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As far as replacing Polyvore for styling and fashion boards, this is as close as you're going to get to replicating the Polyvore experience. Site works ok, app works decently. They're a start up so it
's never going to be perfect and there's a long wishlist of features we'd all like to see.

Social aspect is not great; you have the groups but it's mostly people complaining. The social pages--facebook and insta--don't do them justice for promoting the diversity and possibility of Fashmates. They basically repost a very narrow range of the same basic looks. So, a person who hasn't used Fashmates comes along and only sees one type of image associated with the brand. I get that this is fashion and you want to convey a youthful, trendy image. It's what my old polyfam friends call "basic bit** couture".

It seems like funding is the limiting factor for Fashmates. Hope they get the money to develop their app and site into what Polyvore could have been.


Were fined and had to refund people for deceptive billing practices around their 'free boxes' That should tell you everything.


For the longest time, RF was the last word in affordable quality training equipment. (Yes, there are better bars like Eleiko but they cost as much as a car.) So basically, if you wanted good, well crafted items, it was Rogue or take your chances elsewhere.
Because of this, the lack of competition, they've gotten complacent. Their service doesn't feel like it has to try anymore and their sales are lackluster --I realize that many of their pieces are American made but their Nike shoes and other brand this and that aren't so they can't use that to justify cost there. Places like StrengthShopUSA and FringeSport are slowly gaining word of mouth --while Strengthshop 's service is bad, their prices are much better and product quality on par with Rogue.
FringeSport can be dismal for selection but price is slightly better than Rogue and service is A1.


2 Incidents that demonstrate this for me:

Oct 2016--I ordered a 45 lbs dumbbell. After I checked the tracking notice, the delivery info said 43 lbs. No biggie, but I messaged Amazon that they might update the page and let others know this can happen, a weight be off a pound or two. The rep responded by apologizing, refunding the payment, and telling me to keep the dumbbell. Outstanding.

Feb 2017--Ordered a nice little bookcase from Amazon fulfillment. It came, I assembled it and the middle shelf--the screws didn't line up right. It's not a huge problems, still have the others shelves, just 4 instead of 5. When I sent feedback to support, the rep offered a full refund if I sent it back or (as it was still functioning and useful) she would refund me half of my purchase. I was appreciative of this.


The selection is a little more limited than you will get with other sites, like harryanddavid.com. However, the quality is the same. The prices are very good for the quality of consumables they offer and the customer service people are pleasant. Would recommend.


I have used H & D's for years because, while the prices can be steep and shipping as bad, the quality has always been perfect. This is no longer true.
This year, I believe they were acquired or merged with 1800Flowers and the service has nosedived---as good as it was before, it is the equivalent in bad. For one, all your account data is no longer on the site, save your address book. This means no order status, no gift history... nothing. If you want an update on an order, whether it's shipped or where it is, you now have to contact customer service and, if you're lucky, they will give you the shipping number. Most times, they will just tell you 'it was sent on xyz and is en route at wherever' The fact that they are so elusive with this stuff is really disheartening. I ordered something, post Christmas to avoid the rush, and when it didn't arrive on the date on my receipt, I spoke to 3 different people, got 3 different shipping numbers... finally, email tag through their helpdesk got it resolved and unfortunately, the shipment was late, spoiled and I had to be refunded. In the past, they would apologize and refund and replace your items free of charge (I ordered something and the jar was broken in shipping and they handled it beautifully) They did refund my money but no apology, no explanation and no replacement. Try agiftinside. Less selection but better prices and more reliable service.


I had to research this company for a work project and I'm appalled at what they get away with. Over charging on merchandise to gullible or disadvantaged people is bad enough but their interest charges, hidden fees, shoddy customer service... you get the picture.
What really pisses me off was a recent commercial where an actress stated (paraphrasing) 'As a single mom, they helped me buy what I need to start over' It's manipulative to imply you are helping lower income people when you are making huge profit margins off them with shady practices


This is an old marketing scam; they promise you easy money. You're required to give them various personal data. They give you busy work (quizzes etc) that they have no intention of paying out for. They now have your data and sell it to marketing companies.
There is no such thing as easy money. This type of internet company persists because there are always gullible people. Don't be one.


They do refund money if you pursue it with the BBB (go read their page); otherwise, you're ignored. You shouldn't have to email over and over then chase someone down to get something resolved.


Wish I could give 2.5. It's not that they're terrible, because even that would be something. They're just really inconsistent. I ordered 2 items... one looked and fit exactly as I was led to believe from the site; beautiful dress, no complaints whatsoever. The other piece had ratty hems with threads unravelling and hanging off, the color was not the same shade as what was displayed on the site and it was the only red option so it's not like I inadvertently messed up the order. Just not the quality or even the color that I was sold on and the fit wasn't right either.

The same goes with the customer service; one interaction, smooth and friendly. The next time, I got some hateful beast from hell who acted like I was the biggest jerk ever for bothering her.

The clothes are beautiful but I wouldn't order again; I don't feel like the products or service have a consistent standard. Buyer beware.


I've never found Ancestry.com to be great. The customer service has never been good, data is often erroneous (Hello. I think I know when my own mother died) etc.
I've been away for a couple years so I thought I'd be fair and check it out again; maybe things got better. No. Somehow, they made it worse. What really pisses me off is that when you do a search, you get hits, you have to sign up for a paid account to access the hits (or the 'free trial") and then you click the link and find there's no data whatsoever. It makes it look like 'Sign up and access all these records" but there aren't really many records or much info there.


Full disclosure: I never sold any thing on PM because I ran screaming long before I uploaded more than 2 items. I have heard the shipping fees and commissions are HORRID and I will take others' word on that.
No, my problem was the user interface. Within 30 seconds of signing up, I had 20 people following me and was manually added by what I assume was a site mod to some 'fall sale' event crap. No clear directions how to leave that, just arbitrarily pushed into something. The forced social aspect sucks. I was bothered and pestered, people liked this, invited me to that, followed me... no sales, not even a sales prospect. Look, if I want to join a social network, I'll go to a social network site. My time on PM was intended to post and sell items. The tech support is non existent so rather than be forced into groups and events without my consent, I deleted the app. I strongly advise you to take your business to a better, more responsive site that isn't trying to push nonsense on you.


The other posts have hit on all the big complaints with this site so I'll just do a brief point by point of what went wrong for me.
1) Survey system is a joke--promises high point payout, so you click, spend 5 or 6 mins. Answering 'screening questions' then get told you don't qualify. Out of 25 surveys, I didn't qualify for any.
2) Videos--Are you kidding me? 3-5 points for watching up to 20 -25 minutes of sometimes racist and/or sexist content. On a 3 pt queue, I had 3 videos at least 8 mins and one OVER 15 MINUTES. For 3 points. Are you kidding me?
3) Pretty much the only way to make a lot of points is spend money at their affiliates so that company gets your money, swagbucks makes referral money and you get a few points. Big whoop, easy to see who's coming out of that deal smelling like a rose.


Misleading delivery; ordering something that stated next day delivery. Lo and behold, it's going to be 3 days because the local business in that area 'was closed for several days for a funeral' Well, guess what? When you get online and search, this seems to happen... A LOT. 'Local business can't deliver on time due to an unexpected surgery", " can't deliver due to the provider experiencing a family emergency." Not a few times, like 50% of the time, that's the feedback given to the angry consumer. So, obviously, they're promising faster delivery to charge more then reneging, knowing full well that they cannot deliver on advertised date.
The service reps are polite, I try not to take my anger out on the low man on the totem pole, but they have to know what they are doing.

Product was not as described, spoiled, shoddy fruit. Livid at this business.

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