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8 Reviews by Jim


I am staring this on sitejabber before I move on to my many other review sites. I have been here 2 days and will update once I have finished my stay before I go on to my other review sites. I arrived yesterday lunchtime, please note I have stayed in many other 4* all inclusive hotels including H Top chain and not had issues. Having been in catering running pubs and high end restaurants with up to 55 staff chefs and managers underneath me I know the trade.
Day 1. We arrive, my Fiancee is vegetarian, as all inclusive we were asked if we wanted to go in for lunch, we said we did,. Once signing in and dropping our bags in our basic but clean and tidy room we went down. On arrival in the restaurant it was mobbed, not a free table, no food out and queues as long as you could imagine. We just had to leave and explain we would come back towards the end of service 40 mins later. We did, what we said, What we eat was nice but limited at that time. We then devised a plan, we'd go in for dinner later at 8.30 pm the restaurant only serves 7-9 pm. It was fine. We Therefore decided to do the same tonight. We arrived at 8.30 pm and it was ridiculous. We walked around for 5 minutes to try to get a table, we could not find one. I went to complain and ask for the manager. In the meantime my fiancee found a table, but not set. I eventually found the restaurant manager who looked stressed and was totally disinterested at my complaint and walked me round and pointed out a table that was free and dressed (only had just been. The fact when I pointed out that there was no food was "more will come out soon" I have pictures for example of a restaurant with 100's of people, with 20 odd looking at the dessert table, and only 6 desserts (5 of the same kind) there. The front of house lady who was very good and polite aplogised, it should be the manager (how ignorant?) She offered a free bottle of wine, I explained we are all inclusive and I could have as many glasses of wine as I liked (I understand people are on different packages) so what good is that?. Other issues: Our door to our room needs attention, on arrival it took 12 attempts to unlock it. We went down and explained and requested 2 new key cards. We got them, since them 14 attempts to unlock and we got in after 7 attempts and 12 for example. In this case there is no point in complaining again as the door needs to be re-aligned and sensors replaced. Internet, normally F. O. C. 5 a day, 10 for three days, only 2 items allowed. The other H top hotels were F. O. C. (maybe I should have checked the fine print!) we both need to monitor work e-mails. Safe deposit boxes, theemost expansive I have ever had in any H top hotel or any other for that fact. Min fridge, I could see where one used to be, when I checked you have to hire one for 3 per day? I did but never in my life and I travel a lot have I found this. The only thing I can say is that 90% of the staff have been great. It is not their fault. For the size of this hotel dinner should be served 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm to avoid these issues like all others I have generally visited. I was told by a staff member tonight that the congestion was because a lot of the Spanish/French customers were ignoring their allocated dinner times because they like to eat later. THAT is not my fault. I would just turn them away because of the rules they have agreed to. They would learn the next night! I am on a higher grade package so should get preference. If they were on a higher grade I would accept it and plan accordingly. If the G. M. would like to speak to me I will happily speak with him, I am in room 206 and check out on Monday. I will start blogging and reviewing on my return back to Dublin about the shambolic state of affairs and other issues.


I have used Multitrip for many years on and off now. I have compared prices for what I required and they have been reasonable. The main reason I used them was because of their flexibility each year whether I plan a cruise or a trip outside Europe to reflect their gold insurance model.

On the 20/9/18 I received an e-mail saying that my policy expired on 3/10/18. I was informed that I had: Auto renew" set on. I newer put auto renew on, I'm very careful but I can't definitely say I made a mistake. Anyway, I logged in to my account and turned it off.

I received the following e-mail from them:

Automatic Renewal of your Multitrip.com Travel Insurance AMTIAJM/2018564

Dear James
As per your recent communication with us. This is to confirm that the above policy will not be automatically renewed.

We will send you a renewal reminder email to inform you that this policy is about to expire and invite you to login or call us to renew it.

If you have any queries or questions with regards to the renewal process please do not hesitate to contact us on 0818 44 44 44.

As a valued customer of Multitrip.com we would like to offer discounts on our other insurance products such as Gadget Insurance, Pet Insurance, Car Hire Excess and Motor Breakdown. If you would like a discount code please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


Adrienne Ledwidge CIP

No issues I thought, then I checked my bank account as I do a couple of times a week and they had renewed me and taken 102.83. I gave them 14 days notice that I did not want to renew and they still took it!

I looked to complain and found this on their website, this is copy and paste:
If you have a complaint about the sale of your policy or our website, please contact us on *******@blueinsurance.ie.

We will do our best to resolve your complaint within 40 business days of receipt of your initial complaint. If we are unable to resolve your complaint you may refer the matter to the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman (https://www.fspo.ie/). If you purchased your policy online, you will also be able to use the EC On-line Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ who will notify the FSPO on your behalf. Our full Complaints Procedure is available on request.

40 business days? For helping themselves to monies they have by e-mail not agreed they are entitled to?

I then decided to go to their Facebook page, it said they have people monitoring online at all times. It also said that the reply will come within a few minutes. Well 3 hours later sweet F. A.

This was my initial polite inquiry, when you are paid on the last Friday in the month do you need someone taking money from your account when they have told you it was canceled.

I had travel insurance with you for the last few of years via multitrip. I saw an e-mail coming in that said my policy was due to expire on the 3/10/18. It also said I had auto renew on, so I turned it off on 20/8/18. I Intended to renew but on different policy terms as I do not plan to go to the states next year. Can you explain why you have taken the money out of my bank account 102.83 today after I cancelled auto renew 14 days in advance? Your ref: AMTIAJM/2018564
Anyone there? Apparently you reply within a few minutes? Or is that only to do with sales inquiries?
James Mitchell

No reply as yet, that's why I jabbed (few minutes reply B. S.). Canceled 2 weeks notice let alone cooling off period.

