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Well, I was a member of MySurvey for many years. Only survey site that actually paid once in awhile. But months ago we were all notified that LifePoints would be taking over and whoop dee doo how much better it will be. Yea NOT.

First I could not even get in. Sent many support tickets, finally one day they were all answered with the exact same message I'm sure they sent everyone, site issues have been resolved. Ok, I tried and sure enough, got in no problem.

Then I took a few surveys. A couple I managed to finish, but several were very long, one at 20+ pages of questions, only to get at the end of it "sorry you did not qualify."
Excuse me but 20 pages IS a survey.
I let it go. Figured at this point I'd cash in what points I could, get to the next minimum and cash out and leave. BUT...

Again I cannot get in. I get "disable your adblock." (Which I NEVER had to do with mysurvey.) So ok, I disabled every block, pop up block, adblock I have. Still cannot get in. They have a link to instructions for those who might not know how to disable adblock, I do so didn't need any help but just to see I took a look. Well their instruction page is dated 2016 and no longer applies to today's version of Firefox. I took screen shots of all my stuff disabled and their note, and their outdated help page and submitted a ticket.
Weeks later again. and again...... replied to their auto reply saying they would get back to me as soon as possible.... over and over and over I did this.
I get sometimes 20 survey invites a day clogging up my email and once sent in a feedback ticket suggesting one daily email would be fine. AND that until my support tickets are answered I'm not even trying. I just delete them. ANSWER THE TICKETS.
Nothing nothing nothing....

I have had it with the wasted time on a site that is broken with support that is non existent. I don't know HOW they plan on staying in business. Sooner or later companies looking to gather information with their surveys will figure out they aren't getting results and will leave.
Darn shame. But again, it's too much of a waste of time for nothing. Deleting my account today points or no points.




I have always liked paypal. I have recommended it to friends as a way to keep your credit card hidden and thus safer. But no more!!!!!

So my latest round with them did not end well.
I have a motorized bicycle. (money pits those are.) Bought a new carburetor off a site called (horrible avoid them too.) I contacted support, guy showed me a carb that I swear wouldn't fit my motor but he assured me it would, it will be better.. blah blah. So I ordered. I did order this around Memorial day but still after a week I never got the usual note that it's been shipped. I started looking elsewhere and found the same kind of carb I had on the motor. I contacted gasbike again asking when they planned on shipping and was told another 5 days. I said just cancel the order. I got back an email confirming it would be canceled. Fine.... ordered the other one, shipped out the same day.

Few days later I get an "updated shipping notice" from gasbike. WHAT? I contacted them AGAIN (which by the way isn't easy since calling results in sitting on hold forever, live chat seems to never be working, email is all that's left and half of those bounce due to mailbox full.) But I got through, said hey this was canceled, sent a copy of their confirmation it was canceled, I said the one I ordered elsewhere is coming tomorrow. You guys just took too long and before shipping it was canceled. I'm NOT paying for this..
No reply.

So ok, I contacted pay pal. Got connected directly to INDIA. They checked my order, they showed it still was not shipped, but found the charge. I said good... please do something to prevent it as this is NOT suppose to be shipped at all. It was canceled.
So they opened a ticket. Told me to wait 10 days so THEY could contact the seller.

Without any more communication they ruled in favor of the seller. I logged into pay pal, and they had the ticket WRONG. They had listed the problem "item not as described." Which is NOT the problem. Item was canceled BEFORE they shipped and they confirmed that.

I called paypal again... and again directly TO INDIA! Round and around with this one, could not understand English at all. I asked for a supervisor, got cut off. Tried agin. JOY when I got connected to someone without an accent. She said she's in Texas. YEA AGAIN! I explained the issue, she put me on hold and I was connected TO INDIA!!!!!!

I swear if one more person says "OW may I be ELPING you" or "we are so sorry for your nconvenience" I'll scream! So again, re open the case, NOT as "not as described" but as SHIPPED EVEN AFTER IT WAS CANCELED! I said the company expects me to ship it back at MY cost and they what? Hope that maybe they refund the item? It's a lousy 29 dollar thing but will cost about half of that between sending it to me and me shipping it back. I said if they want to send me a pre paid return slip I'd be happy to put it in the mail but I'm not paying for it when I never should have got it in the first place.
Paypal asked me for proof which I sent screen shots of at least two emails clearly showing their reply that yes it would be canceled.

