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I frequently purchase things online and love deals, bargains and offers.


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I have been purchasing Badger Balm products from your resellers and have experienced bad service for prices higher than the amount stated on Badger Balm's official site.

In July, I enquired about purchasing directly on Badger Balm's website using an international billing address.

A nice lady from customer service, Miss Brenna St. Pierre responded that the new feature has been added to the site recently.

Recently, I made my first order online during the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale and a few days later my order was cancelled without any reason.

When I contacted your customer service, Miss Anna Willard, who was supposedly the Customer Service Supervisor said my international billing address was one of the reasons why my order was flagged as a fraudulent transaction and cancelled.

She also added that there was no need to provide any reason for my order cancellation.

As a first-time customer buying directly from Badger Balm's website, I have to say this is an eye-opening, nasty experience.

Small businesses chasing numbers and pushing boxes over customer loyalty is the norm these days and that's why some businesses go and resellers and retail giants that get it right like Amazon will only continue to make billions.


Before I start, I would like to say I haven been a loyal customer and big fan of Net-A-Porter since 2006.

Off late the company has been sold again, this time in May 2018 to a Swiss headquartered luxury group headed by a South African magnate.

While trying to purchase an item (Product Code: 994820), it was suddenly made unavailable. There were two sizes (FR38 and FR44) left so it would be impossible to sell out in one minute.

When I contacted their customer service officer, they just told me to clear my browser history and cookies.

The stock still displays as "available" on the website. However, it just can't be added to the cart for checkout.

Worse still, a few days ago my order number 8211159 was abruptly cancelled and I was informed that the item I had purchased was suddenly out of stock.

A few days later, another Net-A-Porter customer service officer contacted me about the availability of the item again and when I called back, a different officer told me it was not available in the system!

To date, they have ignored incident one and just e-mailed template responses to incident two.

This 12-year loyal customer of NET-A-PORTER is taking her business elsewhere to other multi-brand e-commerce companies that actually provide after-sales service or decent customer service and not outsourced, inexperienced call-centre staff who can easily be automated by AI or artificial intelligence using the same cut-paste template.

Enough is enough.


18 days later after numerous e-mails, facebook messages and comments on REVOLVE's page which were ignored, I finally received my item.

Apparently they have switched their logistics service provider for all shipping internationally ( I live in Singapore) to some dodgy Korean logistics company - CJ Logistics.

There tracking details were a complete joke with no arrival timing. They are no reliable shipping company unlike UPS or DHL.

I will never be paying so much money for overpriced, marked-up range of cheap and poor quality clothing for exorbitant prices, abhorring customer service from several junior and experienced staff plus I nearly did not get the items I paid for!


Your chosen delivery company Yamato Transport's - TA Q BIN is a real joke of a company.

On Sunday, 30 Oct, I waited for my delivery scheduled for 9am to 1pm and it did not arrive.

After rescheduling it again yesterday for today 12noon to 5pm, Guardian Singapore's preferred delivery company TA Q BIN sent me an automated absent notice SMS and asked me to reschedule for yet another delivery when here I am waiting for my parcel.

After 30 minutes on the phone with TA Q BIN and their supervisor, I found out that the driver indeed did not make it to the address provided as he "did not know" how to get there.

As ridiculous as it sounds like a surgeon does not know how to operate, my parcel has been rescheduled for Thursday, 3 Nov at no fault of TA Q BIN and Guardian but mine for trusting incompetent businesses with my money.


I have been a long-time customer of Nordstrom and was surprised to find that I had been charged twice for the same order today.

Called up customer service and spoke to a wonderful lady Barbara. I believe she must have been from the accounts department as she settled the issue with my bank straight-away.

Totally in awe of Nordstrom's staff. Barbara is indeed a valuable asset to your company and its because of people like her, I will continue to purchase from Nordstrom!


Ordered from H&M UK and was unpleasantly surprised to be informed that one of the items was out of stock.

How can such a huge and supposedly reputable company have such a terrible stock system that does not update its inventory in real-time?


I always prefer purchasing directly from Amazon although there are many good retailers on there. My last purchase from Amazon UK for beauty products and toiletries was fast although the shipping cost almost as much as the total cost of items.

In the past, parcels with free shipping often got lost and never made it to my home. Books and gifts purchased from Amazon.con would go missing. The service has improved steadily in recent years and hope this would keep up.


