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Whatever you do, do not make the mistake of buying anything from this Camper Parts World. I had the worst customer service experience that I have ever had. Their customer service is nonexistent.

To start with this company does not accept phone calls or emails. Even though they show both a phone number and an email address on Order Confirmation. Phone Number *******576 and email address ******* If you call their phone number get you a voice message directing you to their website message system. Their email doesn't work, if you try to send an email you will get a "Failure Notice".

Let me recap:

This is an overview of what happened and the steps I took to negotiate a price adjustment and accept this shipment. My best effort was ignored. On June 27 I saw a Camper Parts World web ad offering the A/C Unit at $682.00 plus a $60. Shipping charge. However, when I went on their website around noon on June 29 to buy the unit I could not find one at that price. I thought that the ad that I saw on the 27th was a special deal that had expired so I went ahead and purchased the A/C Unit at the higher $786.99 price. They received my order at 4:45 PM Kentucky time on the 29th. They close at 5:00 PM. When I got home later that night I went back on the computer and saw the same ad at the same $682.00 price. Early AM on the 30th I sent them a message that they received at 5:08 AM Kentucky time on the 30th, that message would have been available to them at 9:00 AM when they opened. I asked them if they would honor the $682.00 price. I offered them two options. First, adjust the price on my order or second, cancel my order and I would re-order another one at the $682.00 price. I also told them that if they were unwilling to do either. I would cancel the shipment altogether and buy one somewhere else. Accepting my offer would have cost them nothing. Ignoring my offer cost them the sale. They chose to ignore this message.

They had my message a full five and one-half hours before the A/C unit was shipped.
My offer seemed a fair comprise to me. All I was asking, was for them to honor their ad price.
The shipment had not yet left their dock when they received my message, they could have easily canceled the shipment. But even if it had already shipped, there was nothing stopping them from adjusting the price.

My June 30 message was totally ignored, they never responded to it. Once again, you will note that the message arrived at 5:08: AM Kentucky Time on 6/30/21 the day the A/C Unit shipped. Four hours before they opened at 9:00 AM. I sent multiple messages that day, I tried calling, I tried emailing, nothing worked. Then on the 30th. At 2:31 PM Kentucky time, a full five and a half hours after they received my messages canceling the order. I received a message from them telling me that the shipment had shipped.

The problem was compounded because Camper Parts World did not require a signature upon delivery. So FedEx simply dropped the shipment in my driveway. I intended to refuse the shipment, but because of FedEx's delivery policy "the driver never made an attempt to see if anyone was home" I did not have the opportunity. FedEx would not return the A/C unit without Camper Parts World's authorization. If I wanted to return it I had to pay the shipping cost.

The credit card company added insult to injury by requiring that the A/C Unit be returned before they would allow me to dispute the charge. As a result, I had to pay $405.26 shipping cost to return the A/C Unit. Had Camper Parts World been willing to authorize FedEx to return the A/C Unit the cost to them would have only been, because of their corporate shipping rates, $103.61.

I believe that it was vindictiveness on the part of Camper Parts World that I had to pay the return freight on the shipment. First, Camper Parts World ignored my cancellation request. Second, they forced me to pay the return shipping cost.

Whatever you may be thinking of buying, do not buy it from Camper Parts World. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. If you have any problem with the order, Camper Parts World will screw you over.

Tip for consumers:
You cannot contact these people by either phone or email

Products used:
RV A/C Unit


The Tummy Tuck Slimming System, don't believe the hype.
The Tummy Tuck Slimming System has reared its ugly head once again. I've been seeing new TV commercials for this program. I first saw this on the market 10 or 12 years ago. I tried it back then, it didn't work then and it probably won't work now. The other thing that you should be aware of is the "30 Day Trial" that they offer is not worth the paper it's printed on. When I tried to get my money back the company was nowhere to be found.

Word to the wise: If you've decided to try The Tummy Tuck System, buyer be where, take my advice and don't do it.


Asian is NOT A DATING SITE! It is an INTERNET SCAM SITE! If you're actually looking for a foreign mate, stay away from Asian Date. This site is nothing but a ripoff. I can't say that none of the women on the Asian Date Site are looking for a mate, but I know that I responded to 71 of the hundreds that contacted me and they were not. I believe that for the majority of women on this site, this is a job. They are working. I believe that they are on some sort of a commission split and they get a percentage of the money that they can get you to spend communicating with them. In a country the size of China it's probably not to all that hard to find 9 or 10 thousand good looking woman that want to make some extra money chatting with guy's on a dating website. These woman do everything they can to get you to burn through your money as fast as they can by getting you to chat and exchange letters.

Lets count the ways:
1) For starters Asian Date is very expensive. The average American dating site cost between $25 and $50 a month. This buys you all of their services including unlimited commutation. Asian Date on the other hand uses what they call "Credits". They have 3 "Credit" packages. 20 Credits for $16,160 credits for $96 or 1000 Credits for $400. It is difficult to keep track of the "Credits" as you spend them and because they have your credit card they reserve the right to atomically sell you more credits when you run out without letting you know they did it. You can end up spending thousands of dollars a month without ever knowing you did it until you receive you monthly credit card statement.

