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I used to use this website a lot. I did not use it well, though. I would give high ratings to all Lifehouse albums and low ratings to stuff I disliked. Your mileage will vary.


Baseball-reference has been around for a long time. I used it 18 years ago when it was "bigbadbaseball.com" and it's stayed about the same. It's an excellent resource for looking up baseball players. They used to have an "ELORater" that let fans compare two players and then rank which one was better. It was fun, but the webmaster decided to pull the plug.

This is a good source for baseball stats but if you are looking for detailed analysis, you should go to FanGraphs. The blogs that are linked to by Baseball-Reference [not directly on their site] on the player pages are often garbage that no one should read.


This game can be very fun if you know what you are doing. You can make a couple players put them on a team. It has a throwback feel to it. It seems like something you would have found online in the late 1990s, not something from 2017. But that's a good thing. I miss the old days of the web when most people didn't understand it and it was more challenging to maneuver.

This game can be annoying because I'm not that good at it. Other players always seem to know how to craft an excellent hitter/pitcher and mine have often failed miserably like a Kim Batiste.


Steam as a web service is very good, but the UI can be a bit clunky. Especially if you are going to a link to Steam.com which will often force you to log into your Steam account even if you are already logged in elsewhere.


The site still has tons of content. If you are a new visitor you will find dozens of hours of high-quality cartoons that no other website has ever matched. If you're impatient/ADD, this is a good fit. The longest cartoons are maybe ten minutes, with many that are less than two minutes.

Sadly, Flash is dead, so all new contributions to the site are just embedded versions of YouTube videos, which is where all their content is posted now.


Most surveys sites actually ask you a lot of questions and then give you some token reward [usually not enough to compensate your time]. CivIQS never asked more than 8 bare-bones questions and there is no reward whatsoever.


This place varies a lot, depending on the team you follow. SBNation isn't a site as it is a fancy forum for sports fans with hundreds of sites based on their team.

Sadly, due to a meltdown, I am banned from it.


FanGraphs is a good resource overall, but their site can be buggy and doesn't always work as intended.

Baseball Prospectus lacks the depth you'll find on FanGraphs, but the site is more reliable.


These annoying ignorant people are always whining about the city of Mountain View building more apartments. They don't care about the big picture but only about traffic. I quit this site in a spergy rage.


Anything that tells you to buy followers is for idiots
All these five star reviews are fake 100 characters


POF has a lot of unintelligent people. Way too many netspeak-users and cliche-ridden profiles.

They also have some heavy-handed "autoblock" policy where you can't message someone more than 10 years younger than you. Even if POF shows their profile when you're surfing.

So that beautiful blonde in an American flag bikini? Sorry, she turned 21 after you turned 31. No dice.

The worst part is the one girl I sort of "met" was creepy. I never saw her in person but she saw me twice when I was eating at the McDonald's in her WalMart. She never talked to me but would text me saying she saw me there and it was... creepy.

Wish it was that hot girl that saw me, not this unattractive creeper.

Site could work if you put effort in, but not if you're a "guy like me".


This guy has no skill at all. He just gets people to send him stock tips and draws random lines of charts. Anyone using this guy for stock advice is going to fail at life.


There are quite a few good quizzes on this site but also some very poor ones. The good ones are very fun and the bad ones only waste a few minutes of your time, so it's not a big deal like buying a car.

The quiz design page could use some work. They encourage you to post a link to your website on the quiz, but most URLs get a bogus "Invalid URL" error when you try to use them for the link.


There are so many "free" credit report sites out there with odious names like "Triple Advantage" that con you into paying a monthly fee to monitor your credit rating. Credit Karma is free with no weird issues. I do suspect the information is less detailed than some other sites... but there are no costs involved. No mysterious charges showing up after you thought you got something free.

It's not 5 stars though because it could be better. My credit score swings between 720 and 800+ mostly depending on my balances. If I have a higher balance one month then it can go down. I haven't used the tax services they have advertised. I think I will stick with TurboTax.


Because Wikipedia is paranoid and hates anyone who changes anything, they have blocked all tMo-Bile users for at least a year.

I mean, I used to do this, I would change an actress or singer's birthday to 69 and then go into airplane mode when they banned me and do it all over again.

But if you're on a tmobile phone, good luck.

Also, besides that, the site is crawling with neoNazis. You can't use the word "nazi" it is filtered.

It's a site full of young adult men from English/German countries.

Don't use it if you want to succeed in life.


I guess anime fans are more passionate because you will be overloaded with anime examples, no matter the trope. I don't really have much of an interest in anime because I never got into it, so I mostly use it for video game tropes.

It would be nice if they had more examples I could relate to but it is amusing anyway.


Even when Noxxic provides accurate information, it is done in a way that discourages any analysis of the situation. It just tells you which talents to take in WoW without any explanation as to why they are the best ones or what situations would require you to try something else.

Icy-Veins is MUCH better, with detailed explanations for every class and spec.
Noxxic is toxic.


If there's a way to get downvoted on a site, I am going to get downvoted. A lot. More than pretty much any other user who contributes to said site. Any site that allows downvotes or negative ratings to be publicly displayed, and you'll find me with a negative reputation on comments that, if they were posted by any other user, would get a positive score.

Imgur is worse than most others about this. They are quick and fierece about downvoting content that doesn't fit into their narrow 4chanesque world view.

The site itself is cool though and you can find interesting images. Shame about the losers that use it.


I have a stalker that posts old videos of mine that I deleted from YouTube 2-3 years ago (or uploaded to Instagram instead) and reposts them on a parody channel. I have submitted this channel for impersonation, but they have ignored all my complaints and not even told me they would reject them.

At least Twitter lets you know they didn't take action!


You can create an item using a few drop-down menus. You could actually make an item that looks like it belongs as a raid loot drop or quest reward but most of the items I've seen seem to be boring inside jokes or just annoying crap.

You also can't search for anything because the search function is broken.

If they fixed this site it could be really good but it's not that good currently.

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