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6 Reviews by Jennifer


Ever get a product that ells you to see the manual when there's an error or a feature that should be easy to access only to find out the manual is badly translated in French from German? Using this site is like that if the French version told you to go find the version of the manual that was translated into German from Japanese.

To create a product, click on the page that has the product you want, comic book, calendar, book, etc. Now click on the icon to choose it again because the site thinks you're a moron. Now enter your file and get a message it's the wrong DPI. Try again, get a vague message about ink, check the FAQ, find nothing, use the search feature, find nothing, ask the live chat for help, find it would be more helpful to ask your pet goldfish because they assume you have a completely different problem than what you describe in detail, ask for an e-mail for someone who knows about the issue, wait, find out they never told anyone to e-mail you, find out the problem, find a new problem, be told you're an idiot and that you should have spent two hours hunting down the answers like trying to find the bastard child of Waldo and Carmen Sandiego, encounter a third problem, complain again, get no help, scream, throw your computer in a lake out of frustration, go to a local print shop and get the product in a few days.

That's how to work lulu.com's intuitive and easy site.


We deliver industry leading Workforce Recruitment solutions, backed by over 40 years of experience. Our culture of blame allows our specialized recruitment teams to reach across division boundaries to maximize success for our clients.

Our bottomline is wiped by our employees. For you!

Here at Eastridge, demoralization is our specialty. We take experienced temps and slowly pummel what little hope, morale, and confidence they have out of them. Nothing is too petty for us to add a completely fictional tale to in order to ruin a person's chances at later employment or happiness in the workplace.

We pride ourselves on our humor here at Eastridge. We tell our employees to stand in the rain and not ruin their uniforms. We expect them to stand in the blazing sun and dock their pay for the time it takes to apply sunscreen. It takes more than an hour's pay to afford food where we demand our employees work. We make sure at least 99% of directions are inaccurate. There's no slacking when it comes to giving employees a hard time for us.

Eastridge offers no benefits, not insurance, no sick pay or vacations. Our employees receive no food, no safety, and no paid bathroom breaks. We pass those savingand the laughteron to you.

Don't forget safety! There is none. That's right. With all the demands we make that expect people to bring everything from keys to toiletries to lunches to safety equipment, we make sure none of it is safe. Whatsoever. We tell our employees that, yes, someone can just come in and walk off with everything they own and we will do nothing about it. We have no care for our employees arriving on time or walking home in the dark when we say we expect them to work extra hours. Don't worry, if there's an uppity employee who asks us to take responsibility and have 'standards', we'll lie to her recruiter and force her both in person and on the phone to admit it was her fault for bringing thingsthings we don't want her carrying while on the job.

Remember, it's not slavery because they get paidwhich they won't as we'll always 'forget' that check.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions, where the solution to the workforce is 'sucks to be you'.


An online yard sale sounds like an awesome idea.

With today's economy, going frugal is becoming popular and yard sales are always a way to find oddities, novelties, and useless doodads. Everyone knows that when having a yard sale, one needs good stuff and to make sure it's all organized, plus one would hope to earn a profit, right? Sadly, Yerdle didn't get that memo struck out all three times.

If you want anything worthwhile, you're going to have to sort through piles of trash, have extremely low standards, or be an expert at restoration. I rarely find generic blank tees or jeans, let alone anything I'd really want. There is no gardening equipment, electronics are all wires or broken, toys wouldn't even be played with by pets, and speaking of pets, there's nothing to get them unless you want them to eat books.

Organization is just done by keywords, not combination, nothing. Looking for basic clothes will get you purses, jewelry, shoes, and knicknacks. Searching for anything more specific will get you tons of books, mostly on irrelevant subjects. You'd think toys, books, clothes, jewelry, shoes, gardening stuff, etc would all be sorted out so you can find and guy stuff easily. You'd think, so, but not those at yerdle.

Last, but not least, you can't make a profit. Seriously, you can pay with money, but the seller gets none of it. All you get are yerdle points, which can't be redeemed for anything, but the contents of Yerdle's trashcan. At least with ebay you can earn a few pennies for your old actions figures or prom shoes.


We've all done it at some point in our lives. We've all panicked about a paper we slaved over until our eyes burned, our wrists felt like they'd fall off, and we were sure our brains had evaporated in the late hours. We've all hoped and prayed that our work was good enough and jumped at any opportunity to have our paper fixed up by another before the deadline.