Received several calls from India and South Korea from a phoney recruiter saying there were jobs available when a little research on the internet showed that the prospective employer has already closed the job opportunity more than a month ago.

This recruitment company has a ghost office address in Singapore and a contact number that is in India.


Sephora caused an online debacle so huge that sent fans snapping pictures of their online purchases for return and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and swearing to boycott Sephora for alternative online beauty stores such as Ulta.com and Nordstrom.

Basically the French online and retail beauty giant duped swarms of customers into spending loads of money thinking they could redeem their points spent for merchandise.

On the day of redemption, Aug 10, a small handful of merchandise was released and sold out in mere seconds causing anger and outrage throughout the online beauty sphere.

Sephora who had deceptively marketed what was a sweepstake into a redemption programme has remained mum about the situation and even deleted all Epic Rewards posts on their Facebook page.

All communications from 1 to 13 August 2015 have essentially been deleted from Sephora's facebook page. Poor social media and marketing management indeed, Sephora.

Whenever there is any possible choice to purchase a beauty item elsewhere either directly from the manufacturer or another retailer, I would religiously do so.



On the 19th of July, I received an e-mail from comGateway stating that my BuyForMe order had been shipped to my U.S. Address at this timing on the 16th of July.

Today, I was informed by your customer service that my order was cancelled. If the item was already purchased and shipped out, how can you tell me that it is out of stock two weeks later?

This is completely unacceptable.


Dear Air France, we bid thee a solemn goodbye after 11 years because we have principles which differ vastly from yours. We believe in loyalty, responsibility, trust and righteousness. You believe in otherwise so we have to part our ways.

Our Singapore to Paris customer service experience on Air France was nothing short of terrible.

We have been an Air France customer since 2004, flying to Paris once or twice a year. To date, we had never experienced a flight delay with Air France before until this incident.

On 30 Jan 2015, the daily Air France flight from Singapore to Paris was due to take-off at 1.05am and was delayed due to the fact that Air France had not got clearance from air traffic control to fly over Afghanistan or Algeria.

Because of that, all passengers who were on board the flight had to wait in their seats at Singapore Changi Airport for over an hour before the plane could take-off.

Our flight AF259 was due to arrive in Paris Charles De Gaulle airport at 8.05am on the 30 Jan 2015. However, the flight arrived in Paris at 9.30am. As a result of Air France's flight delay and with the luggage only being released at 9.45am, by the time we rushed to the connecting terminal, the plane had already departed.

Because of our previous flight delay by Air France, we had missed not one but two connecting flights for Edinburgh via London at 10.40am.

We had to purchase a new set of tickets immediately in order to reach our destination.

The Pushing and Shoving Away of Responsibilities

In Singapore, we have a term for this sort of illness and it's called Taichi. Essentially what all Air France staff are practising is the art of tai-chiing away responsibilities from one department to another and from one person to another.

The inability to accept full responsibility and take pride in one's job is evidently spreading like a disease nowadays. How many times can you recall when you most need assistance and people just flash you a friendly fake smile, shrug their shoulders and say they can't do anything about it?

That was how we felt at the Air France customer service counter in Paris when a French staff just handed us a slip of paper with www.airfrance.com on it with "customer service" printed out in bold.

"Shouldn't Air France just fold their customer service office already?" was what we thought instantly. Why have an office if you can't deal with any service issues?

Upon arriving back in Singapore, we wrote in to the customer service just as we were told at the Air France office in Paris. Two weeks passed without response
From Air France so we called up the customer service hotline. They said they had no answers to our complaint.

Dissatisfied with yesterday's answer, we called them up again and were shocked to be told that no one had been assigned to handle our case ever since we lodged our complaint two weeks ago. After a lengthy call with plenty of questions thrown in to hopefully speed up the case, we were prepared to wait a couple of days or so for the answer.

The next day, Air France e-mailed us and said that they are unable to accept any liability for any loss due to the "unexpected nature" of this incident.

There should be nothing "unexpected" about a daily routine required for a daily flight from Singapore to Paris. This daily routine failed to be carried out due to the simple fact of human negligence.

Air France has one of the shoddiest customer service (The customer service department is only opened weekdays from 9.30am to 11am and 1pm to 2.30pm. They work shorter hours than some embassies.) and prefers to avoid all blame than admit that they made a mistake, fess up and reimburse their clients for any loss incurred due to the irresponsibility of Air France staff and/or management. Sadly, we can conclude from this incident that this airline does not value loyalty or keeping customers.

