018.




Shipping is high, but products are very high quality. If you purchase a large amount, over $199, you get free shipping.



I have been waiting for a $7.55 order since Nov 13. I emailed and keep getting excuses about the Canadian postal service being on strike. I ordered another company in the same region after the one above and received it in a week. They want me to wait another week for a refund of 7.55 US dollars and deny that it might be lost. They consider this generous. Gave me incorrect info about PayPal making currency conversions. The credit card does this. There were no snapshots of invoices, several emails, nor references about return of packages to business. We exchanged 4 emails, the 2nd of which was ignored, two of which were asking where was the package.

The following is an excerpt of her rebuttal of my Google review:

"As shared with you several times (including snap shots of our PayPal
invoices to illustrate and better help you understand as you were
struggling), you are charged on your end in US dollars. However your
method of payment, via PayPal, it is converted on your end. You will
and have been billed in your currency (US in this case). Of course all
this has been shared with you several times, but we can again share the
information here for you. As for misdirected packages, please do go
back and reference the communication, where we stated they are returned
to us. A quick re read and you will see this. "

Tip for consumers: They have not responded yet to my BBB complaint, which I filed last week.




There are myriads other social media services. Why do people keep on using this lying site? I checked to see if my information had been deleted after 2 years. It hadn't. They claim they delete it if you permanently disable the account. Like everything else, this is untrue. So they still have my phone number, which hackers use. They can also use this to gather information on you for sales purposes around the Internet. They call it tracking. I call it spying. People with business accounts have no help or customer service.



Opened up a can of coffee this a.m. and it was filled to about 3/4 way. Of course the ounces are correct, so it seems we are playing "the larger the container, the more is in it" game. They can't get in trouble for stating correct ounces on the can so they simply get more deceptive.

The local Giant here has produce which is just short of spoiling or spoiled on the shelf. Must have not used enough spray to make it look pretty. It is one of the few stores here so going somewhere else does not give many choices. Prices are high, too. Giant sells mostly junk food anyway. The canned vegetable aisle is half an aisle while the potato chips and pretzels is two deep as is the cereal aisle.

They get away with it because that's the food people eat here. Maybe if they were offered more healthy choices instead of non food, they would be healthier. Doctors make tons of money in this rural area. I don't think they care either.




Lots of disreputable third party sellers now. Search engine is atrocious. It is difficult to log in to an Etsy in another country, which is ridiculous. Etsy is also letting sellers sell any items they want; many! are not hand made or even art.



Deceptive pricing. They bank on people not reading signs correctly. Then, they have the gall to ask for more money at the checkout. Would we like to contribute $2 to alleviate hunger? If their prices weren't exorbitant, people wouldn't be hungry. It's harassment to pressure people into forking over MORE money. Why don't they contribute? Obviously, they are receiving a HUGE profit.

There are few places to choose in this area. But. We shouldn't have to choose.

I have contacted them, but, never get an answer.



We were sent a letter in the mail stating that their "system" miscalculated the budget monthly charges, and that we paid less than we should have. They are extending us the "courtesy" of budgeting our underpaid budget charges on a payment plan. How nice. Anyway, then I got my bill with the closeout amount, probably $100 over what it would have been if their "system" had not miscalculated.

So, guess what? We are also being charged $1.10 for a "system Improvement."

I'm not sure what that even means, nor am I sure I want to.

Utilities, can't live with them, can't live without them.

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