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11 Reviews by Violette


I've shopped the online Ikea store twice for big orders and I'm quite satisfied with the shipping as well as the items. I placed an order recently for a dresser and a few little knick knacks and it came a day after. It was delivered by their delivery service and the men that delivered my items were polite and helped carry all the heavy boxes to my home. The only con for me is the large shipping fee, especially in a "pandemic" were we're all supposed to stay home lmao.

Why am I paying $59 for a large item to be shipped to my home when that's what the news and social media are telling us? Stay home, stay home, stay home! Am I wrong here? Lol. Anyways, yes, the $59 is insane but I calculated the cost of gas to travel to my nearest Ikea plus other expenses and it more than likely would have cost roughly the same (more or less). Their shipping for small items isn't too bad, $9.99, which is far more better than the $59.

One upside to the cost, I suppose, is that they have their own delivery service. They don't ship big box items through UPS, Purolator, FedEx, et cetera, which I actually like better as I've had a lot of issues with third party couriers, so it's a hit and miss. Depends on what you want to waste your funds on.

All my items arrived undamaged. I like everything for the most part. The sheets and duvet I ordered could be better quality but I got what I paid for. Ikea, to me, is probably one of the most affordable home stores in Canada. Homesense, Wayfair and other places are usually quite expensive, especially for a dresser. I'm pleased and will definitely be purchasing from them again.

Tip for consumers:
Just be weary of the large shipping fee, but also keep in mind they have their own delivery service.

Products used:


I ordered from Rebook.ca not to long ago as they were having a ridiculous sale and I managed to snag shoes that were normally $110 for $35! Normally I would never think to shop at Rebook. As a matter of fact, I've only ever purchased Rebook items through other retailers or from their stores and I didn't love the quality of their clothing, but I decided to give them another chance. I ordered the Club C 85 sneakers and a couple of clothing items. I was shocked to receive an email the next day saying my order had shipped because I didn't read any reviews prior to pushing the "Place Order" button but I did read them after and I can't tell you how nervous I was! The reviews are soooo bad lol.

So I got my items and while I'm happy everything went well with shipping, I'm pretty much reselling everything I purchased. The clothing items were ok. I found the quality of their leggings to not be awesome and a sports bra I bought was HUGE. Their sizing is weird. The shoes are also not that high quality so I'm happy I got them for $35 because to be real, I would never spend over $40 for their sneakers. The quality just isn't there. I decided I'd keep a T-shirt I got from them to work out in but that's it.

I'm giving them 4/5 stars simply because I'm impressed with how fast they shipped and I received my items, aside from that, their quality is nothing to be gushing over. Also, their Canadian website has so many flaws. It hasn't been updated since 2019 and their customer service has terrible grammar, which I don't blame the person for but you just can't have someone working for you that cannot type basic English in an email. It's just not a good look.

I won't be purchasing from the website again as I think Rebook's clothing/shoe quality is not good.

Tip for consumers:
Be careful. Website isn't updated regularly and their quality is not good!

Products used:
One T-shirt


Tsk, tsk. H&M. I found out the hard way that their shipping is a disgrace. I don't know what the hell is going on but they aren't doing things right over there when it comes to online purchases. I ordered seven items during the last week of May 2020. They were stuck in processing for two weeks, which I thought was normal due to the whole "pandemic" but after the two weeks I proceeded to then message H&M asking what on earth is going on. I understand the slight delay but I mean, after two weeks IT STILL WASN'T SHIPPED. That's problematic. It's not like the electricity is down and zombies are roaming the earth here. Get your sh** together H&M.

The "pandemic" also hasn't really stopped online stores from being in business, right? So the excuses are mute IMO and I have zero sympathy. You're a business. This is what you do. If you can't handle it, don't be in business. Period. I spoke with some customer service reps at H&M, who were polite through email and advised me that they would soon ship it. So I waited and the next day (after the two weeks) I received an email stating that my package has shipped. Great! I then proceeded to wait another two weeks to get my package of the 7 items I ordered. So altogether roughly about 7 weeks to get my stuff... That's insane. As a company, H&M, you should be ashamed lmao. You truly aren't good with Canadian shipping of online orders.

Anyways, when I got my package I noticed not only was there multiple strands of hair attached to my package, but also a large gapping hole, oh, and also, grass stains. Yep, grass stains. God only knows where this package had been. I almost laughed because my first thought was that someone had taken it and played football with it, maybe even soccer lol.

Lesson learned. I will never be purchasing from H&M online again. Quality isn't that great anyways and waiting 7-8 weeks for an order is preposterous. I highly encourage you to just go into their stores if you really want to shop there, or if you're cool with waiting a long time for an order, by all means lol.

