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About Me

I'm a straight forward no nonsense person and although I may not be perfect I always try to be as fair as possible in all my dealings.

How I Can Help

I work for a newspaper company and I have a passion for design and shoes.


I'm a voracious reader and I enjoy shoes.

21 Reviews by Kay

My experience with this company has been all around pleasant. They had some of the older and hard to find scents at a good price; they have amazon pay as a payment option which I love as it made my shopping experience so much easier, shipping was on point and all of the samples I bought smelled fresh.

There isn't anything negative I have to say about Surrender to Chance the only thing I wish is they had a less cumbersome site and a more designer scents, but if you're looking for a niche sent or older scent definitely check them out.

All in all my experience was very good and I have already made another purchase from them, so don't hesitate to give them a try. Surrender to Chance and you just might find the fragrance of your dreams.
I love perfumes, discovering new potential scents that I can fall in love with is a hobby of mine so I'm always looking out for a good sample company to buy from because if its one thing I've learned is the only nose you can trust before investing in a large bottle of perfume is your own.

I came across www.perfumesamplesanddecants.com when I did a Google search and even though there wasn't much out there about them and www.scamadviser.com gave them a 63% safe and suggested there might be a small risk I went ahead with my purchase. I bought 34 samples and paid $216.71 USD including shipping. Everything went along fine enough until I checked my tracking info and saw that my package was delivered to the post office and I had to go pick it up, big inconvenience, if I knew that beforehand I would not have made my purchase. I contacted them about the delivery to the post office via their website they never responded. After I got the package I initially thought I was missing 4 of my samples as I hurriedly checked them through due to the fact that I was in the midst of preparing for a work trip. I contacted them again and asked about the missing sample via their website as I have purchased enough samples to know that sometimes when a fragrance is out of stock they'll send what's available then send the others when they become available and they never responded. After I never got any responses I sent them a facebook message letting them know its poor customer service when you have your customers contacting you multiple times about an issue, they responded with an attitude telling me that they did contact me and they asked me to send a picture of the sample because they find it strange that samples are missing. They never contacted me as I made it a point to check my inbox and my spam/junk folder to make sure I didn't get a reply and missed it. I wrote back and told them that I never got a reply and I would do as they asked since they were so sure they sent all my samples.

After getting home from my trip I sat down and checked through all the samples and it turned out I had 33 and one was still missing. I contacted them again via facebook telling them about the number of samples, that 1 was missing and I sent the pic. To this day I never got a response and they never even checked the message as facebook messenger shows when your messages has been read.

The samples in the glass vials were fine enough all smelled fresh and authentic. The samples in the plastic atomizers were a different story, I don't know if it's where the bottles are stored, but all of the samples in the plastic atomizers had a strange odor I can't describe. It smelled grossed and took away so much from the actual fragrance, whenever you sprayed any of them you got a strange smell you knew shouldn't be there and one of the screw tops had some weird looking tan colour debris that looked kind of like a tiny worm or a piece of bark so I made sure not to spray any of the plastic atomizer fragrances on my skin due to that.

It is regrettable how this shopping experience turned out as I found at least five new fragrances that I absolutely love (all glass vials) and initially had plans of being a repeat customers, but they made sure I would never spend another scent there with that kind of customer service. If you don't want to have to deal with customers after taking their money then you're in the wrong business.
I have big breasts, yes that's how I'm going to start this review. They're 38 GG/H and I have always struggled to find bras I like that are comfy and sexy. I have searched high and low, left and right, over and under (I searched a lot) until I came across a plus sized blogger (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust - Blogger & Model) she does reviews about clothes, bras, stockings, swimsuits, etc. so I reached out to her on Facebook and asked her for her suggestion as most of the bras my size are hideous and seem to think a bit of cleavage is some sort of crime and I'd notice she models a couple of very attractive bras. She was very nice and she suggested Ewa-Michalak to me and the rest is history.

I took her advice began the process of ordering my first bra and panty set. The site is in Polish but there is a little English flag at the top of the web page that takes care of that issue and translate everything. Ewa's sizing is different and a bit tricky, it took me a few tries measuring and using the calculator before I settled on a 95FF (42FF) if you are in doubt there is a video showing how to measure yourself and if that's not enough you can always contact them for further assistance.

