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17 Reviews by Jolynn


Back in October of 2020 my dad helped me sign up to draw his social security. Well i did the application over the phone and i thought that was it nope. Well i found out my local social security office mailed my application to Oklahoma social security office well these criminals have gotten into my medical records illegally. I emailed the senator OF kANSAS Jerry Moran about this he mailed me a medical release form supposedly this Oklahoma social security office said i signed it nope i did not sign it my name is on the witness line also this is forgery. Also another crime this social security office broke is lying they try to diagnose me with a disorder i don have they are not dr; s my local social security office knows my disorder they got proof all so this social security office has mailed me threatening letter threatening to cut off my ssi i been getting ssi ever since i been 21 caus eiam boarder line $#*!ed i was born this way this social security office has broken alot of laws my advice never ever do business with them


Wichita ks dont enforce laws. I got a few neighbors neighbors that have alot of dogs like 9 or 10 dogs buy law you cant have this many dogs living in the city of Wichita ks. Well the city of wichita ks animal control dont do nothing about if you have a ton of dogs. They have these dog laws and if someone makes a complaint to them about somebody having to many dogs or something they will not enforce the law the only thing they way they enforce the law is if a dof bites someone if a dog dont bite someone they wont enforce laws the animal control sucks they have dog laws yet they dont enforce them i made a complained to animal control about their many many dogs they have yet the animal control did not do nothing animal control in wichita ks sucks they have dog laws yet they wont enforce them


I got a free trial with this $#*!ed up company. Well they claim you will get a response from a celebrity if you email their agent or the addresses that is on their web site with these celebrity's this is a big lie i emailed Jonathan Taylor Weiss agent and a few others i di not get no response back now this company is bull$#*! they wanna get someone's hopes up to getting to talk to their celebrity crush it it wont happen never. This is bull$#*!. Thank god i did not pay this $#*!ed up company it was a free trial but iam glad i did the free trial nowi know what this $#*!ed up company is all about they you wont get no email from a celebrity nothing so if you do pay thi company your out money and no response from the celebrity you tried to contacted bull$#*! this company is out for money never ever pay this company you wont hear from your favorite celebrity or no celebrity they will take your money i even emailed this company about that i did not get no response from these celebrities agents well guess what the company did not email me back so i turned them into better business bureau and reported them for this bull$#*! fraud they wanna lie wanna lie to people saying they will get a celebrity contact them and they wont get $#*! so dont pay this company stand clear if i could i would give this company 0 stars god damn taking peoples money and the customers dont get no contact from no celebrity


I ordered some macaroni fiber gourmet pasta from this company on september 20th. Well i waited 5 days i did not receive my pasta. Well i called this company's customer service number all you get is a answering machine saying leave your name and number and someone will call you back nope this is a lie nobody calls you back. Well on their facebook page i asked where my pasta was at well all they said was email them i did they did not email me back to say where my pasta was at. Well after a week went by i contacted the better business bureau online i filled out a complaint form about this company i said in it that this company does not return nobodies phone calls they lie and they dont return emails there was even a man on their facebook page that commited about that he ordered pasta from them and it never shipped since i could not get ahold of this company before i went to the better business bureau i did poste all kinds of stuff about how i felt about this company and what they were doing to me on their page i felt this is the only way i could get ahold of them and get their attention this company does not return phone calls or emails so i posted 12 comments on their page about them not returning phone calls or emails and also that if i did not get my pasta they lied to the better business bureau saying they reached out to me about where my pasta was also saying i spammed their facebook within 24 hours that was a lie i posted alot $#*! on their facebook but not within 24 hours this pasta is healthy and good but this company sucks you buy from them you wont never talk to them i got my pasta finally it took 2 weeks this if you buy pasta from this company and you don't get your pasta or you wonder where your pasta is at sorry you wont talk to this company about it they will not return your phone call on their facebook page they will say email them about your problem you email them about it you wont hear back from them also they lie about having a app you gotta use to track your package they even lied about this to the better business bureau they said it was the shipping company's app nope this was a lie


