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I have had several and heard of so many more bad experiences on the web that I feel people need to be aware of it and I found sitejabber helpful to me in the past. Now it's my turn to start contributing. Conversely, positive experiences should be praised as well and I intend to hopefully save a person or two from a bad experience and likewise give someone the confidence to pull the trigger on something that for me was a positive web experience. As a salesperson, marketer, and business develo

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This is unbelievable! is terrific. An almost Wal-Mart-like return policy. Their images accurately portrayed the TEVA's I bought. My mother bought these as a gift for me and they shipped them to my address even though it was different than thee credit card. That is something many companies do not do. I did not have a high enough limit on my card, so my father bought me an HP laptop and it didn't show up for 2 weeks, we called and inquired, apparently the credit card did not match the shipping address, they didn't call. Tried again with them. Same thing. Finally on the 3rd try got it. Then went through the same thing with a industrial printer with them, SAME thing. Zappos on the otherhad was flawless. My mother bought me this gift on a Sat. I got them either Monday or Tuesday! Well packaged, flawless and she also got an email confirmation. Absolutely at the top of the internet retail craft. Probably the best or one of the best for footwear. They should be used as a case study for internet retailers.


Almost everything can be done on this user friendly website. Seldom do you ever need to speak with someone, and immediate responses back from support. I use this site / company to manage 3 phones.

I never, ever thought I would buy a prepaid phone, and now between my wife and I and an emergency one for our kids, we have 3 of them and no more Verizon or Sprint Bills that leave you wondering what on earth happened each month to make the bill so high. Just by buying the phone for $15 then the Double Minutes for Life card (it is imperative you buy this card, I believe it is $19.99) you can get your rate down to less than. 08 a minute. Cards go up to 800 minutes, a 200 card and a google search for "Tracfone Promo Code" to enter along with you card number and which will usually give you a free 50-60 minutes on top of your $29.99 200 minute code will leave you with 460 minutes for $29.95. A 400 minute card with a promo code (there are always promo codes) and the Double Minutes for Life Card which you only had to enter once when you purchased it, will get you 400x2 = 800 and the promo code will add another 90-120 minutes for 920 minutes for $39.95. These rates are fantastic compared to any cell phone plans I have ever had and I have had a cell phone going all the way back to the carrier bags in 1990. This is the best deal I have seen. Texts are 3 for 1 minute. Web access is about 3 minutes per 1 phone minute. Emails I think are one minute. Great deals. I (and this may not be the same for you) get better reception and fewer dropped calls here in central MA. Than I did with Sprint, Verizon and a long time ago Cellular One.
Regrettably though, calling information costs a whopping 25 minutes. Tracfone also does not offer the most functional phones. For dialing, speaking clearly both regularly and on speaker, and a decent camera (nothing like a top smartphone's camera - but gets the job done) You want to send a quick pic of something at a store, yard sale, flea market to your wife, of a decent picture from a Bruins game to your son, it's fine. You want a memory keeping photo, not the right provider. I should not I am using the Motorola 376g which is an upgrade over my original phone and still only cost $14.99@ Wal-Mart.
Further problems, the internet is tough to use, it's web enabled, but with the small screen (I like small phones but now I am needing access to web and email, GPS and hot-spot connectivity) it is not easy to navigate. You can get to ebay and check your bank account. Great selection of games and ringtones. Bottom line is, if you do not need to be a Crackberry addict, if you just need a decent phone to call and text on whilst just occasionally needing services like information, the web and high-quality photos and want to control you spending, Tracfone is the company to go with. Much more attractive to our family than the huge costs of phones, plans, apps, and taxes, add-ons, etc. that added up to $175/ mo when we were both on Sprint or Verizon. We save 2 thousand dollars a year!
Regarding the Motorola 376g the battery lasts 3 days with active use, and the speaker phone is up there and better than some of the more expensive phones I have had with a plan and my friends current HTC or iPhones. Great speaker on this. In two years - and this is unbelievable - the battery has not degraded, where I used to always have to go online and order a new battery every 12-18 months.
I have conducted business working with CEO's directors, VP's and celebrities with this phone for several years. It is dependable and the only drawback is I can't get my Microsoft Outlook emails. At least I do not know how.
I found the customer service exceptional. When I switched phones, I got immediate attention and call backs and a credit of several hundred minutes for the inconvenience of spending over an hour on what should have been an easier process. I have received several other credits for inconveniences, all you have to do is ask. They really do care about customer service.
The biggest drawback is to Tracfone is that they do not offer top of the line smartphones. However, it is at the least useable for emergencies and sporadic use, effective for mom's, dad's, kid's, the older folk, business people, even sales-people and executives. The only thing that could get in your way is either your ego or your absolute need for apps like GPS or Outlook email access. Stores up to 200 numbers and phone number is transferrable when you want to move to another service provider.
I should lastly point out that you can add minutes both at and directly on your phone too using either your credit card, or a store bought phone card with can be foudn everywhere from Walmart to Target and Toys R' Us to your local gas station or convenience store. Everyone carries them.
I would urge you, in fact it is imperative or you are throwing money out the window to 1. Buy the Double Minutes for Life card immediately when buying your phone and before paying for your first minute, and google "Tracfone Promo Codes" and look at several of the sites for the best free minute code before every using that credit of tracfone cards, or you are throwing money away.