There is no currency converter on the site so all the prices will be shown in Polish dollars, you can always use a currency converter (I use Yahoo) so you can get an idea of how much you'll be spending. The prices are beyond reasonable in my opinion especially since you are paying for a handmade bra with quality material. My ordered cost me 311.70 zl (rounded of 79US) which was inclusive of my order, shipping and tax.

Time wise you're going to have to be on the patient side as my order estimate was 45 days inclusive of shipping time (there is only one shipping option). On the site there are some bras that are ready to ship immediately and others have a time frame of 11 days (sometimes more sometimes less) as their bras are all handmade. They also have the option to purchase a custom bra if you don't see your size, but you will have to pay more and you can't return it if there are any issues with the size and fit. For people who don't want to wait that long you can always do a check and see if any states or places in your country carry the brand so you can cut down on shipping time and delivery time.

I was super impatient to receive my order, but when it finally arrived my heart sunk as I thought I had ordered the wrong size as it looked tiny compare to the enormous bras I've grown accustomed to, but after trying it on I was amazed at the look of the bra, bra construction and the support. The bra was like nothing I have worn before. There was no poking or digging into my armpits, it was just so comfy and light it was like I wasn't wearing anything, I was completely blown away. The panties may give you a bit of a scare because they look enormous due to the materials they use (not a lot of stretch) but it fits like a dream as well so don't be scared when you see them.

I can't speak for anybody else, but my experience with Ewa has been amazing and I already have a favorites collection on their site and I can't wait to buy them all. Ewa has gotten me excited about bras again and I hope this review helps another woman experience finding the perfect bra as it does make a difference.
I decided in 2015 that I was fed-up with cable and started looking into an alternative when I came across the omnibox. I thought I found the perfect alternative so I got rid of my cable and purchased 3 boxes plus a subscription for all. The first box cost me almost $200US as I wanted to try it first before committing to the other two. The first one worked fine enough so I went ahead and purchased the other two which cost a total of $313US including shipping and for the three boxes my monthly subscription is around $33US a month.

After about two months or so of purchasing there have been endless glitches and issues. With my first box I wanted to move from wireless to wired because the picture quality was just terrible even though I upgraded my internet so I would have a better wireless connection, when I switched from wireless to wired I had to send the first box back as it refused to work after the switch (I had to pay shipping to send it back) and they sent me a new box. Then there was some issue with my subscription that took them weeks to rectify, I got a free month service for that fiasco. There were endless issues after that which I didn't even bother contacting them about as I would have to contact them every other day.

I had an issue where the boxes were giving problems to update their suggestion was for me to send the boxes back to them (I would be required to pay to ship the boxes back) as that seems to be there go to plan to fix any issues that come up. I refused as I didn't pay $500US to have to ship a product back every few months. As of a few days ago none of the boxes work. One gives of a constant connection error message even though my internet is fine, the second one takes hours sometimes days to update (updates are as numerous as the stars) and the third updated and after that kept telling me to add new user and get a subscription (I am billed every month like clockwork) I would restart it and it would just keep going back to that screen, decided I would at least try to watch Netflix and that was also a no go as well because after about a minute or so it would cut off and return to the app home screen, now it doesn't do anything but give off a flash and that's it, nothing but a blank screen. I made sure and checked my TV and internet connection which are both fine as I know the first excuse they would try to come at me with is that.

Customer service is like pulling teeth, I left a message on a Friday, open a ticket on a Saturday, updated the ticket on the Sunday and never got a reply, I'm actually still waiting to see how long it will take them to reply and fix the problems. If I didn't pay for those crappy boxes I would have been done with this company a long time ago. If it was possible to give them zero stars I would. The only recommendation I will give to people about omnibox.tv is to stay as far away as possible as its not worth the stress and frustration.

Update 18:07:2016
I was contacted on Monday morning by a CSR who seems as clueless as ever. I basically had to keep repeating the same thing over and over as I'm guessing nobody decided to read my ticket or the updates attached to it and just as I said the only assistance I've gotten so far was the suggestion that my internet is bad and I should send the boxes back so they can update them. I asked if I'll be required to ship the boxes back every time I have a problem or they need to be updated? I was also told that it is unlikely that all three of my boxes are defective which annoyed me even further because I'm apparently imagining all the issues I'm having. I am awaiting a reply.