Well again.... without any further conversation, ruled against me. I'm stuck with a stupid part I don't need or want now. Since this company is so hard to communicate with, I'm better off keeping it (still in the box.) Or maybe just sell it off on ebay.

But as for paypal? NO MORE! My bank would have reversed this. Since I used paypal they couldn't.

Bottom line, the only reason I used paypal was for the extra level of security. This time it only let this corrupt seller ship an item AFTER it was canceled for being shipped so late and now they can keep the money. Paypal is beyond useless now. And support.... well maybe if you speak Hindi you would be ok. I don't.




So I make art and crafts. Decided many years ago to try selling online. Started out on ebay. NOT the place to sell hand made art of any kind. Great for some things, just not this. Then along came a new one, etsy. "All things handmade." And at first they were great. They slowly they started doing dumber and dumber things. Support for sellers vanished. They never did have a phone. They got so greedy and dumb I moved my two shops to one of many new sites emerging since etsy, one called Artfire. And at first they were great. They had a PR person who was just fantastic at both explaining what changes will mean to sellers and why, AND at getting your listings out there. Now this is very important to anyone selling on these huge sites. Sure the site is huge, but your little corner on it is microscopic.
I would do regular searches online for stuff similar to what I make just to see who shows up. Ebay, etsy, Artfire all showed up in google shopping. Zibbet? NEVER.
NOT ONCE. Try it if you don't believe me. What ever item you like, try searching for it. Do you see Zibbet anywhere?

The worst thing, like all these sites, they have their own forum boards. These are only used by people with accounts. Sellers. I posted asking why Artfire shows up in search engines but not Zibbit and was banned from the forums. And no one would ever answer me as to why, for how long, let alone answer the question posted.

So. ebay, not the place for art.
Etsy. greed rules. People still do well there, but be warned, they are a greedy lot and have put in place more ways to lead a shopper OFF your shop than anyone.
Artfire also got bit by the greedy bug and started slapping adds all over our listings.
Want my beautiful hand made pen? Click here for some cheap made in china junk.
All scattered through the product description. I counted 13 on one page alone.
That great PR guy they had bailed. Should have been my first sign things were going down hill.
Zibbet? NO support for me. I never really moved a lot of stuff to them and never will. Banning a seller your hoping to make money off of just for posting a question in their forum board is really beyond stupid. And all for just mentioning another site? They could have deleted the post and sent me a warning. I never knew because every other site didn't have a problem with mentioning the competition in their seller only forums. I sent numerous emails asking about this and never got a reply. I finally removed the few items I did have listed and deleted my account.

Advice shoppers? It's not the site you need to worry about. This is just a venue to connect you with someone selling something. So "support" for you means contacting the seller and see how it goes.
But sellers? Honest, it's worth the investment to just build your OWN site. It will take a lot longer to "get it out there" but once you do, it's yours. Under your control, and no greedy heartless CEO can ruin your business. All these venue sites are just a big gamble. Don't spend too much to find out everything I just said is true.




First, glad I took the time to look here. Maybe this is a blessing. There is a concert coming up this Sat I really want to see. Need 3 tickets, so I got to the theaters website, click the link which brings me to ticketmaster. Filled in their sign up form only to get an error "something went wrong." NO CLUE WHAT! How can I fix "something"? Now it's possible I used them once before, it would have been many years ago. So how about "that name already has an account" or some such thing? Nope, not a clue.
Tried calling them. "due to high call volume." and I'm given the option to use their automated ticket ordering thing, and why would I go through that if I already know "something went wrong?" OR visit their website. (now this one always gets me. WHY would I be CALLING if I could do something on your broken website???)
Or try again later and click. Cut right off. HOW do businesses stay in business when they can't get enough help to pick up the phone? Not even a call back option? Nothing? I tried later, got the same circle and click.

The theater box office of course is not open and doesn't take orders over the phone. SWELL!
While searching for another way to contact SOMEONE SOMEWHERE at ticket master, I started reading reviews. Horrible ones. Came here to sitejabber, and found even more. Maybe it's a good thing I never got through. I think I'll make an extra hour drive and just go buy them in person. Thanks to everyone before me who posted their horror stories. Probably saved me some money by not ordering online.