I hope your experience with Tracfone is as good as mine has been. I always thought negatively of pre-paid phones. Tracfone showed me how my closed-mindedness and prejudices can negatively affect me - I wish I had done this years sooner. All the best... Josey Wales


It is so unfortunate how some of these survey sites take advantage of folks trying to earn a few bucks from home, or earn a Walmart gift card just to keep a family afloat. What sickens me is how much these survey "middle-men" like get paid by companies and marketing agencies to get our input on a product or service. is often paid in excess of $200 for your 30 minute survey by these industries, companies and agencies, where we get $1-$2. Pretty good margin, not a bad racket. Now, we agree to do this so we can't fault them there. This is just the nature of the industry. Additionally, not all online survey companies dishonest like The problem with this site is that under the guise of "qualifying" for a survey which pays $1-$2, you spend 30 minutes entering all your personal information AND THEN detailed input regarding the product, service, or topic (in the case of, they often try to bundle several together under one "qualifier"), only to receive a message at the end of your 30 minutes time that you DO NOT QUALIFY. You receive nothing. Out of 52 survey attempts, after giving information any marketing research agency would drool over, guess how many times I qualified for a survey. Zero. I work with many online survey companies, nothing even comes close to the deception of, who by their knavery, give valid survey companies a bad name.
Now one of their other practices is to hide behind another company, say MyPoints or any number of other companies who act as a second middle-man between the marketing research firm and you. **I am in no way condemning My Points in this consumer review, just using them to illustrate how Sampilicious hides behind the facade of a more reputable organization*** Samplicious pays them and we get paid from MyPoints just as an example. This is done because no one is going to sign up and stay at with the way they do business, and they would probably receive an increased number of BBB complaints. They will be getting one from me, and if you have used this site, I hope they receive one from you too. There is only strength in numbers and silence gets you nothing. That is why I participate on this site.

To wrap up, just make sure whenever you get redirected on a survey site, that the URL at the top of your screen does not contain or any similar derivative thereof. If so, just quit the survey. Then let the survey company you started with (who gave you the offer), we used My Points as an example, let them know what you think and/or what your experience with You likely will not hear back from Sampilicious, so don't waste your time contacting them. But do go to, file a complaint for deceptive business practices. Unless you have a balance with, you will not receive any money, that can only be done through litigation, but the BBB can sanction them, and they can eventually suffer any of a number of fraud violations which could eventually lead up to site closure, court proceedings and bankruptcy. Internet fraud on this level is taken very seriously by the BBB and FBI. TAKE THE TIME TO TELL THE BBB THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU UNDERSTAND THERE IS NO FINANCIAL RECOMPENSE, THAT YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR COMPLAINT LOGGED AND LISTED ON BBB.ORG FOR DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES, FRAUDULENT OFFERS, AND IN THE CASE YOU TRIED TO CONTACT THEM, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE. Then come here to and let everyone else know what your experience with them was. In short, let the original survey offerer know, let the Better Business Bureau know, then let the whole world know by posting on BEWARE of


