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I highly recommend Houzeo to anybody wanting to sell their home and save 1,000's of dollars in equity. They saved me over $9,000 by setting me up with a discount broker in my area that provided me full agent services. I was able to quickly and easily create an account on and setup my listing on their site. I simply put in my address into their search engine and had the majority of information on my property automatically populate, leaving me with very little work to do. The agent that they assigned to me listed my property in the MLS, and after 38 days, it went under contract.

I had a couple of communication concerns with the agent that assigned me, but it wasn't their fault. I contacted Houzeo about it, and within 5 minutes, I had a nice man, named Ahmed, contact me and work as a middle man to quickly resolve my concerns. He did an amazing job, and within 48 hours, all parties were onboard with getting this house sold.

I've sold 5 houses in 5 states, using 5 different platforms, and was, by far, the easiest to use. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with Houzeo's platform or customer service. They are now my go-to company for selling property.


Epic has created console wars on the PC with their unethical and consumer unfriendly policies. They continue to throw their Fortnite bucks at publishers to secure exclusivity deals for new releases on their mess of a platform, and some of these games have already been advertised and promised on other platforms. The Epic Game Store lacks just about every single feature that all other popular platforms offer. They don't even offer a shopping cart to consumers, for crying out loud, and we saw the result of that, during what passed for their Summer Sale, a few weeks ago. Epic is promising some developer friendly features, like a review system, but they are giving developers the option to opt out of allowing reviews to show up on for their games. What kind of a review system is that?

Epic justifies the existence of their mess of a store by pretending to care about the revenue split between retailers and developers. Really, though, all they care about is taking market share away from all of the other platforms that they can't compete with. And, they can't compete with them because they aren't trying to improve their platform, at all; instead, they are coaxing over new customers to their mess of a platform by giving them an ultimatum to either buy their exclusives from them or wait a year to play them on other platforms. Epic's mess of a platform is developer friendly, and any new features that they offer will not be anything that their consumers will want. There is, literally, no reason for The Epic Game Store to exist, other than to cause mischief and mayhem in the PC marketplace. The Epic Game Store is a cancer to the PC and should be avoided. My recommendation to anybody who wants one of their exclusives is to wait it out... wait just a year or less and get the game on a reputable platform with features... one that is consumer friendly.


This company is beyond unprofessional. In Summer of 2019, I hired them to sell my house and had the worst experience with them. Mark, a broker who handles the state of Colorado MLS listings, has a messiah complex and wouldn't let me do anything without his permission. I wasn't violating our contract, so I couldn't understand where his controlling behavior stemmed from. He couldn't be bothered to get my listing correct and when I tried to get him to update it, he kept referring me over to his processing department which told me that they couldn't correct the information. After telling them that I was sure they did have access to this information and could correct it, they tried again and were able to, but it took some pushing, on my part. Everything with this company is broken, from filling out a contract with them, to the way in which they send you late notifications for showings, assuming that you get them at all. When filling out their paperwork online, they ask you on the form if you're a single homeowner or joint, and even after marking the single box, each space on the form for a secondary homeowner must be filled out or you can't proceed. I ended up going with a professional brokerage, Rocket Homes, and their system was great. They sent me texts, emails, and phone calls, as soon as an agent requested a showing. I could talk on the phone with them, anytime, without incurring charges, as you do with US Realty. They helped me sell my house in 3 weeks.

After posting my review of US Realty, one of their representatives contacted me and offered me a refund for signage from them that was initially declined, to take down my review. Initially, I refused. He wouldn't take no for an answer and kept pushing me. I felt sorry for him, as he kept on, giving me a sob story about how U.S. Realty was under new management and that they're changing things to better their company and don't deserve a bad review. So, he coaxed me into taking down the review.

Fast forward 1 year later and I decide to give US Realty another try, as I'm trying to sell my new house because I have to move again. Unfortunately, I can't go with Rocket Homes, as they stopped offering a flat fee MLS service and focus now on the 5 to 6% commission based service. By going with US Realty, I was hoping that I'd get a different broker, one that is professional, but surely enough, I come to find out that I got the same terrible broker that I had a year ago, but what's worse is that their processes are all the exact same, even after their damage control representative assured me that they had changed. Nothing had changed, and this Mark guy is still as unprofessional as ever. But, Instead of asking for a refund or complaining, I decided to give them two weeks, to see how it'd go. After submitting my property to them, they sent me a message telling me that my property is not listed under my name, even though it has been 10 months since I bought it. Their system is clearly not up to date. They didn't bother doing a 15 second search on my county website to look up this property for confirmation. Instead, they asked me to send them a copy of a deed. Why would I need to do that, when they could just access the records online. They agreed. I sent them a message saying that this was concerning and provided them the link for information proving that this was my property. Also, they, once again, didn't process the listing correctly, and I had to have them fix it. Also, I had a real estate agent tell me that she tried to request a showing but had trouble doing so through US Realty. This took place in a matter of just 3 days. Despite this, I didn't complain and remained patient, telling my girlfriend that I'd be giving them the full 2 weeks to see what they can do. After 3 days, they sent me a refund confirmation, telling me that they were refunding me for "prior negative feedback." They charged a credit card that I haven't had in a year. They didn't have me sign a termination form for my listing, nor did they tell me that I'd be getting a refund. I just randomly got a refund to the wrong credit card. I just went online and still see my listing as active. So, they're no longer working with me, but apparently, refuse to take my listing down and give me credit to the card that I used to pay for their services. I just contacted my credit card provider and found out that US Realty charged a card on file that has been closed for almost a year. Even though this card is closed, US Realty has a recurring billing system in place, similar to what a utility company would have. This allows them full access to your new account, even though they don't have the new account information. Buyer beware! My advice for you is to avoid this company, particularly, if you're in selling in the state of Colorado.

Good luck.

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