I'll await the owners reply as you do on Jabber but as usual I'll check who I'm speaking to and get some mid level management at best fobbing me off about tech glitches ETC.


There I was thinking that if I drove from Finglas in Dublin to Naas in Kildare I'd bag myself a bargain TV. I paid 6 days in advance of my new shiny collection. I checked with the manager that it would fit on mt cantilever stand, trading up 42" to 43" told yes. Bingo, I'm off, collect my new shiny TV. Get it home and out of the box, 4 holes in the back but no screws? The screws that I had for my recycled TV were too big but they provided none for my brackets. I get on the blower, is it me? The call center call me back and get the manager from Naas on the phone. You told me it would fit on my stand says I? It will do says he but you need the screws. Don; t they come with them says I? Oh no only if you buy brackets or a stand says he? Eventually he says I'll rummage around and post you a couple out, they'll be with you in a few days says he. Shocked that I'd been misled originally I said O. K. Then I had a brainwave, there is a power city 5 minutes down the road. I left my number at the call center 3 more times, then I got a call back. I re-explained the situation and said rather than Naas post them out I'll go and collect from Finglas. Mmmm... I'll check with Naas I'm told? Someone will call shortly. No reply after half an hour so back on to no help desk. They call me, I'm told that even though they have hundreds of TV'S and bracket sets them there screws (even though I've found out that there are only 4 sizes https://removeandreplace.com/2016/10/18/tv-wall-mounting-what-type-of-screws-do-i-need-from-wall-bracket-to-tv/) are about as common as hens teeth! They have none of them there screws that go with your nice new telly sir. Basically shut up and wait until the middle of next week while we scrummage around to send you a couple. When I asked the guy quite angrily on the phone, are you having a laugh when you said Finglas store has none, he replied yes I'm sure. That is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. I challenge anyone of Power city right now to let me take that big new TV that is still in the box to the Finglas store and not have 2 standard screws for my TV. I can't comprehend if it's bare faced lying or juct incredibly poor training for the so called customer service.


On Sunday I was cooking a meal for the family and the trip switch on the cooker and fridge freezer went and wouldn't reset. I called this firm and spoke with a man called Greg, he said he'd check where his guys were and get back to me. 5 minutes later he called and said he'd have someone with me within half an hour. 20 Minutes later an electrician called Derek arrived. The problem he said was a faulty breaker luckily he had one in the van. He was done in 15 minutes and I thought the charge including parts 130 was good especially for a Sunday. The food in the fridge and freezer would have cost more to replace!


I had a plumbing emergency (boiler not firing). I tried a company I used before but they were too busy. My partner said she had used these guys before so I called them. A guy called Greg answered, he came out himself within the hour sorted the issue by repressurizing the system. He was very polite and actually charged a tenner less than the company I've used before! Very Happy :)


I've just returned from an absolutely wonderful trip to Iceland. I stayed with Center Hotels and I've got to say they were fabulous. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly the place was immaculately clean and the food outstanding. As they have 5 hotels in Rekyavik you can get a half board package and dine in other hotels and use their facilities. The hotel I stayed in has a sky bar with incredible views and on our last night we got to see the northern lights from the balcony of the bar, amazing! I would highly recommend to anyone considering a trip to Iceland.


Absolute joke this crowd! I'm moving and out of contract so I rang them to cancel after being transferred many times I finally get to speak to someone who tells me I have to put it in e-mail, so I do. This was on 30th Sept. I was told it was 1 month/ 30 days notice. Next thing I get is a bill with a €200 cancellation fee! When speaking to them the first told me not to worry, they could see I was out of contract and they would take the money and then 7-14 days later would refund me the €200? I told them where to go with that idea and paid my outstanding balance there and then so as they wouldn't do it. I move out tomorrow morning and I've paid for 30 days of my package but what a surprise I come home to find my TV cut off? I paid good money for service up until midnight tonight! After passing through many departments I was finally told there was nothing they could do about reconnecting me! I will have the last laugh though as I'm moving to an out of contract UPC house and have my name on the account already, so tomorrow I can tell them where to go and get sky in :) You get what you pay for and as soon as I paid I didn't get it, disgraceful!


I'd be very wary of using this shower! I booked a hotel in Vegas and cancelled it 3 days later as I changed my mind. They said on the site that no money would be taken and free cancellation. I checked my balance after I'd cancelled and the hotel had debited my card for nearly €150! I called them and they told me "this should not have happened and they'd contact the hotel". The next day they said they needed copies of bank statements, proof of address, virtually everything about me (statements had bic, iban, account number, name address etc. perfect for identity fraud!) I was very wary but felt I had to give then the info or I wouldn't get a refund. I gave them what they wanted and the refund came through. The problem then was I was left short on the refund because of the exchange rates and transaction charges. I pointed this out to them and asked for the difference but they basically told me where to go as I'd got a refund! And it wasn't their fault. They admitted that the money shouldn't have been taken in the first place, therefore it's definitely not my fault so why am I still out of pocket? In other words book at your own peril, be prepared to have money debited when you don't expect it and then be prepared not to get it all back after you've spent hours of your own time chasing their F**K UP! Disgraceful!

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