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About Me

Just a guy, more logical and deductive than emotional.

19 Reviews by Jonny

I was having an issue with my emails being marked spam and this helped solve the problem. It was free and there are no ads to annoy me. Excellent website
Not only is this a scam site, but when these "girls" aren't busy responding to some sap plugging in his credit card info, it seems like they're on this site drafting 5 star reviews. Maybe it should be called russiantrolls.com
Keep in mind that this is a BUSINESS trying to make money. The women emailing you are not the ones pictured - they're manned by the less attractive people probably women and men, who need to work so they come up with nonsense like this actual quote:
"My dear, do you think it will be difficult for us to get used to each other when we decide to live together?... I really want to avoid misunderstandings in our family."

Mind you I have no profile picture, no information about me, I've never contacted this person other than clicking a like button, and that's the nonsense I've received. And let me tell you the girl pictured is stunningly beautiful and there's no way in heaven or earth that an exquisitely beautiful woman is going to send this to a complete stranger.
Utter nonsense.
Was looking forward to buying some stuff from this website to clean up some shoes. Had a question about the order immediately after I placed it, so I called and emailed. Got zero response. The next day I emailed again to see if anybody checked the account (maybe they were closed?) and the woman basically was like yeah what's the problem? Despite me telling her I had a question. Eventually she told be that I don't check my emails because she sent "about 10" - in actuality I had 3, none of which addressed my question. Just became completely unresponsive and suggested telling me I don't check my emails.
Pretty annoying process and really didn't treat me like a valued customer (maybe I'm not).
I saw a code for a discount and I decided to order a pair of aviator sunglasses. Sounds simple right? Not at all. First the code did not enter the proper discount so that became a complication. It wasn't a lot of money and I bought them anyway. Then I got an email from them saying that such and such were on sale at 65% off and my brother's birthday is coming up soon so I thought well I'll buy a pair for him too (attached is a screenshot). But the code didn't work. So I get into a chat with a person and after 20 minutes of trying to get them to figure it out they say the code doesn't apply to glasses that are on sale. I showed her a screenshot of the actual promotion. "I'll have to talk to my supervisor." That got escalated then I get one of those emails that say we got your issue and we're working on it. Complete waste of time. Meanwhile my original order takes them I don't know how many days to ship I keep getting emails and texts saying" they're working on the order," "they're processing the order," "they're finishing up the order." I just want a pair of freaking sunglasses that are off the shelf aviators. Pretty annoying process.
UPDATE: to respond to the comment from the website, after one week, no my glasses still have not shipped but I did get another email today saying they're going to be shipped. Yay! So the annoying process continues. And as far as the codes go, it was your system that sent me the code and specifically said that these glasses were this price. (see screenshot). When I followed exactly and even sent a screenshot to the person chatting, it's still produce the wrong results so I did nothing wrong it's your website and system that needs to be fixed. To be honest with you I just gave up on buying the pair for my brother. I just wanted to buy a pair of sunglasses and I don't think I've never experienced a more complicated process.

UPDATE #2: In their response (04/29), they say my glasses have been shipped. Wrong. But today, 5 days later, I get a text saying that they've been shipped and there's a link to track it. Great right? Nope. The link takes me to a screen where I have to enter my email address AND order #. So, of course, I have to go back to my email, dig up the order #. Whoever designed this website should really figure it out from the consumer's perspective because it's annoying af.
UPDATE #3 I dug up my order number and tried to use my phone (Android 9) to track my package. I tried at least 5 times. Sometimes it doesn't give you any results but once it provided a screen and tracking # but it the information disappeared in less than a second, taking me back to the original enter your e-mail address/order # screen. On one attempt it just provided a blank screen - see screenshot. And today, tried to chat with someone. I opened the chat window and got in line (Queue position 11). While waiting, it jumped and closed the window so I had to start the chat all over again
What a horrible website I cannot believe somebody actually has designed this.
Raya S. – GlassesUSA Rep
Dear Valued Customer,

We're sorry to hear that you encountered difficulties while placing your order. Our discount coupons do have limitations and the details are listed. These limitations are based on the frame and the lens package being ordered. Only one discount coupon per order can be applied.
We are glad that, our customer service representatives were helpful in providing you with the best promotional discount during your chat session. The following link contains detailed information on our promotional discount coupons: https://www.glassesusa.com/coupons-and-promotions

Your glasses have been shipped and the tracking number will be available shortly.

If you require further assistance, please contact our service representatives 24/7 at 1 844 244-1186 or by live chat on our site.

Thank you for choosing GlassesUSA.com.

Enjoy your new glasses.

Yours truly,
Decent website, good CS. Easy cancelation process. The information I received was thorough and helpful.
Dana C. – BeenVerified Rep
Hi Jonny,

Thank you for your review! We are very pleased to hear you are satisfied with our services.

BeenVerified Customer Care
These websites are like stripper bars - you go, you drop some cash, you get a temporary thrill. Just don't take it too seriously. If you're one of the saps who claims you were "scammed", grow up and move on... you learned a lesson.
I can't tell is this is a scam or not. I was referred there from a craigslist add for housing. Seems suspect - mainly because the listing is about 1/2 of what it should be and there are several typos in the website.
... the subscription aspect is somewhat annoying. You have to auto renew and cancellation seems a bit difficult with a phone (I've tried 3 times). I wonder why? On the computer it was easier so I bumped to 4 stars. I am always suspect of websites like that.
MyHeritage S. – MyHeritage Rep
Dear Jonny,

I'm sorry to learn that you've experienced difficulties in canceling the auto-renewal for your subscription, on your mobile.

