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About Me

I’m a writer/editor who works in film. Additionally, I’m a wardrobe stylist who is in the process of launching their own luxury boutique. Something of a creative ‘jack of all trades.’ Love photography. Design. Travel. My best friend/love of my life.

How I Can Help

I’m an expert in clothing, fabrics & how they photograph. Shopping. Finding great deals. Authenticity of designer goods. Basically, everything that relates to my ‘About Me,’ is a passion & I’m a naturally curious, educated person... happy to help with whatever I can.


Styling. Design. Photography. Flying. Exploring the globe. Making love. Drawing. Interiors. Film.

9 Reviews by Jay

I'd have only had good things to say about StockX until today. I sold a pair of AF1s & they didn't pay out because they claimed I didn't sent the shoes in their box. I did. They stole the box & my paper took photos at an angle that makes it appear I just threw them in a packing box & sent them. Uhhh no.

I've been selling on StockX for nearly a year. I've not argued with them on any other issue because my items were returned as sent. In this case, they're blatantly lying. They've messed with the wrong $#*!I wont be letting it go.

Not only is this theft, they're also fraudulently claiming something that isn't true.

The photos attached are exactly what was sold. I only had 1 pair. Why would I remove them from the box, etc. & mail it to my own detriment? They're denying any wrongdoing, but I will absolutely post all of their BS communication. Don't support these people. Everyone who has said they are fraudsters are clearly on to something.
I've been selling via Mercari for just under a year. It's been excellent for Henri Bendel items, okay-ish for sneakers (be prepared for tons of low balls from children) & terrible if you're selling electronics.

I sold an iPhone that I specifically said was for parts via an offer. It's a new-ish model so the parts are about $400 all together. I figured the person could just dismantle it & use whatever they wanted. Well the person didn't read anything because they thought they were getting a perfectly working, unlocked X 256 GB phone at a price far lower than others were selling.

First the person told me it wasn't delivered. Then they said their post didn't deliver on the 23 or 24 of December (WTF? The 2 busiest days of the year? Really?) Next that their postman didn't believe they'd be home & so they marked it as delivered & left at front door but really had it at the post office (trust me, I'm as confused as you!) and so basically, his time for the 3 day release of funds was significantly delayed. I didn't get paid. Then he asks for my passcode, which I gave, but somehow he still thought I was selling it totally unlocked, etc. He filed a claim & somehow won.

When I said WTF to Mercari they said they couldn't tell me exactly why they sided with the buyer. I showed the IMEI, said it was for parts/repair, said it was locked & somehow it's my fault the buyer is an idiot? That's the only dispute I've had on Mercari & I'm burned out with a lot of things but this just added to an already overwhelming stack. I realize that children don't (can't?) read anymore but maybe it's time they learn an expensive lesson? I had multiple people message me & ask questions, all of which I answered honestly & directly. Rather than a commission, perhaps Mercari should be paying their sellers 10% as a PITA fee. The level of idiocy on this platform is awful.
Relovv sounds good in theory. Sustainable? Great. Here's the thing: for anything of value, it's highly unlikely you'll get anything near the item's value. For things from Forever21 or Old Navy, you're probably paying nearly as much as you would in store.

The problem with the idea of sustainability in the US fashion industry is that for it to be genuinely sustainable, the consumer must change the way they think about clothing. That means purchasing more expensive, classic items that they'll wear for yearsnot by season. I'm not against trendy clothing or mixing inexpensive & trendy pieces with classics to change up a look. My point is, buying secondhand Forever21 which you could easily find at any thrift store just doesn't make sense.

Then there's the breakdown of cost: Relovv expects that you'll mark everything down go well below retail. While it asks What would you like to earn?' it doesn't allow you to choose if you're not within those guidelines. As someone who owns designer clothing almost entirely, I'm not listing a pair of unworn shoes that were $495 for a fraction because I forgot to return them. Yes, I expect they'll go for less, but people wouldn't even pay $125.

Simply put? I cancelled my account. Maybe this platform works for some people, but as a whole, I strongly believe it's mostly lip service to a reasonable concept that has been poorly executed in the grand scheme of things. Both buyer & seller are generally likely to do better at a yard sale than on relovv.

Tip for consumers: If you don’t care (at all) about getting any real monetary value for your clothes, maybe you’ll like it.

They also let you ‘Relovv’ (think repost ala Instagram) other people’s items to get a portion of the sale if it is purchased via your page. It’s a way to make a few extra bucks, though I can’t say I ever saw it work for me.

