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Judith"Judith" C.

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About Me

Senior citizen, mother of three, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of seven (so far!). My partner of 30+ years has three children and three grandchildren from his first marriage.

How I Can Help

I don't have any real expertise in anything but I was a medical transcriptionist for 50+ years so medical issues have little mystery for me.My partner and I were also paid restaurant reviewers for a very short time but found it more trouble than it was worth, but we still give restaurant reviews on Yelp.


Cooking, reading, crocheting, movies (no thrillers, horror, or the like) - I collect DVDs.

17 Reviews by Judith

The items are great, there are many things I want, but I'm on Soc.Sec. Income only so after my living expenses are taken care of there's not much left and I refuse to run up credit card debt. So, I just plain can't afford it more than once a year so I treat myself to an item (usually jewelry) for my birthday.
This product is advertised as getting rid of the dark circles and bags under your eyes in as little as 5 minutes, without leaving any grainy residue. Well, as it dried there was a bit of grainy residue but I easily brushed that away with my hand. However, the dark circles and bags were still there after 5 minutes and even after 5 hours. My husband tried it, too, and the result was the same. We waited 24 hours and tried again - and the results were the same. Definitely not worth the money.
This site has such a large selection of music that it's hard to imagine not being able to find just about everything. Not all of the music selections show video, but most do.
• Updated review
I've now slept on this mattress for three years, with my partner next to me, and it shows no signs of sagging anywhere. It's great!
Still great
• Previous review
Well, I've now slept on the mattress for over a year and it's still great! So if you're looking for a new mattress I highly recommend the Saatva.
This. Com actually communicates.
• Previous review
This is one of the best. Com sites I've ever visited. Almost all the information is there, the links are easy, work well, and no question is left unanswered. In fact, quite often when I clicked on a link, I found answers to questions I never even thought to ask! It's almost no holds barred - 99.5% transparent. Why not that last 0.5%? Well, it did come as a bit of a surprise that there's a $99 delivery charge as I didn't see that anywhere (although there are so many links I admit I might have missed it). If that's the case, then I apologize. BTW - After two or three weeks of deciding, going to the site time and time again, I finally ordered the Luxury Firm mattress and am eagerly awaiting delivery in 9-18 days.

P.S. I received the mattress in nine days. The delivery people were efficient, polite, and a pleasure to deal with. They gave me time to inspect the new mattress for flaws (there were none) and to lie down on it and roll over. I've now slept on it for a bit over two weeks and it absolutely lives up to it's ads. No more back pain when I get up in the morning, no more being "grabbed" by a mattress so that I couldn't roll over without waking up and grabbing the headboard. I love this mattress - I'm 75 years old and this is the best mattress I've ever slept on.
I love shopping in-store at Ulta but have used the website three times. No problems at all with the website but I still prefer to go to the store as I'm a hands-on browser and I can test the samples they offer. If I like the sample, I'll purchase the item.
I tried Hello Fresh because, at 77 years old, I've been in a rut regarding meals for me and my husband, like if it's Sunday it's chicken, if it's Tuesday it's pork chops... Hello Fresh has gotten me out of the rut! I chose the basic plan for two people, with three meals a week, and there's plenty of food. Everything you need for each recipe is included except sometimes you have to use, say, a bit of olive oil from your own pantry that doesn't come with the kit. Anyway, the recipes have given me new ways to cook and use spices in ways I would never have thought of before, like dicing peeled sweet potatoes, tossing them in a bit of olive oil, sprinkling with thyme, and roasting them in the oven. Whatever the recipe, the result has always been delicious! It seems a bit expensive but then my husband (a retired math professor) calculated the time it takes and the gas used to drive to the grocery store, shop, drive home, and put everything away, and it turns out that when all of that is calculated that Hello Fresh actually costs less by an average of 85 cents per meal. Also, I love to cook, but here's a caveat for those who don't like to cook - Hello Fresh is most likely not for you.
The clothing I ordered is of good quality for the price, just what you'd expect, but the sizes of the tops run very small. I normally wear a size 14-16 top, I followed the size chart and ordered a blouse but it was way too small. It did, however, fit my neighbor's daughter who wears a size 10 so it didn't go to waste. I just don't order tops any more (that's the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5). The bottoms I've ordered all fit perfectly - 3 pairs of palazzo pants and one pair of bell-bottoms (yes, they're back!). The size chart for the shoes was right on and I now own five pairs, all flats, various colors and designs - and I love them! All have nubby bottoms which makes for a cushiony walk, and they're very comfortable. The jewelry is outstanding even though there are no actual gemstones.The designs are interesting and fun, so much so that I'm now wearing decorative necklaces again which I haven't done in 15-20 years. My husband thinks I'm getting out of control with Wish orders (he's probably right) so I've put a little note on my computer monitor stating "DON'T WISH." I go into the site at least once a day in order to exercise my will power, which gets exercised about 75% of the time so that shows I'm not COMPLETELY out of control! LOL Everything I've received is as good a quality as what's available in department stores, big box stores, etc. and at least a third of the price. It does take a long time for the items to arrive - sometimes as long as three months (it all comes from China) - but the website keeps you informed of the date of delivery. The website provides for feedback and review of every purchase, and there are provisions for easily returning an item if you're not satisfied. Update 3/6/2020: I've been kind of obsessed with giraffes lately so I searched for them on Wish - and I now have a giraffe pendant watch (battery operated and it keeps time very well), two pairs of giraffe earrings, two giraffe long necklaces, and two giraffe rings. Apparently the DON'T WISH sign on my monitor isn't working very well! ADDENDUM: I tried going onto the website for the past week and it does not come up except in a quick flash but then I get a blank screen with nothing but the word Wish in the upper left corner. I'm wondering if it's been blocked for some reason because it's a Chinese company.
I saw a pop-up ad for this auction site and saw an item I was interested in. So, I clicked on the site, registered, and clicked on the item. I didn't get the item - I was outbid. I browsed to see what else there was, found a number of things to bid on, and I ended up getting two items. I received them in a timely manner, and they were exactly as advertised. I now go to the site every day just to see what's there, find things I don't necessarily need but want, so I bid. I've been to auction sites before but this one moves faster, has many more products, and is just plain fun. My bids are successful about 30% of the time but that's enough to keep me coming back.ONE BIG PROBLEM, though. I started to bid on clothing, won five bids for tops, and received them. They look lovely, but the sizes are RIDICULOUS! I ordered and received the items, all labeled XXL (which is what I ordered), but they must mean children's XXL because nothing fit me. Rather than go through returning them, as they didn't cost enough to bother, I gave them to a neighbor's daughter who wears size 10. They fit her perfectly.
Graciela M. – Tophatter Rep
Hi Judith,