I took about a 60 minute tour of this site and was deeply disappointed. It appears that it is free ONLY to educators and those who fill an unspecified criteria. There is a wide range of fees for the rest of us, not disclosed until you submit all your personal information, curriki is asking for a lot. Perhaps someone could expand on this point. I also noticed a strong relationship has with the teachers unions and boasts several board members involved with the backwards major textbook publishers. A bell went right off.
This prompted me to wonder is is just an extension of the same broken style of teaching we have been witnessing get progressively (no pun intended) worse, where kids get out of high school and are able to tell me George Washington was a slaveowner, that he chopped down a cherry tree (I am shaking my head as I write), but not that he was our first president, not that he was a general in the American Revolution, nor that he freed all his slaves upon his death (this was the only way under Virginia Law to give a slave his freedom at that time). Not to mention the hundreds of other things a 18 year old US Citizen with a high School Diploma ought to be able to tell me about George Washington. Not only is this disturbing, it offends me. The bias of the old fosters ignorance in the young. This site's content makes no attempt to hide the sad fact of academia teaching from the left rather than center or a neutral point of view. As Inspector Friday would raise his hand and say to the teacher in most US public school History & Social Studies classes, "Just the facts ma'am".
I decided to dig a little deeper and was not surprised, but saddened to see what was being offered on this site is the typical left-leaning history, social studies and literature. A few of the disparate numbers related to actual human impact and world importance are as follows. This lists the total # of articles available for each subject.
George Washington 26 --Martin Luther King 45 (think about that - I would be interested in any response to this post attempting to justify this)
Constitutional Convention 7--Slavery 41 (What?!)
Christianity 34--Judaism 69--Islam 71
Mesopotamia (cradle of civilization) 9 -- Brazil 33
George Washington Carver 4--Samuel Adams 1
Holocaust 240--Potato Famine 2--Pol Pot 0 **In the 1840's Irish Famine 1/3 of the race, several hundred thousand more on the "coffin ships" headed to the US and when Pol Pot killed 2 million fellow Cambodians. So many more died in each of these events than in the Holocaust but we get just 2 articles on the potato famine (in a country largely made up of Irish immigrants or their decendants) and none on Pol Pot's Genocide which is the most recent or the three tragedies. Interestingly I found 0 articles on Eugenics which would help the student understand these massacres and some frightening and famous US Eugenics supporters. ***
Beowulf 2 -- Lord of the Flies 7
Magna Carta 14 - Emancipation Proclamation 14
Battle of Hastings 0 - Battle of Milvian Bridge - only 4
Japanese Internment Camps 14 - Charlemagne 2
Here's the kicker Slavery 41 - Christianity 34 - Rome 33
Declaration of Independence 44 -- Israel 37
Two final notes, I was blown away to see 7 resources for Pokemon including curriculum guides (not joking) and only 14 entries for Thomas Paine. I was saddened to see that what science has proven false with 100% certainty, the Discovery of America by Columbus (15 resources) is still being taught!

My favorite Quote is by Martin Luther King Jr. Who said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" - which is why I am writing this blog review I suppose. I think the great Reverend Doctor would be stunned to see twice as much written on him than on the Father of our Nation. Seems the teachers Unions, text manufacturers and do want to stay silent on the things that matter though, by reinforcing everything that is wrong with America and not what made us great. The focus as I have shown above is not driven to teach children the facts, events, and literature that are important and world-changing, but to promote a social agenda. If you want your student or child to grow up misinformed, or to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the intricacies of Pokemon, is the site for you. For me I would consider it throwing one's money away (nothing new there in Public Education) and would suggest finding better material for free on the internet. Also, use multiple sources, get different opinions, and work with the student to help them form opinions of their own.


I am barely even able to describe this as an online auction site. This is as bad as bidsauce. Look, I will make this review as short and sweet as possible. IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS. And particularly when the website's offer seems too good to be true ACTUALLY READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS! Hey, I have been taken; guilty of the same thing in the past, but I've been on the web long enough and made enough mistakes to know sites like and are a scam. I am grateful to Sitejabber and others who take the time out of their day to warn others to BEWARE or these sites. Keep a vigilant daily " class action" google search going every few days, I see it coming. Very deceiptful business practice.


Spoiler** Experience but some speculation here as well Bottom line BEWARE of ANGIE'S LIST. Like Sitejabber reviews online businesses, Angie's List reviews local brick& mortar and service providers in your area. Great idea to look up a contractor before you hire them, and they supposedly screen the reviews and reviewer before postings, but I found this site sadly lacking in reviews of places I would be interested in, contractors, flooring stores, and I even researched other businesses in my area, reasonably well known, and as many were missing as were acknoledged with no relevant review material. Now, what get's me to write a negative review on something I love as much as a consumer review site, it that Angie's List, no where on their commercials, no where on their website, even suggest for a moment that there is a fee attached for the privledge of viewing their incredibly unthorough site. And the fee is not small as I am sure you know already if you are reading this. Nor is there any way to look up a business just one time, there's either a monthy or annual mambership fee which costs as much as you would save by shopping around in many cases. I found this out after entering all my personal information, phone numbers, address, age sex, everything, then a screen pops up asking for your credit card info. Don't enter it, and you can go no further, but they have added all your info to their demographic marketing database which is undoubtedly being used for reasons you don't want it used for (this is simply educated speculation coming from the marketing industry myself). I hate getting duped into anything. I hate having my trust betrayed. I thought this kind of skullduggery and duplicitous information gathering scam had gone the way of the rotary phone (with a cord!) except for the credit offers and too-good-to-be-true / desperation sites. Angie's List put's up a good facade, but they offer very little of what they promise, were of no help to me, a waste of money and time, and really left me angry about gathering all my information before requesting a disproportionate fee for the service they offer. I do suspect the only way they are able to continue advertising is that they are selling your personal and demographic data to other entities or redeploying it within the parent organization for other purposes. There is big money in this and I cannot see anyone with common sense paying what they ask when similar info is available elsewhere for free. The high fee (again this is speculation) may be their attempt to NOT get you to sign up so you will not see the incredible lack of information they have on businesses and reviews in your area. This is the only reasonable conclusion I can draw as to how they continue to be in business and advertise, and industry-speaking, it is a very clever ruse if true. Being in marketing I had a reason for checking them out, but found out they were a joke. BEWARE ANGIE'S LIST!


