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Jennifer"Jen" L.

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Like to shop. Like to give my opinion. Paralegal with a credit card.

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I spend my hard earned cash on internet shopping and I believe anyone can find the right price anywhere if you just look and are willing to wait for the deals. I also really hate scams and fraudulent websites and will do my very best to inform everyone about any malicious activity performed by careless customer service reps, aggressive or misleading sites, and straight up rip offs.


Classic movies, lots of music, classy clothes, and world peace of course

29 Reviews by Jennifer

Wow what a pain this entire site is! They offer you a $20 coupon to use same day if you apply for a store credit card, at the checkout screen. I applied, jumped through all their hoops, verified, signed in, emailed verified, signed in again, (it has to be said that the site hiccups constantly from Hi, User! To We Don't Recognize Your User Name, please try again, to error screens, to broken links in the email) after all the hoopla, I'm back at my payment screen, low and behold there is no way I can apply this new store card, which tells you in the hook to use this card SAME DAY to get a $20 discount: well after 40 minutes on the phone to 2 different workers nobody could figure out how to apply my brand new master card to the purchase I wanted to make. I was then transferred to another customer service line where I was told the wait time was well over an hour. I messed around on the site a bit more and still could not get the card to apply, I try to register the account and it told me once again it doesn't recognize my username. Finally got signed and yet again no credit card available to apply. I finally just called back to cancel the card altogether. What a waste of almost 2 hours of my day, and still no purchase and now a canceled card. I will be making the original purchase I had planned because I want the item, but I will NOT be returning after this fiasco, and I will pass on my experience to others. Save yourself and don't bother with the cards or their customer service.
Expensive over time. Getting a box of crafts is fun for your child, and it's interesting for an hour or so, but the toy/structure/game etc is very simple and cheap, and ends up as a paper weight or dusty on a shelf.
Not a fan. No receipt and many items were either missing or were subbed for very odd replacements. Even with many things missing the price was still the same as when I placed the order.
Decent streaming service but I had more results from searches with Tidal. I had an issue with Tidal and couldn't get my account up and running so I began service with Deezer. It was fine, just with less search results like stated, but the issue is when your account gets hacked. A quick jump to the company help center will reveal many, many others who've had their accounts hacked or piggy backed. The platform supports 3 separate devices to stream on, so it's nothing to open your app and getting a message that you can't listen to your music because all the devices are being used at the time, and I only use this app on my phone. Yet go to your linked devices and you will see many, like leaches, strangers jaming to the oddest tunes on your dollar. I've changed my password so many times I'm having a hard time remembering it, and it's only a matter of time before I'm locked out because someone else changed it, which I saw complaints of on their help center. Don't like that its easy for others to jump on your service, seems like bad business practice to let this go on and on. Never had this problem with Apple or Tidal. Wouldn't recommend.
I had an excellent experience using shipt. I have used quite a few grocery delivery companies at this point and shipt has the best customer service and communication by far. I will continue to use their service again and again.
I ordered my child's homeschool material on this site for cheap, and only paid $4 shipping. I will return to this site to purchase again in the future. Good company.
I have to be careful with tophatter because it can become quite addicting. Bidding is fun and they gave me a free $5 for signing up and I got a really nice ring for free. I've gotten quite a few cool things from this site, a really good printer for under $20, a really nice pair of boots that I've now worn all year and they still look great, tons of surprisingly nice jewlery and last year I did quite a bit of shopping for Xmas there, remember tho some things come in a nice box, but most items come in bags, most of the jewelry and electronics are super nice and you can score it cheap but the bids get high quick so be watchful. I'd imagine a good time to bid is early morning or late night when the site has less traffic. You could buy a ring for $2 at 3am, the same ring could go for $30 at 3pm. Don't have slow internet with this site it's all about speed here. I personally love this site.
Angelique C. – Tophatter Rep
Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your thorough review and for choosing Tophatter. I’m happy that you enjoy your shopping experience. We appreciate your support.

You can earn Credit by sharing our app with your friends. To learn more please go to the following link: https://tinyurl.com/yxgllj26x