We are pleased to hear that. Thank you for your continued support and taking the time to share your experience with us. We truly are delighted to have you as a valued member of the community.

• Updated review
I returned the defective DVDs and although I am upset that they didn't refund the return postage, they did refund the entire price within two weeks. Not refunding the return postage is what keeps them at 4 stars; if they had refunded that (which was $7) then I would have upgraded them to 5 stars.
Complicated review
• Previous review
I ordered the Lion King trilogy DVDs from this company. They sell DVDs for Region 1 only, their prices are great, and a friend recommended them to me. However, when I played the first one (Lion King), after it played for awhile I received an error message that there was a problem with the disc, that I needed to reset the DVD player. I couldn't - the player did not respond at all. I couldn't even eject the disc - I had to unplug the player and wait for 10 minutes, then plug it in again. I could then eject the disc. I phoned the company and the person I spoke to was very responsive and apologized. He said they would replace the disc at no charge and I didn't have to send the first one back. The replacement arrived three days later. Unfortunately, however, there was the same problem with the replacement. (I tried two of my other DVDs and they played perfectly, all player functions worked, so I knew it wasn't that my DVD player went bonkers). Then I thought I'd better play Lion King 1-1/2 and Lion King 2 to make sure they were okay - they weren't. I didn't get the error message on either because I didn't wait that long. I immediately tried fast forward, pause, etc. and neither disc responded to anything so I knew there was a problem. At least I was able to eject them. I called the company on Friday, 12/15/17, but it was after hours so I left a very angry message. I did not get a call back on Monday morning, so I went to the site and used the chat function. I expressed my frustration and, yes, anger, and was told there would be no problem with a refund but that I would have to return all four discs (2 Lion King and the other 2 in the trilogy). However, they could not refund the shipping. I wasn't going to argue over a couple of bucks. The discs went out via UPS today and I have no doubt the refund will be forthcoming. If I haven't received it within two weeks I'll edit this review, but I doubt that will be necessary. This is the best customer service I've had in years. Not only is there no difficulty getting through to them via either phone or online chat, but they're responsive and obviously want to do the right thing. That's why I gave them 4 stars. So okay, it's a complicated review. The discs were defective but they're standing behind their product. They obviously buy discs in job lots and might get seconds or whatever, and their luck just ran out on the Lion King trilogy. So, in view of the great customer service I gave them 4 stars and am not against ordering from them again should the need arise. They do seem to carry DVDs that are no longer available elsewhere.
The gray blouse with the lace overlay came two days ago, 12 days after I ordered it. I'm happy with it, just not 5-star happy. The tiny problem is that I ordered an XL but, although the rest of the garment fits perfectly, the sleeves are a tiny bit tight at the top (yes, I have big upper arms). However, they're not so tight as to actually be uncomfortable - just a bit more clingy than I would have liked but not at all binding. I wore it this morning to go to breakfast with some friends, just got home, and decided to write the review. The three ladies I was with all complimented me, asked where I got it, how much it cost, and I referred them to the site. I have no problem returning to the site myself.
I received coupons for MeowMix so bought it. I tried to feed it to my furball but she not only turned her nose up, but tried to bury it by scratching at the floor and the side of the cabinet that's behind her food dishes. Since she couldn't bury it she eventually just managed to turn the bowl over and walk away.
It took awhile to realize that I had to thumbs up the artists every time a new song by them would come on. I was getting frustrated because I'd click on one artist and get one song, then it would switch to someone else. My brother finally told me what to do in order to get what I was looking for. So far there hasn't been any artist that I've looked for that Pandora didn't have. I just wish the site would tell you that it takes time to get your albums the way you want them.
I tried to order a CopperChef pan for myself and one as a gift to be sent to a different address, using PayPal. 1) The box in which to insert the postal code to order one for myself is NOT next to the state designation. They put it right after the area where they wanted me to order additional merchandise (utensils in this case), but since I didn't want to order anything else I just scrolled past it. 2) After trying for 1/2 hour, I went to their chat and it was only then that I was told where the box was for the postal code. 4) Okay, so then I tried to order one as a gift to a different shipping address, again using PayPal. I filled in everything correctly but when I tried to submit the order, I was told that I needed to fill in a payment method - they had removed PayPal from the payment method box. Nothing I could do would get it back and I DO NOT want to use a credit card. So I gave up on the gift. 4) I then again went back to order one for myself and finally received the order confirmation but was told that PayPal wasn't available. So I tried to find out if the order really had gone through, but was told it would be 24-48 hours before I could find out. Chat didn't help. I have ordered many things via websites from various companies and have never before had a problem. I am unequivocally stating that this website is the WORST website I have EVER encountered.

