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Love Target! Prices are really better than CVS, Walgreens, etc. I love their return policy. I just found an unopened knee brace I had bought in April for my son. He never used it, but left it in his room. I took it back to Target and it was returned, no questions asked! I didn't have a receipt but used my card. I ALWAYS use the card so they can easily refund me on my card. You also get % off your purchases, so it's totally worth it.
Love this store!
• Previous review
I have to say, I can't say enough about TARGET! I shop in person and I shop online ALL THE TIME. You literally can find everything there. The card is great, save 5% on every purchase? Why not get a card and use it? I just went the other day to return something I purchased online and it didn't fit. I also had a skillet that I bought but never used. They were able to easily find the item that didn't fit online by looking at my card, and they issued me a credit. The skillet was probably bought at least 6 months prior, but still had tags on and was never used. I was ready to just say forget it and they said we can give you a credit. Since I won't use the skillet, I took the credit, which was probably for the amount I actually paid. I love this store. No hassles when you want to return something. The pharmacy items are always cheaper than CVS or Riteaid... so it pays to shop here!
Save even more with their card!
• Previous review
Love Target! I shop online and can get most stuff from Target, and since getting their credit card, most of my items are shipped free. Sometimes you do need to reach a certain limit, but other times you can order under $25 or even less and get free shipping. I love Target--the online store and going to the regular stores. Prices are so much cheaper for toiletries than at CVS, etc. Unreal!
I used MollyMaid once, about 10 years ago. They cleaned my house and the job was ok. I didn't use them again, so it wasn't great. They didn't do a great job, just ok, and I remember the kitchen floor was actually sticky AFTER they left. I just figured that the people that came to do my house used the wrong products, so when I used cleaners in the future, I supplied my own. I usually clean myself, so I have no need to really use a cleaning service. Fast forward 11 years to about 2 days ago. I have a rental house and the tenants are leaving, and I need it cleaned ASAP because new people are moving in immediately. I needed to get an estimate for getting the place cleaned, so I signed up on the internet for a price. The apartment is empty, and only needs the bathroom cleaned and the floor in kitchen, everything else is carpet. I got a call back from a nice woman and when I asked if they worked on Saturday, she said no. I said oh, ok thanks anyway. About 1/2 hour later, I received ANOTHER call from MollyMaid. They started to talk and ask questions. I asked them again, "do you work on Saturday?" they said no. I said ok, I need someone for THIS Saturday so I don't think it will work out. Please remove my number from your database". I thought it was done. Now, 20 minutes later, I get ANOTHER CALL and the ID says MOLLYMAID. I did not answer. About an hour after THAT, I get ANOTHER CALL! What the F is wrong with these people?!?! As I drove to work today, at 8am, my cell rang and it was MOLLYMAID! No, they DON'T work on Saturday, but don't CARE! They still continue to harass me! Guess what? I have now blocked your number and will NEVER CALL YOU AGAIN! Take a hint... if you DO NOT work on the day that I need you, I can't USE YOU! Talk about pushy!
I visited the Radisson hotel in Corning NY for the first time, had a 2 night stay. When I arrived they did not have my reservation correctly in their system. I booked through booking.com for 3 people, yet they only had 2 people and a king bed booked. They kept insisting that I only booked for 2 people, until I pulled up my confirmation from my email stating that THREE people were booked, and one was a child with an age entered for booking.com. They said they found me another room with a sleeper sofa. I wasn't sure if this is what I booked through booking.com. I believe I booked a better room but was given what they had left at the hotel, and no refund was given or even talked about. We went to the room and the A/C was turned to 60 degrees (I believe it was only 70 degrees outside!). We quickly turned it to 72 degrees. I noticed the bathroom door lock was missing, but wasn't a big deal. The tissue box in the bathroom had 2 tissues left in it, the telltale sign being the "beige" tissues that are at the end of the box. That was annoying because it was the only tissue box in the whole room. After unpacking, we decided to just get ready to go out. When I took a shower, the H and C were mislabeled in the shower, and I almost scaled myself to death. After applying aloe to my 3rd degree shower burns, we left for dinner. I called the desk and asked them to make up the sleeper sofa as they had advised me to do once we settled in the room (there were no extra pillows or anything in the closet). When we returned to the room at 10 pm, I found sheets, one pillow and a blanket (with a huge rip on it) thrown on the sofa. I guess I was expected to make up the bed? Yippee... I didn't realize I was on a working vacation!

