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26 Reviews by Julie

I was doing some research to see if Invisalign (or similar products) would solve a bite problem that I had, or if they are strictly for straightening your teeth.

I found the site to be about the same as their competitors, same basic information and a smile assessment quiz to ensure they get you on their email list.

Once you are past that you have the option to request an appointment with one of their dentists or orthodontists they work with. I liked that their program includes an actual consultation with a professional rather than shelling out cash without knowing if this was the best choice not simply if you are a candidate, as these are two very different things.

I chose one of the orthodontists from their list and submitted the appointment request form. Several days later I received a text message from Daniel at Invisalign asking when I good time to call and schedule an appointment would be. I gave him a time and he confirmed he would call at that time.

When the time came I was stuck at work and missed the call. A voice-mail was left saying "sorry I missed you" and that they would follow up. I sent a txt saying I was stuck at work and left an alternate time to call, he confirmed that he would call at that time. A couple hours later I was sent an email saying "sorry we we're unable to connect with you..." Any questions I had could be sent to this email. I replied saying "I just confirmed a time to call by text."
I never received my call. Sent a text saying so and never got a response. I called the orthodontist myself and made my own arrangements. Save yourself the junk email and make your own appointment.

If you're going to have that option on your website, you should at least be providing good customer service.
Bath & Body Works has some nice products, however if you're a Canadian customer the website is quite lacking. All you get is a store locator, a few photos of current promotions and a place to sign up for emails and coupons (which doesn't always actually put you in the system.)

If you visit their Facebook or Instagram profiles and check out the comment section you'll notice comment after comment from customers asking for a Canadian site to purchase items through. The company simply invites you to purchase them from the US site... wonderful that only increases the prices based on both exchange rate and the shipping. Although not a new issue, with current pandemic conditions one would have hoped that it would be the push needed to finally get the Canadian shopping site... but no such luck.

I signed up for the US coupons and tried to make a purchase through the US site, however it would not accept the cupon due to the Canadian shipping address, so no cupons either. It really makes you feel like they just don't care about their Canadian customers.
After going through way too many pillows for one person in several lifetimes I finally decided to give the Casper Standard Pillow a try. They give you 100 nights to try it out so I figured I had nothing to loose.

The shipping is free and my pillow arrived in 2 days. The roll up the pillow to box it so there is less packaging and it poofs right up when you pull it out.

You can see right away that it is well made and there's an inner removable pillow to help keep its shape and keep it fluffy.

I absolutely love this pillow and Im going to purchase a second one for the other side of the bed. It's like sleeping on a cloud. I think for my next bed I'll give the mattress a try.
Do not purchase anything from this site. I ordered a hammock from this site a few months back. The site itself claims to be owned and operated in the United States but immediately after spending payment I received a tracking number from China. Red flag there so I kept an eye on this purchase, ready to file a PayPal dispute.
Now a couple months later I return to the tracking information sent by the site and I receive a "page not found" error. Another red flag. The item is still listed on their site so I check back though my PayPal payments and can't find one for the same recipient. Red flag. When visiting the site all my information came up without me having saved it or created an account. Red flag.
Suddenly I receive notification that I sent a PayPal payment for another hammock. It was accepted right away so I was unable to cancel it.
I immediately contacted PayPal and filed a dispute for a duplicate charge. When explaining what happened to the agent she noticed that since the inital payment the website re-branded and is under a different recipient. Also that there were several tracking numbers for the original order on the PayPal end and none of them indicated the item was delivered.
I am currently awaiting a response from the seller but if one is not received I luckily made this purchase with PayPal so it is protected.
Do not visit this site, do not make a purchase and if you already have keep an eye on it and your accounts.

