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Pandora does what it's supposed to, it allows you to listen to music. I can't complain about that since it has some nice variety available. However, I run into the fact it constantly repeats the same stuff over and over on certain channels or I'll listen to movie soundtracks and suddenly a non-movie soundtrack song is in there. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, pandora is an alright music streaming service so shouldn't be overlooked.


I first saw about thriftbooks on a post on social media, as you could get books at a cheaper price. Several years later, I still use this site over big name websites. Sometimes I run into the issue that something I'm looking for isn't available, but that is to be expected at times. While it's not much cheaper, I like to stock up on new manga and multi-book series, so it's nice to be able to purchase multiple volumes in one go for a discount. They're really good at letting you know right away if a title is unavailable after you purchase it, which just happened to me. I purchase books that are anywhere from acceptable to new and have yet to experience any problems with anything I purchased.


I used to listen to music on pandora a lot, but I disliked that I couldn't listen to a specific genre without other genres of music popping up on the station. Spotify allows me to pick a station and listen to music just from that genre or just from a specific artist without worrying that unwanted music is going to pop up. I do not pay for Spotify, I use the free version. I don't mind dealing with the ads or that my playlists shuffles the songs. However, my one complaint is that every once in a while there will be an ad that you're forced to watch and will make everything go quiet if your phone has the screen turned off. For me, who likes to play spotify while driving, it's frustrating since I'll end up driving in silence until I can pull over to get the ad to play so I can go back to music. It's something I put up with since, overall, I do love using Spotify and don't want to waste money for premium just because of one frustrating ad that probably happens maybe once a week.


So I can create a watch list on crunchyroll, but not all titles are on there. I've been using MyAnimeList for over a decade to keep track of stuff to watch since I don't need to worry about only being able to add specific titles to the list. I highly recommend this to others when they think about getting into anime. I like to see the score and how popular something is with other users. Sometimes these help me decide is something is worth looking into or not, especially if I'm on the fence. I know that I don't use the site to its full extent but it does what I need it for and, overall, I'm content with that.


I love supporting people who create their own stuff. I've bought a lot of things off Etsy, from notebooks to plushies to face masks. I have never been disappointed with anything I've purchased. Where else could I go to get car window decals to show off my nerd pride? This has become my go-to website for fun gifts that are more customized for my friends.


I used to use it a lot more than I do now, mostly since I pay for two other streaming services. I like the variety of horror movies it offers, which is mainly what I use Netflix to watch lately, as well as some of their original series and the ability to watch Asian Dramas. So while I spend a lot of my time scrolling through the options to then put on something I've seen a million times, I do like that there's a lot to watch. The downside is that if you don't watch something right away, you risk it disappearing before you know it. I wish there was a reminder that would tell you before a movie or tv show on your watch list gets taken off so you're not left wondering where it went.


I started watching anime on crunchyroll with a free account, where you have to sit through a whole bunch of ads to watch the videos. I'm a patient person so it didn't bother me. When I realized that premium accounts were roughly what I paid for Netflix, I signed up for it. I love the ability to not have to sit through ads. So, for me, this was the perfect solution. I also like that I can do watch parties with friends. I've used there site store before. I've gotten a few good deals on some stuff. I think the downside is that there's some titles I loved that are not available on Crunchyroll. But there's so many titles that Crunchyroll offers that I don't worry too much about things I can't watch. I also appreciate they have an app on my firestick so I don't have to rely on watching via my phone or on a computer.


My DM uses roll20 in our campaign. Since we do our campaigns online since the members of the campaign our in different states, he likes to use the interactive map. That is so cool! Roll20 was a little har to figure out at first and there are some things I still can't figure out with the site. But I like how it has made it easier to play D&D slightly easier to play online.


I saw this website linked in a thread in Dumbledore's Office and felt the need to leave a review after seeing some of the stuff written here. I've been on the site for probably 5 years now. If a site wasn't fun, I wouldn't even have stuck around this long. I've jumped around a lot of RP forums prior. I like the site and all is has to offer. I suck at contests but they're still fun to enter and I dread homework. The economy is a little wonky, but kinda cool. Mods put a lot of work into stuff around the site so I give them mad credit for that. I've made a lot of friends over the years and I'm thankful for them as I'm not really good at making friends. I've had my ups and downs with this site, and experienced a few times where I felt like leaving. I will admit that I've felt this recently. There's a group of users, who are probably behind all the recent 1 stars, who have made myself and other members of the LGBTQ+ community feel unsafe on this website as they've been bullying members of the community and it's gross. Bullying is something you may encounter, but staff take bullying seriously if you report it. I recognize staff have been doing their best to make members of the LGBTQ+ community feel safe again and they accept us for who we are and our views. So I would say to take the recent crappy reviews with a grain of salt. Staff have been taking steps to try and make the site a better place and I'm happy about that. I love the diversity committee and new LGBTQ+ publication. I can't wait for all the drama to go away. The site is a Harry Potter site and it's really good for that. The recent drama is ruining it, but the users that you can befriend make it worth staying. That's why I'm still on the site.


Let me begin by saying I'm an extremely picky eater. Chicken nuggets and french fries would always be my go to meal. I began trying Freshly because of a promo and I was curious. I love it! I have officially have added at least five new foods to my "will eat" list since I started trying Freshly a few months ago. Who knew the cauliflower mashed potatoes would take like mashed potatoes. They are my favorite thing now. Butternut mac and cheese? Delicious! I'm now eating healthier than I was previously, remember that I previously lived on chicken nuggets for meals. I know the price originally made me nervous but now I so believe that the food is worth the price.

Eli M. – Freshly Rep

WOW --this is beyond amazing, Jordan! Thank you for making us part of your weekly routine. We've loved introducing you to new favorite dishes!

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