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Facebook on the surface seems like a great place. You can make new friends or reconnect with old ones. But once you get on the wrong side of the punishments you will see the full picture.

If you posted some risky or otherwise inappropriate content you can expect a block. It starts out as a short block, as little as an hour. It will eventually reach 30 days.

Most of the time the blocks will occur just hours after your post is made, meaning someone reported your post and Facebook decided to take action.

But sometimes it will be many months after a post is made that the punishment occurs. I am currently two days into a 30 day block for a post made about 8 months ago.

Facebook may not be the one to blame here. It is very likely I have a stalker who digs through older posts to report me and get me in trouble months after the fact.

If you ever get this punishment it is in your best interest to go through your older posts and remove any that might get you in trouble. Because otherwise you might get another unjust block.

If Facebook weren't so overzealous with retroactive blocks I would rate them highly.


Despite clear call quality, Curse's voice chat on the web is unreliable. Expect frequent "Unknown Errors" despite otherwise good call quality.


This site is garbage designed to get ad revenue from sports fans who search "[Player Name] sucks" and then are tricked into navigating this poorly-designed "forum" which mostly serves as a placeholder for advertising.

The forum's content is poor with many mean-spirited anonymous posts disparaging various players, often with racist terms being thrown around. In general, if a Google search directs you here, you're better off ignoring the link and choosing results from a respectable source.


1/3/2017 Update:

They clearly don't care about the blatant exploits on their site. I know removing another star from the review won't do anything but I'd advise people to ignore this site full of tryhard script kiddies and 4chan $#*!s.

I emailed them regarding my issue and never heard back.

This means:

A) They know about this exploit (downvote scripts), could fix it, but don't care.
B) They don't know how to fix it.
C) They've tried to fix it in the past, and have given up.

In any case, this site sucks.

9/6/2016 Original:
I have been using Urbandictionary since 2003 and have added over 100 definitions. They have increased their standards in the past 5-10 years but a lot of the top definitions are relics from the past that wouldn't be accepted by the editors today.

The worst part about UD is the awful voting system. It is very easy for dedicated jerks to exploit it and downvote people. I was a victim of this over the past few days. I used to have several definitions with many more upvotes than downvotes, but due to the dedication of some script kiddie brigade, all of my definitions have more downvotes than upvotes. I suspect they don't care but I filed a report with their help section and if they respond to me and fix this issue I might give them another star.

TLDR: Do not trust the votes on here.

Tip for consumers:
Ignore the up/downvtes. If you want to know a word, dig into the low-rated ones too.


If you like Sporcle, chances are you will also like Hugequiz. But rather than Sporcle's clean and bug-free design, Hugequiz has quite a few issues that keep me from giving it a strong recommendation.

The "high score" function often does not work as expected and you will find that your efforts in completing a quiz were for naught (that is, if you care about your high score being displayed for others). But if you aren't very good at quizzes, maybe it's better that your awful attempts don't always get posted for others to see.

It also lacks some of the social aspects of Sporcle. You can't challenge other users to compete against your efforts on a quiz as you can on Sporcle.

There are quite a few other bugs as well... there are random "internal server errors" that will pop up for no real reason... simply refreshing or going back to try again can fix this. But the comment system seems to be deeply broken... any time I try to post a comment I get some sort of vague error message and my comments never go through.

However despite all these bugs and the missing social features from Sporcle, there are some good quizzes. Darinh was known for his amazing flash quizzes on Sporcle but a couple years ago decided to make hugequiz.com to make a site just for his many quizzes. The quizzes are still fun as they were on Sporcle. I just wish the site ran more smoothly.

Tip for consumers:
Have fun with the quizzes and make sure your browser can handle them.


In nearly every situation, Common Sense Media provides well-written yet succinct critiques of movies, games, music, and even websites. Unlike most other "family review" sites, they do not have an extreme Christian bias and will review any movie with an open mind. They give two ratings... one is mostly for parents, which is the recommend age for the movie.

It is very detailed and not just a rating like PG or PG-13... they will specifically explain that one movie is good for 11 and up and another might be 14 and up.

I do have one minor issue with them... they decided to give the website HomestarRunner.com a score of "15+", implying that the site would be inappropriate for anyone under 15. While I do agree with the 4/5 they gave for H*Rs quality... the fact that they think that the Brothers Chaps mostly harmless collection of flash cartoons is only for older teens and adults makes me wonder if they even watched them.

