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Dialer360 is commonly used by foreign scam call centers to scam people by pretending to be different companies like Microsoft. Jim Browning, a researcher that identifies and shuts down these scams, showed that Dialer360 actively supports these scams. I would highly recommend using call center software that is not supporting these efforts. Dialer360 is not one of them.


Ys Net started a kickstarter to fund the sequel to a niche game that is honestly pretty awesome. During the kickstarter, they promised a release on Steam. Many bought into it with the idea they would get the game on Steam when it came out. Recently, the company announced Epic Game Store exclusivity, thus the game is not releasing on Steam. This is bait and switch. I would highly recommended anyone interesting in video games disassociating themselves with the unethical and immoral game developer that potentially legally lied to their investors. This shows that their executive staff only care about the bottom line regardless of whether they are doing something illegal.



Mobius Digital is the developer of upcoming game Outer Wilds. They crowdfunded the development of the game promising a release on the Steam platform, but have now sold exclusivity of the game to the Epic Games Store, rescinding the release on Steam. Not only an illegal move, but an unethical move that is going to hurt the release of the game and has no doubt damaged their reputation and the reception of the game moving forward. They promised a product that they are now not going to deliver.


When getting crowdfunding, they specifically advertise a release on Steam and GOG "AT LAUNCH", and have now taken money to breach the contract. They refuse to remedy this offense. Both Phoenix Point and Epic have no morals. Shady business practices that would not hold up in court most likely.


Our company has been using them for nearly eight years now and their support and service have both gone downhill. Recently contacted them to transfer a domain and prefaced the message with our PIN number. The response I received asked for the PIN number. They already have the PIN number. We already confirmed it. Each support request takes days to resolve, but other domain registrars are quick. I don't understand it.



Vox Media is well known for their controversial coverage of popular YouTube channels and their gross mischaracterization of the content on the platform. They are also well known for abusing the Copyright system on YouTube in an effort to silence criticism about them. To call what they do "journalism" would be an insult to an industry that once had a lot of respect.




In September of 2018 the Verge released a YouTube video alongside an article on how to build a gaming computer. In the video that was published a lot of advice was given that could potentially result in damage to the computer as it is being built. A number of tech-related YouTube channels covered and parodied the video due to the gross negligence of the people involved in producing the video. As a result, they removed the video and issued a correction on their website.

In February of 2019 they filed two false Copyright strikes against two different YouTube channels that covered the content that was produced while explaining why that information is gross negligence. As we know both from the written law of Copyright as well as from the result of the H3H3 vs Matt Hoss lawsuit, parody is a protected form of speech and is NOT copyright abuse. The Verge knowingly illegally filed Copyright strikes against the two creators.

It was only until massive coverage on YouTube that they finally reversed the strikes, but not before making personal attacks to the two channels that they had striked.

Do NOT trust their coverage at all. They have shamed themselves and have contributing to damage that illegal Copyright takedowns are having on the platform as a whole.


This company offers payment processing solutions to Indian telemarketers that attempt to scam the less educated computer users into paying for protection when their computers are not infected by any virus. Jim Browning, a well-known anti-scam YouTuber exposed a scammer and showed that the scammer brought them to their virtual terminal. They enable online anti-virus scams.




Jillian Epperly's "Jilly Juice Protocol" has killed people. She offers a "diet" or "cure" that contains 3x the lethal dose of sodium. The fact that she isn't behind bars is embarrassing to the human race.



CollabDRM harasses and makes illegal claims towards content created by independent content creators on YouTube in order to extort money from them. For example, they are targeting the YouTube creator "Jameskii" without providing any evidence that any copyrighted material was being used in the targeted videos.




Used the premium service for a while for some of our websites, but found the app to be highly unreliable. Cancelled the service, then found that we were still charged after having cancelled the service. They refused to refund us for the cancelled service. Have contacted the bank to prevent further charges and to dispute the charge. I would recommend using another live chat software for your website. Their service goes down pretty often.



This company has decided to wield the DMCA takedown system on YouTube to silence criticism on their games.



This developer will file false DMCA claims against content creators that they do not agree with. Beware doing business with them.




Bethesda is currently selling a faulty title that cannot be played as is and is refusing refunds to customers that are clearly indicating that they did not receive the product advertised. The game is currently in an unplayable state for most if not all players that try to play the game. The game is also missing features and content that were advertised due to bugs within the game. Would highly recommend staying away from them in the future.



Kingdom of Loot is a game developed by EPICBEYOND Studios and was a part of Steam's Early Access program. Since the game was offered it has had a price tag on it and those which bought into it were promised the full game on release. Now, they are pulling the product from Steam and have also claimed they will continue working on it, but potentially make it a "free to play" game, which means adding microtransactions to the game. They already had a contract with Valve for the game through Early Access and with their buyers, and are now going back on that word. Not a good outlook for the game or the developer. Avoid them at all costs.




This website engages in a practice of requiring businesses to pay for anyone to be able to see the reviews and testimonials on the website. This effectively means that if the business is not willing to pay their protection money, the testimonials are going to be hidden. This doesn't only negatively affect the business, but it hurts the reviewers as well. This is not a good website with a good sense of ethics.




Apple is one of those companies that will undermine consumer rights to be able to force their customers to pay gigantic costs for $20 repairs. Louis Rossmann, for example, showcased how Apple wanted $1,000+ for a 1 minutes repair. There's no opinion here; only fact: Apple is a criminal enterprise. The proof is in the fact that Apple has now illegal forced ICE to withhold product from Mr. Rossmann by committing a felony. Apple won't serve any time because they are a corporation, but that is guaranteed prison time if I did it.

Tip for consumers: Do not purchase from Apple if you want quality support and assistance with your devices.

PC Magazine

PC Magazine


PC Magazine was at one time a well respected publication. Since other channels have garnered a status beyond their own, they have resorted to selling out their integrity for product placement and affiliate arrangements. They recently fired John C. Dvorak for producing an article based on facts about 5G. This shows they are not interested in publishing anything factual; they are only interested in the financial interests of their sponsors. Money over truth.



Noisli is quite easily one of my favorite tools to use to help me when I am trying to write or study. The noises they have help me focus and the ability to save favorite combinations and the like with a free account is pretty awesome and defeats some of the paid alternatives. Great and safe website for people that are looking for some good background noise to help them be productive.

9/25/18 is a company that engages in fraudulent business practices through using social bookmarking websites like Reddit and abusing moderator positions to stifle online criticism and critique of their software. While this falling afoul of the terms of use of the website is not a legal issue, it is certainly a moral issue to say the least. They seem to be interested in banning users that say anything negative about their product or banning users proactively to prevent them from saying anything bad if they so much as blink in the wrong direction. Their customer communication is absolutely horrendous and they do not have any interest in actually improving the product, just adding more content to it to appeal to a group of consumer 'whales' that are willing to spend thousands on a single product.

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