Warm Regards,
We've been trying out the free 30 day trial for Adventure Acadamy and so far we like it. The games are fun and quick and the avatar is very cute and of course kids love that process the most. The graphics, sound quality and music is nice, no complaints. We'll need more time to see how the learning aspect takes hold, though the games are challenging. I will update once the month is over.
I have taken two rides by Lyft and both drivers were pleasant and their vehicles were clean and got me safely where I needed to be in a timely fashion.
A friend of mine recently began working for Lyft and likes the company and her position as a driver very much. It's a bit overpriced for me, I'm fortunate enough to have a vehicle so I don't need to pay for a ride continuously, but in a pinch or when trying to avoid huge crowds and terrible parking for events, this service is amazing.
We wanted to try a new math site, signed up for 1 month free then it's $9.95/month after that. I should have checked reviews but it seemed totally different on the ad, maybe it's because we got about 30 minutes in and didn't see much, but didn't like the structure at all. I can see it would be useful to someone who likes that particular type of learning environment. It's really up to the student, but it wasn't a good fit for us. They also said they had to keep the last 4 digits of my card for record keeping purposes, which I'm sure is totally standard, but this is the first I've ever heard of it. Canceled within the first 30 minutes.
• Updated review
I've ordered a few times since my initial purchase with DSW. First order was flawless, second order was returned. The size was too big, totally normal for a shoe purchase, no big deal so I called in to order the right size and initiate a return of the larger pair. The Fellow Shoe Lover sounded very out of sorts but I figured its early, maybe shes tired, and we had what I thought was a successful transaction. (Even though she did need to take my card info multiple times because she entered it in wrong repeatedly). All coupons applied, I got these $45 shoes for $13. The replacement shoes came in 2 or 3 days. Awesome!!
The following is my personal experience, not an opinion formed without fact, and is in no way intended to slander or hurt the business of DSW.com.
Two days after I ordered my replacement shoes, I got an email out of nowhere with someone else's order, it said HI, (PERSON THAT IS NOT ME), YOUR ORDER IS BEING SHIPPED...To an address I've never seen before. So I called DSW right away. The lady told me "Oh, it's no big deal, this person just has the SAME EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER as you, wow! what are the odds" ...What?! 20 minutes later I'm telling the management to delete all my information, as it turns out the previous worker had somehow given my information to the next caller she took, I dont understand this at all. (how does this even happen? Don't you read your info off to them if ordering over the phone? Or if online you must log in with your email, so said person would already be operating under their own account). So some employee took my order, left my info on the screen or backed back into it, then applied it to the next caller? I'm praying it wasn't malicious in any way and simply a human error. A very scary human error which puts all my personal information at risk. So now I wait to see if my bank account and financial numbers are floating around somewhere. And I still haven't been refunded for the shoe that was too big, but I was told 4-7 days so we'll see, things happen. The managment was very pleasant but I will not do business with them again, which is sad because they had (seemingly) good deals, but that is true for so many internet sites. The deals seem so good but you risk so much. I'll be much more careful with whom I order from in the future.Take all necessary steps to guard your personal information.
Update; have not been refunded it's been over a month. So I did not get a deal because in the end I had to pay for 2 pairs of shoes and I only got 1.
Love this site, good business all around
• Previous review
This is my first time ordering from DSW and it was a completely Flawless transaction. I put in an order two days ago, it arrived on my porch this morning, I couldn't be happier. I saved $10 on my first purchase for signing up for the emails and waiting about 2 or 3 days to get the coupon. I then got free shipping by signing up to be a VIP member, which doesn't have too many annoyances other than emails to alert me of deals but that's good. So I saved about $20 on my first item which is cool with me, I will absolutely do business here again.
I used swagbucks for about 2 months. At first it was cool, they wanted a LOT of personal info on some surveys, but you can watch clips and check in for points. there seemed like many options to make a few cents or a dollar here or there. I got to $10 after about a month and a half of spending a bit of free time on the site, but I work and have kids so it was not constant, so I cashed out and got paypal bucks. Cool. Ok then the problems started, I literally stopped getting surveys, the only one that would pop up day after day was this $2 survey that was quite long, after about 20 minutes in, the site tells me I don't qualify to continue. I emailed customer service and they were nice enough to send me the points for my time. That was the last time I ever saw a survey, so I thought I'll just watch the clips to add points, but the clips never changed, and I found myself watching the same clips 10x or so till you max out. It just got boring and not worth the time, if you can't watch the clips, don't have surveys and already checked in and did anything else and can't accrue anymore points it's worthless to you. I canceled my account and asked HR for my personnel information back and to be wiped from their information center. Turns out you can do that, found out on other reviews on Google.
I have to say I check this site a few times a week, it's helped me tremendously to achieve better numbers and it's very easy to navigate. My continuous use of this credit monitoring site has been one of the single biggest reasons that my score has improved. I would give it 10 stars of I could.
I love Ipsy and have gotten the bags for years. They just stared letting you pick one of you five selections too, which is awesome. I hardly ever get something I dont really like, and it's so worth it, every month I'm beyond happy when the bag comes in the mail. I got one broken eyeshadow, emailed quickly and a new one was sent out the next day. Excellent customer service.
Update: since raising their charge to $12.00 a month/bag with yet no increase in the number or quality of products received, there is no reason that I can see to continue monthly services. I have since switched to the every-other-month plan, and will try this out for a few months. After which I'm sure I will cancel permanently, as I can't stand companies who slowly raise costs without making up for it to the consumer.
Also, the point system, tho it isn't important, has changed drastically. A few hundred points used to get you a free item, it took about 4 months or more to build that many points on just reviews alone. E.g.: a tube of chap stick could be 200 pts. Now the same tube is 600 pts. Kind of ridiculous and results in a loss of interest to rate products due to a lack of possibilities with points or rather, the near year it could take to gather enough pounts for a meager reward. I will be looking into alternative monthly cosmetic delivery companies during my every other month trial period.
I ordered two birthday shirts online from the children's place and was very satisfied with the experience. The shirts were $5, shipping was free at the time, and the shirts arrived in time for the birthday party. I wouldn't have found these shirts in the store, infact there were a lot more options online it seemed, and for great prices!
The few times I've ordered from target.com I had great experiences. Whether picking up in store or having it delivered to my home, items were all accounted for and not damaged, and arrived relatively quickly. I would imagine the return process is just as trustworthy as other department stores. Sometimes items are cheaper online than in store.
I bought two shirts and had them customized on this site and we absolutely loved the outcome. Shipping was a week or so and the prices are pretty normal for clothing sites, but the ability to customize the items is what makes the site stand out. Very easy check out too.
I wanted an item in store but it was not available, the cashier suggested I order online, the item came in just days and was in excellent condition. Sign up for emails and get alerts on flash sales and monthly deals.
Who hasn't been in the long lines and wished they paid 5.99 for shipping (or free shipping on orders over $35.00), I cant tolerate the store itself but the website is awesome. Things are super cheap and arrive in just days. Sometimes things are broken but the return procedure is almost painless so it's nothing to worry about really. I use this site frequently and find the good outweighs the bad in terms of overall experience.
The item I ordered came in the wrong size, within minutes of its arrival I called customer service and let them know. The representative was very clear, kind, and sent me out the right size immediately. I received the properly sized item within 2 days excellent customer service.

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