Update 19:07:2016
After factory resetting (CSR suggestion) two of the boxes and setting up my account from scratch the boxes worked for all 5 minutes and when I turned it off and put it back on I was prompted log into my account again, when I hit the login option it stats to load then gives of a ID error message. I was done with having my time wasted so I let them know I would be sending their defective boxes back. I already started looking for an alternative and will be getting rid of this service before 2016 ends.

Update 20:07:2016
I decided against shipping the boxes back as the cost for shipping was almost the cost of an alternative service so I sucked it up and cancelled my subscription. Nobody should have to go through this nonsense to get a service they're paying for and this issue was something I saw happening again in the future and I'd be out of a service I'm paying for and still be required to pay more for something I already bought.
There is very much to say about this company besides its great and they deliver. I had a letter I needed translated from English to Serbian and really didn't know where to look so I did a search and DayTranslation.com seemed to be the best bet for me.

These people work like a well oiled machine. I sent a copy of the document that needed to be translated and within the hour got the invoice as well as info pertaining the the confidentiality of your documents, their turn around time and accuracy of their certified translators. I paid $28.08US for my translation which I found to be quite reasonable. I was expecting it to be more being that I had no prior experience with this kind of service, but was pleasantly surprised with the cost and how smooth the entire process went.

The letter I wanted translated wasn't very long, it was about half of a letter size page and I got my translations before the day was up. I was not expecting it so quickly, but was very happy with the organisation and efficiency with which DayTranslation.com worked and handled my translation.

I don't know how much documents I will need translated in the future, but they will be my go to company after the experience I had and I will definitely recommend them to anybody who is looking to get certified translations done.
I've never really been to much concerts of sorts where I'm required to buy tickets because nobody I really want to see ever comes to my country. Anyway when I found out that LiC Big Bang World Tour was going to be passing through there was zero questions or reservations as to weather I planned on attending.

For all events that require you to purchase tickets in advance everyone knows the hassle that comes with that and it basically started the same way for me when it came time to get tickets. The numerous phone calls to places that never seem to answer their phones, the conflicting info as to who and where actually has tickets and the process of finding said places and buying them.

I freely admit there are certain things I would much rather not do if I don't absolutely have to and hunting for tickets is on of those things I would rather not do. I jumped on the option of purchasing my tickets from www.ticketgateway.com faster than a pig would jump in mud when the option was presented to potential patrons via LiC's OFFICIAL BRAND AMBASSADOR on facebook.

I probably should have checked reviews before I made my purchase, but I was just so happy I didn't have to stress or exert to much energy that I made my purchase without any forethought that they could probably screw me over. I got all 5 tickets within a minute via email and instructions as to what's allowed and what's not with my tickets, I printed them and boom I was ready for LiC.

The only drawback to buying tickets from ticketgateway.com is you're going to pay extra, which I guess is to be expected as you're being provided with a service that's convenient and benefits you. In total I spent about $58US extra for the five tickets. It was a bit much, but I would spend that again for the convenience and to have the piece of mind of knowing for a fact that my tickets were genuine. I also received two phone calls on two different occasions from ticketgateway.com CSR ensuring that I has gotten my tickets.

Yes I went in blindly, but it all turned out great as I found a reputable company I intend on using in the future. With 5 stars you know I will be purchasing again when I need to, all I have to do is cater for the fact that I will have to spend a bit more.
My name is Kay and I'm a amazonaholic. It felt great to finally admit that.

I know amazon gets a bad rap for how its been reported they treat their employees, but amazon is excellent from the consumer side. It seems automatic with me that if I want to buy an item I check amazon first and everywhere else after. That's what you want as a business customers to seeks you out first and to keep coming back and that's what makes amazon great for me.

I've shopped with amazon since 2008 and I've had a total of 3 problems and I remember them simply because they where so few and far between. Also every single one one my issues was resolved within hours.

I joined Prime March 2015 and the Free 2 Day shipping makes the entire annual fee worth it especially with how much I purchase from amazon and as long as I continue purchasing from amazon I will be a Prime member.

To me amazon it excellent for consumers in everywhere. They're always finding new avenues, using feedback to improve your shopping experiences and you have choices across the board from video streaming to food stuff. I just want them to keep getting better as I'll be a happier customer.
Ebags.com overall has been pleasant for me in every way as a consumer except one.

