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I love typography and pizza

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I like to think I know a bit about real estate I suppose.


Real estate, bitcoins, design, movies, vampires

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They sell some nice tools for fixing phones, PCs, iPads, Macs, and a whole host of other products along with their repair guides. Sometimes a bit pricey but overall really interesting people.


They sell decent pillows and other home products. They're one of the rare Biggish companies that (as far as I know) makes all of their stuff in the US. I think the main reason that they've attracted so many negative reviews is that their founder is a rare outspoken public supporter of Jesus Christ. Whether you share the founder's religious beliefs or not, know that they are genuine and you're not getting a polished actor on screen. I give them props for that.


Good products, just a bit of an annoyance. They had a 15% off Black Friday Sale (BlackFriday2020) supposedly ending December 1. They seem to have removed this coupon before the advertised date. First COVID and now this. Can 2020 get any worse? :(


One of the last few big independent camera stores. They have a gray website and offer almost any product you'll realistically ever need. And they have good customer service too: the few times I needed some extra help they always were willing to assist. If you need a camera or lens or light or microphone or anything else for taking pics or making movies I hope you check them out.


What makes their software really good is that it works together well. The photo and illustration tools work seamlessly with the desktop publishing. Good stuff. I'd love to see them work on audio and video production in the same way and give Adobe and Apple and others a run for their money too.


This is one of the best open source projects of all time. It's become a real 3D package with features and UI that rivals the most expensive commercial offerings like Maya and Lightwave and all of the others. If you like to be creative, try it out, it's all free. But donate if you can because they're constantly improving the software at a rapid pace and have great documentation. The gold standard for free software IMO.


I wish they were run better. I want to donate more to various good organizations and people through them. But they have conflicting and biased rules towards various charitable things. Just focus on business and you'll be fine.


My number was plastered all over a bunch of personal directories. They were the best solution I found to quickly manage the removal of all of my profiles and personal data from these sites and search engines. They did great and saved me over a dozen hours of work trying to do it myself, but I do resent having to use them in the first place. It's total BS that spokeo, radaris, and Beenverified and all of these other scummy sites can post your phone number and address and other info that stalkers and thieves use and profit off you with with no legal repercussions! WTF is congress doing spending 4 years imagining problems when they do jack to protect Americans from real problems! Nothing makes sense anymore.


They're a superstar in the digital currency landscape. I think they had some trouble scaling initially and many customer support requests were missed but they seem to have gotten better. And they made a great decision recently by focusing their staff on work, not politics, and offering a major severance pay to workers who only wanted to focus on politics. Great move to cut the problem employees from their team. I sense a bright future for them so long as the legal landscape for digital currency isn't a question mark.


I love this project management tool. The design and interface is great and they get so many tiny details right. They're real technical pros who were instrumental in building and then popularizing Ruby on Rails. The only downside is the price makes it a premium product. There are slightly worse solutions out there that are much cheaper so it's harder to justify in a tight economy.


If you need a cheap security cam, they're a good choice. Their subscription and upfront costs are a lot less than others. Still, I wouldn't trust them or their cameras reliability and safety as much as other companies. It's still an option if price is your main metric of concern. I use a couple to watch my place. My sister uses hers to watch her doggo when she's at work. So there's some usefulness to be found here I suppose. Just not a fully trustworthy company yet.


I've built several PCs over the last 20 years. They've been my first stop most times.
I only had to make a return once and they took the ram back without question and seem honest to me.
My only issue with them is their stock of new amd or nvidia graphics cards is always low. They always sell out quick and have waiting lists for weeks or months. I don't know if it's a supply issue or just what but this is my only issue with them sometimes. That's the price of living on the bleeding edge.


I want to like them but I wish they did more to help go after projects that don't deliver. At least verify identities of project owners or something.
Many times projects have delivered, but sometimes I've paid over $200 for a project who didn't deliver and then went radio silent.
Kickstarter then does nothing serious to help.
You get burned once and you move on. Period.


They've gone from a breath of fresh air: an alternative free speech community run by the people to one that's run by big business.
They started censoring many people on politics grounds using flimsy excuses.
And to top it off, their redesign sucks and took the speed and charm of the site away. It's sad that this happens over and over again to every good community.


They used to be very convenient but COVID made them turn nuts. They closed many branches to Normal in-person visits And make you wait in the drive thru. And the lines are horrendous it's obvious they're not staffing things well enough. How come all of the markets and other places operate normally but you act like you can't have a relatively normal experience. Fix yourself soon or lose my business. You used to be great but now you're not.

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“I agree, openly praise Jesus Christ and the haters are gonna get riled…oh well. They think those lumpy pillows are misery if they don’t accept Christ they will know true suffering someday …hopefully not.”

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