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13 Reviews by Jer

• Updated review
So I want to update this. Of the several I have talked to, only one turned out to be 'real.' That is willing and continued to talk offline. My complete recommendation, which has almost always been the same. Avoid all marriage agency sites. The girls there are fake - the are paid by the agencies a commission, some have their pictures stolen from other sources, some are paid a 'model' photo shoot - you name it. So this agency has a few, very few, girls that want to talk off the site and rush to get you there. But most are unwilling to leave, a good sign they are not interested and are being paid out by the site. If you are truly interested in Slavic ladies, Eastern Europe, use a monthly or free sub plan site. Yes you get a lot of 'email' scammers. Just be smart, do not send money. Do not use the same password for every site you use, and be up front and honest with them and yourself. Most of all pick a date to visit. Never pin yourself to one or two.
Does the Job
• Previous review
If you are interested in a Marriage Agency site, this one is likely one of the most honesty of them all, if not the most honest. I have reported at least one girl for being on an escort agency site. She was removed immediately with the proof I provided. I have meet one girl from the site. I have talked to two of the translators from the site. Just remember that the site itself is an interface for the local agencies. The girls have various degrees of skill in English and ownership of internet access. All told I have found a mix of girls of not unlike that of eHarmony or Match.com.
Fraud site. I have looked at them, and sisters sites. Even had an account about two years back, give or take. I do like to use the site as a search tool to see if other ladies I am talking to are here. When I find them here, I quit talking to them. My experience is that not a single girl on the site is serious, at least not right now. If you look you can find their job postings to girls to work as 'Translators.' Just look up DATING AGENCY PION on VK and follow the pictures back to AsastasiaDate. Better yet read through out the posts and find several other sites that used paid translators. The sad fact is that you can sites with girls that are interested in you without having to pay out $5-10 per letters, and $1-3 per minute of chat or video feed.
Dmitriy A. – AnastasiaDate Rep
Dear Jer,

Thank you for your message.
Let me kindly assure you that it isn't the case.
Our agency partners are strongly prohibited from giving any sort of compensation to the ladies for being registered on our site or communicating through it. We closely monitor for any inappropriate behavior to ensure nobody is using our international dating platform to make a profit. We intend that every member using our services does so having a genuine and sincere interest in finding their match.

You can be sure that, in the event we discover any inappropriate behavior by any member, we will take the strictest measures in order to avoid reoccurring incidents. This could also result in the removal of a member’s profile, a fine to the agency partner, or a termination of contract.

If you think that some Lady is being paid to be on our website, please contact our customer success team, provide us with her ID and specify why exactly you think that way, after that our manager will look into this matter for you: support@anastasiadate.com
Also, I have checked the "DATING AGENCY PION" and I didn't find any information that they hire ladies to communicate on AnastasiaDate. If you have any additional details, please send them to email address that I posted above.
I'm sure you will be able to find a suitable someone on our site if you try. Please don't hesitate to contact our support for assistance.
Like so many international video enabled dating sites it pays its girls to talk to you. If you get a good one you might even get a peep show. Why they do this, the amount of money they can make off of you. Here is their ad on VK to hire 'translators.' Easy enough to find if you have VK account, or just use a translation app if you do not know Russian. So you tell me if you still think that at 19, 20, 21 year old girl is hot and bothered for a 63 year old man, if you get my meaning. I have a few friends that work at these sites, most of them say the same thing, they would not touch or date a foreign man after their experiences working for these sites. The women are not fakes in the sense of a fat man at a computer somewhere. No most are college students. Most do not have children. And despite the easy of finding social media accounts, most that do have relationships are taught how to cover those up just in case her victim, err, date, is curious and starts looking for her online. They are also instructed not to talk to you outside of the site, or if you buy/earn her contact, to drag you back to the site. Her explanation is that she only has internet at the agency, her computer is on loan from the agency, she just does not have time right now - there are a few more that some of the ladies have mentioned. I personally have made friends from some of these ladies (most from networking on VK) and the stories they tell are disgusting, funny and scary. Note the money they make from the sites is enough to buy a computer in a short time. My favorite source does tell me that all the girls are paid at least a commission, at least for the company she works for.
Fraud/scam site. I do not know what happens if you sign up for it. I thought I might have created a profile so I use what I thought was the login. And wow, Access Denied, and the URL was CharmDate.com. CharmDate is full of women that paid to chat with you. Just ask yourself why the women are on there for 6-8 hours, even more. This despite that they study full time, have a social life and work. That is if you believe everything they say. Of course the work full time in addition to everything else, they just are not telling you that they work for the site to talk to me. Often their title at the site or agency is Administrator.
Like so many international dating sites that offer video and live chat - beware. You will notice that this girls sit online for 6-8 hours. What do you think they have all day just to sit around and talk to you, while having a social life, attending classes, and work. This is their job, to get you to talk to them and spend more money.
Got to love when folks nails media sites because of their political views. Fox, right wing bias, MSNBC left wing bias. Reuters does not show any of that from what I have read. More I tend to rely more on the research and community report from NewsGuard, AllSides, and Media Bias/Face Check, than disgruntled folks that have become just a little more toxic in their political opinions.The only thing I could potential say is wrong with Reuters is that it is lacking flash - all the bells and whistles that so many other news sites shove in your fact. Hummm, actually that is a great plus.
This university is 100% online with regional accreditation. I cannot attest to other programs, but for Information Technology the majority of the classes are tied to a certificate. In fact to pass these classes one must pass the certificate associated with it. The downside is not having a class led instructor for an exchange of ideas. The upsides well make up for it. The certificates are included with tuition, every recruiter and employer I have talked to think highly of WGU, and the tuition is low cost for a university.
Noticed one or two people use this site as a reference to claim another new organization is the bastion of all evil. So I looked it up. Read the various articles on the site and dug deeper for who owns it and its aims, no pun intended. The site is 100% bias for (Far) Right Wing politics and ideas. Anything that looks even left of their opinion they claim is a complete liberal take over of that new or media agency. Many of the authors of said articles include opinions in their articles. If you are deeply conservative, this is the site for you. If you are liberal, moderate or just slightly conservative, this is not the site for you.
The site does restrict photos uploaded. I cannot blame them, some of the stupid stuff people up load especially for a dating site is amazing. In effect you can only upload pictures of you without animal, and with clothing on. This is a very good thing. Down side is if you have a have dog or pet, or hobby is horseback riding, no pictures of that. However read on.