Products - Vast Selection
Quality - Great (The items I've purchased are still going Strong)
Price - Affordable to Pricey (Good Range)
Discounts - Good (Offered fairly Regularly)
Shipping - On time but...

The shipping with ebags.com is where I had my issue (its not a big deal I just find it personally annoying). I ordered a tote and 2 purses and they all ship separately, so instead of having to accept 1 delivery I had to accept 3. I remember getting 20% of on this order which made the multiple deliveries easier to swallow after the fact.

Honestly as long as you can deal with the multiple deliveries ebags is awesome all around and that's the reasons I will buy again and will recommend them despite my annoyance with multiple deliveries.
I live in an English speaking country yet Netflix finds its best to provide my country with a Spanish feed. I remember sitting and finally deciding on a movie only to press play and the movie was in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. I was all the way done as the main reason I got rid of my cable company was for the exact same reason.

When I finally contacted a CSR I was told because of some licensing issue with my region and due to the fact that a Spanish company buys the rights, that's the reason we get that particular feed. That was the dumbest thing I ever heard because they just grouped together entirely different countries and nationalities and gave them one product.

I had 4 screens but changed it to 2 and really the only reason I still have Netflix is because I cancelled my cable and I at least get to see The Walking Dead in English. If the language issue is fixed one day that would be awesome, but for now Netflix is a disappointment on my side of the globe.
EShakti is the best with my experience. My first shopping experience with them has been a memorable one and they've gained a life long customer.

I odered 2 items and got one free as they had a promotion going on, they seem to always have either coupon promotions, discounts or there by multiple item and get one free. With your first order you get the option to customize certain aspect of your garment for free (opt out of pockets, change the length or sleeves, etc.) after your first order you have to pay a small fee which isn't a problem for me to get what I really want.

The fit of the items was excellent. I was so happy as I've been dealing with not getting the right fit with clothes I was purchasing online and its while I was searching for a better better option and some form of customization I found eShakti.

The timeline they gave me was excellent and I even got my items before the estimated delivery time. They deliver in 14 business days (18 calendar days) from the date of the order (including custom orders) I was a little worried about that fact, but it was stated before I placed my order so there were no nasty surprises later on. During my checkout I did run into a small problem while entering my address, but I alerted customer service to my problem and they responded quickly and rectified the problem and throughout the entire purchase I was updated up to the point that my items were delivered and I got a $35 coupon for a future purchase.

Hands down this was one of the best shopping experiences I've ever had. I had choices, well fitting clothes that was affordable coupled with amazing customer service from the time my order was placed until it was delivered. The only thing I hope they do is add even more choices especially with pants as I'm a pants girl and to continue with the excellent service.
My experience with booking my vacation rental through this site was effortless as far as contacting the owners, booking and making payments.

HomeAway has a vast variety of properties to choose from as well as prices. You have the choice of going with a luxury villa, cabin in the woods, high-rise condo or a bungalow on the beach. There really are some beautiful properties made available through this site.

Our house was exactly as pictured the only problem I had was the bed in the master bedroom, my god the beauty of that bed and room did not match the ten days of hell I endured sleeping on that bed of perpetual torture, but I can't be blame HomeAway for that.

All in all my experience with HomeAway was good and I fully plan on using their site again in the future if I'm not up for a hotel.
I made a purchase from inhairco.com in July 2014 I purchased 5 bundles of the Deepwave, 2 22", 2 20" and 1 18" in all it amounted to $955US inclusive of shipping and I had the hair installed in late August 2014. The hair is in its natural state, it was not coloured nor was heat ever apply to it, I also followed all the guidelines listed on the site about caring for your extensions, also the wefts were not cut or sewn through.

From the first time I ran my fingers through this hair it started shedding and on top of that when I pay for 22 and 20 inch hair I want hair and not split ends, no matter how much I moisturized the ends were forever dry and fuzzy. Thinking it was just a first time thing I went ahead and did my first comb out starting from the ends and moving up, when I was done I ended up with a handful of hair and again me thinking it was a one time thing.

After realizing it was in fact not a one time thing I contacted the seller on Wednesday 10th September, 2014 and sent him 2 pics of what my hair looked like after a comb out so he could see the amount of shedding and as expected no response as most sellers are only interested in serving you until they get your credit card number/money. I'm a realist I expect some shedding as even natural hair sheds but to experience shedding at this level with so called high quality hair is a nightmare and absolutely ridiculous.