**Edit** since posting this review the store has magically disappeared. I am still trying to get my money refunded and reported this site to authorities.
I've been a PayPal user for many years and try to use PayPal for all my purchases. You know your purchase is covered and your payment information is kept safe. If for some reason you do have an issue their customer support team is super friendly and ready to help. No matter the issue they have your back so you can shop with confidence that you won't fall victim to an internet scam.
I love these rings, they are super comfortable to wear. As someone with metal allergies these rings are perfect. They are easy to work in and if it does get caught or the image wears off all you have to do is contact customer service and they will give you a code to pick out any new ring on their site. Lifetime warranty for the win! Shipping is fast so you don't have to wait long to show off your new ring. Last but not least there's a reward points program so it's ok to have more than one.
The popcorn is super delicious, they have all kinds of flavours and it's reasonably priced. Total win! The popcorn comes in good zipper storage bags that will really keep it fresh... if it's around that long.

Tip for consumers: Buy more than you think you'll need! You can thank me later.

Placed an order one Sunday afternoon and the order that was delivered was the completely wrong order. It had about 6 meals and I ordered 1. The delivery guy spent 10 minutes sitting in the driveway on the phone before bringing up the order and was very rude when I told him it was messed up and I wouldn't accept order. He then sat in the driveway for another 15 minutes, took the food and left. When I contacted support later I found out that he marked the order delivered. Nice lunch for that guy, I guess.
When Skip or the restaurant mess up your order the driver has nothing to do with anything, you have to attempt to get ahold of support to get credits for what was wrong with your meal if they deem it worthy of credit.
I Contacted support and managed to credits and I still had to re order and wait all over again for it to be delivered by another driver.
When that order arrived it was still wrong, the sauce for both my burger and fries was missing. So essentially ruining my whole lunch. Now 2 hours later I contacted support again and said I wanted my money back not credits. They wouldn't refund anything but the $0.50 for the sauce, despite the fact that sauce isn't eaten alone. I mean that's like being shorted the burger bun and being offered $1.00 for the bun itself. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told one would call soon.
The next day I contacted chat again regarding no call from supervisor and I was told it would be 24-48 hours for a call from a supervisor, which was not what I had been told but I figured that meant I'd receive a call the next day.
Two days later I still didn't receive a call so I contacted chat support again and was told it had been busy and the supervisors were a bit backlogged.
I then decided to send an email incase the message was not being relayed by the chat agents. Again I heard nothing back.
Every couple days I have messaged support on chat. I keep being told this has been escalated. By the 5th time the agent actually asked for my phone number (first time after all the so-called reports and escalations.), I was convinced this would be the time, but no.
So we are now just short of 2 weeks waiting. It's clear that customer service is not a priority at Skip and they don't care about regular customers. Ordering lunch shouldn't be a game of chance and at the very least someone has to take responsibility for the problem. The resturant has removed the option to comment or complain about orders from Skip in the past couple weeks, (I generally leave good reviews after my meal.)
I can bet that I will never hear from them but I will continue to try to speak to the supervisor on principle. I definitely will no longer be using the service, things have gone down hill from when they started, perhaps that is why you can no longer look up a phone number to reach them and the agents won't give you one.
I ordered some gummy candies from Squish as a birthday treat for myself. I had heard really good things about this candy and was looking for something fresh rather than the old hardened candy from the store so I ordered a few mix bags. It took a bit to come but that's understandable with a pandemic going on.
I was pretty impressed with most of the candies, the flavours were better than any candy I've had. The only ones I found disappointing were the "hot" ones, they were hot alright but didn't seem to have a flavour other than "hot".
The candies themselves are packed in small individual packs and inside a bigger resealable bag so they stay fresh.
Overall I was quite happy with my purchase and would buy them again.
I ordered pants that were on sale just to have some comfy ones to wear around the house. The deal for the pants was good but between shipping and import fees I paid an additional $60 for 2 pairs of pants, a good $20 more than the actual pants. It took 2 months for them to arrive, they came from China which wasn't indicated anywhere. When I received them the lack of quality was apparent. The material is super thin, you can see right through them despite being black and charcoal. When purchasing I bought a size up but these pants would barely fit a child, perhaps one of my legs. Of course the cost to return would be astronomical. Buyer beware!

Tip for consumers: Just don't.

