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I thought they canceled my order for no reason but someone hacked my eBay account; I never type the way the person who requested to cancel did and I don't even have a record of that message in my sent folder. They got back to me telling me this and I put my order back in.


It seems to be they just label things emperor wagyu when it isn't; at first he refused to answer me about bms score and then later when I told him I wasn't impressed and that was why I was asking, he went off on a tangent about how I couldn't have possibly had better than his. Meanwhile, ive had A5 wagyu on other occasions TWICE that was better; one I took a very long nap from and I felt very full and the other it physically got me meat drunk. Yes I went there about how he was a lying democrat Californian, and he got pissy about it. I don't care if he did; it was relevant. He proceeded to block me from any participation on his Facebook business page for speaking the truth.


I need to get my old tempur pedic from like 10 years ago that was used for a year shipped down to Florida from New York because these new models are awful. I bought the softest queen there was and it nowhere near compares to the softness of about 10 years ago. I've stained it so I can't return it but the break in they claim is bs; just making you wait long enough to stain it so you're stuck with it; bed is very stiff. Back to mattress toppers in the mean time for now... 5k to be unhappy


First they won't tell me through fb messenger how to calibrate my mph for my autometer, then they won't return my voicemail about how to do it either. I'm glad I didn't pay for it and it came in a car I bought. Finally, they've told me and it doesn't help because I cannot remove the meter. They should have designed it where there was an easier place to access the calibration button but nope. I would expect a lot better from famous autometer.


Not anymore though; they won't honor their year warranty on my ps4 slim 1tb; had it less than that and the controller already has joystick drift. I can't get through to anyone via their phone number about it and their fb chat representative sent me in circles trying to discourage me. I warned him this would be the result and waited days; no response. Hope it was worth it to you. Update: I got through to them but they want me to send my controller out for repair when it would cost them no more to replace it and would be more effective with time for me; bad attitudes. Bought an Xbox over this behavior.


I don't write reviews normally anymore; this just got me really pissed off. I've been buying and selling online for around 11 years and this company is making up that there is customs fees with items coming into America; I'd know there isn't with all my experience, just fees for the buyer once an item arrives at its destination outside of America. PayPal is politicizing it like Pitney Bowes is too; be aware that Pitney Bowes is located out of liberal Austin tx. They have Satanic policies revolving around stealing. My mother bought me this terminator bust because I was having a hard time around that time and it was supposed to make me feel better about my crap landlord. Instead, it has stressed me out as they have stolen approximately 23 dollars from her, and I have to hear it from her because of them. My mother is a single mother of 3; this is heartless. I just bought some interior reupholstery stuff for my car out of the uk and there were no customs fees; you can't make this stuff up. Pitney Bowes is making up policies that defy federal laws which is a huge offense. PayPal is helping them be enforced too by assisting in collecting illegal payments that were not previously agreed upon. I have been charged twice for shipping between the initial payment of 66 gbp and the additional 23 or so dollars stolen; it's in writing that I've been charged twice for shipping and PayPal won't help me. The process in which my item came was also very disorganized, confusing, and slow. While all of this was going on, PayPal is telling me while I'm on hold that I'm protected from unauthorized payments... what a joke.


Their listing came up on google+ as the limited edition endoskull AND the dvd's, when it arrived it was just the dvd's. To no surprise, my emails don't detail how it was supposed to be both, and neither does my PayPal receipts. I would stay far away. Since it was the last one they had listed available too, the listing is now down so I have no way of backing up this scam. Basically, I just paid 135 dollars for 6 dvd's. The price was fair for the endoskull to be included because although the dvd's Are shrink wrapped once again, the sticker on that shrink wrap says used...


I sleep well on it. It provides good additional comfort on top of my blown mattress and under my other topper. The egg cushioning portion of it made it much more affordable than my other topper too which I paid twice as much for.