A few months ago i went to the Dollar General store on Pawnee and Broadway street in Wichita Ks. Well it was the worst shopping experience i ever had. All the employees were down right rude they did not help me or none of the people that was in the store shopping. Also there was no carts to push around the store to put your items in while you shop i had to carry all of my groceries in my arms all the way up to the cash register cause they did not have no grocery carts not 1 also the employees did not even help me to carry my stuff up to the cash register so i could pay for it do not go to this store rude employees no grocery carts


I got a new cell phone and new cell phone number back in June. Well my old cell phone number is on my paypal account so i cant log in to get my money. Also ever since damn corona virus stuff been going around you cant call pay pal and talk with a customer service person all you will get is a damn automated service. So if you cant get into your pay pal account for some reason oh well. Pay pal owes me $175.00 that is all i got in my pay pal account. They are with holding my money i cant call the customer service to get my account fixed cause it is a automated thing also i cant get rid of my account i got with pay pal cause i cant log in to do it and i got my debit card on there and my checking account i have read on facebook pay pal has been getting hacked well if i have to i will get a new checking account since i cant delete my bank info on pay pal if you have pay pal get rid of it cause now you cant get ahold of pay pal customer service for nothing


I have not been doing this survey site for very long. Well i found out this company is all fine when you 1st sign up with life points and cash out for 5 dollar gift then when you wanna cash out for a gift card again they let you what gets $#*!ed up about this company is when you start wanting to build up your points to really cash put for a big gift card then they take away your surveys so you cant earn no points no more this is how they treat their customers bull$#*! also iam a disabled american and this company does this $#*! i told them i even contacted them about the surveys they gave me the run around $#*! they just took them away cause they did not want me to get my points way up there my advise do not get on this site to do surveys they will $#*! you out of doing surveys then you gotta $#*! at them about getting your gift card that you earned


The survey site takes away surveys for a stupid reason saying the surveys were not for you this really does not make no since i think they just dont want people making alot of money on their survey site well they have taken away my surveys for a while now and will not give them back this is messed up their reason for taking away surveys is the surveys were not for you they claim my answers to questions in surveys were inconsistent they also claim i was not answering the questions in the surveys honest well i think this is cruel taking somebodys surveys away

Tip for consumers:
mypoints.com is ok but they will take away your surveys if they think you are not being honest in answering the surveys i feel this is messed up cause when you take a survey it is a survey weather you are honest or not it is a survey your not standing before a judge in court


I went to this clinic a long long long time ago and i had to have a deep cleaning done on my teeth. Well the people who are supposed to numb you up did not numb me up enough i still kinda felt the drill i was trying to tell the $#*! that was deep cleaning my teeth i cold still feel she did nothing but keep on deep cleaning my teeth i hate this dental office they dont numb you up enough before working on your teeth


Many many many years ago i lived in keystone apartments. I hated living in these apartments the landlord is a piece of $#*! he wont fix nothing and the appliances that were in my apartment were on their last legs. He would not fix them or replace them also i had to call the city so many times about stuff cause he never fixed nothing and that place had roaches like crazy cause he never sprayed the apartments i sprayed myself i bought bug spray all the time and sprayed also this landlord did not care went on in these apartments this landlord is a slum lord he is not no landlord all he did was collect rent he did not fix nothing when i broke also those apartments still have floor furnances in them and that is not up to city code to have this in apartments or houses but this landlord dont wanna spend the money to get these apartments up to code so the city continued to give him fines do not rent these apartments it is a dump and landlord wont do $#*! for you


I saw a ex boyfriend i dated back when i was in my teen years on facebook. Well this man is now a sex offender facebook rules state that if you are a sex offender you are not allowed to be on facebook well this is bull$#*! lies i reported this man to facebook many many many times with proof that he is a sex offender they did not do $#*! facebook even allows people to have sexy pics o their site stuff you would see in a porno with skimpy thong pantys on there are teens that use this site yet facebook has rules yet they dont enforce them and the $#*! they do allow on their site is messed up they kick people off sometimes for bull$#*! reasons or disable their accounts seriously what facebook needs to worry about and do is get all the god damn criminals off their website these criminals make up fake accounts once facebook does kick them off so facebook needs to do something to keep them off


