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I like sharing and reading opinions. I am passionate about my views and discussing with other passionate people is fun, even if they don't agree. What I don't like are people who try and limit people's views because they don't agree with them.


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I really like Wikipedia. People have a problem with it because it can be changed or altered by others. But they have to have links to information that backs up their additions. If they do not they will have time to find them or it'll be removed. This is far better than any encyclopedia book. Why? Because this information can be altered for corrections or updated on the spot. It gives information to the people and helps them understand certain things better.

I think that it's one of the best sites to ever be created because it furthers people's understanding of certain things. I like that it has to be written without bias. It's a fantastic site for information on many different topics.


I did not want to join it. I did join it because one night CNN was having a battle with Ashton Kutcher and they were trying to get to a million followers. I decided to follow CNN first, but Ashton won... and then I followed him. I found other people on there that I like that are famous and I have been amused ever since.

I have found average people that are entertaining telling me about what their dad says or how their business life is with stupid meetings and inept coworkers. I also found it useful for my current.com articles (but since current.com is a crap site... that no longer matters). I like reading what John Mayer has to say because he's funny at times. I get the CNN stuff and learn things about what's going on quickly. I also do a contest with a NYC Midnight on blogging a story in 140 characters using a specific word. It's great.

Twitter is only as fun as you want it to be. It is not necessary to twitter something. You don't have to twitter at all, you can read what others are saying and be entertained by that. Plus seeing what is on trending topics is great. That is a great gauge of what people think is important at the moment.

Lots of things are fun that seem mundane to others. TV watching would be one of those things for those that like to go outside and DO stuff. Don't like Twitter, you don't have to, but there is a reason why it's popular.


I love DeviantArt.com. I think it's a fantastic site. I can see so much great work from so many different people. I like to see the daily deviations. Though I would like to see a day where they don't have something that looks so pretentious like nudity. There's only so many cool things one can do with nudity. There are other people that have great work that goes ignored for things that look like they captured as someone got out of the shower. To me everything is not art. Stating that it is makes those that work hard to create art meaningless.

I would like there to be more content on writing and promoting writing in some form or another. There's a lot for photography, drawing, painting and the like. But for writers it's only Writer's Workshop. I enjoyed it when I was in the writing workshop but those that handled that were not very good with keeping the peace. They would side with those that were doing the workshop because they were putting time out of their "busy" schedule to do it. Well so was I. They were belittling to my time and how much effort I put into something and did not appreciate my submissions and therefore I had to quit. I don't need someone to praise me, but I certainly don't need snide remarks left under the guise of "helping".

I look at this site and I'm amazed at the talent that is there that doesn't get utilized by someone. I wish I had money because I would so use some of these people for great projects I have in mind. This is a treasure trove of greatness that those who need talent. DeviantArt has so much talent.

I also enjoy their news and contest. I think that they try really hard to give to those that made their site. That is something Current.com and Student.com should learn---or they'll just become dead and a grave site for what could have been.


I have been with last.fm for 4 years. I have over 200,000 scrobbles. I love how it has my own hit list. Tells me what bands I listened to the most that week. What song I listened to the most that week. Then there is an overall list of my listens. They have radio that caters to me. My Sprint Hero has an app and I can listen to it when I don't have a radio or my Ipod. This is one of those sites that is just perfect.

I like that you can set up groups and it'll run group lists. I watched this site while American Idol was going on this year and it pretty much helped guess who was going to go home based on how many listens they were getting. Kris and Adam were the top two the entire season.

This is a great site for those that love music.

I have not used the forums. I think that I looked at them one time and I'm not into many forums because they don't look comfortable for reading and posting.


Their banning policy is archaic. They'll listen to anyone who has a complaint and when they can't stand it any more they'll pick a comment and say that is why someone was removed from the site. It doesn't matter if the comment is 15 days old, either. They don't give warnings as they state they do... well not as frequently as they state. They also lie. They are pruning that site to be liberal more than it is right now.

When there is a thread that is complaining about how someone was ban ( http://current.com/items/91797095_rantings-of-a-crazy-$#*!/75.htm) and people think that it was wrong you are not running the site wisely.

I have seen other forums. They find things that people say that are wrong the day it happens. If they need more staff maybe they shouldn't have fired so many a while ago. Can't run it right, you might as well not run it at all.

The below review is not wrong. He is right. It is a great place... well it was a great place. They are ruining it by the changes they are making and they are not listening to the people that made it popular and yes I am one of those people. They'll use you and then toss you. Worse than a ex.

They do not think that they are at all wrong when they decide to do something and they don't discuss any comment with anyone. They dictate like a dictator what is and isn't ok.

Current use to be a great place but they now let those who hate, instead of those that love that site, dictate what should and shouldn't be done.

This site is going to die if it is to continue being ran as it is. It already has less membership than a website you pay to use. If they were up to listening to others it would thrive.

I am sad that that Current has gotten rid of their user content and have turned into any other 24 hour news station. It's no longer cool or innovative. And you'll get more unbias news from YahooNews than this site.

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