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24 Reviews by Jennifer

I have an ongoing, every 3-month subscription for the All Beef box for $129. This subscription easily takes care of all of my beef needs. Very, VERY rarely do I purchase beef at the grocery store anymore. The beef arrives well-packed and frozen. Each cut is tightly wrapped and clearly labeled. At times, ButcherBox will offer a deal for extra pounds of their ground beef, bacon, and the like. After you pay the one time, minimal fee, the item(s) are included for free in every box for the lifetime of your subscription. There was only one time where I wasn't completely satisfied and that was to no fault of their own...the COVID19 pandemic hit and they ran out of their regular (my favorite) 85/15 ground beef 1 pound packs. They substituted in their beef patties AND refunded the cost of the missing 1 pound ground beef packs. I find that they run as regular as clockwork, and I am always notified as to when the next box is arriving. Also, as an aside, my neighbor and I reuse their boxes as nearly-indestructible beds for our local feral cat colony! I highly recommend this company.
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Thrive since the beginning of my membership. I have used many of their products and fallen especially in love with their kalamata olives, olive oil, and mushroom sauce. Like many grocery sites during COVID19, they have struggled to keep their stock consistent, but they can't always do so. I have found their customer service responsive and willing to please. Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap is my go-to for cleaning in my house and, so far, Thrive has it at the best price. Definitely worth the membership.
Thrive M. – Thrive Market Rep
Jennifer - thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to call out some of your favorite products and mentioning that they are our own brand! Also, you've got that right! Our Member Services team is a group of passionate, member-focused individuals who are absolutely responsive and willing to please.
Wantable was more pricey than other services that I have used for subscription clothing. I didn't feel that the clothing quality was worth the high prices. On occasion, I did get a nice jacket or jeans, but I always felt that I purchased the item more to recover my styling fee than anything else. The clothing wears out about the same as any clothing that I have gotten from the average department store. Over time it seemed that an algorithm was picking my clothing more than a stylist. Some items did not adhere to my preferences. I have several "no-go" clothing specifications, but these were often disregarded. The turn around time to get clothing back was a bit ridiculous. I like to have more than a day to consider my options. Every now and then I would not get the clothing back in time and they would charge me for everything. When the items were returned, they would refund the charge so they were at least reasonable about that. I might consider them in the future. Maybe if I wasn't plus-sized there might be more options, but I don't think so. I noticed a lot of their items ended up on well-known thrift clothing websites.
I have no real issues with this site and their products. I just don't know if the products justify the price though. Some of the items are just so-so for the price. My neighbor ended up subscribing and checked off different choices than I had for my Ipsy bag. So when the bag came in a couple of months ago, we both did an "unveiling" together to see what we got and to swap, if inclined. Although her choices on her profile were very different than mine (she opted for more skin preserving and maintenance for older skin items), We almost had identical bags and that seemed to be the trend for the next several months. On average, it appeared that her bag would have up to two different items than mine, and they weren't necessarily in line with aging skin. I think that the profile quiz is more of an exercise and not so much an effort to tailor items to individual needs. I will continue for a bit longer, but because of the COVID finance issues, I will probably cancel that subscription as well.
When I first tried out this site, I was very pleased. I live in a town, that, although it is in the fruit and vegetable mecca, has very poor quality produce. I couldn't get fresh, regular, or varied produce with any reliability.

Imperfect foods was easy to set up, use, and although slightly more pricey, it was still cheaper in cost and better in quality than our local option. It was really nice to get really fresh vegetables and fruit with the use of an app or on the computer.

There were some glitches at the beginning, some items I ordered weren't in the box so I had to regularly check the delivered contents with the online receipt. At times, they would try and substitute in other items for the missing ones, but it wasn't always an equal exchange. Once, after I ordered over $15 of vegetables, and I got a mini pack of 8 chicken and apple breakfast sausages instead! However, the company was very good about refunding the cost of the missing items as soon as they were notified.

After some other small issues that they resolved quickly with refunds and credits, I experienced a stretch of regular, fresh, and reliable produce deliveries every Thursday. It was a TREAT! Fresh mandarins, celery, carrots, garlic, and seasonal treats like purple brussell sprouts, asparagus, and some incredible aged white cheddar.

