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Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret


I like Victoria Secret's they are live. I haven't did any business with them in quite a while but, never encountered a problem with them. They are very kind and courteous to do business with. This is my point of view about them. I do not know what other people have to say about them.




They are a pretty good company. I did encounter some complications with them. They were adding late charges to my account and my payment were never late. I think because I were a good customer and they didn't want to let go.




I want everyone too know that these credit card banks are robbing people for their money. What they are doing is pretending they are not getting your payments on time and charging you late fees so, they can pocket your money. Be aware of this barclaycard is one of them. I always pay my bills on time. When I opened up my statement they had me owing a minimum payment of $106. I noticed that my bill was not dropping and I have been paying them $60 far beyond a year. When I looked at my statement and notice the minimum statement was so, high. I called them up and spoke to a representative. I asked why is my minimum payment so, high. She stated to me that I missed a payment for December and they charged me a late fee. I said to her Ms. I have never had a late payment with you all since I have been doing business with you all.

She disputed with me and I told her to file a dispute. Here is what I did on November 2, 2016. I sent them a payment of $60 then, I turned around and sent them a payment on November 30, 2016 for the month of December. Now, they are telling me that they just posted the payment on December 31,2016. Remember, now, they told me they never received the payment in the beginning. Follow me and you can see what I see that, they are lying.

I told them to look at my account and see if they see any of my other payments being late. They couldn't find any late payments. While looking at my statement I'm noticing that they are charging me fees of $27 what fees I don't know. Then, I am looking at the interest rate of $26. If I am paying them $60 a month and they are charging me these figures I listed above. They are only adding $7 to my account. They are so, crooked that they can't even get their own lies straight.

I don't know how in the world that these people are allowed to do business in a bank because they are professional robbers and when I say these people I mean those old funny style talking people like the one's I was dealing with at Dell and Credit one bank. They are still trying to make me pay a late charge and I told them I am not paying any late charges because my payments are never late. If I paid them $60 November 30, 2016 for the month of December and my due date is on the 18th of the month. I paid them early because I usually, pay them on the 3rd of each month. This is a crooked game that they are playing trying to get more money out of me.

Tell pissed consumer they got me pissed and I want somebody to do something about this. I am not going to be satisfied until, somebody do something about this. Just about all these businesses they are all doing crooked things to people and somebody needs to stop them. All they can see is money floating around in their brains and trying to mess people up with their lies. I told them that I am not paying them any late charges and I mean just that because they, got that payment on time and I know they did. It did not come back to me. This is a way they think that they can get away with doing dirt to people by pretending they are not getting your payment on time so, that they can add late charges and pocket your money.

I been caught on to this of stuff dealing with credit one bank and Dell computers credit one bank was doing the same identical thing. This is why I had to file complaints on them and these are the same kind of people that they are. I am going to say this again. When these banks and companies as well, see that you are paying your bills good they will start messing with your account pretending they are not getting your payments and charging you late fees in order to keep your money. it's a dirty little trick that they are playing.

I want you to go after, the manager I ask the rep to let me speak to a manager he said his name is Jey ID:COEJAR this is the letters he gave me and I could tell that they was plotting up a game to tell me because it took him to long to get to the phone after, speaking to the representative. He got on the phone lying and I told him I was going to file a complaint against him and I hung up the phone on him because I did not want to keep listening to his lies.

It seems to me like there is some kind of sickness taking control of people mind and it's spreading all around the world like wildfire. I believe that people will eat money if they could or, maybe they have tried to. I don't know if you put it between some bread and feed it to them I believe they would try to eat it. People has actually, fell in love with money. Just pay attention to what I'm saying and you can see it for yourselves. Everybody needs money to make a living but, not to eat it. Hungry for money. What are they going to do when they have to die and leave it. They can't take it with them. There is nothing people want do for money.

They did not know what real money was until, they came into the united states and now that they got the taste of it they know that money is real. They fell in love head over hills with money and don't care who they hurt to get it. When they see the color green. It does something to their minds. God said money is evil and as, we all can see that he was telling the truth. That's why a lot of people are not here today because of the love of money. My best regards reaches out to all of you.