Ok, so just before Christmas, watching CBS SundayMorning, a tech guy comes on to show some latest gadgets. And showed this neat little lunch box, with a built in hot plate, and how you can put either frozen foods or even raw foods in a container, bring it to work, plug it in and by lunch time have hot food.
Well I thought this would be GREAT for both my husband, who is an over the road trucker, and my daughter, a programer who has been complaining her lunch room serves junky food and going out to eat every day is getting expensive.
This would be perfect right?
I ordered two from this company.

Well my best intentions. husband isn't thrilled. He said he likes to cook when he's ready to eat, not hours before. He did try some simple eggs but said they turned out like rubber. Nuts.
My daughter is afraid to have an electric hot plat plugged in anywhere near the computers. I did suggest she might plug it in down in the lunch room first thing, butI think because it's a big company, she's not too crazy about that idea.
So that was a bust all around.

Meanwhile I kept getting "send us your review" notices from the company. I finally just wrote back that though I thought this was a great idea, neither of my family members will likely ever use it. Total bust. So please stop sending me review requests.

Well to my shock and surprise, they wrote back right away, sorry the product wasn't a hit, and would I like a refund? I never asked for a refund, just figured I thought it was a good idea, and I was wrong. Oh well. But sure enough, the same day they refunded the full price!

Now THIS is a company people can trust. Customer support, and standing behind their product, be happy or get a full refund.
If only more businesses treated their customers with so much respect.

I still do think for the right person this is a nyfty little gadget. I worked at an office for many years and would have loved a way to plug in my lunch in the morning and have it ready to eat by lunch time.




So, several years ago I bought a motorized bicycle. Been riding many hundreds of miles before the rear wheel bearings gave out.
Because of all the stress on the rear wheel, my weight, the speeds this thing goes, and the fact that the motor attaches to a gear which is bolted onto the spokes. This causes stress to the hub. Which means a rebuilt rear wheel.

Well I watched a video from BikeBerry on youtube
Seemed like a great idea. This attaches the gear to the hub and not the spokes. Since I had to have a whole new rear wheel built anyway, I asked my bike shop guy if I ordered this part would he install it. Sure.
Over the phone I had my bike shop person look at the bikeberry site to be sure I ordered the right size. He did
and here is where everything goes wrong.
The picture ON the site showing this part, after clicking the right size, is NOT the actual picture of what you get. The diameter of the hole on the part that showed up had an opening barely big enough to stick your thumb through. NOT a rear wheel hub. I called BikeBerry and they said this was my mistake for ordering the wrong size. Since I was calling from the bike shop I asked the guy building my wheel to talk to bikeberry and lets make sure the next part is right. He did. I ordered the right size, or so I thought, and still had to eat the cost of shipping the wrong one back.

When the next part arrived, it was still wrong. Again, at the bike shop I tried to call bikeberry. Sat on hold until my phone died. Went out to the car, plugged in my phone, tried again and sat on hold for well over a half hour longer.
FINALLY got through. AGAIN had them talk with the bike shop guy and again had to pay to return this part and try again.
And when that one came and still didn't fit? The bike shop called me and said they tried to call but he can't tie up his phone all day waiting on hold. I said forget it, just put the old gear back on the way it was. It got me hundreds of miles before failing. It will again.

The wasted time, gas, money to keep returning these parts. Heavy metal gears, not cheap to ship, ended up costing almost as much as the part itself.
All could have been avoided IF
1. Post the picture of the actual CORRECT size part on the site. We would have seen that first one would never work. (For that matter, that part would not fit ANY bike hub I ever saw.)
2. When the bike shop and bikeberry are talking directly, there should be no way to still get it wrong. I watched him measure the hub and give the number to bikeberry over the phone. So this time it was NOT my fault for ordering the wrong size.
At least they could have offered to cover the postage to try yet again.
3. Phones. Why have them if you can't hire enough staff to actually answer them? Support or in this case lack of, is why the low rating.

So if you have a motorized bike, then you know they need parts replaced constantly. This site is one to be avoided.