About 8 weeks later, they changed the order days and the deliveries became more unpredictable and unreliable. And then the pandemic hit. The orders are canceled regularly after 4-5 days of "We're sorry your order is running late..." messages. So I may just "skip" my boxes for a month or two and re-assess.
I liked the idea and the convenience right off the bat. Working late doesn't leave a lot of time for preparing a good meal, so I thought Freshly might be a way to make lunches and dinners ore quickly and healthily.

For the first month, I really enjoyed the food. It was novel because I got to eat vegetables and other foods that were prepared differently than I was used to. And then it went "blah."

The recipes don't change frequently enough for variety. Also, they appear to favor the same cuts of meat even if it is a new recipe.

There is a major avoidance of truly ethnic foods, a lot of the "cultural" foods are kept very generic with a light hand towards the spices and flavorings.

Generally, it is a good deal if you don't mind food monotony. It just didn't work for me.
Ricky B. – Freshly Rep
Hi Jennifer, thanks for your review. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience, this is certainly not what we wish for any of our customers. I'll be sure to pass your thoughts and suggestions along to our kitchen. Our menu is 100% customer-inspired and driven, using ratings and suggestions from our customers.

If there's more feedback you'd like to share or anything I can assist with, make sure to connect with me over at SocialSupport@Freshly.com!
• Updated review
In the past, I was able to order from this site and get great deals. Now it hardly ever lowers the prices for ordering in quantity and the shipping has been terrible. I stopped ordering from them and just order from Walmart (their parent company) directly. Feeling a bit swindled.
So Much Better Than Amazon
• Previous review
I admit to being reluctant to try this site. I wasn't sure if it was legit. It IS! I have gotten so many things from them in the last year! First, the prices are on par with Amazon and Costco, but if you combine it with other items, prices are even lower. I wait every couple of months and fill my cart, and then I buy. I have been very happy with the pet food, canned goods, and general grocery items. Everything is delivered, well-wrapped, and protected. And when they say it is a "two-day" delivery item; they mean it! Being a frugal shopper, I always check their prices against my local sales, Costco, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. I have been also pleased with their "JetCash." If you shop on other websites (Jet has a COPIOUS list), you can send Jet a copy of your receipt and Jet will give you a certain percentage of the total as "JetCash" to use on your next order. So far, so pleased!
I have no complaints about this site. They have always been great as far as customer service, returns, and shipping. A solid site.
I received a full refund, but I would still not purchase from them again. I went back to my other t-shirt site to make my class t-shirts. They did a beautiful job and in much less time.

Zazzle attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

Zazzle S. – Zazzle Rep
Hello Jennifer,

We're so sorry to hear this happened to you, and we do see you've been working with us. Our team will be following up - as we definitely want to make this right.

