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Skype has the best video call conference quality. I've been using Skype for ages now and I'm really happy with what they have to offer.


I LOVE TWITTER! It's one of the best social media tools to keep your followers up to date on the things you're doing. Great way to keep up with your friends and what they are doing as well. BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS/VIRUSES! Don't click on any links that you might think be suspicious.


I joined facebook during its early stages of transitioning from strictly private to few colleges that were allowed to join. I enjoyed those days because back then facebook was strictly for college students, a way for them to stay connected and share info with classmates or friends. Back then you could also share you schedule with your facebook friends. Later they decided to open to the general public which just bit degrading of them. Now days you see high schoolers and middle schoolers on facebook and it feels like another myspace accept with more confusing privacy options. Overall I still enjoy being on facebook. I've found majority of my elementary and middle school friends which I lost touch with. It's a great source to get in touch with anyone. If you're looking to kill some time there's always farmville, poker, and much more...


LinkedIn is pretty cool! It's mostly for more professional based connections. Think of it as this way, Facebook with professional people ONLY! LinkedIn is a great source to finding a new job or your old colleagues. You can also sear for recruits, hiring managers, and HRs. It's a great way to stay connected to the business world. There are tones of groups to join from and the group members are there to help you with your career goals. I would suggest that anyone thats not on LinkedIn, get on. WARNING! Do watch out for scammers! People offer you jobs that are unbelievably amazing, but at the end you'll see it's a scam. BE CAREFUL!


John - you can cancel your membership is by going into your account
Settings (assuming nothing changed since I've done it). If you look
Around there is something about canceling your subscription, you just
Check that box. If that doesn't work then try emailing them -
*******@doostang.com. Hope that helps.

I've heard mixed things, but personally I've had a pretty good
Experience with the site. I was looking for an analyst position at an
Investment bank and they had some great leads. I think they have
Companies posting on there directly, a lot of the finance positions I
Was applying to I haven't seen anywhere else. Not sure how good they
Are about other industries. The response rate isn't that great, but
It's probably no worse than other places given the economy. I used the
Site for 3 or 4 months during which I've applied to probably over 100
Jobs, got 4 or 5 interviews and two solid offers. It helps if you look
At the post date for all the jobs and only apply to the recent ones. I
Don't think I got any responses from the older job postings.


All I have to say is watch out for paypal scammers and hackers. Someone hacked into my paypal account twice. First time I got an email saying one of your credit cards been expired please update it. So I did, but I didn't realize it was a phishing website. But I changed my password right away and my email ID. Second time, someone hacked into my account and I got an email from paypal about unusual activity. It would of been nice if they could of have called me and told me about this, but no they had to email me and warn me about someone hacking into my account. Not what I expected from paypal.


I would say Hotwire is useful in come cases, maybe I just get lucky. I know everytime I search for something on there I always end up getting a better deal than the other guys.


DSW is my favorite place to get my shoes from. They have many different varieties which you can't really find else where at times. Just last month my mom and I went in to get her the new Skechers Shape-ups. The second my mom saw the ones in light pink she fell in love with it and made up her mind that those are the ones she wanted. I asked the sales person if they had them in wide. Guess what they say? I'm sorry Skechers don't make those for people that have WIDE FEET. I was so shocked when I heard that. It almost sounded as if my mom was deformed or something. So then we went to the mall and she spotted the same shoes at a different store (NOT DSW) and the sales person was like I'm sorry I don't have those in WIDE but I can get them for you by tomorrow. Have them ship it to me by tomorrow and you guys can pick it up if you like. My mom was so excited. But the point is that DSW don't really treat their customers right. They don't really care to help you.


My uncle introduced me to this site, deal2buy.com. They have everyday hot deals and coupons on all sorts of things from laptops to athletic shoes. I mostly use this site to buy my electronic items. Just last month I bought Seagate 2TB HDD only for $89. Now thats a deal breaker which you can't find at your local best buys or fry's electronic store. I highly recommend this site if you're searching for a new laptop or a desktop computer. You won't find better a deal anywhere else. Mostly everyone in our family uses this site to get their electronic stuff. We even did our xmas shopping on here as well. Great place for online shopping.


This is one of my favorite sites that I use to catch up on movies sometimes. You can search for any type of movies to TV shows on here. Its like a search engine for videos. When I can't find the episodes that I wanna watch I head out to OVGUIDE.COM to search for the episode I wanna watch.


I like sidereel because they have all the latest episodes that I need to catch up on. I would say that I'm a frequent user of sidereel. I use it mostly every now and then when I miss an episode of my favorite TV shows. Best part is you don't have to download anything to watch the TV shows. There are tones of links that you can select from to watch your favorite TV shows.


Netflix is best way to catch up on any of your TV shows or even old classic movies. I usually signup for netflix every summer to catch up on my movies and shows. I even rent some really old school movies like the Goonies. Best part about netflix is you get awesome pricing plans which you can choose from. If you're a crazy movie fanatic like me you can order 3 movies at ones and send them back one by one as you finish watching them, and get more in return.


I wouldn't even say its cool anymore not after what they are trying to do. First you start a free service then you go off starting a monthly plan service called "Hulu Plus." You're kidding me right?


I been using ebay for the last 9 years. I've gotten all kinds of things from it around the world for a cheaper price. I would have to say this much you really have to do your research before you get something from there. There are scammers on there sometimes. I have notified ebay about the sellers but all they ever say is they can't do anything about it. I, as a buyer should know better and should look into details before hand. Do watch out for that. Ebay doesn't really take sides. My overall experience has been pleasant with ebay. I been scammed couple of times but I took it up to paypal to get my money back, and they got me my money back. Ebay and paypal both do a great job at making sure that its users get a great experience out of it. Just make sure you don't get addicted to bidding like I did for a while, since its so cheap on there. Hahah...


Dropbox.com is awesome! I share stuff with my friends and family on there. It also sends you a reminder every time you make a change to any of your files. How cool is that? You can also take dropbox on the go if you have one of them smart phones. I use it on my HTC phone and its so easy to access my files and docs.


This site is a money saver... OMG! I saved whole bunch of $$$ on my new cell phone plan and also helped me get a better credit card with lower APR. I highly recommend this site for anyone who's up to save some money.


I think I like all the other ones beside this one. Pandora and iheart radio rock! I give them this much credit. I thought it was cool when they first came out. It's not as cool as how it use to be since all these other guys came out with better features and stuff..


Haha i can't believe this thing is still around. I remember playing neopets when i young. Good times. Thats soo cool though that its still around after all these years..

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