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Topmmogold.comimage coming soon



Ok guys after that horrible review from I just wanted to let you all know that there really are trustworthy sites out there and they do deliver on what they say they will. There not quite as cheap but I mean hey you actually get your gold for real and in under 30 minutes.. I bought 20 thousand off them last night and within 20 minutes tops I have 18 thousand of it.. Now he did tell me they only had 18 thousand on there server at that time last night so he told me to put a second item on the auction house and he would buy it from me today for 5350 gold for the hassle.. Now I haven't gotten the rest yet but I am pretty sure I will. I will keep you guys posted. But I just wanted you to know that there really are trustworthy sites out there that do not $#*! you around. You just need to know how to spot the fakes.. which sometimes can be extremely hard.. however when in doubt always "GOOGLE THE WEBSITE YOUR GOING TO BUY FROM BEFORE YOU BUY FROM THEM!" This is a lesson we should all learn from our dear friends at So if for no other reason I am glad I bought gold from I am glad cause they taught me to always research whatever site I am going to buy from before I actually do buy from them. Thanks and I hope you all learn something from this as I have..




Well first of all here is my story like so many others here.. I had a chat with the 24 hour chat team.. So here it is..Welcome to GDP DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE CO., LTD.

Ocean Will serve for you : )

Ocean said:(4:06:38 PM)Hello, welcome to gdp company! What can i do for u ?*^^*

You said:(4:07:44 PM)hi there I just purchased 8 Thousand World of Warcraft Gold from you guys and I just recieved an email telling me to reply with my cell phone number and I would recieve a code that I would have to reply to you guys

How long does it take for me to get the text?

Cause I have not recieved it yet

Ocean said:(4:08:11 PM)char name plz

You said:(4:08:22 PM)Mysticshift

on Alliance Drenden

Ocean said:(4:09:39 PM)k in checkin

You said:(4:09:43 PM)I have my order number and stuff if you need it


thank you very much

Ocean said:(4:10:03 PM)have u received the code on 00 1-814-673-4597

You said:(4:10:11 PM)no not yet

thats why i was asking

and that is the correct number

its thru at&t

cell phone

If this works then i will be buying another 16 thousand gold from you... here in a few hours.

I just wanted to make sure this was all legit first

Ocean said:(4:13:54 PM)sec ,i will send u again ,ok

You said:(4:13:59 PM)ok ty

I have an unlimited texting package so I should have no problem recieving any texts from you guys..

Ocean said:(4:15:09 PM):)

You said:(4:16:51 PM)You guys ever have problems with sending these texts?

Cause I should have gotten it by now..

I text all the

Ocean said:(4:17:26 PM)still havent received?

You said:(4:17:30 PM)no..

let me make sure but i havent heard my phone

Ocean said:(4:17:55 PM)k

You said:(4:18:03 PM)no i havent

and i have full service here too

are you dialing it right?


Ocean said:(4:18:54 PM)can u try borrow one ?

You said:(4:18:54 PM)i don't know where you are at in the world or if you need a country code or whatnot

Ocean said:(4:18:57 PM)00 1-814-673-4597

You said:(4:19:18 PM)why do you use *00 1-814-673-4597?

Ocean said:(4:19:21 PM)yes, 001is country code

You said:(4:19:27 PM)ahh

ok then lets try..


Ocean said:(4:20:06 PM)ok ,sec plz

You said:(4:20:09 PM)k

These are both prepaid phones would that have anything to do with it?

Ocean said:(4:21:57 PM)just sent ,plz check again

You said:(4:22:38 PM)no..

no messages


I don't understand

my phones are good

i talk on them all the time lol

can't you call me to verify it?

Ocean said:(4:24:17 PM)sry ,but can't call.maybe need little more time

You said:(4:24:30 PM)hmm

So how long does this usally take?

Ocean said:(4:26:13 PM)few mins maybe

You said:(4:26:26 PM)I wonder why I am not getting them..

and there is no other way to verify this?

I mean I have all my account info's and the reciept of purchase.

matter of fact I am staring at my screen with all the info on it still right now

on your website still

I never exited after my purchase.