This site has a ton of games. Little by little the few I saved stop working. I'm down to only a small handful I actually play, one of them is called mahjong escape. Not long ago when you try to get on that game, the site sends you to an unrelated game. And good luck trying to find a way to report this. They do have a forum board but it's only user to user support. This is on their end so users can't do anything. Some people can get on, but reports of this glitch are many and there is no help to be found. Searching through google, (pogo is run by EA games) I managed to come up with a support contact page and submitted a ticket. To which I get back, in part,
"If you need an immediate fix to continue playing a game, go back to EA Help and select a topic other than Report a bug."

So if you have encountered a BUG you cannot send in a BUG REPORT?
How stupid is that?
A game linking into another game is a glitch ON THEIR END. It has nothing to do with browsers, cookies, cache or any of the usual nonsense support always sends. It's a bad link. Some programer was asleep and goofed. But with no way to contact anyone, there it sits.

And people actually PAY to be "premium" members on here?

Companies who make communication with their own customers impossible or next to impossible will always get a zero rating from me.

Oh.. I have had this same issue with games I bought and installed onto my computer. Support is nowhere to be found. I have avoided buying ANYTHING from EA games for a long time now. They just don't get it.
Play free, what little you can, or find something better somewhere else.




Well I've been on bigfarm for years. Got into galaxy for years too. Galaxy they stopped supporting, which was actually a good thing. At least changes didn't foul everything up. We knew what we had. And I spent money on that one too. Then they just up and pulled the plug. Nothing like flushing your customer base.

Well now BigFarm just recently added a new feature. A ship yard. VERY expensive to upgrade ships however, money made from fish was profitable. Enough to pay for the other insanely overpriced items.
Well this week, without warning, we can no longer sell off fish. They introduced a market, which doesn't pay squat!

They also keep adding more and more competitive events. This is NOT a battle game. It started out a simple balancing game of farming. And yes, you could spend real money to buy "gold" to upgrade things. That's how they stay in business. However, they make it very easy to accidentally lose your gold, and will NEVER give it back. Requests for a lock of some kind have gone ignored for years. And now everything about this game really requires spending of gold. It's turned into nothing but a greedy money pit.

Would I recommend it to anyone? Not anymore. And if you do try it, keep your credit card FAR from the computer. Honest, it's not worth it. If you want to spend money on a game, buy a game, install it on your computer, they you know what you have and the rug won't be pulled out from under you.




So I just got my first iphone in Jan 2017. Set up with AT@T for their gophone plan. Pretty good deal, and so far no issues with coverage.
I was set up right from day one with AUTOPAY. Gave them my credit card, was told I'd actually get a 5.00 a month discount for doing autopay. Great.

SO today I got a rather scary text saying if I don't make a payment by. my phone would be cut off. Now everyone I know KNOWS I don't do texts. But I texted back that I was on auto pay.
Only to have that bounce because they don't receive texts. Swell. They send them to me ok but I can't reply?
So off to their site I go. Contact us. as so often happens now, brings up a page of services I have to pick from. Found gophone, called, and of course get the typical voice mail from hell autobot. Now this is NOT something a pre programed thing can fix. I need a HUMAN. GOOD LUCK! Every term I could think of, "agent, customer service, person, human, BRAIN," only sent it around again with "so I may better direct your call do you want"
MY GOD WHY can't a company the size of AT@T HIRE HUMANS to pick up the PHONE! "How may I direct your call." How frigging long does that take?
I really miss that.
When nothing, (including at this point a slew of cuss words) got me past the autobot I started blabbering gibberish. FINALLY got the "I'm sorry I can't understand you let me connect you." OH HALLELUJAH!
And I was connected directly TO INDIA!

Nice girl, but could barely understand me. Seriously. LONG story but finally I got it across, if I'm on AUTO PAY WHY do I need a text. Everything will be charged monthly, I can see it on my account, stop texting. Once she got past MIS pronouncing my name, even after I corrected her, and figured out what I wanted, and apologized about a dozen times for my inconvenience. (Yea right.) Finally she put me on hold, then came back with no more texts ok? Good. Thank you. Have a nice day and I hung up.
Thought I was done but no.

Some time later, and I'm sitting right next to the phone. I got a missed call alert. Phone never rang. Some 800 number so thinking this is most likely some spam I googled the number. Guess who. AT@T.

