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I posted about and the scam that they have been perpetrating. I filed with the BBB I hope the BBB will keep them at a F Rating seeing how pch never answered any of my questions. Why did pch shut down for maintenance 10 minutes after I called and complained to pch customer service? I captured the image showing that. Why is pch lying claiming they claim not know the third party that guaranteed me my $1000 walmart gift card but it is pch that controlled the web page? When did pch add the DATA SHARING was it after my complaint of October 22nd? Please I ask if you see this please copy paste and share with you're friends. Facebook is also blocking my posting on these scammers. Please contact FTC FBI and anyone else you can tell The two agencies mentioned are less than eiger to get off there butts and investigate.


I am writing this warning to all those who are PCH Member's. I received a email on the 22nd of October from PCH, When I open the email it said act now to enter for your chance to win $2.500 a week for life. It was a survey that came up. I took the survey answering many of the question's skipping over others when the survey was over I was offered a $1000 Walmart gift Card the condition was I must choose from a list of items offered I chose rakuten, I never got any confirmation that my Card was going to be sent.

I of course called PCH customer service and was informed PCH dose not do Survey's. I told there rep I have been scammed by PCH. In the fine print below the submit button it says You agree to Third parties contacting you. After I had taken the survey about 10 seconds later I received a Call From a woman that sounded like she was from India telling me my Diabetic supply's was ready for shipping. I said I do not have an order and she hangs up. The only way The Third Party affiliates could have obtained my Phone number was because PCH gave it to them.

After I called PCH to complain Minute's later the web page was shut down. I captured the Image and I have other's. They changed the content it now reads when completing the survey it now says "YOU ARE QUALIFIED". I ask if you are a member of PCH and you receive a email from them with a survey. Take it answer all the questions then click submit and see how long it takes you to get a call from someone. Then ask them how they got you're Number I bet they hang up. I do not open emails when I do not know who is sending it. These snakes are hiding under PCH Name and PCH Knows what they are doing!

I plan on filing complaint with the FBI FTC and BBB. I do not know if it is a violation of the HIPPA ACT But I am betting many of you have not agreed to give you're personal contact information to Third Parties who are contacting you under the umbrella of PCH. Chris from PCH who is a executive with PCH has asked for time to investigate But given PCH shut the page down and changed the content I find it hard to believe that they have my best interest at heart. My intent is to flood the internet every web site I can research and post on. I ask you to copy and paste and share with everyone you know.

If you have the same Problem and you get telemarketers and a bunch of spam mail please forward it to PCH and Chris, *******, And ******* PLEASE copy and paste this on every web site. Lets get the word out. Thank you.


Its simple they Lie they do not take respectability for the incompetent Actions made by idiots that should't be permitted to treat a Dog. Doctor James Blasko, Moved from Waycross Georgia. Like I can't post about him where ever he may go. I have no doubt Some of the same nursing staff still work at the Waycross Hospital. They are not to be trusted. If they screw up they will cover up!


I went to the aspen dental in Ware County Waycross Georgia, they offer a free examination and X-ray's. I admit this was over a year ago. Being on a fixed income I was trying to save the money to have the work done. However in the time I was saving money. The Dentist Left and there is a new dentist. Because of the change They do not want to use the Current X-rays. Aspen wants to charge me $123.00 for my visit. Because of there unethical actions they have caused me more pain and suffering.


Going to Keep it Short, I was a Patient At the Waycross Hospital During the transition From Mayo to Satilla Health Care, I had filed complaints through Proper channels. However The Corruption is so obvious. It defies common sense reasoning. When I filed with the Medical review Board I posed the Question. Give me a Medical reason Where the Patient has IV Infiltrated. The PCU Nurse comes in and can see my Arm is Three times the normal size. She Attempts to reinsert the same IV Needle into my same swollen Arm. Debra N Peacock, Misses the Artery and for two more hours Fluids are building up in my Arm. Why would you not take out the IV Line? Chief Nursing Officer Holli Sweat, and other Supervisors Admitted to me in a Meeting on April 12th 2017 That the Nurses admitted to not Documenting What they Did that Morning. I have medical reports from Doctor Nimi Patel, Neurologist, Her findings show "10 muscles tested 5 came back with abnormal reading". It also States With regards to right Hand For which I complained About my Thumb. It Says. "Intermitted Signal Interference". Question I asked the Neurologist. Is that why my Thumb Keeps going Numb? Their answer was Yes. No Attorney will Help me. The Waycross Hospital is the only one in the Area which is why I believe They will not Be Sanctioned. Jesup Ga is about 50 miles away going East towered the Cost. Valdosta Ga is an hour heading west. So I am asking with Respect to all that see this. The Hospital reprehensive Cindy Cleghorn, Lied to me when Calling me saying they want to Settle with me. It was a weekend Ploy until that Monday morning Canceling the appointment so they could go on Facebook and Block me Saying I am Spamming. What they did not Know is anyone that Comments on their Page I can hit Comments and Contact those people Directly. I ask a Favor to all that See this. Please if you Could Go to FaceBook Type in Satilla Hospital Waycross Georgia, and type in something simple. Why wont you Take Responsibility for the Medical Neglect Against John Whittaker?. Just post in the General comments section Why did Cindy Cleghorn Call and Lie to John Whittaker, Please help me by Standing up to these unethical people. Please also avoid Doctor James Blasko, of Waycross Blackshear and Jesup Georgia, He Quarantined me the day of the IV Infiltration. 4th day of 7 day stay. In for Gull Bladder, The Nurses didn't wear any special clothing or Mask. What they Cannot catch Germs? Doctor James Blasko, Works in a Clinic in Blackshear Ga. Please any postings you can Make. Get the word out they are not to be Trusted. Thank you for your Time. It Says I have over 1M 200.000 Hits on Hear. I Really am Grateful to you.