LightInTheBox F. – LightInTheBox Rep
Dear Julie R.,
We are sorry to hear that. Could you please kindly advise us with your order number? Please rest assured there's nothing to be worried about, If there is anything wrong from our side, we are willing to take full responsibility for that.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I ordered a mask, because it's 2020 and become a necessary accessory. It took nearly a month after I ordered and received confirmation to be shipped. I had sent an email inquiring why my order hadn't been shipped, was given the typical excuses and then suddenly - my order shipped!
When my mask arrived I was very disappointed. Although pretty, the quality is low and the material thin. Overall not worth the wait.
My order was delayed for quite sometime due to a manufacturer backorder. There were times I wish there was better communication about the delay, however once the item was available everything went quickly and smoothly. I would shop here again.
I've ordered twice from this company, both times it took about a month for them to process and ship my order. That's a long time to wait on work clothing. I wasn't very happy the last time I ordered but I try to shop in Canada so I figured I'd give it another chance.

When my order finally arrived it was apparent that the sizing guide was completely wrong and the item quality was nothing like the picture so I would need to return or exchange one pair of pants. Despite the large add on their site saying they pay shipping both ways no return labels were included. I tried to find information about returns/exchanges on their site but you have to email them.

When my email was returned I was told if I wanted to return the item for a refund I would be responsible to send it back and also if subtracting that item from my order I would be responsible for shipping for the original order as it was now below minimum for free shipping.

If I wanted to exchange the item I had the option of paying for the item to exchange it first then receive a total refund once they receive my returned item. Or I could ship the item back and wait for them to process and then ship my exchanged item.

So basically

Pay to return item
Or pay to exchange and in about 2 months you'll have your new item and a refund.

This will be the last order I place with them. It's just too inconvenient, takes too long and the prices are too high. At the end of the day I can get the same scrub pants on Amazon for cheaper, in two days, no hassle. I've already purchased and recieved the same pair from Amazon because I need pants for work I haven't got months to work this out.

**Update** I chose to opt for the exchange. After another week of back and forth with their customer service rep Alyssah, I can say that I'm even more frustrated with this companies process and their lack of decent customer service. I was told I have to pay the balance on my exchange before they would even send me my labels to return my item and given a phone number to call to process payment. I had to send an email back asking for an invoice or their PayPal address as my original payment was through PayPal and at this point I certainly don't feel confident enough to call this company and give them my credit card information.

I was sent a link to process the payment... and the link didn't work. I had to email them again to get one that worked. Fastforward 5 more days... still no labels. Once again I had to email them saying I made the payment and where are the labels.

I'm predicting two months by the time I send back my item and wait for them to process and ship my new item. I've changed my rating to a 1 because at this point i'm beyond frustrated and I don't recommend anyone shops here.
Great company that sells good quality products for a purpose. Many items are made from recycled materials and they give you a code so you can go online and choose what project or country your purchase is impacting. A positive product review will earn you a discount on your next order and shipping is very fast. Buy things here.
I've tried many different styles and brands of underwear from many places with varying price points and for everyday functionality you can't beat Aerie. I am not a regular American Eagle customer but I tried the underwear after a friend recommended it. If you want something cute that holds up and doesn't ride up, give them a go. Online orders ship within a few days and they have a reward program.
I ordered a personalized leather collar and although it was nice when I got it it didn't even last 2 days before peeling and looking horrible. The collar could have also used an extra loop to hold the collar flap down. I was going to take it to a local leather shop to have one added but the collar looks so horrible after one week of him wearing it that there's no point spending the money. Disappointing to say the least.
I opted out of the subscription and ordered a single box to give this fruit a try. I liked the story and mission behind this company and who isn't looking for healthy snacks, right?

I decided to try a virety of the fruit so I ordered strawberries, raspberries, apples, bananas and peaches. The strawberries and peaches were recommended by other customers on the site so I made sure to include those in my choices.

