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About Me

I'm Jemi, a Finn based in NYC! I share all things fashion & aesthetics, served to you with some of my awkwardness and brutal honesty on the side. Follow along for honest reviews and sustainable shopping.

How I Can Help

If you're interested to see more videos related to fashion, how to style, where to shop for ethical and sustainable clothes, and know more about the different fashion aesthetics out there, you can find me on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jemiuwu


I like discovering new styles and ways to style my clothes differently.

12 Reviews by jemi

Reformation is known for being a sustainable, ethical, and an elegant brand. Having bought a dress from them myself, I can say with confidence that their clothes are high quality, true to size, and as far as I can see, sustainable. Due to these factors, their clothes are of course on the slightly more expensive side, but it is worth it if you're looking to get some long lasting pieces.
The shipping took a while (10-15 days), most likely due to me ordering the dress around christmas, which is a chaotic time for shipping. The sizing only goes up to about 12 on dresses, and while there is variety on dresses and their patterns/colors, the actual styles of the dresses can be quite similar, usually differing in texture or cut a little bit. Reformation is definitely one of those brands where you just know that it's "the reformation dress" when you wear it or see it.
The annoying thing is that the website will not only show the same dress in multiple colors on one tab, but it'll show the same dress multiple times in those different colors/patterns, which means that it's a bit more chaotic to shop for clothes if you don't have anything specific in mind to shop for. Also, different color or pattern options will cost more than others of the exact same dress, which doesn't really make sense. My overall experience though, was great, and even as an hourglass figure, I was able to fit into my usual size S (there are measurements for each garment on their website)
Z Tapes is a fabulous record label with a very neat concept – they work with artists all over the world to produce digital and physical editions of the artists' unique, often home-recorded albums. They also have a variety of very talented visual artists who collaborate on the album artwork and on merch designs. All of their music is professional dubbed or pressed to tape or vinyl, and the products are all printed at very high quality. It's a neat business model that sustains artists all over the globe, and offers perhaps a slightly more diverse and ambitious range of musical styles than you would find on an average record label. Shipping from Slovakia, where they are based, to me in the US can be a little slow sometimes, but that is just the nature of global shipping.
All in all, I've never had a bad experience with them, whether it's buying merch or records, and I highly recommend checking them out!
As a person with a very small back and an hourglass figure, it's hard to find the right fit for bras. However, thanks to the sizing tests and guides, I was able to figure out my actual size (and it's a size I can't get in most stores). I ordered two different sizes of the same 3 bras for myself to see which ones would fit better, and I returned the 3 that didn't quite fit. They're seamless, easy to wash, and I had no trouble returning them. Customer service was helpful and supportive and I personally didn't experience any problems. I'll most likely be ordering again!
Nellie S. – ThirdLove Rep
Hi Jemi,

Thank you for leaving your honest and detailed feedback about your experience with ThirdLove. We love to hear from our customers, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative; but success stories like yours are especially exciting for us. We appreciate your support of ThirdLove.
Classic Football Shirts is a fantastic resource for casual fans of soccer and ardent collectors alike, as they offer cheaper new stock and also rare, used collectibles. I mostly buy their cheaper, new shirts to wear for watching games and as street fashion, and I am always impressed by the diversity and quality of their offerings. Their customer service is great, too, as they have quickly helped me out on the rare occasions where there has been an issue with my order. Shipping from the UK to me in the US is also very reasonable and fast. The website is fairly easy to navitage, though there are a few bugs with their search engine and they could use a few more ways to sort their products, because it can be difficult to get through the massive amounts of stock they have in a sensible fashion. Prices can definitely be a bit on the high side for some of their shirts, but many others are a bargian – it makes it a bit of a adventure to shop for a good deal.
Fenty beauty is popular for their lip products and makeup. I wanted to try out their fluid lip colors, but was sadly a little disappointed. The product holds for hours and is like paint, sticking right after you apply it. However, the colors look very different on me than they do on the models, and I don't really want to wear them because they're so intensely pigmented that they make me look weird (this could be a good thing for people who love very bright or eye-catching lip colors). Considering also the price, it is quite pricey, but you do get a high quality product. I just wish they had more varying shades and more photos of the product swatches so I could get something that I actually aimed for. I also tried their highlighter, which is in a pretty packaging, but it's hard to roll the highlighter onto skin without getting makeup on it or it, again, looking a tad weird on my skin. Their lip scrub is also ok.
Overall, I don't think the products are necessarily worth the price at least for online shopping, since you can't try them out. You can find equally good makeup at places like Innisfree, Etude House etc.
On Everlane's website you can see exact measurements and what the clothes are made of, which is great. In my case, the coat I got is 100% cotton & water resistant. You can also change the measurement unit from inches to cm if you live outside the US, and it looks like they offer their clothes from size 00 to 16. The online reviews also give you a better understanding of products. It's true that my specific coat fits true to size, and I wanted mine to be oversized which is why I got it in one size bigger.

You can also choose to view the factory in which the products were made, to see the whole process of how the clothes are made, how many employers said company has, and when it was created. You can read about their recent projects and see photos of the workers and the factory.

The shopping experience in itself was very effortless. If you sign up for an account, you can save products and check out effortlessly. The check out process is very easy too, and it seems that anything priced at $100 or over includes free shipping. Size exchanges and returns should be easy to do. I had ordered something before this coat and it was cancelled soon after because they had ran out of stock for that item when I purchased it. I got refunded almost immediately, so it personally wasn't a problem for me.