Best Regards,

Zazzle Customer Support
A great website. Easy to navigate and great items. As a teacher, this site makes keeping my prize box stocked and unique easy. My students have loved everything and say that our prize box is the "BEST!" I buy things for my house (candles) and for gifts and have been very pleased with the quality. Shipping is average, but not everything is Amazon Prime one-day shipping. So far, so satisfied!
Brittany B. – Hollar Rep
Thanks for the sweet shout-out, Jennifer! We are honored to be a part of your prize box. Enjoy all of the amazing goodies and happy shopping. :)
I have really been pleased with Costco for home and work items. I especially enjoy online shopping with them. I have some great shelving units and furniture. I am a regular buyer of their medicines, supplements, cat food, and school supplies.
I was looking for some mild to middling compression socks for work and working out. Varicose veins run in my family and are a bane to my existence. I found this site by trial-and-error. First of all, it has a nice selection of socks, stockings, and more therapeutic items. Second, the customer service is FANTASTIC! They call if there are any problems and respond quickly to questions. I have made my fourth purchase from them (workout "bootie" socks) and am quite satisfied. The quality is excellent and they last a long time. I have yet to get rid of a pair yet and I wear them regularly. I wash them on a gentle cycle with a regular detergent in cold water and hang them to dry. So far so good and very pleased so far!
Many of my Subscribe and Save items become Amazon Pantry items and the prices fluctuate terribly. Lots of items that I purchase throughout the year have become Amazon Pantry and, again, the prices are unpleasant. I tried out Amazon Pantry, but the prices for items was prohibitive and extremely unreasonable. I only use Amazon for books and non-grocery items.
The quality of the clothing varies. Sometimes the active wear tends to fade rather quickly. I prefer to shop the sales section and can get some great clothes for very good prices. The sizing seems very accurate and the colors and styles are actually quite attractive. It is a plus-size clothing site, but it is not as cost-prohibitive as Lane Bryant. I have been satisfied thus far.
As a teacher, I often need good quality, but economical posters for my classroom. A lot of the time, I need a poster tailored to my needs. I have ordered numerous posters from this site and have been extremely pleased. I tend to purchase the 18" x 24," $2.97 posters the most often. There is no minimum requirement and the quality is excellent for the price. I have purchased their 24" x 36" as well. The website is straightforward and it will tell you if the image you are using will work or not. You can even create a pdf and upload it. Shipping can be a bit on the pricey side, but not prohibitively. So far, so good!
Wow! This application so reminds me of the old days of Quicken, but much more user friendly! This program helps you to track your spending and create a budget. I love how it syncs from all devices. I use it all the time and every time I make a purchase, I can use my phone to enter it into YNAB immediately. It has really helped me organize and become better aware of my spending. It is one of the few websites that I actually LIKE receiving newsletters from because of their straightforward and useful ideas. It does cost $60, but I recommend that you try their free 30-day trial first to see if it is what you are looking for. HIGHLY recommended!
I decided to try this food delivery service on a month trial basis. I figured it would be great to get some new recipes since I had gotten into an uninspired rut. I prefer this service over the others for several reasons: 1 They make every effort to support local producers 2 They use sustainable and organic foods 3 They support different food choices- vegan, paleo, and gluten free (I am none of those, but they seem to be great options) 4 The BIG sell- they include a return label for the ice packs, box, and containers so there is no waste! They make this VERY easy to do.

The food. You pick your items for the following week online. The selections change and entrees vary. I have tried several of the menu items and so far they have been all excellent. There is some prep and cooking, but that's fine. If you want it all done for you then you really should go to a restaurant. The price is a bit steep, but compared to a dinner out, it's okay. On average I pay $9.99 a meal (that's for two people, three entrees a week.) At this point, I do not know for certain if this will be for the long term. Time will tell!
Over the last 2-3 years, Litter-Robot has phased out a lot of its support for the old-school LRs. They are only interested in pushing out the LR3 with all of its bells and whistles. Being that there are not a lot of Litter-Robot repair places out in the world, this puts my tried and trusty, older models into a bad situation! I cannot refurbish or repair them myself although the site still carries some of the parts and accessories. Also, their customer service used to be top-notch, but it now seems very aloof and is only interested in promoting their newest model. It is also very difficult to get a response to questions in a timely fashion, especially for their older products. This "dismissal" of former products and the fact that the price of the new machine is exorbitant, I will be "hard passing" on their newest model.

I have purchased my third litter robot this year. I used to be an avid user of the Littermaid Automatic Cat Litter Box, but the replacement was junk! The Litter Robot is made simply and well. You can make payments if the price is too prohibitive all at once. They tend to be in the $300-$369 range. I bought all 3 of my Litter Robots on their payment plan. The LR's are made in America and their customer service is PHENOMENAL! They have plenty of support online and have a very reasonable return policy. Any time I have had trouble or needed something fixed, they have been super helpful and and super efficient. These are built to last and they will do just about anything to make sure you are satisfied.

And now, the cats! All of them except one---my old man cat---use these litter robots. They have reduced the odor incredibly in my house. The cleaning of the litter box has been reduced to opening a drawer and throwing out the sack. No "digging for gold" in these! I highly, highly recommend the Litter Robot.
I really wanted to like this site. I really did. It reminded me of having a tailor when I lived in Africa. However, their customer service and shipping need to be improved if they want to continue to do business. I received some clothes from them that fit okay, but I never wore due to the fact that it was lackluster. The images on the site did not translate into reality. Also, the waiting for items became tedious. It got to the point where I thought they had just ripped me off. One item trickled in and then another and then another. Mediocre quality for the money I had paid for the customization.
Yuck. Really chintzy clothing not worth $10 or $15. Their refund policy makes this a one time shopping experience for me. Not willing to try any of their other stuff since I am now stuck with such garbage-y clothes. Bummed. Really wanted to like them. Great modelling of the items, but the item in reality is sub-par. Boo.

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