Tip for consumers: Be alert for bank robbers. They are out to get whoever, they can rob especially, if you pay them well. Somebody stop them because they are not going to stop. If anything they will get worse. Don't let them keep doing this to innocent people.




I would like to explain the problem to you that I'm having with Comcast and DIRECTV. Every since we moved to this location. I have been having a problem with them over charging me and charging me what they want to charge me. They all work together in these little small towns and all of them are doing the same thing and that's robbing people of their hard earned money. It's hard to believe that in a small little town like this would be this way.

People doesn't try to learn anything behind their wrong doings. Instead, they get worse and worse. The way that things are going wrong in this world today. Look like somebody would learn some sense. It seems as though they would try to straighten up and try to do what's right or, the least they could do is be half way right. God is warning us and trying to show us the way back to him. People are living to evil and wicked. All they can see is money floating around in their heads and this is all that matters to them.

Take a good look at what happened in Las Vegas. Those people had no idea of knowing what was going to happen to them. They was in the right place at the wrong time. This could have happened to anybody. And those people were anybody you or me. Now, those people loved money too. They are gone and they can't take money with them and you can't buy any of there lives back.

The point is why be so greedy for money. That is what you call total selfishness. The first thing a person would think about those people that lost their lives is Oh! well it wasn't me too bad. The wrong attitude. Those people was from all around the country but, you wasn't there at the time it happened. Think about if you went to a grocery store and somebody opened fire. Then you would have something to think about besides money. You would be thanking god for saving your life. You would be thinking that it could have been you. Then you will learn how to seek for god and thanking god because he saved your life.

You will not be sitting behind a desk anymore trying to figure out how to skin a poor man's hide. You will be thanking god for saving your life. What people doesn't realize is that when you are trying to hurt someone else. You are only hurting yourselves because everything that you do wrong. There is a charge and that charge is made out to god and paying god for the wrong that you have done.

There is no love for each other anymore and god is about love. Pretending you love someone isn't good enough for me. People has put all their love into money and don't care about anybody else. All in their eyes is money and running a race trying to get more than anybody else. God told you that money is evil. And it is, because people will do anything for money. Comcast and DIRECTV. I want you too know that robbing people isn't cool and any other of those companies that's doing these things to people. There is a lot of hungry children(s) out there and you are taking the bread off their table.

God doesn't like for you to take from his children. He said help the poor and needy not to rob them. This is one of the prices that you'll have too pay to god. These people has been playing games with my account every since we been here. They keep upping the payments and every time I talk to someone they tell a different lie. Something needs to be done about this issue. They wouldn't want anybody doing this to them. What make them any better than anybody else. When you call them up they will give you figures to try and make themselves look good in case anything comes up they can stick to a lie and I know that they are wrong.

Whoever, you are speaking to they claim that they are adjusting the price and when you get the bill it's a hundred and something dollars. I have watched them over and over play this game. We never missed a payment since we been here and they are telling us that we are not paying the full amount and we are paying what they tell us to pay. They are all about money in this place. We are not behind in any payments it's them doing this.




What I noticed about complaintsboard is that, when you write out a complaint. They will cut it short. And the way that I see it. Is because they doesn't like what some people are saying about businesses and this is the reason why they does this. They also, highlights things in yellow. I personally, think that, this is not the appropriate place to write a complaint. I never want to use their site again unless, they make some improvement.




I want to bring this to everyone attention that it might be of interest to you. It might can help you out. This is a true story that I would like to share about lovelywholesale. I purchased some clothing from them in the latter part of August thru September 9th. I moved to a different location. I changed the shipping address on their website. They have sent me items since I moved here. I brought it to their attention not to ship the orders to the wrong address and they deliberately shipped it there anyway. I had been waiting and waiting for the orders to arrive and wondering why it's taking so long to receive them.They looked over what I told them. And they sent it there anyway. If you tell them not to do something. They don't like it and do the opposite.

