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About Me

Just an average Joe with an intense interest in dogs.

How I Can Help

I have no technical expertise but hope that my expressed experiences with sites will be helpful to others. I must admit that I get more from Site Jabber than I am capable of contributing.


Dogs, mountains, oceans, native wildlife, and wide open places.

28 Reviews by John

Lincare used to be a 5 star operation. They were bought out last year and have gone down the toilet since then. Staffing appears to be inadequate, and the individual who delivered my mother's oxygen today both lied and was lazy. He lied about the oxygen machine he was delivering, and he acted as if he was doing me a favor by doing his job. He did not even deliver all the proper supplies for the machine. I hate to go back to Apria Heathcare but at least they are predictable with their incompetence. God help us when Obama Care fully kicks in.
This program is fantastic but it is for MALWARE only and NOT intended to be an anti virus program. It is reliable, works in conjunction with my antivirus program, and has saved me from many potentially malicious "Malware" attempts. You would be shocked at how many there actually are. It also detects "Adware" that is suspicious, informs you, and quarantines it. You can review this "Adware" in the Malwarebytes program and either keep it or discard it.
This program is user friendly and was recommended by a friend who works for Dell. Lastly, if you want something that it blocks, you can add whatever you want to the allow list. Read about it at Cnet.com. If you want real time protection, you need the Pro version which costs about $25-$30. The free version simply lets you scan for malware after the fact.
I signed up for their trial period only to find that the so called trial period only lets you view profiles and receive a message. You could not answer the person unless you joined and paid. I became a bit suspicious by this practice because a trial period is supposed to let you try the product or service free with no restrictions. I began to look at reviews and, on average, they could not even get a 2 star rating. There were numerous complaints about fraud, stealing identities, horrendous customer service, and lack of monitoring the site.
Prior to your joining anything, look at the online reviews first and go to more than one site for reviews. Remember, the more reviews, the better information for you. If there are just a few reviews and they are glowing, stay away. Something isn't right.
Great laptop but horrendous customer service (India again) and poor sales persons. I came very close to mailing my $1265 custom laptop back to HP due to the salesperson lying to me and having to purchase additional items to install what they sold me. 1. The salesperson lied about the number of CD/DVD slots I would be getting. They told me 2 and there is only 1. I wanted two for copying CDs/DVDs. 2. He assured me that customer service would NOT be India but the Philippines. It IS India and twice I could not understand them and they could not understand me. 3. The salesperson sold me a "kit" to put a second solid state hard drive in my laptop. When I received it, I realized that I now had to purchase an installation kit. 4. HP does not publish adverse reviews, so do not go to their site for reviews. They cherry pick what they want you to see.

The computer gets 5 stars while sales and customer service gets 0 stars. This averages to 3 stars.
First, I take issue with any company that installs software on my computer without my permission. Second, it resets my home page and search engines periodically. Third, it is impossible to get off your computer. I tried Revo Uninstaller, and Ask.com jammed it for over 1/2 hour. I tried to uninstall it through Windows Uninstaller (My Computer) and, although you allegedly uninstalled it, it is still there. It shows no traces anywhere on the computer in programs and does not show on the uninstall list. In essence, it is like a plague.
Excellent customer service and provider. No more customer service from India, and no more of India trying to sell you a service package without helping you. AT&T has gotten too expensive, provides the worst customer service (See Consumer Reports article), has restrctive hours for help with the Internet, and the products are below average. WOW gives you 15MPS Internet connection as compared to AT&T which gives you 3MPS, if you are lucky. Also, WOW is AMERICAN based and is located in Colorado Springs with customer service 24/7 in Colorado and Alabama. They give you a phone service (land line) with free toll and incoming calls plus 100 free minutes for local and long distance/month.
I urge you to look into their services, if it is located in your area. The cost is only $7 more per month, and you can negotiate price and have your installation waived. The only drawback is outsourcing installation. INSIST on having a WOW employee install your lines, and do not be afraid to ask the installer if he is contracted. The contracted individuals will not do anything which is not their job but WOW employees will help you with everything from setting up email to figuring out how to set up other devices you might have, such as, Roku.
This is a letter sent to AT&T Corprate Headquaters. It summarizes their sevices.

