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10 Reviews by Jx

Never heard of these ppl, contact them they say I tried to rent from an apt complex on central Pkwy? Cincinnati? I never even considered any apt downtown Cincinnati not even to this date. It's fixed up for white folks in Cincinnati, but as far as renting in this city, I go outside of City to find housing. That building is loaded down with drugs a friend of mine stayed there I looked at h** apt disgusting so why do these people have me on credit report? Check your sh** these ppl probably doing this to everyone. I'm mad as hell because I don't even frequent downtown Cincinnati unless eating at casino. Wtf 20 days left it should be removed. I do not rent nothing in downtown Cincy Ohio. Cincinnati is not the same we have a lot of bad in young ppl and city has gone downtown Cincinnati has Never been an option for me.
Lisa B. – Amrent Rep
AmRent maintains a database of criminal record information and resells credit and eviction information from other Consumer Reporting Agencies. AmRent sells consumer reports to landlords and property management companies that have a permissible purpose under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to access this information. If you believe our client did not have a reason to access your credit report we can dispute the inquiry on your behalf. Please contact us at 888-898-6196 or PO Box 3027 Pittsburgh, PA 15230 to begin the dispute or for additional information.
S***. Don't use green dot either, credit karma is bull $#*! also they will tell you to use credit card from credit karma they always Deny it!
Today 3/23/20, calling qlink, these ppl had me on hold 69 mins then they say, I was holding next phone disconnected, I know it's these f*****g idiot's who are outside usa controlling our Phones. But I know they know who calling when u call they see your number and put u on hold for hour's. F**k them I'm ridding of this service asap as I talk to these foreign m**! Don't use their sloppy ass service like assurance they had malware installed on the phone. Can you believe this? I used Norton I found out! I'm reporting these ppl to bbb, FCC because older Americans should be able to have things that are not Too complicated for them. I'm different I am *****! Still on phone because they keep hanging up on me while I'm on hold. They sent SIM card where's the phone never had one from these m**'. Shameful American ppl using these ppl From 3rd world coutries/ continets for our products we purchased. I do not think ppl should control others personal anything. All my s""* turned off until I use it. Again im reporting these ppl and dgaf! FCC pls report issues this is the reason we have l this bad s***, data breach corinavirus wtf man $#*!s crazy. Y'all b*****s will be cussed the****out asap! Then as I was on hold these b*****s hung up 4 separate times. FU QLINK!
What I seen in other reviews were lies they said the place is nice, I used to walk pass there as a teenager in school I thought it was a Funeral Home for long time, but I knew on Peebles corner, there has always been murders in that nasty ass hotel. 3/17/20, female aged 32 found dead, that's my niece, this is why I am not sure why this place is still opened, and how do they allow ppl off the street to come there with drugs? How? This is a shame and it should be closed as a"Crime Scene", prayerfully we will get answers and this place"Shut the f*** down. Shame on you filthy ppl who runs that place, there has been many deaths in that place (google it!) Shameful ppl u would be ashamed to let ppl continue to die on your property for money. Shame on you! That is a nasty hotel (looks like funeral home) and you ppl know it! I walked past there a many days and its always been a bad nasty place. Ppl my age should remember! I thought it was closed uggg!
I wish cinti bell remove the negatives on my credit report. I had a phone in 2013, 1-3 mos there is no way a phone (1) line, no more than 22.00 a month should be 323. I hate all this $#*!. Pd in Full trying to tell them they put on my credit report. Bill was rearranged unknown sources. I will find out! Cinti bell need to get bills from the archive and they will see.
Call cc Dec 2019, ten dollars they used, put back on card ok. Jan billed for, 18.36, Feb billed for 36.+ok, turned off service (feb1*) when I seen I was getting cheated. So I get another bill for 44+, but turned service off it is now 49.68, so they don't tell u till after if you go over data they automatically upgrade your phone, so where's my choice if I am paying for this? God is my witness,(don't need another) your wait time (call) time 40 mins or more. This is for senior citizen discount on AARP? Nope they scamming also using older American ppl to do it. Don't use consumer Cellular they offer phone's 30.00- 1,700.00 what kind of discount do you get for purchasing (let's say) I phone cost: 789.00? They're liar's also. Then sent letter stating that they were trying to retrieve Mar payment, phone cut off in Feb, so how do you get extra payment for a month that hadn't gotten here yet? I called bank That would have been an "UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE", I would dispute. But calling bank simple. But Dec 6 when I got service, now on my credit report.so don't use cc you'll be on Credit report before you pay 1st bill.dec 6 when I got the phone, Dec on credit report same date Dec 6 2019. Shameful American ppl.the bible says so... personal experience. Mine!
I purchased hotel gift card for my hotel stays, I tried to contact hotel of my choice (on the list), they have it set up to where you use their hotels(2) in Cincinnati Ohio cost 468.00 2 night's -50.00, so I called, promotion is over with 2years ago No Black out dates very disappointed with these people because they act like they should not reimburse you for your purchase.so pls don't purchase unless you have all details including those extremely high prices for hotels that they claim are in good standards. Lies I used one of their hotels and I put my glass of wine on table Roaches everywhere! I tried another room same thing, couldn't get monies back. So my advice Do not purchase you will be totally *******@the hotels and prices. I was supposed to *******@least part monies hummm haven't seen yet!
Purchased phone from metro pcs, after about 1week phone wasn't working, tried to return nope. Like buying a car, u leave with it, depreciation.so I called 50 + times and she said why don't you erase texts? Firstly, you ppl should not know how many text in my phone if you are not in my account I promise I will have house phone soon. They have their own msg number for you to call, is this how you listen, I also have a ****l from ***, in California and agent said something to make me realize she was as guilty as metro for snooping. I have evidence of this c*********n. Mortified! My reviews are from my personal experience and as always I SPEAK FOR MYSELF, AND I WISH THESE PPL STOP FORCING THINGS ON AMERICAN PPL. FORCED IF YOU DON'T DO THIS, YOU CAN'T DO THAT! What type of choice do humans have? Look below< this is what goes on when I use my phone almost a hundred dollars? F*** Me! Ok use Norton, Tor, Firefox defender, orbot on your phone so these foreign ppl will stop eavesdropping on our phones. They have All these phone co and locked phone I have read the privacy policy in its entirety for each app, I have went through 10,000 apps since 2015 and guess what? I know about each one. The dark web by Experian. Yep! They ask for password these ppl at the FCC ( I obtain a fcc sealed license 1979) u mfs that think they know phones most people don't, that's why we had that big ass data breach with Equifax. Metro pcs keep y'all sloppy asses over in the 3rd world places, Everyone is where they're supposed to be at! Foul services. Never again!
I ended up with greendot, Walmart money cards, how? Ok I used it they stole, we went to war monies, and I wasted so much time with protection on my phone breached anyway. Oct 2018 used card they stole 176.00 we went to war, called federal reserve All I got was 50. From them. Pls don't use greendot, they will steal, change your $#*! so u can't get into your account. Trust me! When I post reviews nothing ever fake or lies about it! Ppl need to speak up this country out of control with all these evil a** ppl.
They stole my minutes I hate this $#*!ty ass co. No stars. Your settings app contain Malware beware! I use Norton, this is how I found out! Guidelines should not be able to decipher what a person's experience is or isn't hate this $#*!ty ass service. Man should not try to control man. Mortified. They are controlling your phone reading and changing $#*!. Shameful country America. "Power respects power". Watch getting new phones Corona virus is spreading because of all these ppl from 3rd world countries/continets.

Tip for consumers: Speak your mind even if it insults others. Maybe ppl will stop lying, stealing!!

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