I opened the sofa and found black crumbs or unidentified objects in there. We turned the pitiful mattress over and made the bed. The next day, housekeeping came into the room while we were out and made the king bed, but left the sleeper sofa alone, sheets and ripped blanket just twisted around. I guess I didn't realize that I was expected to make the beds as well?! They also took it upon themselves to AGAIN touch the A/C and turn it down to 60 degrees! Who was this housekeeper? Was she experiencing hot flashes and could only work in sub degree temperatures?! I also stopped at the front desk to ask for another blanket, this one without a hole and extra towels. Housekeeping arrived 1/2 hour later with a king comforter and no towels. I explained that I needed a blanket for the sofa--the king comforter would be too big. He was confused and said he could get me a blanket, but kept saying that the front desk gave him the wrong info. He seemed put out and slightly miffed, so since we were leaving for dinner, I said forget it, we will deal with a ripped up blanket, we only had one night left. The last thing I needed was an angry housekeeper entering our room while we were out. Very disappointing room and only some of the front desk staff and waitress at the grill were friendly. When we were outside at 10:05pm that night, a very snotty hotel employee informed us that "city ordinance" requires us to go back inside, we can't be outside after 10 pm. Well, I guess not everyone turned into a pumpkin after 10 pm b/c while I was in my room at 11:30 pm, I heard voices, laughter and people playing corn hole outside! I called the front desk to complain, by this time I was in bed and if I had to go to sleep according to their set "curfew" I was going to make sure that these other people were going to be forced to retreat into the hotel as well! The hotel is close to Market Street, which makes it nice to explore, although for the price, I would have expected a better room. It was shabby at best. I guess I am most angry about the fact that I didn't even get a tip from housekeeping after I was the one making the beds!
In May 2016, I had a car accident. I was stopped at a light in traffic, and suddenly a car came barreling up behind me and hit me from behind, propelling me into the truck in front of me, who was also stopped for the light. I had my 11 year old in the car at the time and just myself. The guy who hit us said he thought traffic was moving. Yeah, ok, how about you put down the CELL phone and pay attention?!?! So the police came, took a report and deduced that it was the guy behind me who was 100% at fault. I had Allstate, but didn't want to have to go through my insurance, so I called StateFarm to report the accident (the insurance of the person who hit me). The person who took the original claim info was fine. Asked how I was, my son, etc. No injuries, just my car which was damaged in the back considerably AND in the front, due to me getting pushed into a truck. The car was not safe to really drive. The next day, I was told that I could get a rental and bring the car to a Statefarm approved auto body and that would make things "easier". I had wanted to go to my shop, but they were saying that not everything would be paid if I went to my place. Not sure why, but I checked out the auto body they suggested and the guy seemed nice enough. I made an appointment to drop the car off the next day. When I arrived the next day, the paperwork was all in order for me to sign, etc. Suddenly, while I am there, they get a call from Statefarm and they say that Statefarm has to speak to ALL drivers (including the truck that was hit) to make sure that I wasn't the cause of the accident. WHAT? Yes, I have to power to make a car hit me from behind while I am stopped? It was ridiculous. So now I have no rental car and no way to knowing when my car will be released to be fixed. The girl on the phone was the nastiest human being I have ever spoken to. At that point, I should have hired a lawyer but I didn't. I went home and I called the third driver of the truck on my own after a little detective work and getting their number. The guy couldn't have been nicer. He was a working guy, and was out working and the wife said he would call Statefarm on his lunch break. He had no damage to his car, so he didn't know that my claim was held up because of him. Finally, 4 hours later, this same animal from Statefarm calls and says my car can now be fixed. Ok, fine. I get the rental (which was supposed to be comparable to what I was driving) but it was not. No GPS, no satellite radio, etc. It was a crappy car, but I needed something to drive so I took it. I waited for the car to be fixed. 14 days LATER the car was done. It was ridiculous. The garage was basically holding the car and working at their leisure. Now, 2 years later, I have had 2 new tires put on the front of the car TWICE. They seem to be wearing on one side, and getting a bald spot. My auto body looked at the car and without knowing about the accident said "Did this car have front end damage?" Well, yes it did, 2 years ago! The only accident it ever had! I called Statefarm and they said they would send someone to inspect it, after first calling the original scammer autobody place. Oh they suddenly said they had NEVER CHECKED underneath the car for damage because the back had taken most of the hit, and the front had minor damage. Minor damage? New headlights needed, smashed grill, radiator, etc. They couldn't look UNDER the car in the 14 days they had it to check out if there was damage? Now my autobody guy said it's a damaged spindle and they are checking for other damage. Statefarm said they are not responsible. They said due to the age of the car (4 years?) and additional mileage since the claim in 2016, it couldn't be from that accident. I say bull$#*!. They just don't want to pay. The first autobody place was incompetent and THEY SENT ME THERE! Never again. I am now going to contact my lawyer and see what they can do. This is unreal, I get into an accident with THEIR insured and they don't want to pay what they should pay. I never claimed an injury, etc. I just wanted my car fixed to it's original state. I knew it would never be the same, StateFarm sucks.