New to using smart phones, I just wasted some time fiddling with it to be sure I actually have it set to ring. And I do. And a little while later it did ring. Same 800 number. This time I got a guy directly from INDIA who also could barely speak OR understand English.
He asked if I had stop getting texts. Now mind you, it's been like one hour since all this started. Only ever had the ONE text and hopefully the last. So I told him that. and of course he didn't understand. Asked me again if I got any contacts from AT@T. I then said well yea, my phone suddenly sent a missed call alert but never rang and it was your number. So this guy goes off on a long explanation on why I can not call their 800 number. How it does not accept incoming calls.
TWICE I had to explain to this nit wit I DID NOT CALL. YOU CALLED ME!
Then got the multitude of apologies again for my inconvenience all of which I could barely understand. GEES!
I finally lost it with him. Shouted "doesn't AT@T hire ANYONE who actually speaks ENGLISH????"
Yea I know, not really this kids fault. But still. A company who is all about COMMUNICATION should do better. I just hope this was a one time thing and I don't have to fight with them every month like I did with boost.
(believe it or not, their customer service is even worse.)




I was once a very loyal apple fan. But ever since Steve Jobs died, apple has been on a steady downward spiral. iTunes???? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
I can't even use their site. Apple can't seem to remember my log in information. I have had to call them and go around their endless self help nonsense more than a few times now. Once you reach a human they can usually get it worked out but it's such a pain I don't even look anymore.

So for this review the iTunes site is a horrible disorganized mess. Trying to search for anything is beyond hopeless. Then, why pay apple for a copy of some old song (most of my stuff is really dated.) When it can be found for free? Also are you aware that apple somehow manages to limit how many times you can copy a song once you pay to download it?
So if your devices need replacing, and you try to copy your music, after so many times, I think it's only 10, you can't? Please. I use to make tapes of my old records and no one could tell me how many copies to make. (all personal use only of course.)

Then there is the iTunes software you need. Well. every single time they "upgrade" this, it gets worse. They managed to bury free internet radio. It's still there but I had to visit youtube to find out where. iTunes is anything but intuitive.
THEN. ha. Suddenly, and for no reason what so ever, your music gets lost. Found this out the hard way but if you drag a song say to a few playlists, for example I might have a car song in a play list of travel songs, and in one with oldies. Well can't do that. iTunes will have a brain fart and can't find anything. Again it took a few sessions on youtube to learn from other frustrated users what's going on. Seems the only way to put your music into playlists is to import music to one giant music folder where everything is stored. THEN create a playlist and edit that, then hunt and fish for what ever you want to put into it. It's a royal pain.

I went around with apple support for weeks over this and over an iPhoto issue. (I photo another one. If you delete a photo while iPhoto is running? Get this. The entire application AND ALL YOUR FILES vanishes. Forever. Finally my fix? I save ALL my music on my computer in a "music" folder before I ever put it into iTunes. I still have to use iTunes since I need that to use my iPods. But I keep my music duplicated OFF iTunes. SO when iTunes loses it? I can put it back easy enough. (I never did reinstall iPhoto. Just dump pictures into my own folders.) Apple's answer to that is to scold me for not using the cloud and time machine. Listen, I DO NOT EVER want my files on a cloud and time machine???? Seriously? I need to back up my stuff so when apples gimpy software loses everything I can reload a backed up version? I don't think so. I told apple to fix their messed up software and try actually reading the many many complaints about it. I back up my stuff on an external HD which are pretty cheap now. NO clouds, no need to send data over the internet.
As for the iTunes site? Haven't even attempted to use it in several years now. Again, stuff can be had SO easy, and usually free.




Just found this site in the past year. Now mind you, Im big, and tall. I NEVER thought I'd find jeans that fit me again. Gave up on it actually. But wow, they have them. If your 5'11 and a plus size, this site is something you should check out.
Be careful though, they tend to run BIG on sizes. It's worth it the first time to get on chat and have them assist you in finding your size the first time. Save on returning it.

I did read many people complain about cheap material. Well I've been buying stretch denim. The nature of this particular material is that it's thin and doesn't last as long as say a good old fashion pair of levis did. It is what it is. If you want stretch denim, it will be thin and wear out fairly fast. Count on that.