2) Communicating is very expensive. Letters cost 10 "Credits" to look at a letter from a lady, and another 10 "Credits for you to send a letter to a lady. Live chat, 2 "Credit" per min. You can add Live Video webcam is 6 "Credits" per min. You can set up a live phone call, the charge for that is 10 "Credits per min.

3) The Site blocks you from exchanging email addresses or phone numbers with the woman forcing you to communicate only on the date site. The only option you have to exchange information is to have Asian Date set up a phone call with a woman but if you do she will come up with some excuse not to give you her email address or phone number. A lot of these women claim to be very wealthy business owners or have money because their family is wealthy. But if you ask them to have Asian Date set up a phone call they will not do it. They will respond to you with another letter ignoring your request. Even if they do offer to set up a phone call in their letter to you, if and when you ask them to do it, they will make up some excuse to delay so that you will have to continue communicating on the site. Something like "I'd like to get to know you better first" or "I don't have email" or "I can't make international calls on my phone". Anything to keep you talking. Stall, Stall, Stall, the game here is to keep you spending money.

4) You really have to ask yourself why a young, beautiful, wealthy woman would even be on a dating site. Someone in that position would have an endless procession of suitors chasing her, why would she need to be on a dating site. There are some other things that are a give-a-way that the women are not illegitimately looking for a mate. 1) They talk endlessly about sex. They will offer you a 3 ways with them and their girlfriends or sisters. In the case of younger women in their 20's, them and their mothers. In the case of older women in their 40's and 50's, them and their daughters. 2) Some of them claim to have obscene amounts of money that they want to bring to the relationship. One young woman even said she had millions of billions. Some offered to come and visit and bring suitcases full of money. It was as if they had no concept of the value of money. At the very least you would think they would know you can't travel with a suitcase full of money. Once again the game here is to keep you talking and spending money.

I did manage to find a flaw in their site, I was able to send a message to a women without it costing any money using the chat feature. I would send a quick note to a woman telling her that I had received a message from her and I would ask her to have Asian Date setup phone call between us. Then as soon as I saw her starting to reply so I would know that she had seen my message, I would terminate the chat so there would be no charge. I got away with this for about 4 days then they took my profile down. I went from receiving 250 to 300 letters a day, often 4 to 5 letters from same woman to nothing overnight.

In summation, if your goal is sex talk with a good looking woman and you have a lot of money to waste then Asian Date is the site for you. If on the other hand your sincerely looking for a mate then you really should look elsewhere.


Ripoff, a total ripoff.
In my experience Low Cost Airlines is a total ripoff operation. Dont use them unless you dont mind wasting your money. My experience with them started when I was planing a trip to Malaysia from San Francisco. Unfortunately I got suckered in by their TV commercials. I called them to buy my airline tickets. After making the purchase I thought I would check their price against Kayak and Orbitz. I found the same flights on the same airlines with the same departure and arrival times for $100 less. I called Low Cost Airlines back, this is where I made my second mistake, I let the agent convince me that the lower fair could not possibly be available as Low Cost Airlines had the same fairs as everyone else. And that Kayak and Orbits must not have updated their listings. The following morning I checked Kayak and Orbits again and found the same lower fairs still posted for the same lower price. I then called Low Cost Airlines back to get them to refund my tickets so that I could purchase new ones on Orbitz. This time the agent that I spoke with on the phone informed me that because I had purchased the tickets the night before, and that more than 12 hours had passed I could not get a refund because the 12 hours refund period had passed. Bottom line, it cost me an extra $100 to use Low Cost Airlines. If your thinking about calling Low Cost Airlines for travel reservations DONT DO IT! You will get a much better deal on a legitimate travel site. Stay away from Low Cost Airlines unless you want to be ripped off!


Based on my experience, I believe that is probably a scam. I talked with a lot of different women on the site and the one thing they all had in common was that they were either unwilling or unable to give me their email address so that we could communicate outside the site. charges an astronomical amount of money for credits to chat with women on their dating site. Additionally, there is no way to keep track of how fast your spending the credits. In a period of one month I authorized 3 purchases at $96 each. $300 is a lot of money to spend on a dating site in one month. The average dating site charges between $20 to $30 a month for everything. Well imagine my surprise when I got my credit card bill and found that there was 14 charges not 3. With added fees there was $1620 worth of charges on my bill. 5 of the charges were for Eurodate/Dating. I never bought or authorized any purchase from Eurodate. I called customer service to find out why there were unauthorized on my bill and was told that each time I authorized 1 purchases I was actually authorizing them to charge me for 3. She said there would be no refund.

Tip for consumers:
Do not use It is a total rip off, total scam


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