Overall, the coat feels really high quality and I feel good about my purhcase, so I give Everlane a 4/5. I love Everlane's selection of classic pieces that should last you for a very long time. The pricing also feels good, since we know how these clothes are made. The shipping was also fast, the package shipped to me within a few days of the purchase.
The only things I'd mention is that there is some size inconsistency and not all of their products are eco-friendly. I would recommend always checking the measurements first, as some items run bigger than others. They do have some items that include leather, so keep that in mind if you wish to shop more ethical. I think I'll be shopping from Everlane again.
I have shopped at Yankee candles online throughout the whole pandemic and can safely say that I enjoy the experience most of the time. Sometimes I've had trouble with their check out, but they run sales and give you discount coupons pretty often so I end up getting my candles for quite cheap. I've never had any problems with shipping, all the items arrive wrapped carefully and sometimes even in separate boxes.
As for the scents, there are some scents that are much stronger than others. I've noticed that the square shaped candle jars last me longer than the round ones, so that's a little sad because it narrows down my selection. Their latest Christmas scents are lovely, and I recommend them.
Also pro tip: if you shop here a few times, Yankee Candle sends you discount coupons also for other stores like nakedwines.
I ordered myself Dr. Martens Nappas, which are apparently slightly easier to break in than the standard version. I ordered them straight from the site and they arrived about a week later. I recommend sizing up if you are a half size, since they don't do half sizes. I have wide feet, and they feel very comfortable and roomy.
It took a few days to break them in, walking around the house wearing them all day, but I didn't get any blisters and didn't have any trouble. The shoes are in great condition and look spotless even after I walked outside in snowy weather.
Overall, my experience purchasing from here was very pleasant. I can see why Dr. Martens are so popular, their shoes really are of great quality and very comfortable once you break them in.
Etude House has some of the most gentle and best skincare I know. Their Soonjung skincare line is especially great, one of the most neutral and minimal I know. I love their hydro barrier cream and emulsion, but I'd say skip the foam cleanser, as it could be drying for sensitive skin types.
Etude House also has a lot of makeup of which only some has impressed me. Their eye makeup remover is the only one gentle enough for my sensitive eyes. Their Dr. Mascara Fixer also works wonders, and I highly recommend it to anyone with straight lashes that don't stay curled no matter what (this will change your life). However, the rest of it could be skipped for better alternatives like Peripera or 3CE. The other only problematic thing is that it can hard to find Etude House products and get them shipped to/within the US. You'll have to search hard on Amazon or Sokoglam to find some items.
We got both of our cats from the ASPCA at separate times (both as kittens), and both of our experiences were lovely. They socialize their kittens and have information on the personality of each. They take care of the cats and vaccinate and neuter them before adoption (unless you adopt under 3 month old kittens, in which case you take them to get vaccinated free of charge once they're old enough). The staff is accommodating and kind, the process is pretty straightforward and not invasive, and they provide you with some food and toys to go with the cat after you adopt. If it's your first time getting a pet, they also give you a lot of good and necessary information.
Overall I've had a wonderful experience each time and I'm so glad to have my wonderful cats!
Shopping at Innisfree has always been a positive experience for me. Their customer service in both Manhattan stores has been wonderful, and their lip tints are the best I've ever had (and I'm a very picky person). I bought shade #4 true red, and after I've put it on and left it for a couple minutes, it won't budge the whole day no matter how much I eat or drink (the image is after 6h of applying the lip tint). It stains into a lovely red/pink shade and it's so light weight that you don't feel it on your lips at all. I'll be purchasing more of these lip tints online.
The only downside I think is that they don't have images of the tints on models on their website, so I have to look elsewhere for color swatches on different skin types. The shipping is also costly except when they have sales and special deals like Black Friday free shipping for purchases over $35.
I did a Koi Footwear haul for 3 shoes of which 2 came in damaged. Not only was the sizing incredibly inconsistent between all three shoes, but also if you're a half size and live in the US, you may not find a fitting pair at all since they do not offer half sizes. Admittably, the designs are gorgeous, but not worth the hassle and other issues with this company. I'd also like to point out that "vegan" is simply a selling point for this company, they're not doing anything special with the shoes, it's just faux leather/fur etc.
The shipping to the US costs a lot, and you also have to pay at least $14 minimum return shipping, even if you show them full proof of the damaged items (which clearly is a fault on their end). The shoes came in a heavily damaged trash bag-like package so I'm not surprised by this treatment. The quality is mediocre at best with the prices being higher than good quality shoes you could find for a good deal at a TJ Maxx.

I had to go back and forth in email with koi for 3 weeks regarding the return of the damaged items and I have had one of the WORST customer experiences in my entire life with Koi Footwear concerning the return of the 2 damaged shoes I sent back. There was always a different person replying to my emails asking for the same repeated information, and they don't understand how postage works in the US (I am assuming the person dealing with my return is from the UK), they have incredibly poor grammar and writing, and I spent 3 weeks dealing with 20 back and forth emails. Delayed shipping is a fault of USPS, but I have been asked for absurd amounts of "proof" that I sent the package back even though I provided photos and a tracking number, and they can't seem to stay on track with what items I even returned (even though I filled out their forms and everything). I eventually even added a photo of the receipt. After a month I received my refund.

This is absolutely unacceptable for Koi Footwear, and unless you are willing to just keep whatever shoes you get, I strongly suggest you completely skip koi to avoid dealing with a mess like mine.

Find my full review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78WtQFmsCBQ&t=571s&ab_channel=jemi

Tip for consumers:
don't shop here if you are a half size and live outside of the UK or are willing to throw away money

Products used:
Holographic shoes

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