But besides that whiny rant, I actually enjoy using this site to see what they think of things. They can be trusted in most cases.


For almost a year now, anything I post on Disqus is "Detected as spam" or if I attempt to make a new post rather than comment on some article "Marked as spam".

It is depressing that so many websites and blogs use Disqus when there are many other viable commenting systems. I try to avoid sites that rely on this terrible format.

Tip for consumers:
have fun with it


Instagram is perfect for me. I've always been a photogrpaher ever since I was five years old and Instagram lets me add photos instantly. There's even my instagram girlfriend that instantly likes my photos and I like her sexy pics in return. Someday I'll meet her and do non-PG13 things to her.

Tip for consumers:
Report bots.


IMDB is a great site with lots of info and it's connected to Amazon and they rock too. It's been around forever and I've been a member for almost 14 years. Someday I'll have an IMDB page when I finally get all the fame I deserve.


I've gotten thousands of hits promoting my own content on Statcounter. If you write interesting and engaging content you can submit it to Statcounter and get lots of hits. It works WAY better than crap like Reddit for shameless self promotion because the people that use Stumbleupon actually enjoy interesting content!

Only 4 stars though because the UI could use some work.


As someone who has written for a site that was behind a paywall (SFDugout.com 2003-06), I really wish someone would just shut this site down for good and send the creator to federal pound me in the ass prison.

This is a site for lazy evil people who want to access paid/premium content but won't pay for it. Anyone using this site is my enemy and I will murder you with my mind.

Tip for consumers:
kill yourself


This is a site for stupid people that want to rip off retail stores and take advantage of all the coupons at once.

Just STFU, get their apps and text alerts. This site needs to be shut down by the corporate world!


LiverJournal used to be an amazing site where I could express my deepest concerns with a couple dozen viewers (pretty much all girls around my age!) and get honest feedback about what I should do with the situations at hand.

Sadly the site has sort of died away and my friend that I knew well from LJ has not posted in almost four years. I've tried to rejuvenate my old LJ but it's not worth it.

While I never got a large amount of responses the ones I got were always genuine and helpful.


Now simply "spring.me" this is a site that essentially encourages bullies to harass people with anonymous questions. And even worse, my bully would ask HIMSELF anonymous questions about me to get away with badmouthing me.

They get one star back for being good about banning such activity... but that's pretty much the only use for the site. Otherwise it's like a poor man's poor man's poor man's Twitter.


Amazon itself is usually very reliable, but their "Amazon Payments" in conjunction with Kickstarter is clunky and frustarting. I tried to change my payment for a Kickstarter project and they told me my account was "disable" because they "couldn't verify" my information.

Now I must fax them my driver's license and to make it worse, the reward I wanted was limited and now there are no more. Kickstarter should use something better than Amazon Payments.


A blatant content farm that mostly consists of terrible lists like "42 Ways you Know you went to UC Irvine" designed solely to generate clicks for advertisers.

There is absolutely no original content on this site. It mostly consists of pictures taken from Tumblr which are taken from YouTube videos.

It's sad that so many people like this site.


A terrible content farm that lets anyone write whatever they want.

Yet people actually use them as a source of news, which is disturbing.


For a job application site, this one is not terrible. They will require you to answer several questions via your webcam or smartphone and then the HireArt team will look through it. After a couple of weeks, you'll find out whether they rejected you outright or sent you on to the employer themselves.

The process takes longer than I feel it should. Not terrible but a bit frustrating sometimes.

Also some jobs that label themselves "entry-level" will ask for 2+ years of experience in a specific field... not really "entry-level", is it?


The site itself is relatively innocuous. A poorly-designed news aggregation site with an extremely right-wing bias.

But what is really annoying about it is Drudge's hordes of followers that will infiltrate the comments section of any news article that Drudge links them to.

Any time your crazy right-wing uncle sends you another annoying link... check Drudge report. I'll bet you $50 he got it from Drudge.


It's like a poll site where all the other people answering questions are the sort of Republican drones that have Drudgereport.com set as their browser's home page.

Lots of calling everyone else a socialist, veiled racism... but it's still fun to answer polls, even if the other users are idiots.

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