I John Whittaker, was admitted to the Waycross Ga Hospital on 98/21/2016. Suffering from Pancreatitis and I needed to have my Gull Bladder removed, I was moved from a Standard room to a PCU Unit. PCU Stands for Progressive Care Unit. While in their I had two IV Infiltrations. First happened on 08/23/2016 in Right Hand. Second one happened around 4 or 5 am on the 24th.

The Needle came out of my artery but remained in my arm. The Fluid Built up in my muscles and tissues. At 06:02am on the 24th a male orderly came in to take my vitals. I asked him to get the Nurse, Debra N Peacock, came in and noticing my arm swelled up three times the normal size. She attempts to reinsert the same IV Needle in to my Swollen arm. She claims I have good flow. Meaning she is pushing against my upper arm to see if fluid BLOOD is showing in the Vile. I was looking and I didn't see any flow. She then leaves. I was thinking she was going to get another line to place the IV somewhere else but she wanted to go home I guess.

Keeping in mind she missed the artery when putting needle back in arm. Records show 07:15am PCU Nurses Came in and did not remove IV Line. 07:45am now the IV is taken out. See my arm grew to such proportions that the IV bag was mostly full The Fluid had nowhere to go. All this is while I am under Doctor Blasko, Care. He doesn't even visit me. But he gives an order for a Doppler exam. If your having a Baby and you want to see the heart beat, sex, or want a photo. That's what they did to my arm. They placed a gel on my arm and ran a scan to see if I had any obstructions or blockages.

Imagine if someone would have told the Doctor your patient has been infiltrated for about 4 hours and if you would have removed the IV line Maybe the swelling would go down. I have all the nurses notes and medical reports. Nobody Doctors Nurses Nobody treated me for IV Infiltration. I find it very Humorous Doctor Blasko, would order me Quarantined after the IV incident.

I am discharged on 08/27/2016 their shortly after I am having problems with my Right Hand my Thumb is going numb all the time day night when pushing a Walmart shopping cart. I take reasonable action. I contact the Doctor whom took out my Gull Bladder. I need a referral to see Neurologist. The doctor says their real busy and it can take awhile before being seen. My appointment was around 11/10/2016 the initial meeting with Neurologist Dr. Patel, in Waycross Ga. The day for testing when I was getting electrodes placed all over my right arm and hand. I will be posting notes. 10 Muscles tested 5 came back with abnormal reading under findings it mentions possible onset of Carpel tunnel, and then it says. Intermittent signal interference. That's a fancy way of saying Nerve Damage.

I contact the Hospital and sent a Demand letter or Letter of intent seeking compensation. I went from $100.000 to $35.000 with no counter from them. During the meeting on 04/12/2017 I met with Hospital representatives who admitted The Nurses Violated policies and procedures. Holli Sweat, the Chief Nursing Officer for the Hospital admitted That Debra N Peacock. Aka Nikki should have removed the IV. She failed to Document my treatment. Never telling them her actions or lack of actions.
I received a letter date March 29th 2017 in simple English it states the Hospital reviewed its actions and feels it did nothing wrong. That's Paramount to Jeffery Domber, asking for dinner Rolls with his meals.

Georgia Composite Medical Board Rule 360-3-02 conduct defined. In accordance with O. C. G. A SS
43-34-8 43-1-19 (15) (16)
43-34-8 (7) (21)

I filed my Complaint with which happens to be Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Running for Governor, I will post to every web site media outlet and I ask if you see this post on facebook. Go to Satilla Hospital Waycross Ga. And highlight this and post in the commit section. These People do not want to take responsibility for their actions. Lets share with the world and let them know one voice can make a difference. Contact Kemp supporters by looking online make them see us. Thank you for your time...


Saferwholesale/Great sports, Will rip you off like they have done me. I buy a Tiger trike 300cc. I pay for full assembly and residential delivery. They email me asking if I know someone that has a forklift. The closest they could get it is Tifton Georgia. I live in Waycross Georgia 70 miles away. I needed an ignition Switch because some kid broke into my home and took my keys. I pay $60.00. I am getting the run around from them. Their giving me wrong tracking numbers then the one part that did come was a Horn Because the Bike didn't come with it. That's like a basic standard piece of equipment and I have warranty but I need to pay for the Horn. I have requested out of the $65.00 I want $60.00 Back Their giving me the run around. I have emails to support anything I say. I ask all that see this please call *******991 Their will be a message Hit Number 4 then another set of messages Hit number 4 again. The Receptionist will come on. Ask for Jon in Parts and time how long it takes to reach him. To be Clear the company known as aka Great Sports in Frankfort IL. They are Crooks You should not trust them. I have followed all protocols requesting my refund for a Part I paid for and didn't get. They have stolen my money.

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