Finally, I decided to e-mail them about the order. They said the order was in my country. Hurricane Irma done come and been gone. Still waiting for my orders. I waited a while longer still no order. I e-mailed them again. They e-mailed me back telling me to call the delivery company. What delivery company? they, didn't provide me with any information of the delivery company. I e-mailed them again telling them I didn't place my order with a delivery company. I placed my order with them and it should be their job to call the delivery company.

All this waiting for nothing. I sent another e-mail telling them. If they wasn't going to send me the order to put my money back on my account. They are some dirty low down hound dogs and I don't care who like it or who don't. I am going to tell it like it is and I am not going to tell you any lies. They sent me another e-mail with my old address and asking me if the old address was right one. I told them already now, not to send it to that address but, they wanted to play a game with me. Then they, started asking me for the item numbers. I asked them why do I need to send them the item numbers and they already have them.

They wrote me again asking for the item numbers telling me they might be able to help me. I sent them the item numbers. I'm watching how the hound dogs are playing a game with me. I received another e-mail from them. This time they are giving me the name of the delivery company (USPS). I called USPS to track the packages. USPS told me they sent the packages to my old address but couldn't deliver the packages there and they sent them back to china. They just keeps playing their stupid games with me by asking me for the item numbers. I gave them the items number about three times.

Then they e-mailed me and said you must trust us. Have a nice day. Again e-mailing me telling me. Have a nice day. Every time I contact them. They say about three words or less, and say have a nice day. One of their e-mails said. When we receive package we will inform of you.

This was repeatedly, going on. Now, you starting to bring Chucky out of me. I called my account holder and I explained what these scums was doing. They told me that they would open up a claim and they would get in touch with the seller. These bastard told paypal they delivered the packages but, they did not tell them where they delivered the packages and they denied my claim. They delivered the packages to my old address and they did this on purpose and I no so. Because I asked them not to do this they, do whatever you ask them not to do. This is what they will do just for the hex of it because this is how dirty they are.

Now, Chucky is really furious and ready to plaaaay. Yes, they sent those items to the wrong address. I had already explained this to paypal but, people doesn't listen when you try to explain something to them because they don't want to listen and they don't care. I wander if those ching chongs paid them to tell these lies. Because something is not quite adding up right here. This is common sense. I don't think that I would be calling you up and telling you what these people are doing to me for the fun of it.

If I had those packages as a matter of fact I know I wouldn't do it. This would make me look like a total fool and feel like one too. And on top of this I am a valued customer of yours and you are taking sides with crooks. First, of all I wouldn't file a complaint and call them up about this problem if I knew that I was wrong, for what? to make myself look stupid. Let me tell you something folks. My mother and father raised me up on the real deal. They did not teach me how to rob people and tell lies on anybody nor, eat with sticks.

See the people in this world today is all about money that's all they can see floating around in their eyes and heads but, if they had a brain hanging up their anywhere in their heads. They can see a little bit farther than the tip of their nose. You would be much better off to try using your own brain and stop reaching for somebody else brain. I want to know why a lot of people wasted their time in college to come out of there trying to use somebody else brain and don't know how to use their own. You can call it book smart and they don't have any common sense. You know what?

I am the head and not the tail. I am not going to follow behind a leader that leaves me stuck in the middle of nowhere, and not knowing which way to go. My mother did not teach me to eat with sticks. She taught me to eat with a spoon and a fork. She did not teach me how to sit behind a desk plotting on how to rip a poor man's hide. She taught me how to treat people right. People think money is what life is all about and it is but, there is a difference in using it than, abusing it. Let me remind you of something. You are running a race trying too have more money than Sally, Jane, and Sue or, Tom, $#*!, and Harry and running up your blood pressure trying to have more than anybody else.

You think your peers going down with you. I want to personally, thank everyone of you that think so. Why you asked? For number one you are stuck on stupid and number two you don't realize that you are physically, damaging your own self in return. Because of what high blood pressure are leading you into. The main point that I am trying too get across to you is that when your die. Money can't buy your life back and when you are dead. Money is still going to be floating over your head. Keep up the good work. Your leader has accomplished their goal.