Tip for consumers:
Shop elsewhere

Products used:
One item


Oh, man. It's sad that a delivery service that's job is to ensure packages reach their correct destinations can somehow ship a package meant to be sent within Ontario to British Columbia... Like, what is going on? I've never seen such terrible reviews for a company too, and yet, here they are, still doing their worst. I'm tired of hearing how oh, it's just sooooooo hard with this "pandemic". You're a business! It's not like it's the Walking Dead here.

I ordered from an online store on a Monday, the company shipped my package on the following Tuesday. I reviewed the Purolater website from then until the next Monday and it still stated it was "in transit". I then chatted with their automated chat service and come to find that apparently, my package is not in transit, it's actually still at a depot. I then proceeded to message PurolaterHelp on Twitter and did have a polite woman explain that my package is in British Columbia... British Columbia, due to what she said was a "transit error". I then received the package the next day mid afternoon.

Look, I get it, things happens, but this isn't the first time that Purolater has done something like this. As a matter of fact, they have a history of "transit errors" and "lost packages" which is a disgrace! You're a damn delivery service, get your sh** together! Be very, very wary when ordering from companies that do use Purolater as a delivery service, your package just might end up in Timbuktu.


Interestingly enough, I don't have anything negative to write. My experience ordering from Footlocker for the first time was actually a positive one. It took a couple days for them to ship my item out, but once they did, I received it the next day. I actually read reviews after purchasing and was so nervous Footlocker would just be another H&M in disguise but no, everything went super well! I don't think I would purchase online from them again though, and it's not because I fear the worst but I do prefer going into store.


I have been shopping with SoftMoc for many, many years, in-store and online. I like that they have a wide variety of brands that they offer and their shipping/delivery time is incredible! I purchased something recently from softmoc.com and received same day shipping! It's amazing.

I've always received the items I paid for and never had issues with items not being the right size as I usually play it safe and buy shoes from brands I'm familiar with. I will say that in-store shopping isn't as awesome as shopping with them online and I usually just order online.

The main reason for that is because almost every store I've ever been to is understaffed and anytime I just need to ask a question it's difficult because they typically only have one representative manning the cash register as opposed to someone walking around to assist customers. That can be tricky seeing as their shoes are all display and you need someone to go and get the shoes you want to try on from the storage room.

That might seem pretty minuscule on the scale of things retailers might do that seem unappealing, but for someone like myself who has severe social anxiety it sucks to have to stand in line at the cash register just to ask the person for some shoes to try on and I've been forced to do that at multiple SoftMoc stores.

Aside from their brick and mortar stores being understaffed, SoftMoc is a great company and I will continue to purchase items online!


Let me first start this review off by pointing out that Zumiez may seem like a place that caters to a particular crowd but I assure you they have something for everyone. I've been shopping online with Zumiez for years and have had no issues with any of my orders and I've placed at least 10 orders over the course of 5 years. The shipping is always prompt and they always ship their items in one single package as opposed to individual packages for each item.

One thing I really, really like about Zumiez is the sales they always have. My favourite being the by one get one 50% off or the buy one get one free, they never disappoint! I've gotten Vans for under $60 bucks, I've even gotten really expensive sweaters for free. Every time I receive a package I look forward to the sweet messages that their team leaves on my shipping statement, they're so cute!

I love zumiez.ca and I will continue to purchase from their website. They have a really well run business and as a consumer I can appreciate that they actually care!


I've shopped at AEO for a long time! I can't tell you how many times I've ordered products from their website and I've almost always loved what I've received. Overall, the experience is pretty positive in terms of shipping. I always get my order on time. I do think that shipping items separately is a bit odd, I would prefer to have all of my items all at once as opposed to one or two things at a time but it's no biggie. As a 5'9 woman, it is difficult finding a decent pair of jeans that actually fit but at AEO there are so many different options to chose from and I absolutely adore their mom jeans.

One thing to note, if you aren't familiar with your jean sizing my advice is always measure yourself and compare those measurements to the measurements listed for the item because oftentimes their jeans all fit differently. Another thing to note is just how large everything runs. I'm more thick on the bottom so I typically wear an M/L on the top but I don't ever usually buy a large in anything AEO because almost all of their tops run really big, especially Aerie items.

I've heard/read mixed reviews when it comes to the quality of their jeans. I will admit their stretchy jeans aren't made of the most amazing-gonna-last-you-a-million-years type material but I don't mind because at least they're stretchy! I've purchased mom jeans that are just regular denim and I've had no issues with tearing or anything like that. The color of black jeans does fade over time but I think that's inevitable.