It took about a month from when I ordered for it to arrive. That seemed fairly reasonable considering the site was warning about a 5 day shipping delay and a Canada Post strike although many others were complaining about shipping speed.

I was excited when my box arrived but that kinda dissipated when I started opening the pouches. I started with the peaches, when I opened the pouch it didn't smell like peaches but like some kind of tea and they tasted just like the smell. Rather dissapointing.

The bananas were the same but they do have a slight banana taste. A bunch of the banana slices were stuck together and they crumble when you try to separate them.

The apples were also disappointing in flavor. I like the shape more than the standard apple chip but they lack the flavour compared to other brands I've tried.

However the raspberries and strawberries are really quite delicious. The only problem with them is a lot if them got smashed in shipping, theres a lot of red powder in the pouches.

I'm not sure if I'll order again but if I do it will be a strictly berry order and I wouldn't go with the subscription. It's a nice treat but I'm not sure the cost and benefits are balancing.
Tony F. – The Rotten Fruit Box Rep
Hi Julie!
I am sorry to hear that your first experience with us wasn´t the best and we didn´t live up to your expectations. There was a Canada Post strike that impacted shipping times considerably for our Canadian customers. As far as the snacks you didn´t enjoy, send us a quick email and we will have them replaced for something else or for the same fruits, should you wish to try again. As you mentioned, they are some of our most highly rated fruits. Thank you
I buy all my running shoes from here. One of the few sites that carry a wide selection of Altra running shoes (the only brand I wear due to the special toe box). Simple and quick to order, free shipping on orders over $150 and free returns - although I've never had to return anything.
I purchased what was advertised as a rugged case. This case came with a built in clip and seemed perfect as it was shown in use while biking and hiking.

When the case arrived it was nothing like the site advertised. It was cheaply made, thin flimsy plastic. Two fingers easily ends the case in half... tell me what that is protecting. The clip was also quite cheep and simply glued on to the case, the hole for the camera not even the correct size.

I contacted the seller for a refund as the item was not as described. I was given an address and told when I provided a tracking number they would issue a refund. After going to the post office I discovers it would cost mote than the cost of the item to return it, $45 CDN in fact.
I opened a dispute with PayPal and lost because I didn't accept a partial refund. I have photos of this item but nothing was considered by PayPal as they determined it was buyers remorse however if the item had been accurately described there would have been no purchase. As recommended by PayPal I contacted the seller again to try to get a refund. I was emailed back by someone named Jenni asking if I would accept half the amount refunded. I agreed in order to recover at least some of my money. The next day I received another email from a Mr. Ng once again telling me to return the product to that same Hong Kong address that would cost $45 CDN with a tracking number for the refund. I am still perusing reporting this scam with PayPal and consumer.gov so hopefully nobody else gets ripped off and scammed out of their money.

Don't buy anything here. It's all a scam and they are making money off the fact that you can't return it. I don't know why PayPal fell short on this one usually they do so well protecting purchases. Buyer beware this is not where you want to spend your money!
If you're like me and into this particular style you'll find a lot of the clothing you're looking for on this site. No problems with the transaction or the shipping for my purchase but I found the quality to be lacking.

I purchased a sundress and a purse. The first time I took the purse out the button fell off, not a huge deal but not something you want to fix on day one. The hem of the sundress came undone after the first washing on the delicate cycle. I understand you pay more for trendy vintage-like items but I would have expected the quality to be there. When you purchase an item you love you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible not be afraid to wear it. I guess I just expected better.
Anthony A. – HippieShop.com Rep
Hi Julie, We are sorry you were disappointed with quality of the products you received. We are a retailer so we sell products from many different vendors. We always strive to provide the highest quality items at the best prices but unfortunately from time to time some may fail to stand up to that standard. That's why it is so important for us to receive feedback so we can address the issue with the manufacturer or possibly discontinue the product all together. So thanks for the heads up, but we want our future customers to know that you can't put all of our products in the "bad quality" boat. It's just not the fact!
That being said we offer a money back guarantee on all of our products, they can be exchanged or returned for any reason.

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