Now for the bad. Returns are horrible.
First of all, if you used a coupon code, (and they have tons of them all the time, just get on their email list and wait for a good one before you buy.)
Anyway you better SAVE the code you used. Because how they do returns is to first get the item back. Then it takes WEEKS for them to process. They will refund the price. It's up to you to reorder. And chances are, by the time this happens your size, or color will be out of stock. But if you used a discount coupon, contact them, give them that same code, and even if it's expired, they can apply it if it's a replacement for something you returned. Now it would make more sense if they just sent a replacement, but I've tried that several times now and it just never works. THey refund, you reorder.
If you want to save time, reorder right away. Again get someone on the phone so you can get the same price. You'll have to pay for the items again, be credited weeks later after they get the returned ones. Kind of a pain but if in a hurry this helps.

I would suggest you first CALL customer service. If a mix up is on their end, (I so far got the wrong item twice, wrong color once, wrong size once my fault once theirs.)
If it's on them they will wave the return fee. If you made a mistake, some nearly 8.00 will be deducted from your credit. So again, it's best to nail down the right size first. They have always been very helpful either on chat or over the phone.

Lastly, I had an issue with one style of pants. Already have 4 pair that are fine but 2 colors simply didn't fit. Same pants, same size. However, the waist band on these would not stretch. Stretch pants with a ridged waist. I got a lady in customer service who was very interested in this. Wrote down every word. Then she said they have had many come back. My details on the problem being the waist seemed to be important to her. Seems they have several manufacturers making the same item. And clearly there is a problem. She said give it a month or so and hopefully this gets fixed.

See? It really does do some good to contact companies. Sometimes they really do care and can fix things. This one seems to fit in that list.




First, three years ago I wrote a review of Lowes and gave them 3 stars. That was for a back door installation I was ripped off on. (And three years later the back door won't stay shut. Out of warrantee now.) I cut up my Lowes card right in front of the manager after that. I still shop there, just never will get any construction done again.

Well it seems they have gotten even worse. Just last week, end of Feb in Michigan we had unusually warm weather. I got the gardening itch and am planning what to put where. Decided I want a row of burning bushes. started looking on line.
I know it's too soon for Lowes to have any plants but thought perhaps I could at least get a price. Well. MY lowes, showed them in stock. Really? In Feb?
I tried calling the store.
I know just about every business in the world now has gone stupid and installed those horrible auto bot answering systems. (BAD BAD IDEA!)
But theirs? OMG! It will read off EVERY SINGLE DEPARTMENT in the store.
Seriously, how hard is it to hire someone to pick up, "hi how may I direct your call" and transfer it? There are usually employees standing around. Pick up the damn phone! I have gone through their endless menus before, picked the right department and sat on hold until being cut off. This time, three menus in, still waiting for garden center, I hung up.
Ah. but then found live chat on their site. GREAT! Got on that. Said what specific store (Benton Harbor MI.) Said I really doubt these are "in stock" in Feb. But can you check. I was put on hold, she came back and said yes, they are in stock. Ok, fine. I drove to the store.
As expected, there is not one single plant in stock at all. It's just too early. I could have saved a trip if only they answered their phones, OR had live chat who was in direct contact with the store. (I'm sure all she did was look at their site.)

So I bought some mulch, few other odds and ends, and at the service desk thought I'd ask about my back door. I know the warrantee is expired, but it's just the latch that won't work right. Considering I spent NINE HUNDRED on a lousy back door only to find out the hard way later that does NOT include the storm door I thought I had picked out with the sales person for a reason. That maybe they would at least offer a discount on a new latch. So the service desk rings in back to the doors section.. tells me they are with someone else, will be here soon. Yea well. Stood there for a good while, the whole time I was in the store over the loud speaker over and over and over. "service needed in XXX" Either they are just seriously understaffed, or the staff is out back snoozing. But finding help there has been going down hill more and more every year.

Bottom line, they are still a cheap place to pick up things like dirt, mulch, hardware, maybe cheap lumber. But that's about all they are good for. Every single time I bought something "big" such as the door, a kitchen sink (leaked from day one.) Chain saw that didn't work from day one, took that right back. Mower they stop selling replacement parts for only two years later. Same for outdoor grills. Better get all your replacement parts the day you buy one because next summer they all change.
yea. don't buy anything "big" like that from Lowes. You can do better at any number of OTHER stores.




I have been, and for now still am a loyal apple user. However, my latest bit of problems with them has me wondering what else might be available, for the first time in years.