The receptionist at this doctors office are $#*!es. 1 of them i seriously dont like i made a appointment and the fat heffer tried to tell me when to come in i said no i cant come in on friday the $#*! got her g string all bunched up in the crack of her biggo ass about this $#*!. I told the biggo heffer when i could come in made the appointment well the receptionist at this office are very very unprofessional they dont give messages to nobody to have people call back people. Then if they do give messages to people to call back the people the people dont call back the paients this is fuked up also i dont think these receptionist at this $#*!ed up doctors office has any business degree in college yet they are working in a doctors office they treat all their patients like $#*! when ever people call to make a doctors appointment the recptionist will put you on hold for 30 to 45 minutes bull$#*! never go to this doctors office the receptionist are $#*!es


I went to via christi hospital a few years ago cause i was real sick.
Well this messed up hospital gave me a Penicillin shot iam allergic to Penicillin it even shows on my profile on the computer. Well the stupid nurse came in my room saying she had to give the shot to me to get rid of the bug i had. After she gave me the shot i felt very very sick and nauseated this is what happens to me with Penicillin well i hate this hospital i will never ever go to this hospital never again they dont care if you are allergic to any medications or not they will still give to to you


I got a root canal from sam armirani at this dentist office. This dentist does not numb you up enough i have read other reviews where this dentist makes people cry well i got my root canal 4 years ago but i hated this dentist doing it i raised my hand letting is ass know i could feel the pain he did not do $#*! i would rise my hand letting him know i could feel the pain he did not do $#*! except continue drilling i was crying to i hate this dentist mother $#*!er is not even a usa citizen the $#*!er works on peoples teeth and he dont even numb the patient up enough and the patient can still feel the drill a little bit but he dont care this dentist is no $#*!ing dentist he is Foreign piece of $#*! he is a wanna be dentist he tries to be a dentist yet he hurts all his paients cause this dentists fails to numb them up enough before he goes in there with the drill i wont allow this dentist to touch my teeth no more there is another dentist in the same office that is way better then this dr armani clown i would give this dentist 0 stars if i could


I used to go to via christi clinic i had a doctor there well not no more after what this doctor did to me well i went to see her around november 2019 i thought i had a yeast infection well this is what i told her she did not check to see if this is what i had all she did was prescribe me some yeast infection medicine well i reported this doctor to the director of this doctors office and told the director what she did well this doctor lied through her teeth to the director trying to say i did not ask for no std test what no i did not ask for no std i did not ask for no test i thought i had a yeast infection the dumb dr did not ask me if i wanted to be examined to see if i had a yeast infection or not all she did was prescribe me yeast infection medicine a week or 2 later i went to my obgyn dr and got examined found out what i had i was pissed off that my doctor at the via christi did not examine me to see exactly what i had this doctor is no good


I have been doing surveys on this site for years ever since i was 21 years old iam 40 years old now. Well every time i ever did any type of offer on their site they would not pay out the swagbucks i had to email them and go through alot of red tape. They took away the gold surveys from me bull $#*! i mean this company has treated me like $#*!. I emailed th company about the swagbucks they owe me 242 well this man emailed me back from swagbucks stating he needed the confirmation email there is no confirmation email you dont get one. The 1st time i sent a email to this company a lady emailed me back and did not ask me for a confirmation email so i think this is strange also the offers they have on their site you dont get your swagbucks right away i think this is bull$#*! sometimes you gotta wait a week or a month now this is bull $#*! iam just tired of doing offers on their site on not getting swagbucks and having to go through the red tape to try to get my swagbucks i dont deserve this iam disabled a slow learner i feel swagbucks is just trying to $#*! me outta swagbucks cause iam disabled and a slower learner cause every offer i tried to do i get no swagbucks it is the same thing iam tired of it


I have been doing surveys on survey junkie for years. Well this company loves messing with people by lying to them they will call a person to verify their account then lie to them saying they wont have to do that again. Then this messed up company discriminates against disabled americans they treat them badly they take away their money they worked hard for and take away their surveys they discriminate against them this company discriminates they dont treat everybody fairly

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