I'd like to follow-up on this personally. Please send me an email via your registered email address at "catarina.vipsupport@myheritage.com" and we 'll look into this.

Kind regards,
Catarina, MyHeritage Team
For every profile you see, there is a real girl... somewhere. But that's about the only truth that's there. There are females (and males) who operate behind these profiles and respond to you. The truth is, 99% of American men are not going to travel to Ukraine or Russia to meet one of these girls. And furthermore, to leave either of those countries an advanced visa must be obtained and they're not always granted, so there's very little chance that this is actually going to result in a genuine marriage. It's a fantasy; if you're okay spending money for something like that, it's okay, but understand what it really is.
I have zero information in my profile other than my name and age, and no picture. Yet I get emails that say how they noticed me or i like your profile a lot. What's that tell you?
The thing that annoys me about the service is that if you email customer service of a company that uses this website, you get an auto reply. You open it thinking it's something important to say but it simply says "we received your email and will respond..." blah blah.
I find that completely unnecessary and a waste of time and sometimes in a small way, disappointing.
Can't do anything unless you pay.
That's pretty much all I have to say about this website but since I have to have 100 characters, I'll add this story
Hmmm, when I try to review https://m.iamnaughty.com I get this message: "Reviews for this website have been temporarily disabled." Hmmm.

Seems fake. Anyone else? If you get instant messages right after you sign up, the site is probably a fraud. Also, and this is important. If you want to cancel your membership you have to figure out where it is, which isn't exactly easy, and then you actually have to call a person. And that person tries to sell you something else, and has an accent and talks a lot. I was able to cancel but of course the whole process was difficult.
It doesn't really produce results that you want, it gives you anything. I look for postal jobs and it said over 100,000 available but all I got were Lyft listings. If you do a search for "Imaginary jobs", it comes up with 100,000 "Imaginary jobs." lol.
This may be a real website but maybe not. It's filled with girls, impossibly beautiful girls, all clamoring to marry a western guy. Sound real? Not to me, but it's a fun fantasy... Still getting used to the website but some of these women appear to be real, at least they're not computers talking to you like another website. I don't know if the photos match the actual people behind it yet or not. The website itself is really bad though, freezes my phone all the time.

Just got this email, haha:
"Good afternoon, {{male name}}!
I want to know you, I'm interested in the fact that you live. What are you looking for on this site? Do you believe in fate or love at first sight? Your heart is free, Jonny!?))
On this site with the search for the person who will be with me all my life! Are you ready for such a relationship?)) I really hope that yes {{male name}}!
Faithful, caring, loving husband. Love is a great happiness for a woman!).
In relations, as I believe, the main thing is to trust and understand your soul mate, make concessions and love, I will do everything that you would be happy, {{male name}}!
I dream to fly to Paris, go for a week of high fashion, reach a high career. But most of all I want my husband to feel his judgment every day. I will do my best to have love and understanding in our family!
I can not wait for your reply, {{male name}}!))
Sincerely, Katia."
Good to check here before you pay money for some of these websites. Easy to use to and the girls here are the best around. One problem is that it wasn't clear that when I wrote a review it erased the old one :( Should be more clearly explained. Another problem is that it won't let me write a review for this website: https://m.iamnaughty.com
For some reason that is not allowed. Makes me wonder how legit site jabber is, is it connected to this website?
I have not encountered fake profiles like some appear to have, but the concept is utterly horrible. You get a picture of a girl whom you immediately don't like but you're stuck with her for the next 24 hours, and that's it. One picture you can look at. There are others but you gotta pay for them. It should be called Coffee Meets Beagles.
This website is deceptive. It offers private photos of some of the girls, and says, "To see private photos, simply make contact with a member." (see pic). One girl emailed me and I paid the fee to reply (of course) and responded to her but yet I still could not see the private photos. To answer Alex's question below, no, I'm not giving you any further information (especially because it looks like you just gave your own website a 5 star review).

I tried a few times to get customer service to address this but was denied. This was Ivan's response: "At your request, we have reviewed our records in detail and confirmed that the service was offered to you as intended. As a result, we are unable to offer to you a refund for a service that was properly rendered to you."
Pretty lame and deceptive in my opinion.

Tip for consumers: Don't.

Alex C. – EuroDate.com Rep
Hi Jonny! Can you share you Member ID, Please? We will check your problem with customer care team.
Best regards,
Elena's Models
Contrary to what happened to Jason - I signed up and got even MORE emails. One is really attractive and great so far, so we shall see what happens. The website isn't the best - slow to load, logs you out after short time period, big banners running across the top.
Adam H. – Elena's Models Rep
Hi Jonny,
Thanks for the feed back. We do agree with you and are currently working on a site upgrade to correct site speed issues. It is currently a key priority for all members.
Elenas Models
Often when I pay for any subscription, I immediately cancel it so that I won't get rebilled. Virtually every website lets you do that and lets you enjoy the benefits of the subscription for the amount of time that you have paid for. But not Zoosk. If you cancel then you lose all benefits. I didn't realize that and I logged in and submitted the billing information again and was charged twice for the same period within 2 days. After dealing with Zoosk customer service, they agreed to give me a prorated refund, but not the full amount. That is utterly sleazy.

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