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The online wine delivery concept is a bad idea for a number of reasons, including the unreliability of third-party vendors to delivery according to the company's mission statement. and Cory Rellas make several claims on the company website as to quality assurance and customer service. However, I know first-hand that this is a bunch of bull. In fact, the website is a lie. While I do not order wine online, I did so during an out of town visit. I ordered ONE bottle of wine and provided payment. But, after MORE THAN an hour, the order was late. Way late.

In keeping with the company's so-called strong value system to "figure it out" and to "get to the truth", I requested a refund through my bank which was rejected. Apparently, Drizly customer service and Mr. Rellas are not on the same page and false information was communicated to my banking institution. Now, I cannot get my money back for a problem that caused.
Here is your warning before using this online delivery company to buy a bottle of wine. I should have taken Lyft to Walgreens and saved myself grief from dealing with this Drizly fiasco. I also would have saved money.

The good news is that with its current business practices, along with their dumb name and lily white staff, will be defunct, soon.

Advice to Cory Rellas, start a real business.


I found very easily during a Google search and couldn't help noticing an abundance of hair extensions and wigs advertised. Beware, beware, beware! This is a fake website made to look very real. I am very shocked that no one has bothered to write a real review about having been the victim of fraud after making a purchase from this website.

The reason why shipping is so expensive $18.17 for a pack of hair extensions which only weigh less than an ounce is because the sorry piece of crap running the website is actually located out of the country. This also explains why shipping takes more than a week. The good reviews on their website are fake, the Instagram account and pics are fake, and so is the facebook page. The telephone number is a Google number where you pick your own number from anywhere in the United States, and the address to send back the hair because it was completely opposite of what you ordered is fake... it's a virtual office suite in California managed by Regus Corporation. Also fake are the support email addresses on the website, ******* and *******

Here's the scam to get your credit or debit card number: You make a selection, then a and purchase through their "secured transaction server" using your credit or debit card. Second, you get a confirmation email (looks so professional and legit). Then you get another email when your order ships. However, it will not arrive according to the confirmation from hairoverstock or UPS. My package was 2 days late and when UPS did arrive it was at 9:43 pm. I have sent multiple, multiple email messages to both of the email address noted above, but have received no replies. I called and left message to the Google telephone number, but have not received a call back concerning the damaged extensions that I received. The extensions were not real Onyx Remi 12 inch, however 10 inch. And, the color was not what was advertised on the fake website. I purchased these extensions to match what is currently in my hair... same company and all. However, the both length and color were wrong and the owner of the site knew this. It's part of the scam. No money back if package is opened.

What the scammer born, raised and living in another country doesn't understand is that in the United States, a consumer gets their money back when a purchase is fraudulent or as a result of false and deceptive advertising and/or business practices. The dummy thinks that he or she has won... made another American look stupid. No, no, no! My credit card issuer has already received my request to reverse the $47.17 that I paid. And, if the owner of the site wants their extensions back from me, he or she will have to provide a real mailing address within the United States. In the end, the dumb loser in Paris or China loses, not me. I am way to smart and resourceful to allow someone who doesn't speak English to rip me off. How you like me now?
Do NOT buy hair from If you do and the hair is not what was advertised when you receive it, please know that you have recourse. First, you can file a complaint with your bank. Second, you can file a fraud complaint with the Attorney General in your state. Also, you could file a fraud complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission, the FBI, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3. Often these scammers are part of a very large online ring that is already being tracked by the federal government.

Finally, these people have your credit or debit card number. So, now you will have to keep a closer eye out for unauthorized purchases or request a new card from your bank. Since I filed a fraud complaint about the purchase, my bank is issuing a new card.

The whole point of creating a fraudulent website is to commit identity theft. The owner of the site has extensions and wigs, but not as advertised or what you ordered.


Those people have ruined my business by taking down our organization's website for no reason.

Over the past several years, I have paid large amounts of money for apps, photos, hosting, and domain registrations. Yet, I am basically ignored and treated like crap. Within the last 30 days, I have renewed a yearly subscription for 2 websites as well as renewed a Twitter feed. I am going to file a claim with my credit card company to reverse these charges since has chosen to ignore me. No need to keep giving people money when they do not respect me.

I firmly believe that deliberately sabotages your website by creating formatting problems on your pages. The reason for this is that they are trying to force you into paying for their "expert tech" support who know nothing. They're all in high school. Customer service will claim not to understand how to assist you, when 2-4 years ago, they were extremely helpful. It's all about sticking it to the customer and believing that you will simply acquiesce to their incompetence and unprofessionalism because you can't go to Google Sites or Wordpress or Godaddy.