I sold a pair of Nike Hi Vandals & got an excellent price for them! No fees. I shipped as soon as they sent me the label & it was to my buyer in a few days. She gave me a great rating & my funds were released.

In that way, I've had a seamless experience with Vinted thus far. The shoes sold on my first day on the platform. That said, they do seem to be slower in terms of what people buy & a lot of the items are much lower in price than my merchandise is worth. I was hoping it would be good for some of my less expensive designer goods, but with the price limitation & the fact that there do not seem to be as serious of buyers, I don't know if this is a good long term solution.

From a social standpoint, I actually quite enjoy the forums.' That's something I'd enjoy on Poshmark. I also like the fact that I can send additional photos to a user. That is SO much nicer than trying to collage or cram 2 listings with photos & hope I have enough.

I don't know how I'll feel about Vinted in the long term, but as an honest seller, I have not had any issues in my limited time using them. But I've also not really had issues with most sales platforms. I'll update as things move along, but for the moment, I'm giving Vinted a shot.

Tip for consumers: Submit honest photographs & give detailed descriptions.

My long time hairstylist turned me on to Kevin Murphy's product & I've hardly looked back.

My hair is interesting... it's not quite curly because I've had so many treatments over the years, but it does get frizzy. I use a flat iron, but because it's also a fine texture, it's hard to find products that work well.

That's when Sarah introduced me to KM's beach texturizer. It gives me the intentionally messy sex hair' look I love with perfection.

I highly recommend KM products!
• Updated review
Update to try to help newer Poshers.

1. Your first sale is usually the hardest. Becoming successful on Poshmark takes time. That being said, I've been able to make more using poshmark than I have at my regular job over the past year. I don't devote my entire day to it, but I do engage daily & always answer questions.

2. Share, share, share.
Don't just share your own items, share the items of people who share yours. You're unlikely to do well in this community if you don't share. Followers are more often than not, people with similar taste & window shoppers. Some do buy, but don't assume your followers & your buyers are one in the same. That's a mistake I believe many people make. The more I've shared, the faster my own sales have become.

3. Good sellers will get back to you right away, offer to get you more photos & answer your questions. It's not an inconvenience. If they treat it like it is, find a different seller because ultimately, if you're unhappy, as a seller, I'm likely to be unhappy. Personally speaking, I also post videos of my merchandise and am happy to provide any information you need. My items are typically expensive & I expect questions.

4. 99.9% of anything labeled a VIP' designer gift is fake. If they're selling more than one, I'll double down even more on that statement. Do not buy them unless you know the truth & simply don't care.

5. Listen to what experienced Poshers have to say when it comes to lowball offers, how to avoid receiving junk, etc.

6. Remember, poshmark is an intermediary, not the actual seller of the goods in question. Like any other sales platform where you have individual sellers, quality & service will depend heavily on the person. Read love notes; some of us will show our 5 star reviews. If someone isn't active & doesn't reply quickly, move on. Chances of a good experience go down the less the person communicates. (Exception: you get a message that states their closet is on vacation until a specific date. That's the responsible way to close your closet but let people know you'll be back soon!)

7. Reach out to Poshers who know what's up. Most of us had mentors to help us along & we're happy to help you, too!

Find me at blankcanvaspm.
Great IF You Learn Who To Buy From!
• Previous review
Update to offer some help:
1. If a person has crappy pictures, be smartdo not buy from them! Now, Im not saying stick to styled pictures. Im saying, look at the sellers who give detailed pictures, even of small things.

2. If something feels off, thats because it probably is. Theres one girl who says shes in her early 20s & shes selling extremely expensive items but mostly, she trades. This isnt someone whos just good at consignment finds. A lot of her things are coming soon making me believe the majority is likely fake. Superfakes, but if its sketchy, just back away. Its probably not the deal, it seems to be.

3. Prices are higher on Poshmark than on eBay for some sellers because Posh takes a bigger cut. Some of the pro sellers like Rebag are definitely cheaper on eBay. That said, I only sell on Posh, but I see why this may be confusing. Just remember, each seller sets their own prices & in some cases, the condition of the items varies greatly.

4. Some of you are right: Posh IS part social network! Thats actually a good thing. Ive made several good friends. This is a benefit because its a way to grow your network and find buyers/sellers you can trust! It can be overwhelming (or annoying) depending on how you look at it, but dont overlook the benefits.

5. If a seller doesnt ship in 7 days CANCEL your sale. Just go in to your purchases & say theres a problem. Item hasnt shipped is all you need to check & youll be refunded. I never let a seller go beyond that time period. I get my things out the same day (next only if the post is closed) so by the end of a week, Im not waiting anymore.