Ocean said:(4:31:42 PM)if can't receive the code,can u plz consider send us a picture of yours to confirm your order?

You said:(4:32:10 PM)a picture of my order?

or a picture of what?

Ocean said:(4:34:16 PM)i mean ur card,like driver licence or id card

You said:(4:34:26 PM)lol

no that i won't do

thats personal info

thats why i paid through paypal..

I will gladly send you a picture of the reciept of purchase..

or the buyer profile page that is from your site..

Ocean said:(4:37:02 PM)if can't receive the code,can u plz consider send us a picture of yours to confirm your order?

You said:(4:37:53 PM)well this is lovely

Ocean said:(4:38:15 PM)i mean ur card,like driver licence or id card

u can cover the important place but leave your name and the expire time to us


You said:(4:38:19 PM)i guess i will have to be asking for a refund of my money then..

I have no other way to recieve it and I will not send you my drivers license

I should have recieved a message from you by now

I have a friend in anchorage alaska that i text with every day

and i get his texts quick..

so i should have gotten it already..

I can send you a picture of the reciept of purchase from paypal..

thats the actual reciept

Ocean said:(4:40:49 PM)can u try borrow another cell number?

You said:(4:41:25 PM)I don't know anyone else with a cell phone around here..

ok Just refund my money please..

we will forget this whole incedent..

Ocean said:(4:42:53 PM)not around u will be ok too

You said:(4:43:40 PM)if it didnt work on either of my phones its not going to work on any other cell phone either

could you please just refund the money..

this was supposed to be easy..

Ocean said:(4:45:27 PM)maybe another one will be ok,we have met this before

You said:(4:46:10 PM)I understand that however I do not know anyone else with a cell phone.. I have given you mine and my girl friends..

and thats two different providers.

I have no other way to verify this with you so please just refund the money..

Ocean said:(4:49:42 PM)but send us the picture of yours ,ok? u can cover the important place but leave ur name and the expire time to us,is it ok?

You said:(4:49:59 PM)ahh ok

that i will do..

I just will not give out personal info thats all

hang on i will prepare the image

now where do i send this photo to when i am done covering the important stuff?

Ocean said:(4:52:26 PM)yes

through this chat will be ok

You said:(4:52:41 PM)ok hang on please..

Ocean said:(4:54:23 PM)ok

You said:(4:58:36 PM)ok almost ready

Ocean said:(5:00:15 PM)ok

Sending file my drivers license picture for the GDP .jpg

"my drivers license picture for the GDP .jpg" has been sent successfully.

You said:(5:02:24 PM)there you have it

so now what?

Ocean said:(5:04:06 PM)sec

You said:(5:04:18 PM)k


So what are we waiting for now?

If you don't mind me asking..

Thats a terrible pic of me by the way..hehe

Ok why aren't you talking to me?

Ocean said:(5:12:57 PM)ok ,ur order is in progress now

You said:(5:13:04 PM)ok good good

so where do i meet you? I am in Stormwind in front of the auction house.

I am logged in now.

And waiting for you

wow i just realized your billing me from pittsburgh lol

pretty close

You still there?

Please tell me what I am supposed to do now?

Please tell me this is not just some scam or something. I have been scammed so much. I hate it so bad. I work hard for my money.

Not to mention my wife will kill me if I get ripped off for some gold for a stupid

thats what she calls it..

Ocean said:(5:23:19 PM)but ur order is just in progress

You said:(5:23:33 PM)ok


Ocean said:(5:23:38 PM)our guys need little more time for the deleivery

You said:(5:23:39 PM)i am nervous


ok np

i have time

how much time are we talkin here?

not to rush

Ocean said:(5:24:31 PM)but ur order is just in progress

we start ur order after we confirm it

You said:(5:24:58 PM)oh i see


Ocean said:(5:25:32 PM)k

You said:(5:28:24 PM)So I should be logged into my world of warcraft account now right?

Ocean said:(5:29:46 PM)when rdy ,our guys will whisper u in game

You said:(5:29:55 PM)ok

Ocean said:(5:30:00 PM)if you are not in game then ,we ill call u

You said:(5:30:08 PM)I am watching from now on then.