Therefore, we are unable to fly with such an airline. Neither would Paris be the anchor destination for any of our future vacation/ plans.


Two days after ordering some items on Selfridges online, I was told that one of the items was out of stock. I called up customer service the very next morning to clarify because the item is still available online for purchase. She told me that the item was positively out of stock at the warehouse. However, it was still on the website. The lady on the phone told me that I could purchase the item online again and would still receive the same out-of-stock notification days later. Displaying goods that are not available for sale is an unacceptable practice that is misleading and fraudulent. Worse still, instead of consulting me on what to do with the remaining items, I was told that they were already on their way to be dispatched. I told her that I was extremely unhappy with their service so much so that I'm willing to cancel my entire order of items that I really wanted. I'd rather get the items elsewhere from a company that engages in deceptive practices, has a broken website and online stock system plus terrible service standards.

A week later, Selfridges is still holding on to my money despite unavailability of goods.


This is the second time I have placed an order with Evita Peroni only to be notified later that the items that I've paid for are out of stock.

This bad system needs to be changed as it is misleading to customers who are expecting all the items they have paid for to be in stock.

When I emailed your customer service officer Tracy Wong to request for the out of stock items which have paid for to be shipped complimentary in a separate order when the stock arrives, I was flatly ignored. I would highly not recommend anyone to purchase from Evita Peroni unless they are looking for a poor shopping experience and non-existent after-sales service.


We had booked 6 nights at the Hellsten Helsinki Senate which is an apartment hotel, and stayed there for just 1 night before checking out as the hotel was fraudulent and misleading with incorrect representation using fake pictures that have been re-touched. It was the most unpleasant stay we had in a hotel that we had to check out the very next day and book another hotel. The hotel had already taken our money the day before we checked in.

We checked in to the Hellsten Helsinki Senate and were surprised when we saw the rooms. It was sparsely furnished with dusty and old furniture that looked like it belonged in the junkyard. The living room was very bare with a dirty, old carpet and two dusty armchairs. There was a small old TV which came with a VCR - something we both have not seen even once in 10 years! The furniture, décor and condition of the rooms looked nothing like the images the hotel had provided on the booking.com website.

There were no basic amenities available (cup to hold toothbrush or soap to wash hands) and the apartment was almost bare.

When we entered the bedroom, there was a bad smell and we found that it came from the bathroom connected to the bedroom. When we tried to go to sleep, the bed had a huge dent or sinkhole in the middle and we kept rolling into the centre of the bed. It was most uncomfortable. The room was very cold even with the windows closed and we both had to put on full winter clothing that we wore outside to bed. Even then, it was still too cold to sleep in and we had very poor sleep that night.

The next morning, we decided to check out and took a tram to Helsinki central to look for another hotel. After finding a hotel with available accommodation, we returned to the Hellsten Helsinki Senate hotel to check out and speak to the hotel representative about our unpleasant stay and our refund.

There was no receptionist at the Hellsten Helsinki Senate - only a phone at the ground floor which we used to speak to a lady who then told us to speak to booking.com about our refund. She asked us to cancel the booking online on booking.com. When I accessed booking.com online, the website had written that we were unable to cancel the booking online and had to speak to the hotel instead.

We then called the virtual receptionist and told her we were unable to cancel the booking online. She said she would have to speak to her manager as she was unable to make any decisions. She then proceeded to offer us other rooms and I said that all the other rooms were the same except for the room size. She did not reply to that. Sensing that the hotel had clearly no intention of refunding us our money, we then proceeded to call booking.com for help. We spoke to booking.com and a lady helped us to call the hotel manager. The lady from booking.com then told us that the hotel manager would only be contactable at 3pm. Considering that the hotel contact person was already virtual why did we have to wait till 3pm to speak to the manager? We wanted to check out before the official check-out time of 12noon so that we would not be charged for. We checked out around 11.45pm after the phone calls.

It appeared as if the hotel had intentionally lied to us to stall time. We called booking.com and they said they would try to contact the hotel manager. Booking.com contacted the hotel manager the next day and sent us an e-mail containing the hotel's response. Basically, the hotel denied every issue that we wrote in to them about the apartment.

Up till today, Hellsten Helsinki Senate still refuses to refund us our rightful 5 nights worth of money which we did not stay for and booking.com completely washed their hands off our case once they received their part of the commission for our stay.

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