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Ebay used to be good (there were jerks, but that's unavoidable), but two things suddenly emerged: Import charges and this "Global Shipping Program".

Ebay has also partnered with PayPal, and that's the only payment option ebay allows now-Which is a red flag. I don't purchase very often, and I never purchase big or expensive items, but I've only started seeing the "import charges", which I guess depend on what the item is.

There is also this GSP (which I've mentioned in my PayPal review-Below at the bottom), PayPal has taken money from my bank account-As in I didn't make the payment,

I don't know if the import charges nonsense have anything to do with ebay, but that just came about, and it's another burden on shopping fees.

I will no longer be using ebay. I also urge everybody else to stop, or you're just enabling them.


I don't have a problem with these guys, really; I've been looking around to create a website for audio book publishing, but this (strange) 300 mb limit makes it impossible. This site inculdes audio book publishing, so I don't understand why they would include a template for it. I have two audio books and both are nearly 1 gig.

I say I don't have a problem with this site, but, I never actually used their site, because I can't do anything. Other creator website don't even have an audio book template. What's even more strange is, a YouTube guy receommended this site.


I don't really know Paypal that well, I used to be registered, but I closed that a year ago, after years of my account being dormant. What happened with me (recently) was-I suddenly received an email notice from Paypal, which is ignored the first time I saw it because I thought it was just some junk email.

I just sold an item on ebay, as I haven't sold anything for years, and the payment wasn't shown in my bank account. I checked my email account again, and saw the Paypal email again; I clicked on it, and saw that they're *holding on to the payment*...

I contacted them about it, mainly because that payment *includes the shipping money*! They gave some nonsense reasoning about secuirty and protection. The only way to release the money, is to deliver the sold item. Nooooo, that's not shady...

What's worse is, ebay is now in bed with Paypal, which means that ebay might be screwing around.

While editing this review with an update the day after I submitted, is strange, I've just learned that Paypal held on to money from an item the buyer received nearly two weeks ago. I decided to contact the buyer yesterdat, after checking my Paypal wallet, and that listing suddenly reappeared upon contacting the buyer.

Yeah, a little suspicious...

(Update): A recent action of Paypal is taking money from my bank account, claiming it to be a fee for this "Global Shipping Program". This fee was not included in the ebay listing or the invoice. The seller said he didn't use such a company (or whatever it is). The listing in my bank account is separate from the item payment, and only says Paypal. Contacting ebay, they said it's Paypal's doing, while contacting Paypal, they point at ebay.


An author here, and not just a listener-First of all, they require a contract to upload your content. Now the site goes by a subscription, which costs $20 or so, then you can purchase an audio book. Well, I never actually bought, although, I did try to get a free one, but I didn't understand what I was doing because their set up is strange. The subscription aspect is nonsense, therefore, a gouge anyway. That alone is enough of an indicator for costumers to avoid the site.

This review is more from my perspective as an author. After I got the contract dealt with, which took a week longer than it should have because they only check emails once a day (another red flag). This is also fishy-They use a file transfer protocal app, to receive the files.

What bugs me the most is their 2 free audio books feature, which, is now 3 (I've just noticed as I went for the site address). This makes the site not much better than a torrent site, which especially hurts unrecognized content creators. This caused me to loosely promote my audio book on my YouTube channel, because I doubt this site is very popular (I would esentially be giving my book away).

So yeah, everybody just avoid this site, which is obviously a scam site, as I see other reviews as I type this, haha.


I've registered a few months ago, and have sold a few items. I've been prank replied to some of my ads, but have sold a few items. Kijiji itself is a decent site-They even provide ten free ads, which is great; However, if the pranksters are many and they prank a lot, this a big problem and hurts the site badly.

There are also people who contact a seller, but then suddenly stop replying.

A recent bad experience, was a seller who sold me a faulty item. I tried calling the police (as advised by Kijiji), but I was told they don't deal with monetary issues. I was told I'd have to call a lawyer. Therefore, buying expensive items is a bad idea.

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