Google leadership and see who you are dealing with and then you will understand why they do not give a **** about their customers, most of whom live in the United States.


On August 7,2018, my brother, mother and myself visited the Golden Corral restaurant on NC Hwy 55 in Durham, North Carolina and were met with one of the most heinous forms of racial discrimination-- asking to show a receipt following the purchase of our meal.

As most people are aware, customers purchase their meal at a cash register located in front of the restaurant where a cashier sits and takes your money. Then, the rest of the dining experience is completely self serve. The manner in which the restaurant is set up leaves very little opportunity for a customer to steal anything or leave without paying. However, as my family and I sat down to eat our food, a server stood over our table and literally watched us begin to eat. When I asked why he was standing at our table staring at us, the worker asked to see a receipt for our purchase. I was immediately stunned but reached into my purse and handed the worker my receipt. I also asked why he needed to see my receipt when my family and I had left the cashier station only 5 minutes prior. We thought that there was no reason on Earth why someone would suggest or even accuse us of having not paid for our food. Ridiculous.

We watched as the worker made notations on the receipt and explained that he had to check for our drink purchases. I had water, and both my brother and mother had tea. What was the issue? Is this particular Golden Corral location having a problem with customers not paying? How so? And, if so, why harass, humiliate and degrade everyone else? If the restaurant is having a problem with customers not paying, then there needs to be a better way in which to handle it. The current policy is discriminatory and racist. As a paying customer, I have the right to sit down and eat in peace, without being stared at by a restaurant worker because he thinks that I stole my food. That is insane!

There is no disclaimer or sign anywhere inside or outside the restaurant warning customers of this ridiculous policy and Golden Corral underhandedly implemented it for a very strategic and sneaky reason. If customers knew beforehand that they would be asked to produce a receipt AFTER sitting down to eat, they may think twice and go elsewhere. My family and I were not the only upset diners that evening. During our meal, we saw two other parties who expressed their discontent at the receipt policy and I even spoke to one of the other customers about it. This woman stated that she was unhappy and planned to file a complaint.

If Golden Corral thinks that what happened to Starbucks could and would not with Golden Corral, the people in the corporate office are fooling themselves, only. I have pledged to get the word out via social media about Golden Corral's racist receipt policy. It is no secret that a large number of African Americans live in Durham and thus Golden Corral feels the need to keep us in check using a disgusting policy associated with an abysmal history of deep-seated racism in places of public accommodations.

When will it ever end?


I was racially profiled and placed under surveillance by a black male loss prevention associate. This occurred at approximately 3:05-3:10 pm at the Target store located at the Crossroads shopping center in Cary, NC. Forcing black males to follow and harass black females is the new face of racial profiling in retail stores. This is a new trend with an old twist... divide and conquer. Retail stores manipulate their black workers because black people can't discriminate against black people, right? WRONG! Since these black workers are under the direction of white managers and executives, then yes, it is STILL racial profiling and discrimination against black shoppers. All I did was return an item at customer service. Afterwards, I walked into the ladies room and when I came out, there was a black man standing in the entryway to the store staring me down and watching me walk out of the store. Yes, I walked out with the Louis Vuitton handbag that was on my shoulder when I walked in and got into my 2017 BMW SUV, neither of which was stolen or acquired by any illegal means.And, I am a 50 year old homeowner in Cary. I am going to post this message over Instagram and my other social media platforms, as well as send it to the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network. What happened to Starbucks could very well happen to Target and probably should. I cannot be the only black person in Cary to have been treated by Target in this manner.


There was a good reason why this restaurant only had a total of 4 people dining during lunch on a weekday. I was seriously sickened with severe vomiting, diarrhea and nausea following my meal and could not eat for 24 hours afterwards.

I do not think that this restaurant follows the most sanitary procedures when it comes to preparing food.


I called this lawyer concerning a simple FCRA AND FDCPA issue with Equifax. She gave me every excuse in the world why she was unable to handle a simple issue.

Rather than being honest and explaining that she did not possess the knowledge and skills, I was told a bunch of lies. The next day, I called another law firm and discussed the exact same issue and experienced a completely different outcome.

Suzanne Begnoche's website is very misleading and overstated as she is unable to offer over half of the services advertised.


If you're black and uninsured, you will be discriminated against and given disparaging treatment.

Melody Baldwin and Heather Vawter, a PA in the practice, treated me as a second-class citizen and made a mockery of a serious health problem, which could lead to cervical cancer. I was misdiagnosed because this practice did not believe that I had the money in my checking account to pay for their services following my office visit.