I will continue to purchase AEO jeans as they're the only ones that fit me well! I love their products and have never had a negative experience shopping with them.


I've purchased from Eye Buy Direct many times and I've always been satisfied even if the glasses don't particularly end up working out for me, the buying/shipping experience is always positive. This site is similar to clearly.ca but I found that Clearly doesn't offer different sizing options whereas Eye Buy Direct does, something that I really love. Eye Buy Direct works mostly the same as clearly.ca, as you shop you can actually virtually try on glasses, input in your prescription if you have one and there's always amazing BOGO deals! Every single time I've shopped with Eye Buy Direct I've gotten a BOGO deal, it's incredible.

Another thing that surprised me was their customer service. I wrote a review about a pair of glasses that unfortunately were just super uncomfortable to wear and they reached out to me via email almost immediately asking if I wanted to exchange or even a refund! That level of service is top-notch. I recommend this site fully if you're someone who has their prescription and is looking for a fashionable pair of glasses or sunglasses. One thing I want to point out is their shipping time. You have to keep in mind that it takes time to actually make your lenses, especially if you have a prescription! Every prescription is different so it could take up to 2 weeks to ship, but once it has shipped it doesn't take long to receive it.


Sorry not sorry but this website and their products ain't it chief! I just don't fully understand the hype surrounding Fashion Nova. I ordered from there twice, the second time to give them another chance to see if I really liked their clothing but I ended up donating all the items I purchased lmao. The first time I ordered from them I purchased a pair of jeans in a size 11, because I'm between a size 10 to 14 depending on the brand. When I finally received the package three weeks later, I literally died laughing at the so called women's jeans I pulled out of the package. They were so tiny! They looked like a size 6 instead of a size 11, I couldn't even get my leg in the leg hole.

The second time I ordered, I purchased a pair of biker shorts and immediately disliked the material. It wasn't a material similar to Lululemon leggings, it was some weird, shiny, crap that wasn't even stretchy. So odd. I haven't ordered anything since and will never order anything from Fashion Nova again. The shipping takes forever and literally all of their tops are cropped, which FYI, (super important info right here), not all women like. I prefer quality over all else and Fashion Nova is not quality.

Tip for consumers:
Just don't?

Products used:
None, nada.


I had to write a review so all you hating consumers could read it lol and also so I can share my experience and give a proper, OPEN MINDED perspective of Poshmark as a business.

Here's the thing.

When you buy something retail for FULL price, the more years that pass by, the more that item goes down in value, doesn't matter what damn brand it is. You can't expect to sell a USED and WORN item for more than $50. Sorry, I just don't agree. UNLESS the item is vintage and actually has been around for more than just 10 years. Now that I got that out of the way let's talk about buying, because I'm both a seller and a buyer.

I've never had an issue with buying on Poshmark in terms of the items arriving and not being as advertised, (with a few exceptions). I did get a shirt that had a hole in it that wasn't advertised in the sellers closet, but it's okay I just sewed it, NBD. I ordered a cute vintage backpack and a sweater from another seller and the backpack really, really smelled like the sellers home. Took awhile to air it out but besides that, it was in amazing vintage condition.

I've also had items that just don't fit, (jeans mostly) so I've stopped buying jeans off of Poshmark because common sense, if it's not 100% certain, why bother spending my money on it? I made the decision to buy these items. I knew there was a chance those jeans might not fit but I took the chance and for that reason, I have to live with that decision. Simple. Stop whining about things YOU choose to do.

I get it. If a seller takes pictures of an item and PURPOSELY doesn't show any flaws, that's problematic because that's just straight up ripping someone off, but if something doesn't fit or you don't like it, OH WELL! You bought it. Resell it and move on.

Selling is not easy on Poshmark. I have a mix of modern and vintage clothes and I consider the modern items to be priced VERY, VERY fairly. Mind you, I don't buy "designer" just Forever21, American Eagle, things that really shouldn't be overpriced in the first place!

I've had times where sales are booming and a lot of times when it's not and I question why I even bother, but I still continue to do it. I'm not giving up because I know that someone out there just might come across my listing, make me an offer and love the item.

I'm a very honest seller. Some might say i'm too honest and thats why I don't make sales all the time, but I believe that the consumer should NEVER be lied to, especially because money is involved. Not a lot of people have this standard and pride in what they do, and that's fine, that's them. But do not lump me, an honest, good person just trying to make some extra cash and also genuinely wants the consumer to be happy and love their purchase into the category of crappy sellers. It's not fair!

Not every seller is terrible. Just be more open minded and less ignorant and angry. I know you might be upset that you're out some cash, but in most cases, you make that conscious choice. Don't forget that.

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