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The app refuses to let me sign in or complete sign up. I'm in an endless loop of verification codes. I follow every single prompt, only to be redirected back to the first step. Then it starts all over again! There's no reason for this. I'm on the same device and putting in all the correct codes. It's like they're deliberately discouraging new users. Very frustrating and makes absolutely no sense.

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother. Dealing with this non-functional app will literally destroy your day. Garbage.


This was once my go-to for downloading and converting youtube videos. It got the job done quickly without any hassles. Sadly, it's really gone downhill in the last couple of months. The once great ytmp3 is literally non-functional now. Files rarely convert, and even if they do, they're corrupted and don't play on my device. I'm not getting tricked again into thinking I have files when I don't. Frustrating and pointless. It's time to retire the site.


I lurked for a few weeks before posting. Wish I hadn't. Angry demonic energy present on site, just garbage and seedy. Don't interact with the 'people' on here. Very mean-spirited and illiterate creeps (didn't even read my post, just assumed things, one star rated and hurled insults for absolutely no reason) frequent the site. A cesspool just like Reddit unfortunately.

A few reviewers mentioned the site being run by CIA and incorporating some sort of dark AI mind control techniques. Seems plausible. I shared very little in my post, but got some oddly worded and aggressive 'personal' responses back - they felt 'coded' to illicit some sort of specific emotional response from me. This is a very shady operation. I should have known better than to engage here (I watched as a respectable poster was eviscerated by the resident trolls and subsequently banned). I've been targeted on forums numerous times before, so I'm usually much more guarded. Another learning experience.

Tip for consumers:
Some of the posts here *are* engaging (and the forum is great with breaking news) ngl, but you have to wade through a lot of tabloid BS, low-class filth, and mudslinging to get to anything real. Too many threads devolve into nonsense tangents and get derailed by random mundane personal stories. Lots of incel, white supremacy and vile locker-room talk too. If you do visit, I don't recommend engaging with anyone. I wish I hadn't. Disheartening.


'Social media' site with a cheesy bare bones interface that harkens back to the early aughts. Not an entirely bad thing tbh. If you're one for nostalgia, this place has an odd charm. Here you can exchange 'gifts' e.g. pixely teddy bears, snacks etc. and play basic games like Checkers or Battleship. There are blogs, groups, photo galleries etc. You can customize your profile with wallpapers that look like they came straight outta MySpace. If you pay for 'VIP', you can tailor things more personally. The chatrooms are very active and robust, with visitors from all over the world. Beware the disgusting pervs of course. It's a surprisingly active site overall with both young and old members. There is however an abundance of obviously fake bot profiles - which is ironic because SC rejected my profile photo for being 'fake.' They didnt believe it was 'me' apparently, and when I tried disputing it to customer service (3 times), I was totally ignored. That's when I deleted my account. I didn't feel valued or respected as a member of this community, and the novelty wore off rather quickly, so I noped out of here after a few weeks.


Apparently I dared to post in the wrong section and instead of being civil about it, the cranky accountant copped an attitude with me for no reason. Telling me how lost I was on the internet, and they googled where to go ('and YOU can too'). Super passive aggressive. I'm a teenager and never did taxes before (doing them for my incarcerated brother), and said so in my post. It REALLY doesn't take much to be polite to someone online. Behaving rudely this way just makes YOU look bad and unprofessional. I would never use this community again.

Watch for someone with the screenname 'gbteachmt' on here. I don't care what 'level' you are. No reason to be so pissy like your s**t doesn't STINK.

Tip for consumers:
Very unpleasant experience with a rude accountant on here. I don't recommend it.


First of all, the place is a mess interface-wise. Cluttered ugly pages that take forever to load. Crashes often. Just unpleasant to navigate.

As for the content - it's essentially a 'personal ads' site that facilitates conmen and women in the fleecing of decent citizens. Make no mistake - these people are usually locked up for a reason. Don't fall for their sob stories. Many (not ALL of course) of these inmates prey on well-meaning, vulnerable individuals to get whatever they can out of them. Money, a connection on the outside, a future place to crash - or in my case - someone to talk dirty to. I was NOT seeking a love interest or even a penpal on here. I was just looking for a random inmate (before i got wise to it all) to give my extra jpay stamps to after ending communication with an incarcerated loved one (who I KNEW on the ‘outside' first). Long story short, I ended up getting sucked into a very bad situation. After talking for a few weeks, I realized the man I was corresponding with was a violent sociopath and white nationalist who had no remorse for his crimes. He became obsessed with me and started sending a dozen messages a day. Thankfully I was able to cut all ties before giving him any identifying info.

But other women (and men who fall for women on here) probably aren't so lucky. I have a few tips to share from my experience -

- Be wary if they start with the ‘I love yous' right away. A huge red flag. They either want money or they have some type of mental issue.