• Updated review
I love this company. They sell quality items and their customer service reps are fantastic. Never a hassle if you call and need to ask a question. Items arrived in a timely fashion, and I would def buy from them again!
Best Customer Service!
• Previous review
I recently ordered a few knee braces for my teenage son. I looked at their size guide and measured accordingly. When I received the braces, he tried one on and wore it for a day. It was too loose, so I called the company to ask if I could return just the one brace that I didn't open and use. They told me to not only return the unopened one, but that I had 60 days to return the one that was already used! I was shocked. I was only looking to return the unopened one. The guy told me that my son could wear the brace for 59 days and I would still be able to return it for a refund (60 days money back guarantee). I thanked him and said that he only wore it for one day and discovered it was too loose. I immediately packed them up to send back, and the rep helped me figure out which size would work better, and I ordered 2 more. Excellent customer service and free shipping if you don't need it ASAP. I think it took about 5 days to receive the first 2 braces, and that was fine with me. I would happily deal with this company again! Keep up your excellent customer service!
• Updated review
Well, after returning my unworn, defective pants and being told it was MY fault they were not good, I called VISA and disputed my charge. There was no way going to let them get away with ripping me off. VISA fought on my behalf and disputed the charge. Got my refund dispite Wilma telling me basically "too bad for you"! Never again will I use this company! Was fooled by their prices and guarantees of quality merchandise!
Awful. Don't waste your money!
• Previous review
Bought a pair of pants ($50) and when they arrived, they has threads hanging off the top of them. I called and was told to return them. Now I just received them BACK in the mail, saying they are fine and I can't return them, get a credit, get a refund, nothing. Now, not only do they have threads hanging from them, but they SMELL,. They didn't smell the first time around, so I am not sure what kind of factory this place is working out of, but the pants literally have an odor. So now I am stuck with an awful pair of defective pants that smell. And this company won't make good on anything. RUN from this place... do not order. They are certainly not reputable.
Wilma W. – HerRoom Rep
Hello Kristen - I appreciate your comments left here, but I respectfully disagree. We sent you a return label based on your claim that the garment was defective. When it arrived and was inspected, the garment was not defective. Your claimed fraying was a few threads at the end of a seam that the seamstress did not clip close enough to the seam. Additionally, there were clear signs that the pants had been worn. Given their used condition, and the fact that we did not find any defect with the garment, they were returned to you.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service Manager
I decided to give Blue Apron a try when I heard everyone raving about it. I thought it would be an easy way to cook a meal for my family and cook a healthy meal at the same time. I placed my first order, excited to see what I was going to get! Well, the first disappointment came when I received my box. It literally looked like it had been drop kicked from the curb to my door! I took pictures of this to show Blue Apron because I was positive no one would believe a box was delivered in such condition! The items inside were ok, but a can of beans was dented. I threw that out--I had always heard not to use dented cans so I substituted my own can of beans. I started to open the packages that were in good condition and make my meal for the night. I didn't realize the meat came frozen, so I actually had to wait a day for it to thaw. The recipe was bbq chicken "burgers" with coleslaw and potato crisps. The cabbage was half brown, so I didn't use that either. The potato was ok as well as the chicken, etc. I made the recipe but to be honest, the cost was not worth it. They give you tiny individual packets of spices and ingredients, it's less money to buy your own ingredients and make the recipes. My family liked the chicken, but it was very expensive and not worth it in my opinion. I didn't think the food was packed very well in the box, hence the dented can, and it also didn't seem as "fresh" as I would have expected (brown cabbage). Tried it once, would not try it again. I could download recipes and make my own meals.