AKA/DBA Opinion Square & This was my 1st BBB complaint in some time, and the BBB did indeed list it. It is an unresolved/unreconciable 2011 complaint as I did not spend any money, I woudl have to bring them to court for fraud which I am not doing over some small amount of money. I work with many online and brick and mortar marketing/survey organizations. What Opinion Square does is suggest a survey time of say 20 minutes... IF YOU QUALIFY. Nothing unique here so far, but, what Opinion Square does is basically ask you the entire survey, often exceeding the quoted time for the actual survey itself and then as it draws to a close (and one can logically see that they gathered the information they needed for their customer) they tell you, sorry, you didn't qualify. In other words, thanks for your 30 minutes and divuldging your personal information, but no points and no money for you. However, bear in mind, to suck you in, your first survey is likely going to go very well. This is a trick to get you to continue, but you will never get to the level of them sending you compensation. This is the only survey site I have ever filed a BBB complaint about and only the 4th BBB complaint I have issued since I filed my first 7 years ago. This is also the only company to not even respond to the complaint. Additionally, even after informing the BBB of the fact that I sent in 3 requests to remove me from their mailing lists, I continue to get bombarded with Opinion Square emails. Surveys are fun and interesting late at night, but stick with the winners if you want to do them. BEWARE of Opinion Square. After all the complaints directly to them, the BBB process, and 3 requests to remove me from their list, I have still never received even an acknowledgement of my complint. They have a parent company listed on the BBB. I think people, even if you know there is no monetary recompense in it for you, need to go to and file a complaint against Opinion Square and it's parent company 11950 Democracy Drive, Suite 600, Reston, VA 20190 for fraudulent business practices and misrepresentation of compensation along with literally non-existent customer service. DO NOT ENGAGE IN SURVEYS WITH OPINIONSQUARE.COM - who knows what they are doing with your private information if they behave like this. Again, surveys on the side are interesting and fun, but there is more than meets the eye to Opinion Square... it's a fool's chance your taking with them. BEWARE!


With over 15K selling and 500+ buying transactions and a 99.8% FB rating, I have had paypal steal the food off my families table by reimbursing 1st time or other buyers (particularly outside of the US) on big ticket items. Even with my feedback, and their lack of it, paypal sees things in black and white only and bottom line, the honest seller loses. I can't... believe this site is still up and running with their BBB record and sites like this. Great impartial, professional review on paypal sucks here on sitejabber by TC K. Thanks --- My experience - I have been selling on ebay since 1997, they weren't always like this, you could get a caring person who would use their head when making a decision. Since 2005 they are robots and the honest always loses to the dishonest. From having almost $35K of listed merchandise, having sold a car, a house and several $5K+ items one month, I closed my ebay and paypal account, and now do business on specialist websites with REAL professionals. If my feedback and long-term use of the site doesn't buy me a caring service rep, what help do you think the fellow with 60 feedbacks and a member since 2007 is going to get. It's very upsetting because I enjoyed that site for so long, but a line had to be drawn and now that I am off, I am doing fine on specialist sites with so much less frustration and anxiety. I encourage you to do the same


Absolutely horrible site from an honest sellers perspective. I have been scammed out of several thousand dollars (mostly from international buyers) who claimed they never received their item or would not ship it back. A seller also has to deal with a certain mentally unbalanced percentage of customers here in the US as well, and believe me, across the globe people know how to manipulate the Paypal / Ebay transaction and get something for nothing. Individual items have cost me $550, $150, $135, $185, $700, etc, no matter what kind of documentation I provide. Paypal will immediately hold your funds once a fraudulent complaint is filed and literally almost 100% of the time debit those same monies, returning it to the buyer so you are out your merchandise and your hard earned money. A voluminous record of Better Business Bureau complaints and ongoing class action suits has yet to shut this site down. I have not used paypal in almost 2 years, or ebay, after over 15,000 sales and 500+ purchases. For buyers, Paypal will hit your bank account for a debit purchase or echeck every two days without stop. If you do not have the money in there and you have an overdraft charge from your bank of $35, in 14 days of paypal trying to get it's money, you will be out $240. They will not stop attempts to collect. One bad week where you are short cash can cause you a world of hurt. For both HONEST buyers and sellers, Paypal is the biggest online infringement of consumer rights I have ever encountered and I have been buying and selling regularly on the internet since 1997. Stay away and if you already have an account, close it! File a BBB complaint if you have had an issue. Take action. There are too many dishonest people out there and Paypal is NOT looking out for YOU. Very unsafe. BEWARE!

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