The first time I tried to buy from them Wells Fargo wouldn't let the charge go through due to dissatisfaction claims against them. The second they had started accepting PayPal but my shoes wound up in Georgia when I live in Florida. When they found this out via email, they stopped replying to me. I had to open up a PayPal claim. Frankly the feeling I get is they gave me someone else's tracking number and never shipped me anything. That or they shipped to the wrong address.


I ordered a acer Ferrari 5832 laptop battery for 54.99 complaining that it was already expensive only to be hit up a few days later to be told it would be more than twice this. I find the lack of responsibility being taken to be very political. If I had a business and said a certain price for something, that's the price it's gonna be. No ifs, ands, or butts. It's about honor. Instead of paying the extra amount, I got a refund. I don't appreciate the demeanor of this business. I think they saw Ferrari as the brand and decided to milk me. I happen to know it's actually made by acer so I'm not falling for that.


Was told I was getting a mattress pad, paid 40+ dollars for a sheet. Frustrated. Very expensive for a sheet.


I've tried to contact this guy 3 times about a carbon fiber sc300 dashboard overlay he advertises and no response. Terrible customer service. I've lost interest now.


I've done this before and I paid like half of what I did this time; no I didn't have any penalties to pay. I'll go a different online route next time because 65 dollars for a year renewal in Florida is absurd.


I love my genuine carbon fiber sc300 window pillars I got from them. They're gorgeous; much better than the Dinoc style without clearcoat that I previously had.


So apparently these guys are also known as smilox but I did get what I paid for. My only gripes are communication could have been better and my order could have been sent out faster. I will say that the tube of toothpaste I ordered under the dentist.net name did ship faster and communication was better. Seems consistency is a bit of an issue. Thanks.


So apparently these guys are also known as dentist.net. I would have liked your communication to be better and for my toothpaste to be shipped faster but I did get what I paid for. Thanks.


I have been informed that I'm gonna get my reflectors for soarer about two weeks late because the owner of d. Speed dislikes white people. When I called looking to confront them, they pulled the no English crap with me. You're a coward.


I bought a Japanese title legend of Zelda windwaker GameCube disc from him cuz I've got the special disc to make it work. It was supposed to arrive at the latest the 10th and now it's the 17th. His ad said nothing about him being on vacation but I found out he is from his eBay business page if you google his eBay store. I found this while trying to contact him. I've tried contacting him through various avenues but he just doesn't care. Update your arrival dates to reflect being on vacation if you're gonna go on it...


I had to get into contact with the owner after two whole weeks of zero communication. The eBay title said only one in the USA yet if you read on it says ships from japan, also says maximum of 3 weeks, guy tells me he'll get it to me in just short of
4. How you do excuse 2 weeks of not shipping a product? I don't care if your supplier doesn't have it yet, if you aren't sure when they'll get it, you shouldn't be listing it. Don't say 3 weeks arrival time if you aren't sure of 3 weeks arrival time. He's trying to say he doesn't give refunds when he lies left and right. After I told him I was displeased, he tried to say that it would still arrive about a week later than guaranteed. After a while of bickering, he said he would make it happen in 3 but by then, I had enough of his lies. Don't wanna deal with possible further hassle. He says he doesn't sit and hold people's money, but what was he doing for the extra week or so that became involved? Isn't that what it's called when there's an issue and you don't contact the customer? Your disclaimer isn't a disclaimer if you are planning to exceed the 3 weeks. Contacting PayPal in the morning since their offices are closed right now. Update: This guy shipped it anyway so I'm just gonna keep em to cut my emotional losses here. Doesn't listen whatsoever. When I got on him he said I'd get it the 14th, now he said Tuesday the 15th. The guy doesn't keep his promises. Finally have recieved actual proof that he has them and they're supposed to be overnighted to me tomorrow. Now they've supposedly been shipped via 2-3 day shipping. It just keeps going on and on. I did get the reflectors at this point in time as well as an explanation of why it was so held up.


A better paint match than other touch up paint suppliers I've encountered. Better value too. Comes with clearcoat.

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