Ocean said:(5:31:24 PM)k

You said:(5:32:10 PM)I didn't realize how long this takes.. Sorry this is the first time I have ever bought gold for a game..

I never did get those

Ocean said:(5:34:57 PM)we just want to confirm ur order,so protect ur acc safety ,sry 4 the trouble

You said:(5:35:25 PM)Its ok I understand.

So do you guys make a lot of money from selling gold?

I actually just kinda stumbled onto your website

I was like noway

I have to try this

no whisper yet..

Ocean said:(5:41:25 PM)need 1-2hrs i think

You said:(5:41:35 PM)oh my..

Ocean said:(5:41:36 PM)cuz this is deep night here,little slow

You said:(5:41:44 PM)oh bummer..

1-2 hours from the time the order was verified right?

Ocean said:(5:42:23 PM)yes

You said:(5:42:49 PM)ok so your going to stay here with me until I get my gold though right?

How many people actually work for this company? Do you know?

Ocean said:(5:47:04 PM)im not sure,sry

You said:(5:47:15 PM)I just wondered.. :)

Thanks for staying here with me.

Although in truth I wish I would have known this was going to take 1-2 hours..

Does it say that anywhere on your list?

or site I mean?

I wonder if they have to farm the gold first huh?



Ocean said:(5:50:12 PM)our guys told me this

You said:(5:50:15 PM)ok

What did they tell you?

Ocean said:(5:51:45 PM)in 1-2hrs they will call you to login game

You said:(5:52:23 PM)Ok


I was just reading your web site..

On it it says and I quote..GDP Inc. is a leading provider of a variety of services for online
gamers. In Future, we will become the largest seller of in game
currency for online game players, such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars ,
Lineage II and EverQuest II
& More! GDP Inc. has built its reputation based on
competitive pricing, fast deliveries and a reliable and consistent
service. We are more than a MMORPG Online Game Store. We aim to heighten
your gaming experience and help you fulfill your goals in game.


ok i guess in 1-2 hours i will get a call on my phone then right?

is that the 1-814-673-4597?

That the call will be held on?


Ocean said:(5:56:48 PM)yes

You said:(5:56:58 PM)ok

i will be expecting a call then..

Please don't let me get scammed man.

I am trusting you.


Ocean said:(5:59:46 PM)i will try my best hurry them4 u :)

You said:(6:03:37 PM)ok thank you very much

Ocean said:(6:06:03 PM)np

You said:(6:13:05 PM)So how does this power leveling thing work?

Ocean said:(6:17:22 PM)it is ok

You said:(6:29:08 PM)I mean how does your company level my character? If I wanted your company to do that for me..?

Are you aware the phone number on your site does not work?

Ocean said:(6:31:17 PM)we level by hand


and we have professional guys level 4 u ,it is safe and fast

You said:(6:32:21 PM)oh cool

I just wondered..

So basically your team just takes all the work out of it for me and hands me back a lvl 80 character?

Ocean said:(6:33:24 PM)yes

of course

You said:(6:33:32 PM)oh thats really cool

Ocean said:(6:33:35 PM)do u want to order now?

You said:(6:33:55 PM)although I like to build my chars by hand personally hehe

oh no thanks

i love doing it by hand

but thanks though

Ocean said:(6:34:16 PM)and we can give the gold when level 4 u ,that will be fast and easy

You said:(6:34:42 PM)I was just curious how you did it..

Like if maybe you had some special software that lvled the characters or something..

Ocean said:(6:35:25 PM)we can level for u fast,very cool,right?

You said:(6:35:37 PM)yes that is very cool..

I lvl pretty fast myself.


I love playing the game.

Do you play?

I just needed the gold fast flying and for cold weather flying..

that will leave me 2 thousand gold to have for something else

Ocean said:(6:37:42 PM)yes, we can also do that for u

You said:(6:38:05 PM)Just the gold for now thanks. :)

I like to level my own guys

thats half the fun of the game

but it is cool that it can be done though

Ocean said:(6:39:52 PM)hehe:)

You said:(6:50:12 PM)man i have no

my order was in progress at 5:12PM so were getting close to 2 hours now..