I have gone here for years, dropping off packages that needed to be shipped to either FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. They take everything and it's a great place if you are running around and can't make it to another location. However, this last time I went in I had to ship something and pay for it (usually my packages were prepaid). I wanted the cheapest rate, and was told USPS would be $24 for this box I had to ship. I had checked out USPS online and estimated about $12 but figured maybe I did it wrong? I specifically said to the man "is this the same price USPS will charge me?" He said "yes--exactly that amount." For some reason, I decided to wait and took my box back. On the way home from work, I stopped at USPS to check it out and their price was $12. So this place wanted to charge me DOUBLE for the convenience of using them? I don't mind using them if I have to, but do not LIE to my face and say the price at the post office will be the SAME! The woman at the post office said that the place does upcharge, but even she was shocked that they lied and said USPS would be the same price. So, lesson learned. I will NEVER go back there again! I will go to Staples to drop off things or just go directly to the USPS. I don't like liars and cheats... once was enough! If you try and cheat me, I will let other know and NOT return to your place of business!
I love ebates! Discovered it years ago and have been using it ever since. It's a shame NOT to use it--sometimes you get just 1 or 2% back, but other times I have experienced 15% back on certain sites! The money adds up... love getting those checks! I also love how they have coupons on the site that you are going to possibly use--it makes it so convenient... love love love this site!
I used to love Amazon, thought they had the best prices. However, there is so much competition that other places are just as good. I also don't like how they raised their minimum free shipping from $25 to $35, yet if you make that amount, they don't automatically click the box "free ship" when checking out. They click 2 day ship for a fee and you need to manually un click and look for free ship.
I can't believe this hotel was rated one of the top 5 hotels in New Haven on Trip Advisor! I am not sure what other hotels or "motels" were in the running but I am assuming at least 3 of them were a cardboard box or perhaps just two sleeping bags and a night stand situated under a bridge? This place was not good. First of all, it was situated in an industrial park, never a good scene. This was not really described in the reviews, which most made it sound like it was really close to the downtown area. When we drove up to it, it was a very sketchy, abandoned area. I didn't feel safe. We checked in and the staff didn't seem competent, even though I had booked this through Travelocity and had a reservation number. They didn't explain the extra charge of a hold on my card that would be refunded when I checked out. That was fine--a simple call after I looked at my bill and my receipt rectified that situation. I felt they should have said there was an added "hold" put on my card until I checked out. I only noticed the higher charge when my credit card company sent me the online receipt. Although looking at what I paid for the night, it was expensive for what was offered once I saw the room, etc.
Once we reached our room, we were told that the card opened the gate. Well, the gate was just wide open--so anyone could have driven in there. They had the capacity for a secure situation, but it didn't seem to be enforced. So, we drove to he building we were assigned. It had snowed about 3 days prior, but no one bothered to really clear up spots to park! We parked on a mound of snow and then slipped and slid to our room. The room was a dark, dirty looking room. One lamp didn't work, the lamp you would turn on right when you walked in. The toiled seat was broken. The sink was dirty. The nightstand had some unidentified "schmutz" on it, and was still there after I used my clorox wipes. There was a full kitchen which looked ok, but very dated looking. The fridge was clean, at least at first glance, and I felt comfortable putting a few waters in there but that was it. I was afraid to look under the bed so I just hoped it was clean and nothing was lurking under there. It was the worst night's sleep ever--I could not WAIT to get out in the AM. We checked out and saw a free breakfast offered. It didn't look bad but after our experience with the actual room, we didn't bother to stand in line and eat anything. A quick cup of coffee and we were done. It was not clear on the website that this is also an "extended" stay property. I didn't feel comfortable with that fact--there were people that lived here? It was not a good experience at all. I am surprised that it received such rave reviews on here! It had potential--if you looked at the outside of the buildings, it looked like you were near a ski resort. I did like the fact that there were only a few units in each building. Unfortunately, that is where the quaint resemblance ended! I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy!
Room Tip: Rooms are run down and need renovations. Free breakfast is offered, so if you are looking for a place to eat for free, I guess stay here?
Green Features: One garbage can in entire room, so I am guessing they want you to take your trash with you.