P.S. Today (6/13/16) I received a phone call from the company asking why I didn't complete the order, so I know for sure it didn't go through. Good! I told her I wasn't completing the order because I ordered from Amazon! Apparently my daughter (intended gift recipient) also received the same phone call and she had nothing to do with ordering it, which she told them.

P. P.S. Yesterday (6/14/16) I received my order from Amazon (delivered by Amazon), as did my daughter to whom I had sent it as a gift. We're both very happy with the item.

However, today (6/15/16) I received three emails from CopperChef stating that the item I ordered on 6/14/16 was shipped today. I called CopperChef and disputed it, but was told it could not be canceled. I then checked my PayPal account and, sure enough, it had been paid on 6/14/16. I then called PayPal, they put a stop on any more payments to this company and have started dispute proceedings. I will be refusing the package when it comes and if my daughter receives one she will do the same. As I stated, we are both very satisfied with the item so if you want anything from CopperChef get it through Amazon!

Addendum: Here we go again! Today (6/16/16) I received an email invoice and it stated that my credit card was charged. I did not use a credit card when I tried to order it, just PayPal which, as noted above, wasn't available. I emailed them and told them that if the item arrives it will be refused. I included a copy of this review.

Another addendum: It was delivered today, 6 /22/16. UPS just left it in the hall and when I went to get my USPS mail I found it. I wrote "REFUSED" all over the box and called UPS, stating I did not order it. It will be picked up tomorrow.

Final resolution: On 6/26/16 I received an email from PayPal stating that the company had refunded the full amount and it was credited to my PayPal account. Bottom line: Stay away from this company's website!
I'm a senior citizen and my entire extended family lives out of state. Birthdays, Christmas, Chanukah (we're a mixed-religion family), anniversaries... Amazon has anything I want to send as a gift at any time, it's all been eligible for Prime, and the prices are great! Shipping is free, the items get to the recipients in two days and, every time I order, Amazon donates to the charity I designated. The cost of Prime membership pays for itself in about seven months of every year just with the savings in shipping and handling. Furthermore, although I don't have a tablet or a smartphone, and don't download anything on my PC, my family does so, when they visit, that part of my Prime is put to good use.
I give Zulily only four stars because after the first order I found that their women's sizes run very small so I had to return that first order, which was a pain you-know-where. However, after discovering that, I've ordered size 16 when I would ordinarily need a 12, and since then I've been very happy with everything I've ordered.
Groupon doesn't have a lot of things I'm interested in but it's well worth checking because sometimes I find a real bargain. The best one was the Garmin GPS with free upgrades for life at $20 less than that same model GPS cost in the stores without the free upgrades. Also, I've found bargains on three restaurants we frequent. So, as I said, it's well worth checking because where there is something I like the savings are great.
I hate going into Walmart stores - crowded, smelly, and all too often just plain not clean. I've also found that the website carries items not available in the store and I can either have them shipped to me (if I want to pay shipping) or pick them up in the store. Usually, much as I hate going into the store, I usually opt for the pick-up because it's at customer service so I don't have to navigate the entire store.

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