There were other issues with me as well which a second-year medical student would have noticed. However, since Melody Baldwin, have implemented a blanket policy of ill treatment, my hypertensive and anemic conditions were grossly ignored. In fact, these two so-called medical practitioners would rather see me die from illness then act in a responsible, professional and proactive manner. It is all about money; money over patient health. When I asked Heather Vawter to call in a prescription, it took her 7 days and she only did so because I called the office 10 times in one hour. As a human being, I would have received better treatment from a veterinary practice. Please, please take my experience with Melody Baldwin as a cautionary tale.

Filing a complaint within the Duke Health System administration is a waste of time and energy because that office will engage in a cover up in order to preserve their public image. I am contacting a malpractice firm and plan to file a civil lawsuit against both Melody Baldwin and Heather Vawter.


These guys are losing business to immigrants due to their own ignorance.

Plain and simple, but Joel and Dan are not smart enough to get out of their own way long enough to become a success.


I hired Gary Hooper to represent me in a sexual harassment civil lawsuit against my former employer and he completely ruined the case. First, he did not appear to possess the mental acumen to manage the case and secondly, he was influenced as well as had some form of business interest with the other side. This was and still is unethical and a violation of law.

My case was simple and easy, cut and dry. However, money changed Mr. Hooper's perspective. Suddenly my future, emotional, and mental well-being meant nothing. I was not even a person anymore. Gary Hooper deliberately botched my case by refusing to discuss a settlement which was offered to me by my former employer. The evidence against my former employer was overwhelming and a third-year law student could have won the case with their eyes closed.

Do not hire Gary Hooper to assist you in employment-related civil matters because he does not care about you. He cares about money, and will meet your former employer in a parking lot at night to exchange an envelope, and there goes your case. However, there is one positive to having dealt with Gary Hooper... I am now a lawyer who specializes in sexual harassment claims against current and former employers and have won many, many cases for my female clients. If I had known then what I now know, I would have taken my case from Gary Hooper, represented myself, and won.


Starbucks workers needs to get and accept that African Americans drink coffee from the establishment and demand to be treated equally. Smithfield, North Carolina has an abysmal history of disparaging and discriminatory treatment towards black people and the vast majority of its residents voted for Trump. These residents are largely white working poor and view upper middle-class black people as the reason why they are being left behind.

However, taking their angry out on black customers when they do not own the business is detrimental as well as antithetical to the social values in which Starbucks as an organization has tried implementing. Closing stores nationwide for racial sensitivity training only scratched the surface of their problem. Starbucks needs to clean house and begin with its location in Smithfield, North Carolina. Those people do not hide the fact that they do not like waiting on black customers.


The overall purpose of the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the North Carolina Attorney General is to "fight unfair business practices like scams and frauds." However, over the past year and a half, or since Josh Stein took over, the level of service coming from this office is deplorable and disgusting. In fact, the employees in this division behave very unprofessionally and are extremely rude.

I cannot understand how a government agency with transparency and openness as part of its policy agenda, could allow people to demonstrate an inability to pay attention to simple details and facts, lose complaints and otherwise ignore consumer pleas for help.

The NCAG only cares about opioids and white people in the suburbs overdosing from them and the mistreatment of illegals from Mexico. This agency could care less about a 90 year old black woman, born and raised in North Carolina and been taken advantaged of by a utility company or the fake merchandise that I was scammed into purchasing from an online trading platform.

The NCAG was very organized and responsive, as well as operated in the best interest of the people when Roy Cooper was in charge. I voted for Mr.

Stein, but will never do so again. My story is just one of the many ways in which some Democrat politicians take advantage of the black vote.


The American consumer needs to be very careful about dealing with the website Etsy has fashioned itself as an online platform where people come together to buy and sell goods. However, the piece that the folks who run Etsy are missing and do not seem to care is the safety and protection of buyers from unscrupulous sellers who deliberately pass their fake merchandise off as real.

I made a purchase 6 months ago from a seller with fake merchandise and a fake name to go along with his Etsy profile. Essentially, the guy used Etsy in order to pull off his scam knowing that the website had no way of vetting him as a seller. More than likely, the seller had been a long time Craigslist scammer and troll, and was caught by law enforcement. Now, he is using other online trading websites such as Etsy to rob people.

Matters went from bad to worse when the lying, stealing and cheating Etsy employees with the Donald Trump mentality sided with the scammer and refused to refund my money. Etsy accepted the fact that the seller was a fraud, however the company is so money hungry, it would tolerate any form of criminal activity just to stay afloat. Etsy's written policy requires a buyer to send back merchandise that is defective or damaged but not fake. If it's fake and you buy it, too bad. I sent back the fake jewelry to the seller with the fake name (Alexander Shayevich) of Flushing, New York to the same UPS Store box number which was on the original shipping label. This is when things became twisted.