I continued to collect the hair over a 3 day period to be able to show people exactly what they'll be getting after spending their money at inhairco.com. After the excessive amount of shedding and matting this is a company I cannot recommend to anyone nor will I ever purchase from inhairco.com again. I had high expectation and I learned a very valuable lesson. For people who are thinking about purchasing from this company be forewarned so you don't have to learn a $955US lesson like I did.

The pics I've attached show the shedding I experienced in a 3 day period, I want people to see and get the idea of what I've been experiencing since my initial install. TOTAL NIGHTMARE!

The seller did finally contact me and requested that I pay to have the hair shipped back to them so they can examine it, after spending all that money they expect me to pay more money towards shipping the hair back to them, I refused as I did not spend all that money to be inconvenienced, I spent it on a so called high quality product.

After I refused the owner contacted to me to tell he believes my wefts were cut as their products are not supposed to shed to that degree, he would give me a discount on my next purchase and to remove my review because I was defaming his company. I have never wrote a untrue review about a company, its either you deliver on the products you're selling or you don't and inhairco.com did not deliver. I guess the offer of a discount was suppose to change the narrative of my review, but I politely refused the prospect of a future purchase and discount as I would have to be insane to spend another cent at that company.

After the fact I saw other complaints from others with the same complaints as myself, but its not inhairco.com fault that they are not delivering on their promises, apparently its the customer.

Don't get defensive when people state their truth try to fix whatever quality problems you may be having so customers get what they pay for. I can't speak for other, but with my experience, inhairco is not worth the price and their product is not high quality as they claim.
Lillian B. – International Hair Company Rep
This customer did send the hair to a wig maker who then cut the hand tied wefts which will cause shedding. We did tell her if she sent the hair back in we would give her a discount on new hair since her wig maker unfortunately cut the wefts.
This was the first time I made a purchase from Sears and its certainly my last. I made a purchase on May 1st received 2 emails stating that my order is being verified and processed. Two days later checked my order only to see that my order was still being processed, contacted customer service to see what was the hold up only to be told that they can't find my order (mind you they charged my credit card but have the nerve to tell me they can't find my order) and that I need to contact them within a day or two to get an update.

Contacted them within the allotted time only to be told the same nonsense that they can't find my order. From the fist time they told me they couldn't find my order I told them I wanted to cancel, but they couldn't cancel it because they couldn't find it (lies) the greatest part is they apparently have a zero cancellation system. Yup! So if you place an order and you want to cancel it you don't have that option, you have to return the item. So even if they did in fact find my order they had zero intention of cancelling it.

When I started to really make a huge deal by calling, emailing and live chatting, like magic I received an email stating that my order has been shipped. I had every intention of returning it because such ridiculous and unprofessional service doesn't deserve rewarding but after taking into account that more of my time will be required to deal with these people on top of the time it would take them to refund my credit card I've decided to keep the item when it arrives. Almost forgot apparently like magic again the review that I wanted to post just wouldn't go through, I got about four error messages before I threw my hands up. I'm guessing they don't want future customers knowing the truth about what goes on.

I'll be sticking with amazon.com some items maybe more expensive but I've never had a problem with the numerous orders I've placed with them, it may cost me a bit more but I would pay more money than deal with this kind of fiasco again. Also I'm certainly more aware about policies when it comes to cancelling an order, I don't have the option to cancel you can't have my money.
I won't be purchasing anymore corsets from Timeless-Trends sadly as I went back to make a new purchase and saw I was going to be charged upwards of $18US for sales tax and shipping was around the same. The entire appeal of this company was the reasonable prices, if I'm going to put out that much money I might as well go for a higher quality corset or a custom made corset. I will not be a returning customer and I let them know that.

My first reaction to Timeless Trends and their OTR corset was skepticism because 1. Their corsets are OTR (of the rack) 2. Their prices, but I did my research and decide to make a purchase.

I'm am beyond elated at my purchase from Timeless Trends because the quality of their corsets are amazing, their customer service is amazing, the fit and comfort level of their corsets is amazing and their prices are amazing. I wrote into customer service to find out about modesty panels on their underbust corsets, went to check my email half an hour after sending my email and was shocked to see I had a detailed email informing me of what i wanted to know and a whole lot more. The shipping of my item was on point and I got exactly what I ordered.