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted you to know that I will be canceling my phone and Internet services provided by AT&T for the following reasons:

1. I will no longer deal with India customer support,
2. Your Internet is too slow, and I have the Pro version,
3. Your office hours for customer support are unacceptable.

I tried to upgrade my service with you and all I got was the run around with a bunch of automated questions. Then I was given an automated response stating that your offices were closed.

WOW! has customer service 24/7, you speak to a human being, and they are from America. As you know, Consumer Reports latest issue rates your business quite low and WOW! gives more for less money.

With the customer service you provide in conjunction with the Consumer Reports article, I am confident that I am not the only individual who will be switching providers.
** I just found out that "VOLDY.TO" hijacked 1Channel** 1Channel is now called Primewire NOT "VOLDY.TO** VOLDY.TO will put malware on your comuter;

This is a great steaming site with many movies and TV programs of today and yester-year. The streaming can be slow, except for 'potlucker' and 'sockshare' which do not require a download. Lastly, be circumvent with your downloads and plug-ins to view movies. I have found that simply closing the download box and re-clicking the play arrow does the trick without downloads.
There has been a tremendous turnaround with Norton. A few years ago, I got rid of Norton due to it's unreliability and poor screening for viruses. Also, it used to be next to impossible to remove the program, and they used to sneak it on your computer when you downloaded something else. They have really turned this company around and I give it the highest ratings. Norton catches almost everything, except malware, and is very reliable. I currently use Malwarebytes (Fantastic program) in conjunction with Norton. I have not had one issue since doing this. Both are constantly catching something, and I would recommend using both. POST NOTE: The difference between using the free Malwarebytes and the Pro version is that the Pro version catches malware as you surf (real time) while the free version is an after the fact scan.
I was sold on Quicken for years, until I lost all my bank account data for 2012 The program only included entries up to 10/2011 and it is now 6/2012. All data in my back-up file on my desktop was the same. I called customer service and, of course, got India. Instead of giving me support, they wanted to charge to help me. Indian customer service is a scam. To date, I have dropped all services from AT&T, MacAfee, Dell, and many others. There are companies in America who only give American customer support and they are fantastic. I urge you to ensure that you do not get India as customer service, if you ever buy a product. They are a greedy and dishonest group who will try to mild every dime from you and still not be of any help. Thank God I had a back-up on a Western Digital external hard drive which permitted me to restore my 2012 information. STAY AWAY FROM INDIA!
Their products are excellent but their replacement batteries for a cordless phone are WAY out of line. They wanted $21.95 for a replacement battery where I got the same Panasonic battery on Ebay for $7.99. Yes, it was new and still in the original Panasonic packaging, and I did not have to bid on it. The mark-up for their replacement parts are unacceptable, and you can get much better deals with OEM parts on Ebay or Amazon.
This site allegedly gives you the name and address of the person owning a cell number. Like most of these paid sites, it's mostly nonsense and the information is far from accurate. When you type in the number, you will get partial information until you pay a fee. There are no guarantees for accuracy and you will probably pay for information that is useless. I have found one site, and only one site, that will give you free phone numbers or reverse phone look-up. http://www.whitepages.com/
You may not always get what you need, at the same time, it's totally free.
Most of these sites that you have to pay to get phone numbers and addresses are not reliable or accurate. The site listed above and Google phone book appear to be the only reliable or semi-reliable way to get this type of information. I urge you to think twice before giving your hard earned money to these sites.
Remember, no matter what the information is that you need to get about a person, it is on the Internet somewhere for free. It's a matter of where do you go to get it?
Lastly, the most accurate information on the Internet is free information. Why? Because the places that you get free information is through government or government regulated agencies or companies. The Freedom of Information Act gives you access to anything about an individual that is available by law.
Spokeo I. – Spokeo Rep
Dear John D.