Ocean said:(6:51:07 PM)in 30mins ,just cuz the deep night,so little slow

You said:(6:52:33 PM)hehe



so 30 minutes more to go?

Ocean said:(6:54:40 PM)yes

You said:(6:54:44 PM)ok cool

Thanks for hanging with me

Makes me feel alittle better about the transaction

Ocean said:(7:04:18 PM):)

You said:(7:06:18 PM)I'm building my char while we wait lol

How we coming?

Almost time yet?

Ocean said:(7:27:28 PM)will check again 4 u

You said:(7:27:42 PM)ok thank you


If you are not willing to wait, please Click to leave message

cute Will serve for you : )

cute said:(7:36:36 PM)hello,what can i do for u ? ^.^

You said:(7:36:42 PM)hehe

well I would like to know

if I am going to recieve the gold I bought like 3 hours ago..

I purchased it over 3 hours ago

and the last agent told me that in 1-2 hours i would have my gold..

I asked him if they were close yet and he told me he would check

and then i got disconnected..

so could you please explain this to me?

cute said:(7:40:56 PM)your char nameplz

You said:(7:41:16 PM)Mysticshift

on Alliance Server Drenden.

I have been standing on the steps in front of the auction house now for three hours..

in Stormwind

and I am really ready to just cry

This is really upsetting..

Your web site said fast service..

This is not my version of fast..

cute said:(7:44:20 PM)checking for u\

You said:(7:45:06 PM)ok thank you very much

cute said:(7:45:14 PM)your order is in progress

once ready we ill call u

You said:(7:49:19 PM)ok..

thank you very much

and whats the phone number you will call me on?

Just making sure?

Do you know?

Long as they know I guess..

I just don't want them to forget about this

I am terrified I am being scammed.

cute said:(7:53:23 PM)let me check

00 1-814-673-4597

You said:(7:54:37 PM)ok

thank you very much

so then i will hear from them soon then huh?

Does it always take them this loing?

or is it just a slow day in the office..?

cute said:(7:55:50 PM)i am not sure jusr wait for our call

You said:(7:56:36 PM)ok

thank you very much then

have a nice night


So that was Last night. Then this morning I went back to the site and hit up the 24 hour chat session and this was the message this time.. "Welcome to GDP DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE CO., LTD.

Ocean Will serve for you : )

Ocean said:(11:40:29 AM)Hello, welcome to gdp company! What can i do for u ?*^^*

You said:(11:41:24 AM)Hello I purchased 8 thousand gold from your company yesterday around 3 pm. I am still waiting for my gold. Could you please tell me when my gold will be coming?

On your website it says fast service..

So I expected a fast service.

But I don't mind waiting as long as I get my gold

Are you going to answer me?

Oh its you Ocean..

well you know my case better than anyone

I spoke with you yesterday for like 3 hours and finally you just hung up on me..

Why is that?

Please answer me Ocean..

I am not angry with you

I would just like to know when I will get my gold please..

You told me yesterday to be patient..

Well I have been very patient.

Now if I do noit have my gold in the next hour I would like a refund of my money..

No ways around it..



ok forget you and your company

Ocean said:(11:48:00 AM)char name

You said:(11:48:13 AM)when i get done swith you you will wish you would have just done what i asked..

you know my char name!

You spoke to me for 3 hours yesterday

and now you are going to ignor me..

after you disconnected me

man i don't understand

but i want you to know that i recorded every bit of our conversation

and i plan on turning this in to the BBB unless I have my gold within the next hour..

But i'll play along

Ocean said:(11:50:09 AM)we have 4 ocean,so not me

You said:(11:50:11 AM)my char name is Mysticshift

Server: Drenden


ok now will you please tell me whats going on with my gold?

I mean I cannot believe your company is going to try and stiff me for a lousy 19.08

you should have gave me the gold and then when i bought the $100.00 dollars worth then you should have stiffed me..

But now all you did was lose reputaion..

This has to be the worst service I have ever gotten from any online service EVER!

And I know this is the same Ocean and you want to know how I know>?