I hope these things help you if youre new to Posh. Happy to answer questions or whatever.
I started out on Posh as more of a buyer... usually smaller items. Im now selling & doing quite well. For me, the trick was finding poshers with similar taste & closets & we all kind of look out for one another. I am one who lists my items high, however, I sell designer items almost exclusively. Theyre often lightly used (in many cases, you cant even see use) & in pristine condition. I send the items with their original boxes, dust bags, etc. as much as I possibly can & Ive only had 1 issue. That seller didnt even contact Posh. At first she claimed the package wasnt delivered, except that the tracking clearly stated it was. She made the mistake of then admitting it was delivered by marking it such on the app. She didnt open it & had the item sent back to me without saying anything. By then, her funds had been released bc she marked accepted on the app. Well I got the box, tried to contact her & she wouldnt talk to me. It was a case of buyers remorse but I already had transferred her cash out of my account. I asked for Poshs help because I cant refund without assistance. They, thankfully, did step in & help & I wasnt penalized because of the buyer.

All in all, its a great site, but people need to be smart. Its not a garage sale. Or if it is, its obvious in the listings. I use all available characters to describe my item, give measurements, etc. Its all authentic as Im a stylist. I have plenty of clothing & this is a way to make some money on things I wont wear/dont need anymore & I make neat finds. Ive also made some great friends.

Do your research. Ask other Poshers for help if youre concerned about a person or listing. Many of us will take the time to flag counterfeit item and warn you against them. Poshmark is good for serious sellers who want to deliver great CS and realize this takes time & effort. As a seller, I like that there are no returns & aside from the one girl, Ive had no issues. Im a 5 star seller. Yes, there are scammers & people who will try to trade for nothing, but its easy to weed them out. I only trade with a select few. I say use Posh... but make an effort to be involved with the people you follow & who follow you. Its a much better experience when you do, &, at least as Ive noticed, fewer people trying to scam.
I love Moda Operandi. I've scored several Rick Owens pieces I never would have been able to get in my size thanks to them.

They have great sales & an overall awesome selection. I highly recommend MO, especially to Rick Owens fans!
I decided to list some of my higher end items on Vestiaire after having one good experience with purchasing in the past, & because Poshmark buyers lowball luxury goods.

If I thought Poshmark was bad, imagine my shock when Vestiaire began a price negotiation over a pair of rare Chanel sunglasses. Yes, other people have a similar style listed for less, but they dont have the exact pair in a dual tone colour... that also has all of its original packagingeven the receipt & a thank you note from my SA!

I listed them on Poshmark at $500. Vestiaire wanted me to drop to $292. I would only get $100-something. Guess what? I received an offer of $450 just before Vestiaire initiated their so-called price negotiation. I removed my listing from their site immediately. They dont do enough to warrant such a hefty commission. As a seller, if my item doesnt sell, then I can choose to lower it, but as it is, Im not negotiating price with these people as theyre not buying it! Its mine until it sells. I realize they have their tool to calculate a range, but hi, its called capitalism. Theres a market. Someone is willing to pay what Im asking. It isnt outrageous given the cost of Chanel sunniesand these are in pristine condition.

I was listing a bunch of my other luxury items, but I think Im going to pass & list on eBay & even list locally. Vestiaire had a great concept. Unfortunately, the concept is where it ends.

Take the site for what it is. If you dont mind not really being able to set your own prices, go for it. If your things are in excellent condition, sell them yourself & dont bother giving commission to them.
I sold a couple bags & bought a little coin purse. They gave me a quote on the bag that was close enough to what Id have been able to get on my own & I just wanted it gone, so I was happy enough to sell it. They received my item & I had my money direct deposited in to my account within about 3 days. Totally painless.

The coin purse shipped super quickly. I received it within 2 days & the shipping was free.

The negative with Fashionphile is that they dont accept designer clothing & then the buy out price on some of the items was absolutely ridiculously low. $25 for a pair of Jimmy Choos that have quite literally been worn 1 time? I paid far more than that. Theyre authentic & theyre going to mark them up far more than 50%. Other shoes that are much more worn & they offered more money? I understand they buy what sells, but that stuff is crazy. Id rather put in the effort & sell it myself on poshmark for quite a bit more.

All in all, Im glad I have the option... I would advise others to be well aware of what their items are worth before buying/selling. Its a good site overall... just make sure you arent getting ridiculous low balls.

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