- This one is for the ladies - Don't EVER send suggestive photos. These men use pictures of wives, gfs, and even penpals as currency. Your image WILL be passed around sooner or later. And even if you trust your man, the pic could be stolen. If you *must* do it - crop your face or any identifying features out. Unless you don't mind. I'm not judging lol.

- This is an obvious one, but of course it raises suspicions if they start asking for money and gifts. Now it IS rough in there and I've given money to my family member quite a few times - but I knew him BEFORE he got locked up. These WAP people are strangers.

The forum is hit or miss, but too often a miss. TBF there are a few resident posters here who give amazing advice in a really chill non-judgmental way, but THEN there are posters like TAURUS who are arrogant and condescending. This rude ass apparently has no life, because they remembered details about something I posted and deleted MONTHS ago only to use it against me recently in the public forum. Just really nasty and uncalled for. This moron also tried making me feel bad for seeking advice on the site, like I had no right to do so. Well why does ANYONE post here then? I felt so creeped out by this person.

The forum is also clogged with delusional post-menopausal women who believe their MWI relationships are anything other than dudes using them for money or easy sex talk. I've spied in on their little echo chamber and it's almost fascinating. Of course it's quite sad, but at the same time you marvel at how these women could be so gullible. One attention wh*re poster hijacks threads on a daily basis with her pitiful humblebragging about any 'attention' she gets from her inmate 'bf'. You can almost smell the desperation through the screen. You huff convict farts. We get it.

This site is basically a front for criminal activity, exploiting vulnerable men and women, and should be shut down. The forum sucks hairy *******@ss and the people are - for the most part - cranky and unsupportive.

I DO appreciate that the site removes all of your content when you delete your account, but this was still a 1 star experience.


Horrible experience. Currently trying to have my account and posts removed. Rude, nasty, judgmental creeps here. Very low class place. And if you dare stand up for yourself, the lame 'clique' here will gang up on you and make like you're the bad guy. Major gaslighting. There NEEDS to be a block button for the miserable sows who stink up threads (hollyj is one of the worst troublemakers on the site). Foul website. Horrible experience. I said horrible twice, well I'll say it again


UPDATE - POLITELY asked the mod to please delete my account and remove my posts - He didn't answer, but instead I got a pop-up saying I was permanently banned for being 'rude'. Meanwhile almost everyone on here is RUDE as hell for like no reason at all lol. Once you're banned you can't even see content - so I assume my posts (that I requested be removed) are still being commented on. I don't think this is right. Super negative vibes. Bitter miserable trolls. Unprofessional mod. Ghetto site.

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother coming here looking for advice. It can only make you feel worse. I had maybe one or two helpful responses out of about a dozen. Nothing but self-righteous pr*cks on here. Yuck.


Bitter mod just got my entire Reddit account suspended today. That was my ABSOLUTE FINAL STRAW with this site. I will not be participating in Reddit ever again.

Had the account for two and a half years. Karma in the hundreds, a dozen followers, several awards and kinship in various communities (some relating to mental health) permanently suspended overnight. All because of a gatekeeping femcel mod u/FAWmod TrollHunter. Unreasonably angry horrible person (and femcels wonder why they're terminally single?) who invalidated my trauma and painful life experiences in vile fashion. Perma banned from the subreddit (okay?) - then I wake up to my entire account gone. Thankfully Reddit is not my main source of online community (can you imagine? LOL), but the mod doesn't know that.

If you must participate - stay away from any subreddits relating to MI in particular - it can be VERY dangerous and damaging - especially if you're on the sensitive side. I feel dehumanized after sharing my personal stories looking for support - only to be belittled and banned (repeatedly).

* Was ironically just permanently banned from r/modabuse for sharing my story of an abusive mod. LMAO. I violated NO terms and no reason was given (and there's tons of sh*tposting on there). I guess they did it for the lolz. 'Remember the human' is in the Reddit TOS, but is rarely - if ever - applied. I truly believe once you're on some 'list' on here you will get abuse in every subreddit you join or post in. I'm polite, follow the rules and I'm literally banned and spoken to like a piece of crap in almost every subreddit I try posting in. It has to be some sort of psy-op targeting certain people.

Evil, cowardly, despicable people running and using this cesspool of a site. The mods are some of the ugliest, most sadistic people I've ever come across online - and trust me that's saying A LOT. No class or morals. Stay away.

Tip for consumers:
A literal cesspool. Maggots playing in fecal sludge. Nasty troll commenters and power hungry sociopathic (and apparently completely untouchable) mods who get off on hurting others. Satanically evil people run and frequent the site. Is everyone on Reddit an awful person? Of course not. And now and then I have gotten good things from the site, but the negative faaaar outweighs the positive. Disgusting place.

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