Etsy did what they do which was to claim that the jewelry had never been returned or received by the so-called seller and therefore no refund could be issued to me, the buyer of the fake jewelry. Essentially, Etsy took the word of a lying, piece of trash, low-life Russian criminal that he never received the jewelry, over an honest, upstanding member of my community and society. As I stated, it has been more than six months of fighting with Etsy which is akin to trying to rehabilitate a sex offender.


So, please take my story as a cautionary tale about buying from someone on Etsy. If you feel the need to deal with this website, read the reviews very carefully, first. From all appearances, Etsy screws both buyers as well as legitimate sellers out of money. However, the New York State Attorney General has racked up a large number of complaints about Etsy and encourages victims to file complaints with their office. It is also a good idea to contact a local consumer reporter in your city as well as post your negative experience with Etsy online via social media. This spreads the word that Etsy cannot be trusted and that consumers should steer clear of the website.

Etsy is the new craigslist and there is nothing good that could be said about craigslist. If you do not believe me, call your local police department and ask to speak to someone in their Internet crimes division.


The biggest problem with this law firm is Kate Sanyer. This girl calls herself a legal assistant, however conducts herself in the most unprofessional manner. She literally hung up on me during a telephone call that I placed to the office.

When submitting an initial inquiry from their website, Kate will both call and email you all day until she leaves the office at 2 pm. However, when the lawyer realizes that he cannot make any money off your case, you are suddenly dropped like a bad habit.


All great, raving reviews. Businesses hire companies to write good reviews. No secret there. Well, here's one bad and negative review based on my experience.

My non-profit organization filed its 990 N via Taxbandits, not realizing that it also could and should have been filed FREE through the IRS's website. The mistake was acknowledged less than one hour after submission of the form, however Taxbandits refused to refund our money.

This type of greedy, money-grubbing behavior is antithetical to the principals of nonprofit organizations who depend on honest members of the community for furtherance of their programs and services to populations who rely on them. Taxbandits is guilty of false and misleading information, as well as unethical and unfair business practices.

I am filing a complaint with the attorney general in my state and also intend to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The IRS needs to know that Taxbandits is falsely representing that nonprofits have no other option than to file their 990 N through its website and not the IRS.


Since I was always followed around by the same girl, I stopped shopping at the Nordstrom Rack store located in Durham, North Carolina.

This is also when I decided to make my Nordstrom Rack purchases online and have spent an enormous amount of money with the chain. However, following the latest attempt to portray me as a lying, piece of trash thief while making a return (July 1,2018), I have decided to cut my ties with NR, altogether including online. It will not happen. I will not willingly subject myself to humiliation, degradation and disparaging treatment.

I attempted to return a pair of running shoes and while having the original receipt, original tags, as well as the gift card used to make the previous purchase, I was hassled at the cash register by an old white woman who did not know what she was doing. After repeatedly showing the woman the receipt as well as lying it on the counter, I was still suspected of trying to return something that had been stolen. After all, black women do not run or work out. So, why would I have a pair of $40 Nike running pants in my possession? Perhaps for the same reason I had the latest (real) Louis Vuitton handbag on my shoulder, drove to the store in my 2015 BMW 528i, which had been parked in the driveway of my nice home located in Cary, a wealthy suburb of Raleigh. Yep. And, I didn't have to steal any of it. I used my own credit, credit score and wages to buy my fly stuff. However, public perception is that a black woman cannot possibly afford these things because most of us are unemployed, underemployed (retail workers), on public assistance and resort to buying fake designer goods in parking lots. This is a sad and sick commentary for black women who graduated from college, found careers, obtained master's degrees and found better careers because of their higher educational attainment. Nonetheless, black women are still placed into one category... the lowest segment of society and treated as such on a daily basis. I can't even shop for groceries without becoming a suspect.

This treatment of black women has to stop and to make matters worse, Nordstrom Rack is using black men to racially attack and disparage black female customers in its stores. This way, the store thinks it can't be accused of racist practices when it comes to profiling black customers. Blacks cannot discriminate against blacks, right? Wrong, Nordstrom Rack and shame on you for thinking that black people are naive to your game. The divide and conquer game is old.

I am making this appeal after learning that so many other black women (and black men) have experienced the same treatment while shopping at Nordstrom Rack stores. These folks, like myself, have taken to Instagram in order to tell their stories. Many have stated that what happened with Starbucks needs to happen with Nordstrom Rack and we will not stop until it does. NR needs to learn a lesson. NR needs to learn that in 2018, black people will call out racism at every turn, and big thanks to social media.