We've all doe this one too. Maybe it was a co-worker close by. Maybe it was a stranger on the bus whom you didn't even notice. But we've all had some crazy stranger try point out to something ridiculous and insist on it until you were pretty sure they were dangerous.

Few, though, if any, have ever been through this at the same time. I hope the number stays tiny and more people notice the red flags on her site.

First, she charges over 20 times the price most other editing services charge. Much of what she does can be checked online for free, as well, though she will argue with most people, including teachers, over the advice.

Second, she lists no education or certification. I personally own an editing certificate I got for fun, and that led to the third and biggest red flag:

She HATES research. Good luck if you want anything factual in your work. MLA style, Chicago Manual of Style, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Merriam-Webster's dictionary all send her into and electronic rant about your behavior. If she doesn't just block your e-mail for being 'mean and uncivil' enough to use them in the first place.

Use SPi GLobal instead. http://www.adirondackediting.com/ Much more professional, shows usage of proper definition of both simple and difficult words, gives free estimates, and does a lot more in a real 'warm, friendly, engaging manner'.


TL; DR: It's a great place to post your resume and then never come back to again.

The site is free, and offers premium options you have to pay for monthly, such as adding larger photos, larger headers, and backgrounds to your profile; see which strangers that mean nothing to you have looked at your profile; e-mail people and claim a connection to such strangers; and similar useless ways to use a social network site. Even if you thought refining your search would come in handy, you can find more qualified people without spending as much money.

Don't expect the groups to be anywhere near as helpful as the premium options. You could have fun or show off skills with a larger photo, or e-mail people with similar interest and receive a friendly greeting. Don't expect either in most groups. The following aren't rare gems of insanity, but regular responses by people who claim to be CEO's, work in HR, and professors with Masters degrees:

'This is Godawful. Women in positions of authority or acting as leaders is the least believable thing I have ever heard of [he then inserted a five paragraph essay on how inferior women were in every aspect compared to men]'--Posted a few weeks after Women's Day.

'You have no right to continue stalking me! Stalk, stalk, stalk!'--a reply to 'please stop stalking me. I'm calling the police' after he threatened bodily harm on a thread and in another personal message to me.

[Permanent Ban for pointing out the difference between a writer and author was in the dictionary]

'I'm being totally professional. God hates gays and wants them to die'--a thread about positive spiritual messages in books.

Most of the rest of the posts are 'I agree', 'If it makes you think, you're trolling', 'I don't know', and usually 'You're and idiot [praise me]'. Most topics are 'I wrote three sentences and linked an article in a blog'.

Despite the check box one needs to click on that indicates you have read the group discussion guidelines about civility and acting professional, no group is moderated at all except against posts wondering why the moderator isn't doing their job, or, occasionally, citing sources against someone. E-mailing a moderator is a risk in and of itself; mods have threatened to ban people for asking for help. See the example of the man with an essay against women? He did that three times. All moderators said I was extremely rude for asking if they could tell him to calm down and two demanded I apologize.

There are good and even helpful people on the site, but it takes wallowing through a lot people who make you wonder why they haven't been fired or arrested yet.

The official statement of LinkedIn about such things is 'We put up guidelines. If people don't follow them stay off the internet'. Does this seem odd when the site is FOR showing the rest of the internet?


Looking for an anti-religion site with no moderation and cyber sex? Here's the place if you can find it under all the ads.

No, really. The first page you get after the tutorial that tells you how to sign up, use the site, and buy stuff is nothing but ads. All surveys for users are rated in priority depending on how much money you give them (give them none and your survey is invalid)

I have been on the site for 9 years and I have been stalked, sexually harassed, trolled, told to leave threads, and now banned from the Nanowrimo thread for disagreeing with 'all religions are cults, violent, and money-grubbing' (and one user said), and one user has been posting 'This person is a liar' on several threads after I reply. Only half my complaints were ever solved, the rest were blamed on me, especially the last two.

I've reported spam, trolling of others, and misplaced threads all over the forums. Either the report button goes to a dead e-mail, or to dead staff, as nothing has been moved or deleted in a year.

There's always the games, but if there's a glitch, it can take at least 19 months to address the problem.

Tip for consumers:
So far the gaming sections and computer help sections seem troll free and helpful still


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