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Do NOT work with weblinkindia. Net – just do not waste your time and money.
(stating facts below)
Extremely bad project management and poor attention to details. One needs to request the same thing tons of times. Literally.
I have worked with them on 2 projects, and by far, it was the worst experience.
Here is what happened. At first, I started getting endless calls from their sales team to offer me website and app development services. Such company gets the prospect data from the domain names providers. Upon one purchase a domain, they'll sell a list of the new domains' owners to such companies, this is how they got my details. Nonetheless, when they called me, I mentioned to them that I have a business idea that I wanted create (an app idea). They assured me that they can develop any kind of apps. After a series of follow up calls I decided to share the idea with them after I made them sign an NDA agreement just to protect my rights to the intellectual property. The NDA has clearly stated that Weblinkindia. Net has no rights whatsoever to even use this idea in their portfolio. We signed the NDA, and moved to the next steps (technical requirement and pricings). They enticed me to do a website (portal) together with 2 mobile apps and also pay for the extra language (Arabic) in advance as they put it in a way that there was a limited discount promo ending in 2 days, so I have paid towards all of them to get the discounted price. The total cost of the project about $18,000 spread between all the deliverables. They started on the website design, so did my struggle with me… I was requesting the same change for tons of times, over and over again, to the extent that I started recording videos to explain the changes to them. Even that didn't work. To get a small change done, I would need to burn your throat and waste countless number of days to get a tiny change done.
In the midst of this, covid-19 pandemic hit. And, like all other businesses, we put all the projects on hold as we initially didn't know how long this pandemic would go on and how bad it was going to affect businesses. As things weren't clear at the beginning of it.
We as a business (startup), was completely shut down. Zero business projects and no income for months.
In the beginning of August 2020, I got a website project. I thought, since I already signed an NDA with Weblinkindia. Net, I thought of working with them on this project. I then briefed them on it and we agreed on the price and the timeline that was given by them i. E. 25 days max as they proposed. I paid them 50% advance payment and we started working on it. The design ALONE took about 45 days, because of the endless feedback I have given them for same issues, changes didn't get done, no responses, but excuses. Some changes requested haven't been done till today Jan 28,2021. Some features agreed on the contract was missed on and when I requested for it, they said they decided to remove them, the sales person said on the phone that he agreed to reduce the price of the site so they decided to remove some features from the site. They just decided by themselves to remove what was agreed on cotractually without even informing me. Imagine that.

Let me go back a little, in October 2020, after I fully realized that investing in a personal project (my app idea) wasn't right at this point of time due to the negative affect corona pandemic left us with. Our priorities changed as explained to them… I called Weblinkindia. Net and requested that they deduct the amount of all the work done by them including the second project and return remaining money back to me. They promised to get back to me with the statement of my account. They never did. Despite of my many follow ups, I was just getting false promises. I then requested on their website for somebody from the management to get in touch with me as I needed to push for this to get finalized as quickly as possible. The same person who was dealing with me got in touch with me.
I got really frustrated of their negligence and disrespect and I requested him to not talk to me again and I want to talk to some from the management. After many requests, his immediate boss by the name of Boskey got in touch with me and she assured me that she will take care of this. She never got back to me. I then tried calling her to her mobile, and leaving her WhatsApp messages that she saw and chose to ignore them. After many attempts and many days, I managed to talk to her, and I literally begged her that I needed my money badly (due to what resulted from this pandemic – and of course, I mentioned to her my personal reasons for the same, which I don't want to write here). She again assured me that she would get back to me in the same day for sure. And she literally said, don't worry, consider it done. I was relieved to hear that, finally someone is willing to help. And after then, she'd NEVER picked up the phone, nor replied to any of my followup messages.

This went for weeks… and I again sent another email on the website of Weblinkindia. Net requesting that the management has to get in touch with me as this has gone too far and it is very crucial matter and needed to be addressed immediately. Simultaneously, I sent a WhatsApp message to the WhatsApp no. Of the company (that's mentioned on their website) requesting for the same. That was after I saw that THEY HAVE BREACHED our NDA agreement – I saw that they published my UNIFINISHED personal project on their portfolio. After the message, I got a call from the same sales person that I requested not to deal with.

I asked him to let someone from the management talk to me. No one did. After my repeated requests, they shut down the website they developed for my client, requesting me to pay the other 50%... I was, for all these months, just waiting for a simple answer to send my statement of account after they deduct the charges of all the work they done, and I was promised tons of times to be done… It truly cannot get more disrespectful and unprofessional than this.
Having received no answer, I sent an angry email and I copied every email address I have for their team, including their info email hoping that the management would take any action on this matter, I attached the WhatsApp messages I had sent requesting for replies which didn't get answered. The management took NO action whatsoever. I then received an email from them (after months of waiting) stating that as per their policy they don't offer refunds. And they needed me to pay the 50% for the website and they have shut it done to pressurized me to pay. They kept ignoring me for months, giving my false promises, and then come and say they don't give refunds.

I have given them a notice to attend to this matter, again, they chose not to. Worse than that, they threaten me to get in touch my client to ask for the payment (which is against our agreement). They have left me with no choice but to escalate this. I feel obliged to tell as many people as I could to save before the get treate like this, waste their time and money.

Just think about the fact that why would I invest time to put this together to tell people about, hadn't they treated me like this?


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