I gave them to hell and God owes them some more. They wasn't made out of clean dirt. They were made out of muck dirt. Chucky is ready to play. Don't play with chucky because he will bite you in your face. Those people at lovelywholesale don't care about their customers satisfaction at all. I have given you my honest opinion, about these hound dogs and they are the sloppiest people in china that I have ever did business with. If I were you. I would think twice before you do any business with these crooks. And I can't believe that paypal went against a valued customer of theirs and took sides with some crooked behind people like these people.

Maybe, the reason could be they work together with some of them but, whatever, the case maybe. I want my money refunded back to my account. I do not make up or tell lies on nobody. What I tell you is the truth and I don't complaint unless, I have a good excuse. My mother didn't raised me to be a crook and she didn't raised me to stand behind a crook. She raised me up too treat people right. My best regards reaches out to all of you.

Tip for consumers: I am telling you that lovelywholesale is no good they don't do business right at all. They knew that I didn't get those packages and they lied and said I did. I asked them to replace those items and they had rather lied instead. This is the information that paypal gave me about the packages.




.I want you to be aware of Haband. Some of you may have experienced the same problem that I'm having with them. I made a purchased from them for a small amount of money in the sixties of dollars. They will send a statement with a minimum payment of $20 per month. That will come to about 3 payments in all. Every time I get down to the second or last payment. They will add the full balance back to the account that it started out with trying to make you keep on paying them.

They did this to me twice before and this was for 2 spreads that I ordered from them in the amount of $29.99 that was on sale. They sent me a bill after making a payment of $20 for $63 and I never reached this amount. They are still doing the same thing. Those sweetheart's have a problem and they have a serious sweet problem. Now, I want my sweetheart's to prove it to the public that I owe them some money.

They keep harassing me for money and they won't leave well enough alone. I asked them to close my account because they keep adding charges to it. I send my payments off on the 3rd of each month. They got angry with me because I asked them to close it and they continues to harass me. I kept, trying to look over them with their stupidness but now, they have my full undivided attention. And the first thing I can say is that sweetheart's doesn't know how to do business in the first place. They are too sweet on one another.

When I made them closed my account after, slobbing all over it. They turned it over to credit bureau and they are the one's that's wrong. But I have a special message for you sweetheart's. You can hate it, you can like it, you can love it and you can shove it. It's one thing that I do for money suckers like you. I keep records of all my transactions of whom I do business with. I want you to prove it to me or anybody else that I owe you any money and if you can prove it. I don't mind paying it because I am a person that believe in paying for what I owe. But if you can't prove it. Please be my sweetheart on valentine's day.




This is the beginning and I'm asking someone to help me end it. I have moved to a new location in Florida. Before I moved to this location. I had to get the lights turned on and internet and phone service. I thought I was getting a package deal. This lady I spoke to instead, of her giving me the same provider for the service. She broke it up into 2 different companies. One part with Directv and the other part with Comcast. This is the only way she said I could do it.

When the Comcast repairman came out to connect this service. He asked was the television connected and this made me think that he could have done both services for the TV, the internet and telephone. And he could have but, this lady told me something different. She lied and charged my credit card $28.95 and I want it back. She lied to me. In a way she was pissing me off because she kept trying to add all kind of other charges to the account. Well, the reason why I didn't say nothing is because my daughter got with Directv and they gave her another part with AT&T. I thought this was something new that they does. So, I didn't think much about it until, that man came here. I had to end up canceling Comcast and they are the ones that I wanted but, when I tried to cancel Directv the person I spoke with told me I would have to pay $480.00 to cancel it.