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm sorry to hear that our service did not meet your expectations. Spokeo showcases the power of information aggregation, as the data is gathered from a multitude of different sources, such as social networks, public records, phone listings, marketing surveys and more. We also organize the information so that it makes sense for you, as a user. However, machine aggregation has its limits. Since there is no human involved, the data is not verified and might not be accurate. Moreover, many sources do not refresh their data often. Our Terms of Use states clearly that we are a Search Engine, and do not create, maintain or modify any of the information you see. For this reason, we cannot guarantee full or accurate information for every name, phone number, email address or username you search for, as the results vary so much from person to person. We are only as good as our sources, and our engineers are working hard on new algorithms to improve our data accuracy. I do apologize again for the inconvenience.


Roku worked quite well until the guaranty was up after one year. Currently, I need to reset the unit at least 4 times a week because it fails to connect with my wireless network. As for customer service, we are back to India that refuses to help you unless you purchase a contract with them for at least one year. This is about $90 which exceeds the cost of the unit. No, I would not recommend Roku.
This is a company that has medical supplies, such as, CPAP machines and oxygen producing machines. Stay away from them because they are a billing nightmare. They double and triple bill your insurance company and still send you bills the insurance company paid. It took me 7 months to staighten out the mess they created, and they have done this on more than one occasion.
The customer service for this company is horrendous. You will get India, they will not understand your problems, they will try to sell you a service plan for $169/year, and they will refuse to connect you with America. The product lets viruses through and, when you try to get clarification regarding how to remove them, you get India again and another sales pitch. I had a 5 year subscription with McAfee and cancelled it.
Well, United Airlines does it again. I bought a ticket for my sister to visit because she has cancer and no money. Her doctor now states that she cannot fly, so I attempted to call United to see if I could get a refund under these circumstances. There is NO way to speak with an American, and I was routed to India who was as useful as teats on a bull. The short of it is that I am going to have to swallow the cost of this ticket or pay a $200 re-booking fee which exceeds the cost of the ticket. Every experience I have had with United has been negative, and I should have known better than to ever use them again. Unfortunately, they have the only nonstop flight from the originating city, and my sister cannot handle the change in flights. United has got to be the worst run business I have ever encountered.

UPDATE: October 11, 2013
American Express challenged United after I disputed the charge with them. United gave me back 100% of my ticket price thanks to American Express.
Dispute a charge and provide proper documentation but dispute it through your credit card company that has more power than you.
They might provide a good service but will not leave you alone with email spam and incessant mailings. They will not let you unsubscribe despite the fact that there is a link to do so. I will not deal with a company who constantly sends me spam when I ask them not to do so.
DO NOT buy a Flip Video Camcorder from Cisco. They are discontinuing the product and you will not be able to use FlipShare which is needed to share or upload your videos. Their customer service number is disconnected, so you cannot even get a hold of them I called Cisco corporate headquarters to get support and they gave me the discontinued number. When I informed them of this, they told me, "Have a nice day". So, my $200 camcorder will now become useless. I will never deal with Cisco again.
I am very pleased with Costco and find their prices reasonable. Their selection is not good, and there are times when you cannot buy the same product because they keep switching their inventory.
Costco is no bargain for fruits or vegetables. I was extremely disappointed to find that some of their fruit in plastic single serve containers were from China where there are no controls. I called corporate headquarters and they told me that they visit China and inspect the production of fruit. I highly doubt that this is the truth and suggest that you always look for the country of origin for your food.
The product is good but customer service stinks. Try calling for help and you'll get India that will refuse to give you an American agent. Then they try to sell you additional customer support. I have a $1500 Dell and cannot get America to help me so I'm going with Apple.

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