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Topix was, without a doubt, the best site to surf. The Topix forums were the best forums the Internet could have had. It was the place for thorough reviews of a place, posting what kinds of rules a bar, club, or nightlife facility had, what was allowed or not allowed at a particular place, what kind of dress code a place had, the fact that Northern Illinois is no place for guys to even approach within 30 feet or less of any woman, and that any man that approaches within 30 feet or less of any woman in Northern Illinois is in critical danger of being arrested and going to prison, and the fact that, in Northern Illinois, all communications, especially with strangers, are exclusively business-related only, all in the safety of being anonymous so you don't get persecuted.

Facebook exposes your full identity, exposing you to full persecution. The city-data forum operates from Pyongyang, North Korea, is owned and managed by Kim Jong-Chul, and adheres very strongly to the Juche and Kim Dynasty philosophies. All other forums including city-data and even Patch require a valid email where they send you a key to activate your account, otherwise you can not post anything.

The Topix forums shut down because America has become a sock puppet of North Korea and a nationwide boot camp, a nationwide version of MCRD, where every single person is expected to stay completely out of everyone else's life, be a stranger, stay a stranger, live in complete isolation and division, mind their own business, and stick to their 24 hour hamster wheel schedule all 365 days a year. Get up, have breakfast, go to work, go home, cook dinner, clean, and go to bed. All governed and timed solely and strictly by the rotation of the Earth. To those that shut down the Topix forums, interacting with any other person in a non-business manner, wearing anything other than a heavy gray and black business suit, tie, long black or gray pants, even when it's 110 degrees outside, or even leaving the house except for work, all constitute a capital felony under Federal law.


The city-data forum is headquartered in North Korea. Pyongyang, to be exact. Triangulation even shows it is likely headquartered in the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun (Kim Il-Sung's palace, where the bodies of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il are presently located). The main city-data website may be headquartered in Illinois, but the forum is headquartered in North Korea. Despite what their city-data profiles show, the city-data forum mods are residents of Pyongyang, North Korea. And the administrator of the city-data forum is none other than Kim Jong-Chul, a known relative of Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, and their current dictator Kim Jong-Un. There is ZERO freedom of speech on the city-data forum, of course, because again, the forum operates from North Korea, which is a totalitarian dictatorship, and visiting North Korea is like visiting a prison. If their IP triangulation shows that you are not a resident of Pyongyang, the next time you log in, you get that dreadful message;

"You have been banned for the following reason;

Date the ban will be lifted; Never."

And obviously if you post anything considered insulting, including that Illinoisans don't interact with anyone unless it's business-related or that Chicago is a dangerous city with widespread crime, they ban you, again, for treason. Chicago is the city-data forum's golden calf. And speaking of bad experiences there is considered the same as directly insulting Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un, the Juche Philosophy, and the government of North Korea.

Tip for consumers:
Stay off the city-data forum, it's completely anti-American, based in North Korea, and adheres to the Juche philosophy and the philosophies of the Kim Dynasty.

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