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My family of 5 have been seeing this Dental office in Bethlehem PA for over 7 years and I have seen dentist, managers and employees come and go because of there attitudes with there customers and patients complain to manegment they try to push patients to pay up front and charge for whitening that was not asked for they advertise emergency walkins but if you walk in with an emergency you would have to wait for hours if someone drops there appointment so that you can take there place and be seen, I encountered a new dentist that started working at this location and the first week of him being there he was complaining to me about another patient filled a complaint againt him, they charge me cash while having insurance on a whitening that was never asked to do and my daughter had a medical emergency she needed to see the dentist and the receptionist was rude and the manager Mohammed refused to see her without an emergency even though we have been loyal customers for over 7 years, we where there longer then the staff and I feel if it's someone that just walked in out the street is understandable even dow an emergency is an emergency and knowone should be turned away but I feel they could have fit my daughter in even if it meant going home a little late 1 hour max just to keep your patients happy instead it forced me to call another dentist that was happy to receive not only 1 but 5 new patients... from my years of experience 1st hand I would not recommend Bethlehem family Dental in Bethlehem PA to anyone needing a family dentist... thank you for taking the time to read my review

Tip for consumers:
If you live in PA near Bethlehem avoid this Dentist


You bid on junk from 3rd party sellers on the other side of the world after you win then is the waiting game if the seller likes your bid he will ship your item 10 to 14 days and tracking is horrible if the seller dont like your bid he will wait the 14 days and not ship so it will take a month before you see your refund and tophatter customer service is like not having anyone to help your at there mercy I'm waiting for my last orders to arrive to shut down my account I have been with tophatter for years and it's always the same thing... Dont waist your time and money stay away from the headache


1st of all for those that dont know PayPal is so horrible that Ebay is on in process of taking PayPal out of there business site for 1 reason only and that's because of the large amount of unsatisfied customers making Ebay look bad so if a big company like Ebay is taking them out that's enoff to say stay away from PayPal you dont need them just use your credit or debit card and if there is any problems let Ebay deal with it also just to inform you PayPal is dealing with 3rd party companies out of the United states and there teaming up with them giving them the advantage of winning a case like what happened to me I purchased an item off Ebay 3 hours later the seller was kicked out of the site for not getting Authorized to sell the item I called Ebay notified them of the problem they sent me to PayPal after giving the seller 10 days to respond he responded on the 9th day now they gave me 3 days to respond but they never sent an email so they closed my case now I had to reopen my case giving the seller 10 more days he once again waited till the 10th day to respond and he did so once again PayPal informed me dont worry we will handle this and no more emails will be sent that was a lie and they sent an email that I had 3days to respond or I would loose the case so I called late at night before they closed and I got into a heated Argument with the Resources office and told them I could not get into the file to dispute it she kept telling me you must get into the file and file your dispute or I would loose the case I gave up send her to hell and closed my account...
Stay away from PayPal...

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“Thank you for reading my review about PayPal mabe together we can make a change and not allow PayPal to hurt any other customers again. So please spread the word and let's put a dent in PayPal's pocket the same way they did to us... thank you♥️”

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