It is very much just okcupid.com with an international focus. There are many scammers on the site. Mostly women profiles, but I have heard of a few bad men on the site. Russiancupid does not monitor who joins and you can report scammers. But it is far to easy to sign up for a free account. You have to paid for the site if you want two way communication. Free accounts cannot communicate with each other, which is the best way to filter out the scammers on the site.

It is fully IMBRA compliant, but I do not think that it even needs to be, as it operates much like a USA dating site would. It really does not have any customer service to speak of.
Cupid M. – RussianCupid Rep
Dear Jer,

Thank you for your feedback. Please know you can contact our customer service through www.russiancupid.com/en/help/helpdesk if you have any concerns, we would be happy to help.
I was very briefly a member of this site. The girls here throw out sexual comments to get you to talk to them. Some of those comments I still use as examples of the most shocking things asked from a complete stranger. I did not still around long enough to request contacts. But the rule of thumb is if she refuses to provide contacts, only wants to talk on the site, or claims such nonsense as "I do not have email" and the like, she is a scammer. Sure many of the girls do not have internet at home, or a smart phone, or something along those lines, but I have yet to meet one that did not have an email address that she checks at least one a week or so. I have never meet a girl that who was serious was not at least willing to attempt to communicate outside of the sites. Typically every instant chat and video chat marriage agency site I have seen so far pays many if not all of its girls to talk to men. Many of the girls this is a full time job that pays well, as there are plenty of idiot men that will stick around and pay out 100, 200, 300 a week in fees and chat features for a girl that will never meet them. I would give this site 1 star, but I did not stick around to see how bad it might be.
Like Ladadate.com and Vicotriyaclub.com this is a scam site. Are there a girl or two that is real, will meet and interested in communication. Yes. But the majority are just there for a pay check. I personally know of four that are paid by the site to talk to men. I am friends with two of them. The secret really is this -

Is she on multiple sites, and most of those are instant chat and video sites like this one? Does she ask or state a sexually forward sentence to catch your attention? Does she refuse to provide requested contact information? Yes to one of those means she is most likely using you for money. These girls are making a commission for every credit you spend on them in chat, on video, or by letter. After getting her contact information does she always say she misses you in chat or what to see you in video - yup she wants you back on the site to earn commission from you.

Additionally this site is not IMBRA compliant. In other words, Americans, you cannot use the site for K-1 Visas. The site does not care, but being out of compliance they do not have to spend extra money, and they do not actually want you to ever leave the site. You are their cash cow. No idea what IMBRA is? Look it up.
They are associated with Ladadate.com and Loveinchat.com. I know four of the girls that work on Ladadate, and yes, they are also on this site. Funny enough I have a screen shot of one of the girl's commission earning from Victoriyaclub. I will not post it, she is friend and I do not want to get her fired. I used Victoriyaclub only enough to double check on a few girls. This was before I meet the first girl who let me know that many of the girls get paid to talk to men here.

The reality is this. A marriage agency site that relies on instant chat and video chat are scam sites. You will notice that the girls are on there for hours at a time. These are girls that supposedly have studies and work for a living to paid for their studies. Explain then how they could spend 8 hours online just waiting for you to talk to them. Also you will notice that most of the girls are wearing similar to the same clothes and are in pictures of the same room or setting. This is because the site owners have their own photography station just for the site. This was slipped to me on accident from one of the girls I think when we were discussing another girl from the site.

No all the girls are fakes and frauds paid to talk to you. But most of them are. I do think that all of them make a commission from you. But I do not have proof of this. Best thing to do is a reverse photo look up. See where that girl has been. If she is on multiple sites, especially chat/video site, avoid her.

Also this site does not comply with IMBRA, so Americans, you cannot use the site as a reference for IMBRA laws on your K-1 Visa. Yup, no bride for you from here. Good luck.
How to tell a scam site. The women are online all the time, they rarely get up set no matter what you say, they say sexually infused sentences immediately, and they often refuse to give contact information when requested. I know four of the girls here work directly for an agency and make commission to talk to me. Of those four I am friends with two of them, one hates me, and one only wanted me to return to the site to bilk me for more money. The first girl actually sent me a snapshot of her Victorya Club interface that the 'Administrators' have. It is a bit different from what the men see. Up top I could easily see the icons for Ladadate and Love In Chat, plus at least 3 other sites that I did not recognize. I could also see two gmail accounts open, and google translation. When that girl you are talking to has minutes of delay in response it is in part because she is talking to someone else, and in part because the more time you spend with her the more of a commission she gets.

They claim to give a refund if you close your account. They do not. I requested my account close and never received a refund. I report another girls for also being on an escort service. They left her profile up and claimed it was all mistaken on my part.

I must also add, they do not comply with IMBRA. So Americans, you cannot even use this site as a reference for K-1 Visas.

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