If you are African American and have been racially profiled while shopping at the Nordstrom Rack at Southpoint, please reply to this post. I want to hear from you. The Durham store is being targeted for a boycott. Do the right thing!


I had several issues with this hotel and will never go back, not even for one night. There are too many other options in the area.

First, the policy of asking for an additional credit card for "incidentals" or in case there is damage to the room is ridiculous. This hidden policy is neither stated on the hotel website nor other third party websites, and even worse, there is no statement concerning this policy at the first desk. Other HGIs in the area do not have such a policy and I find it ironic that given the significantly high number of people of color in the 27616 zip code that this hotel has implemented this policy or "black tax" designed to discourage minorities from patronizing certain public places.

I was told at check in that an extra major credit card would not be used to pay the room charges at check out and that it was a "hold" which would be lifted upon check out. However, this is not what happened and when I subsequently called the hotel to leave a message for either the general manager or manager, an employee named Daniel started a fight with me. Daniel and I got into a full blown argument over MY money and what he stated to me at check in. Rather than behaving as a professional, owning up to his mistake and apologizing, he became very combative and defensive (as guilty people typically do), hung up on me like a little boy (punk) and stated that he would not pass along my message to management. I never gave anyone at this hotel authorization to charge the extra credit card and was told that the card used to reserve the room online would be charged. This has been my experience with hotel reservations. I do not understand how Daniel or Joe which is to whom the employee referred to himself as when I called back to verify his identity. Daniel then told another lie and stated that he was Joe and resumed yelling and cursing, and eventually hung up on me again.

Daly Seven Management has a serious problem and needs to tread lightly on the slippery slope that it is currently on. I have left a message for a member of the management team at Daly Seven to contact me regarding the employee's behavior and the fact that the charge to my credit card differs from that which is printed on the receipt received at check out.

By the way, a friend of mine also had a problem with the manager (Lisa) of the Hilton Garden Inn on Miami Boulevard in RTP. This woman was hostile, combative, and highly unprofessional when my friend and her husband complained about the cable outage in their room. The manager threatened to kick them out of the hotel over one polite complaint. Daly Seven has a problem which needs to be addressed.


While enrolled as an online graduate student at the University of Baltimore, I experienced one of the worst forms of discrimination and retaliation, and was eventually ousted from the Master of Public Administration program. I took out more than $30,000 in student loans to attend that school and because I indirectly criticized Thomas Darling, I failed the Capstone course by. 50 point. As a result of a letter, I also failed a basic technology course taught by a new professor named Sezgin Ayabakan. He too was part of the conspiracy to force me out of the MPA program, and it worked. These professors refused to grade all of my assignments, accused me of failing to turn in work and on time, accused me of poor basic grammar skills, and stated that I did not earn the right to receive a master's degree from that sorry, second-rate school.

After two years of complaints to various state and federal agencies, speaking with numerous lawyers begging them to take my case and blogging about my experience, I have come to agree with the moron who ruined both my academic and professional future. I do not deserve a master's degree from UB because I deserve so much better. I left that school with a 3.4 grade point average and rightfully earned more than 33 credit hours in the MPA program. Now, I am starting over at another university. A better university; one where women and minorities are treated with decency, respect, and fairness. A university where faculty members are held accountable for their actions and do not behave in hateful ways. Thomas Darling will have to answer to God for his actions and I will around to see it.

In fact, I am telling anyone who will listen what Thomas Darling did to me. I will make his miserable life as miserable as he has made mine. Even his grandchildren will be embarassed to read about his evil doings.

Following my final semester at UB and upon learning that I had failed both courses attempted, I did what any student would have done. I contacted the University Dean's office for assistance and guidance with filing a formal grievance against my oppressors. Kathy Anderson, Dean of Students refused to allow me access to her office for a sit down meeting. This is a violation of federal law under Title VI. My rights were further violated when the dean of the School of Public & International Affairs appointed Debra Stanley to oversee the complaint and grievance process. In the end, my complaint and grievance were never reviewed by anyone at the university. I have Debra Stanley to thank for this elaborate cover up. She lied and claimed to have never received my complaint and grievance although I sent them via email. Email does not lie, however professors at the University of Baltimore do very well, and even to federal officials. Thomas Darling is a sick sociopath who has no remorse for those he hurts. He belongs in prison with the rest of the mentally disturbed sociopaths who commit fraud, lie and cheat.

I wasted a large sum of money and 33 credit hours of course work because of Thomas Darling and want my money back. It is not too late to demand the University of Baltimore for a tuition refund due to material misrepresentation and fraud.

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