Cause its taking you just as long today as it did yesterday to answer me..

Ok well whatever I am calling paypal right now

and then I am going to hit up the BBB and have a lil chat with the director..

I hope you guys enjoyed having this web site scam going while it lasted.."

Well I have since Called Pay Pal and opened a dispute. Which I found to my amazement it wasn't even 10 minutes later I got my refund back from these guys.. But all that said PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY GOLD OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER FROM THESE PEOPLE! THEY ARE IGNORANT AND CRUDE AND LIARS AND IT JUST DOESN'T GET MUCH WORSE THAN THESE GUYS AND THEIR BUSINESS! This final time I hit up the 24 hour chat and this is how I found out I got my money back..check this out.."Welcome to GDP DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE CO., LTD.

If you are not willing to wait, please Click to leave message

Kirio Will serve for you : )

Kirio said:(3:26:51 PM)Abadacara~! xD

You said:(3:43:31 PM)hi there

how are you today?

sorry I was reading somthing

Kirio said:(3:44:53 PM)good and u =3?

You said:(3:45:02 PM)I am not to bad

Kirio said:(3:45:33 PM)^^

You said:(3:45:42 PM)I am looking to buy some gold.

But I want to make sure you have it in stock first

Kirio said:(3:46:45 PM)ur server ?

You said:(3:46:53 PM)Drenden

Are you there?

Kirio said:(3:48:26 PM)secin checkin

You said:(3:48:32 PM)ok ty

Kirio said:(3:48:37 PM)paypal email is ?

You said:(3:49:19 PM)well I would like to know if you have any gold before I place the order.

Does it matter if its Alliance or horde?

Kirio said:(3:50:55 PM)urd

alliance or horde sir /

You said:(3:51:42 PM)Alliance

well really I could do either

I have Horde to if it matters..

Are you guys really busy?

Kirio said:(3:57:34 PM)yes

but if u order we can deliver u in 1-4hrs

is that still ok?

You said:(3:58:46 PM)I guess that would be ok. How much can I order at one time?

Kirio said:(4:00:17 PM)here we have 212.2k isntock on that server atm

how much do u plan to order?

You said:(4:00:41 PM)wow you guys have a lot

and your really cheap!

Do you have any special deals?

Kirio said:(4:01:13 PM)yes sure

depend on how much u prder :P

You said:(4:01:30 PM)hmm

Kirio said:(4:02:06 PM)100k i can offer u 1500g for free

You said:(4:02:38 PM)Well then Could you do me a huge favor?

Kirio said:(4:02:59 PM)yes is that nice enough ?:P

You said:(4:03:06 PM)hehe

well yes that is a nice deal

Kirio said:(4:03:16 PM)200k i can give u 4000g for free

You said:(4:03:25 PM)But you could make me an even better one..

Kirio said:(4:03:29 PM)if u plan ?:) and we can trade it part by part

u ill keep getting the gold

200k i can offer u 4000g for free

You said:(4:06:04 PM)Ok how bout this.. You get me the 8 thousand gold I ordered from your store yesterday.. you know since you have 212k on my server.. This should be easy.

Kirio said:(4:06:42 PM)i see ur order

u opened the dispute on paypal

and we have refunded u

plz check ur in ur paypal acc

You said:(4:07:35 PM)ok i will do that


Thanks so much

You know

I do not understand why you guys have a site that says you sell gold..

and then you refund the money I spent for the gold..

Kirio said:(4:09:28 PM)cuz u opened the dispute on paypal

You said:(4:09:41 PM)Well of course I did

I was told 30 minutes yesterday

and then it went to 1-2 hours

and then it went to tommorrow

not to mention

You wanted my drivers license

which I still don't understand

what did you gain from that?

You got my pic and an old address..

What is that going to do for you?

Kirio said:(4:11:41 PM)we can give back to u if u want

You said:(4:12:02 PM)well either way you have a copy of it now though..

not that I mind that

You know what I look like..

I just don't understand..

Kirio said:(4:12:29 PM)Thank you for your visit, See you later.

The conversation ended at 16:12"

So yes these guys are pieces of you know what stinks..hehe

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