I have learned the hard way lately to AVOID updates. I flat out will not update my OS because Apple got rid of the ability to view AVI files. Which is just about every movie I own. And downgrading is next to impossible once you've upgraded.

Itunes will lose my music for no logical reason what so ever. I started keeping my music in a plain old folder so when itunes suddenly can't find it, I can point to it again. And again.... and again.
Finally forced to upgrade it (new computer) OMG is it aweful! Loaded down with artwork, dark colored pages I can't read, gees all I want is a nice, clean LIST of my music. This is not a visual program. It's an audio one. I don't need to see the same album cover next to every single song on it.

Then there is iphoto. Which for some unexplained reason deleted itself AND all my photos within it. Tried to figure this out through their help community, only for weeks straight it's been down. No choice but to TRY and contact apple.
Now... just getting through to an actual human is quite a feet in itself but I got to a good one. Actually the third person who tried. Suggested I get into the app store and redownload iphoto, which might rescue my pictures. I don't get how that works but ok, lets try. Only the app store is a mess. AND for some reason I can't even connect to it. not even with them walking me through it. I connect to everything else on the net, just not that. Two different computers and neither one will connect.

Got a lecture on why didn't I use time machine to back my stuff up. Which does NOT explain how the entire application can just vanish in the first place. I should back my stuff up so when the broken thing vanishes with my stuff inside I can replace my files? What's wrong with this picture.
Go look up "my photos, and iphoto vanished" it comes up like a rash. Apple doesn't seem to care.

Their latest excuse is I must have malware. On TWO computers? Gave me a LONG WINDED detailed list of things I need to do that only a true computer programer would understand. I am not. And I'm NOT jumping through hoops when the only thing that seems to be broken is Apples software and Apples site!

My daughter is a programer and could fill pages with crap apple has done lately.
All started around the time we lost Steve Jobs. Very sad.




I was SO happy on Artfire. As of Oct 2015 they started a down hill spiral. First destroying our shop layout. Got rid of any personalization. Only when the forums lit up with complaints did they bring back a banner space though not nearly as nice.
IF that wasn't bad enough, suddenly, and very sneakily google adsense ads started appearing in our listings. Only if the seller is logged in they don't see them. Many were unaware. I counted no less than 14 of these PER LISTING and I had over 500 listings. I had a "locked in rate" which said nothing about them putting ads all over. In fact they claimed all the time how they wanted us to succeed. That links leading out of our shops would not happen. Well... times have changed.

Again the forums lit up only now some long time sellers started closing up.

So then... they came up with a new fee plan to start in June. Now we can pay a monthly "locked in" fee AND pay commission on sales including shipping!
Well I was furious as are many others and probably over stepped my bounds in their forums. Suddenly my shop, with my over 500 listings and perfect customer feedback, is closed. And I can't even SHOP on Artfire anymore.

This is a bad way to do business. I tried calling but... as expected, no answer. Found a page where you can call in complaints. Only again no answer and the "mail box is full." GEE I wonder why?

I had planned to move off artfire anyway but wanted to do it slowly and keep my ability to shop alive. But they slammed that door.

And that's it for me and venue sites. NO more. This is not the first to get bit by the stupid bug. I'm done with all of them. I'll put a shopping cart on my personal site and be done with all their greed.

Sellers.... avoid artfire.
Shoppers, be aware, prices are likely going to go up across the board to offset all the fees.
I would suggest contacting sellers and see if they might invoice you directly. Probably save you a few bucks.




I was one of their most loyal sellers. Had two shops packed with over 200 items in each. HUNDREDS of sales, many repeat customers.
But etsy has changed. They are getting stupider and greedier every second. They stopped listening to their customers. Complainers got muted! MUTED! I'm a PAYING CUSTOMER not a child. Soon after my little time out I got PERMA muted. Now decided it's time to move to Artfire, I TRIED to have a clearance sale. And now with no warning, both my shops have been shut down. I cannot even leave feedback to my last customers. Or mark their items on the way.
NO answers to support emails. (Dating back to last FEB over their privacy violation.) And... I'm finding more and more FORMER etsy people over on Artfire and other such sites.
NO.... etsy is not the friendly helpful site they once were. It was nice while it lasted, but it's over.

Go google etsy privacy or etsy resellers plenty of reading there. You'll see.

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