All in all my experience with Timeless Trends has been amazing and I can't wait to make another purchase. The only thing is most of their corsets are the same basic style/cut but they have a lot options with colours and patterns. If you plan on making a purchase please follow the instruction they give you for corset size and how to measure because I thought my measurements where to small but I'm glad I stuck with the measuring system they have on there website or else I would've had to return my corset. My corset is tightly laced without a bit of effort and I forget that I'm wearing and this is the first time I'm wearing a corset.
The review below was before Fredericks of Hollywood seem to turn into a circus. I'm really confused as to what on earth happened to them. I remember excellent customer service and products, but now you're lucky if you get your money's worth or if they even reply. I'm really shocked because my past experiences where always extremely good anyway I'm just making sure people know what they're getting into now when they decide to purchase from Fredericks of Hollywood.

Fredericks of Hollywood is awesome they have great products and they always deliver on time. I've purchase from them a few time and the transactions always went smoothly and their customers service is very good I emailed them requesting info on shoe sizing and the message sent window didn't come up so I kept pressing send not realizing that every time I did a message was delivered, I only realized that was the case when I check my email and saw I had about 10 messages from fredericks.com and the next day I also had about 5 message from them, they responded to my all of those email which asked the same question. But all in all they have good variety and they deliver.
I have nothing but good things to say about this company they're excellent. My order was processed and shipped the same day and was delivered before the time given. I ordered a F**k You, You F**king F**K black T-Shirt and it was exactly as shown on the website but I do wish the black was darker and more rich looking because I like my black extremely black but that was minor.

They're perfect for personalized stuff and their selection is ridiculous. Its a lot to browse through, but its awesome because you have a lot of choices. Again excellent experience definitely plan on purchasing from them again and I would recommend them to everybody.
My experience with this company was good but I did encounter a few bumps. First of their shoes are not for the faint of heart they have products with reasonable heels and then there are the 7 inchers which I adore. The other excellent thing about them is they have big sizes, I believe they go up to size 13US and the selection quite good. Their shipping was on point they really delivered, my package was on time and in good condition.

The bumps I experienced were response time and imperfections in the final product. Their response time could be a lot better. At times it would take days to get a response to my emails which hindered me a bit as far as gathering the necessary info so I could make an informed purchase. As far as imperfections go, although my shoes were gorgeous when I took a closer look I did notice some small imperfections I was some what disappointed, but it didn't take away from the beauty of the shoes and it wasn't that noticeable to onlookers.

All in all my experience with this company was good enough that I would make another purchase, also be prepared to dig a bit deeper into your pockets because their prices are in Euros, but they do have reasonably priced shoes.
If you're looking for cool, funky and interesting or just plain crazy patriciafield.com is definitely the place to go. They have a rage of items for both men and women but most of their items are female oriented (sorry guys).

Their price range is vast it goes from the reasonable to the insane, but the item that are insane are usually the Hand Made to Order items, if you can afford it I say go for it because they tend to veer on the interesting and cool side.

Shipping wise it was a dream because I received my package in good condition and in no time. The only faults I personally think this website has is they take forever to respond to emails (so it would be better to call if you have a problem) and I find the website a bit cumbersome but that's just me.

All in all it was a pleasant buying experience so definitely check them out, they might have what you've been looking for all your life.
Firstly the only reason I didn't give this site 4 Stars is it isn't particularly my style but beyond that my experience with them was amazing.

Their prices are amazing and their customer service is a dream which is what made it such a good purchasing experience. They have a wide array of sunglasses from Designer Inspired to Wayfarer Sunglasses to Vintage Sunglasses and they also have adorable hair accessories, scarves, hats, shoes, jewelry, etc.

If you're looking for something interesting and cool (I got my super cute Micky Mouse Sunglasses from this site) or something more on the relaxed side it wouldn't hurt to check them out.
First of all I had to write them to find if they had the pair of shoes I wanted in my size and color and I didn't receive a response probably until three or four days later. Any company that takes that long to respond to such a simple request (which I shouldn't even have to do because they should know about there inventory) as shoe size and color I can only imagine how long they would take to resolve a problem with an order I was totally turned of by that simple fact I didn't even bother with the purchase.

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Order a much sought after perfume and it's a toss up as to what you'll get, or so the name would...


Fast shipping. Good Quality. No problem.