I booked a trip through travelocity a few times. Never had any real trouble, but this last time the price that was on the site and what I was charged was about a $300 difference! I had already paid and couldn't get a refund. When I complained to travelocity, they apologized and offered "coupons" to use, not a refund. Ok fine. I figured I would get a $300 credit. Nope... they issued a $200 coupon, and a few $50 coupons. I had a year to use them. Well, I just booked a trip early this summer and wanted to use the coupons. I found out they couldn't be combined, and there was a laundry list of don't associated with them! WTH? So I booked a hotel for one night that was only $149. I HAD to use the $200 coupon, but didn't get the difference back! I couldn't use more than one coupon, so forget the $50 ones. Then on top of that, I had to PAY for the taxes! So I used the free "coupon" lost $50, and then paid $35 in taxes to the hotel! What a freaking rip off. Will NEVER use this site again. Coupons are totally useless, I had to finally call to figure out how to use them and find them in my account! They had to do it manually, they couldn't talk me through it on the computer and I doubt you could even use it on the computer. My only saving grace was that I wrote the coupon amounts and dates down in a book, so when I called I had info. This is a scam. Rather use Orbitz or another site...

Tip for consumers: Search around, Kayak and other travel sites are much better.

Ok, when I first started using Jet.com, I thought they were great. They products were good, prices were competitive and the shipping was really fast. I would use them a few times a month and here and there, had minor problems. Once I ordered salsa, and out of 4 jars, 2 came and were damaged. The tops had been "popped" and one was dripping. When I called Jet, I had to jump through hoops to get two new jars! They made me take pictures, email them proof, etc. It was two lousy bottles of salsa, but I did it and received two new jars. Once after that, a bottle of shampoo came and the top was off. That was a mess, my entire order was covered with shampoo. Again, more hoop jumping with pictures of damaged items, etc. After that, I realized that anything liquid was not a great choice when placing an order! Well, I just placed my most recent order over 2 weeks ago. What was supposed to arrive in 2 days, has still not arrived over 2 weeks later. I called and didn't really get a warm response from the rep. I had my order number but used my work email and it wasn't coming up for some reason. He was telling me that he could SEE my order, but couldn't give me info because I couldn't give him the correct email address! I had my home address, name, credit card info, etc but nothing. It was a bit frustrating and I was also told that no other manager or supervisor would help. Really? Must be great to work at an office where you are manager free! So, now I will contact my credit card company and cancel the charge. I have no idea where the shipment is, and can't check it without the email address. Maybe I typed a wrong letter? Maybe they have something wrong on their end? Not sure but this type of customer service is bull. I won't be shopping JET again, it's not worth the aggravation!
Ok, if I wasn't getting this service FREE with my Amex, I would be pretty upset. I have used it many times and the "two day shipping" is never less than FOUR business days. Not just two business days, but usually four or five! Plus, now I notice that some stores have a $25 minimum before Shoprunner is free! Outrageous. If you have to pay for this service, save your $$. It is totally not worth it. They really should change their policies and not be promising two day shipping. It NEVER works out to two days! Perhaps they are using donkeys to ferry packages instead of planes and trucks? Not sure, but the only thing I would do is to RUN from Shoprunner and not use it in the future for packages you want shipped immediately!
I found some great shorts on this site for the summer (it was still only early April) so I ordered three pairs. Free shipping, thought it was a steal. Each pair was marked "down" to $32.99. The very next day, after I placed my order, I discovered that the shorts were discounted! They were now $28 a pair. I called and was told I would have to return the original order when I received it, and place a new order. I did, and then two days later, received an email from them saying GREAT SALES. Well, now the shorts were discounted to, wait for it...$16.99! The SAME PAIRS OF SHORTS! I was furious. I called again and was told they don't price match, I could re order AGAIN and return the shorts that I had previously ordered (still didn't even have them yet). I was so fed up, I returned all of the shorts to an outlet store, and ordered the same 3 pair for $16.99. I mean, that is literally HALF of what I paid for one pair of shorts originally! Terrible business practice... they could have just credited me the sale price, I hadn't even gotten most of them by mail at that point! Never again Tommy, NEVER AGAIN. (ps the shorts are great quality and look nice, but I can't deal with their policies!)
Thought this website would be great... sent in a ton of clean, some items with tags, etc. Got an email about a month later, saying 4 items were accepted and I made a whopping $5. WHAT? I know I sent in clothes that were on the "accept" list... what the hell happened to the rest of my stuff? I think this site is a big rip off. Would rather just drop my stuff off at a local shelter and see the stuff get worn, not get ripped off by this company.

Tip for consumers: Run, don't use this site!!!

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