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Magic Jack promises one year of service if you purchase the magic Jack device, after purchasing the device and paying to transfer my home phone number to their service. I received a phone call demanding 153.00 for a year plan that I had no idea was required before I purchased the service( I might not have had a problem with this if I had known in advance). It is not conveyed in any of their advertisements, or their agreements, I have a problem with pay now, be honest later. This information should have been just as public as all the other information in their ads the caller threatened to disconnect my service I told him to go ahead and he did. I wrote to the company to complain about their lack of transparency I have not yet received a reply I was able to return the equipment for a refund but I lost my original home number when I connected service with another company. I fully intend to make as many as possible aware of my experience with this company


Ok every thing works except, they offered paypal as a cashout option, when I signed up later discovered, that new accounts needed to cash out to payza,, than discovered neither one of these options were available. Opened a support ticket the later part of june, it is now mid july and still no response, the lst payament of 3.00 is still pending and no explanation of why. I also opened a support ticket today to question deletion of payment options paypal and payza.


Seemed to be good site, was paying but now they have been suspended, I hope this reaches their site in case they are not aware there is no way to log in


Please be aware if you try to cash out on this site you have to already have made a deposit in the paypal or payza account, you are allowed to withdraw 150% of the deposit which according to the administrator is a bargain because it use to be 200%. I do not think anyone should have to deposit anything into an account to be paid. Money should come from the advertisers not the members.


Ok grand bux is doing some work on their site, as a result they have placed the money from my account balance into my purchase balance, my cash out day is sept 14th I hope they get it straightened out by than because I had to wait 3 months for this cash out day and do not wish to wait another 3 months for the next one this is the second time this has been done to me their timing is perfect


Ok it seems that clixten has wiped the slates clean, the members slates that is, my funds were deleted and my membership was downgraded from silver to standard. Oh yes they gave reasons, but that does not make up for the loss of funds my silver membership was a way from expiration and my funds were around 4.50. Takes a while to accumulate that much. If you are a member you can find this information on their
Update page.if not hold off becoming one at least for now, personally since I do not wish to throw good money after bad I will not click any ads on this site until my account is back like it was. And I would advise other members to do like wise there are too many sites out there.

Tip for consumers:
be aware that your funds may be deleted at any time and your membership status downgraded as was mine and all the other members


Ok here is my experience with the sight. I joined under the assumption that I would earn credits for which I could exchange for referals, I collected the required amount for 1 ref, so I thought I would try to exchange the credits accordingly, no such luck I was reverted back to the main page where I received a message, that I did not have enough earner credits and that to obtain these I had to upgrade to gold or join a program.( did not want to, that was why I chose to obtain credits by clicking link) so I did, my first join was denied, thinking I had made a mistake I tried again, my second attempt was denied, the promoter said he saw no clicks on his end, strange because I had over 15 cents on my end. So again I was denied my credits. I posted on the forum but received as yet no replies. This site can be confusing, there is about 5 videos that they want you to watch, really, by the time you get to the last one, there is a good chance that you will have forgotten the information in the first, and oh by the way why do they have clicking links as a way to earn credits if they do not allow a person to actually use the credits, my advise, think before you waste your time, may not be a scam but neither are they very transparent


I have had no problems up to now, they owe me 3.27 and I have been informed that My account was suspended because I deliberately made mistakes. Why would I do this, makes no sense whatever. They did promise to renew my account if they were mistaken. I do how ever feel that they owe me the money whether or not the account is renewed. Some of these so called mistakes were typed exactly as shown and some were because, I could not make to words from a number such as 123

Denys S. – 2captcha Rep

Your problem must have been solved long ago.
For the future - don't hesitate to request help from our support team through ticket-system: https://2captcha.com/support/faq/39
Best regards, 2captcha.com team.


Since my last review I am happy to say that clixsense has improved, they no longer have the two to three unwanted ads to watch making it possible to focus more on the advertisers web site, I think this should be made known hats off to them


I don't know how many know this but pay pal actually charges a 4.95 per month maintenance fee once funds have been put on the card whether you use the card or not or whether you have a balance on it or not I just closed mine out. I pointed out to them that I had a debit card at the bank that was free so from now on when I wish to use my pay pal funds I will simply use my bank card and transfer that amount from my pay pal account to my bank account I hope this advise saves some one some money


Ok payza is usually ok but back in july I transferred 30.00 from my debit card into my payza account later I tried to transfer it to my bank account, but I was told that it constituted a cash advance so the money would be reversed back to my card, I explained that this was a debit card I was than informed that the money had been reversed to my card, I was later informed it had been returned to my payza account the processing began on July 25th and was subject to a time of 10-15 days it is now august the 30th, and I still do not have my money and yes I do have copies of my bank statements and no it is still not on my payza account would this be referred to as theft.

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