Anyway, when we moved in. I had to call them and schedule an appointment. They told me that someone would be out here later in the evening. This is CenturyLink. The same morning me and my husband went up to MacDonald to get some breakfast. When we returned back home there was a cable line lying on the ground and a note at the door telling us to install it ourselves. We had no clue of knowing how to install a internet service. I knew this wasn't right. I called CenturyLink telling them we didn't know how to install the internet and that they left a cable line lying on the ground and this could result in someone getting shocked by this cable lying there. At the bottom of the pole they left a box wide open. They, came out again and picked the cable up off the ground and tied it up on the telegram pole and closing the box at the bottom. Then the squirrels started playing games on the line and made it drop again. I had to called them up again about the line.

Now, the internet and the phone acting up also. I called them again and again about the same problem with the phone and the internet. Every time they send someone out they keep saying they can't find anything wrong and they can hear the phone not sounding right. If they are charging me every time they come out here they are going to have a bigger problem. Because they are not resolving the issue. We hadn't been here a good 2 weeks and here comes a bill for $242.00 from CenturyLink . They knew this was real wrong. We paid the bill. I started questioning neighbors and they even said it was wrong. They never paid that amount of money for the service here.

The bottom line is they ripped us off and they know they did so. I even called them before questioning neighbors and told them that we had only been here for 2 weeks and they already sending us a bill for $242.00. This was absolutely wrong. The lady I spoke to, she said it was a one time thing and gave me the figures of what I am suppose to pay each month. I said it once and I am going to repeat it again. When I receive my next bill and they are charging me for those repairmen coming out here and they are not resolving this issue that I'm having they are going to have a much bigger problem this is why I am contacting you. Because I am tired of calling them and they are not doing anything about this problem. When I called them the last time the way that this man was sounding is that, they may charge me again and he didn't sound to sure. I am still having the same problem with my internet and telephone home service. I don't complaint unless, I have too.

Ok, now I had to cancel Comcast because I tried to have just one provider. I called Directv and tried to cancel their service and just have only one provider to pay each month. The person I spoke with I didn't get his name because my phone was acting up so bad. I was just trying to get the service canceled. He told me I would have to pay $480.00 to cancel the service. Now, I'm stuck again, because of this lady and her lies with duke energy. When I called Comcast back and explained the situation with her. She said I had 30 days to cancel their service. So, this is what I did.

Somehow, my husband didn't realize that Directv had sent a bill so quickly, they did the same thing CenturyLink did, fast. He was looking through the bills and he said to me. I didn't know Directv had sent this bill. By the time he realized it. It was already past due. He called them up and tried to get them to take the payment from his debit card. She said the card was showing an error. This is kind of hard to believe because he used his card every month.

First, some lady told him she couldn't get the card to go through it was showing an error. He called back again and some lady told him that every time he call to speak to a representative he had to pay $5.00 to talk to a representative. This is some terrible stuff that I never heard of now, I am convinced that this is a total ripoff. Donald Trump said he is going to make this world great again and I'm waiting to see how he is going to do it.

People has gotten to possessed over money and one day that's going to cause them a real problem because you didn't come into this world to live forever. You were born to die. And when you die you can't take money with you. Leaving it it for your loved one's is not going to do you a bit of good because you are dead. You can't enjoy it but, your loved one's can. People don't think all they can see is money floating around in their heads.

They don't love one another. They have fell deeply in love with money. Pay attention to what I'm saying. You can see the same thing I see. It's all about money. You can forget about somebody loving you anymore. People will knock you down racing for a dollar and this is going on all over the world. People need to stop and think and stop over reacting. I feel sorry for these nuts. Don't you? Nobody, knows when their day is coming. I'm asking you to help me and to help me and CenturyLink resolve this problem. Open up their eyes so, that they can see again.

Thank you and god bless each and everyone that's able to help me. Everybody in this world need money to live but, using it is one thing and abusing it is another thing. I wish you could see how greedy these people is for money where I live at. Well, some of them doesn't live here this is a smaller town but I'm not dealing with just these people. The main ones that I'm speaking of is up the road somewhere. They are some of the one's that I wrote to you about before. Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Just to prove what I'm saying. I just got a letter from CenturyLink telling me that I will soon be getting my first bill and this will be the second bill. I can see that these people is real crooked. I need your support. Thanks again.

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